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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 683: Confirmation and Travelling Together

Chapter 683: Confirmation and Travelling Together

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With the appearance of the Gargamel, the Magi present sank into a mysterious silence.

They knew very well how terrifying and troublesome the Gargamel was. Not only was it powerful at magic, it could support its body with vengeful dead spirits, allowing it to maintain peak condition at all times. Even when struck by the light Magi’s final trump card, the Blade of Avarice, it had only been injured and not killed. It only went low-profile for a while before making waves again.

If not for the Magi being unable to deal with it, the Spirit Slaying Sect wouldn’t be able to rise in the south coast to be regarded equal to the dark and light Magi.

Now, however, the sect chief, the Gargamel that the disciples fiercely believed in had been seized so easily. The demon that had caused so much terror was suppressed under the platform.

The huge contrast left the Magi questioning whether they were in an illusion.

However, they had no choice but to admit that this was reality after a few tests. Even Leylin’s subordinates had the ability to take down a peak rank 3 Magus!

Capturing someone at the same rank alive was more difficult than killing them. This was something known to all Magi. They would perhaps only have a slight increase in respect if Leylin had captured the Gargamel himself. However, this was his subordinates’ work, the effect on them was so great that it couldn’t possibly be better from Leylin’s perspective.

The two void assassins bowed slightly and disappeared into the void. Such strange methods caused many Magi to have changes of expressions. Now, they understood very well that with just a command, he didn’t have to do anything at all. Just his two subordinates could eliminate all the Magi here!

Recognising that, they no longer dared to have any thoughts about Leylin, fearing he would notice.

“Gaga… gege… you are… Leylin!”

A hoarse voice sounded from behind the Gargamel’s horned white bone mask. It sounded intermittent, but was evidently much more quick-witted than when he’d first seen it.

“Yes. How’s’ that pitiful Magi mother and daughter doing?”

Leylin asked indifferently. He was obviously talking about Old Devil and her daughter in Teljose City then. The old witch had made a deal with the Gargamel to revive her daughter, and even tried to offer Leylin up as a sacrifice.

Of course, after Leylin’s counterattack, they had suffered consequences and fused to form a strange being.

“Them? I ate those two useless pieces of trash long ago!”

The Gargamel’s speech became more fluent.

“Is that so…” Leylin seemed to be in a daze for a moment, as if recalling some distant memories.

“Ga ga!”

At this moment, two bundles of crimson flames emerged from under the Gargamel’s bone mask. Numerous runes burst on its body, and a layer of thick black fog spread.

“Crap! It’s gotten out of its bindings!” The Magi shouted in their fear and anger, bodies flickering with colourful innate defensive spells.

“The home of all living things can only be the tomb of the soul for eternity… the Gargamel!”

The Gargamel yelled as if chanting runes of sacrifice that constantly echoed.

*Boom!* Amidst the curse, the Gargamel’s body exploded and countless figures emerged from its body. There were the old, young, male, female, and the one common point they had were their vicious faces as well as eyes that were dripping blood.

“Keke, let’s destroy everything together. Soul Disaster!”

The bone mask exploded with a rumble and turned into powder that flew through the air. Bits of light fused with the figures from before, the terrifying aura they emitted causing even the leader of the Lighthouse of the Night’s expression to change.

The peak rank 3 Gargamel had now was treading on the threshold of Morning Star. The dreadful attack formed by ruining its own body meant he had no thoughts that he could survive as a rank 3 Magus himself.

He knew very well that once such a spell completely broke out and spread, the Magi in the hall would die, and even the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy would not be spared.

“I’m going all out! Though using secret techniques will consume much of our measly life force, it’s still better than dying here!”

The leader called out in a low voice, a layer of fine black runes appearing around his body. They were like tadpoles cruising through the air, as if about to collide with that soul body of nothingness.

*Weng! Weng! Weng!*

At this moment, blue starlight descended, and the leader’s body quivered. He found that his spiritual force had gone stagnant, and even the secret technique he was risking his life force for was forcefully being suppressed. He felt no weakness, and the backlash had evidently been pushed down and not consuming his life force at all.

“This- This…”

His eyes went wide as he watched the stars that spread from Leylin’s back.

The light blue starlight brought with it a cold brightness that penetrated through the layers of defence and ground of the Abyssal Bone Forest, arriving in the hall. This made it seem as if the top of the hall was a dome showing the night sky with bits of starlight projecting and showing inverted images of gorgeous lights.

Accompanying the lights was a terrifying pressure that caused elemental particles to be rejected. The night domain that the leader had always been proud of exploded with a rumble in front of the pressure like bubbles.

“Ahh…” “Ga ga…” “Zhi zhi…”

The numerous spirit bodies in the sky were like bugs frozen in amber, unable to move at all. No Magi were injured.

“This- This is…” The leader trembled, crouching down almost involuntarily, “The Morning Star Domain of a Morning Star Magus!”

Compared to the fake domain of a rank 3 Magus, the exhibition of a real Morning Star domain with prowess that was terrifying to the extreme made him seem to be a joke.

“Gargamel, did you think I really didn’t notice what you’d been doing?”

Leylin looked calm as he watched the many faint figures in the air. He grabbed forward casually, and a soul that looked dazed automatically flew over.

Immediately after, the look on the soul’s face became sinister, body covered with black and two horns growing on the tips of his head as it growled at Leylin unceasingly.

“You look like you’re going to implode yourself, but you actually hid your soul in one of the figures. As long one of these figures and vengeful spirits escape, you can use that body and revive yourself?”

Leylin coldly scanned the numerous vengeful spirits in the air.

“Very impressive. Perhaps regular Morning Star Magi might not notice and let you escape, but it’s a pity… you met me!”

Leylin clenched his right fist.

*Boom!* Large numbers of vengeful spirits were like popcorn as they popped, a silver vortex forming and pulling the many figures and their remains within.

“No~~~!” A very unwilling roar was heard in the air before it finally became softer and disappeared.

The many spirits formed from the Gargamel’s self implosion, as well as the one that Leylin had specifically picked out, all disappeared as they entered the silver vortex.

*Pak!* The Morning Star domain dissipated, and all that had just happened was like a dream, yet had happened in real life.

“Anye, greeting Morning Star Magus, lord Leylin Farlier!”

At this moment, the leader of the Lighthouse of the Night sounded. He knelt on the floor respectfully, looking as if he were a pilgrim.

“Greetings to Lord Leylin…” Now, the other Magi knelt like they had just woken from a dream, faces filled with excitement.

All that had happened just now and the appearance of the Morning Star domain made it clear that the Magus sitting at the main seat, Leylin Farlier, had truly entered the rank 4 realm.

In the south coast, after thousands of year, a Morning Star had finally appeared once more!

In that moment, some elderly Magi felt their eyes go blurry, filled with heat.


In front of the metal door where many light Magi were guarding, many peak rank 1 elite troops were with rapt attention as they did their job.

Not far away, there were many rank 2 Magi undulations transmitting from a few buildings.

*Sou! Sou! Sou!*

Three human figures appeared in the air, flying towards the metal door.

“Stop right there! This is the entrance to the pocket dimension of the Eternal Plains, and it’s protected by the Lighthouse of the Night. What do you think you’re doing?”

A spiritual force undulation was transmitted. Immediately after, the Magus standing leftmost hummed coldly, eyes emitting dark green light, “It’s me!”

“Revered leader!” The rank 3 Magus’ undulations dispersed, and the Magi who had been on their guard had their right hands on their chest as they greeted him.

Three human figures touched down, revealing two figures on top of that of the leader.

At the rightmost was a beautiful female Magus who had an exquisite face like a doll. Now, however, she and Anye automatically took a step back and allowed a space, as if not daring to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Magi between them.

The Magus in the middle wore dark golden, black scholarly robes with a cutting that was very proper. He had a very noble aura and had a black mask on his face with mysterious patterns on it.

Such dressing and to be accompanied by their own leader immediately rang the warning bells in this guard Magi.

Before, there had been no Magi that could stand on equal ground with their leader in the south coast. However, this situation had changed tens of days ago.

The guard Magus knelt respectfully and shouted the arrival’s name, “We welcome, great Morning Star Magus, Sire Leylin Farlier…”

“We want to enter the Eternal Plains pocket dimension. Make preparations immediately!” Anye ordered.

Leylin nodded casually and stood by the metal door with Nyssa.

“The Eternal Plains pocket dimension… it’s been so long!”

Leylin watched the large metal door before him, eyes full of nostalgia.

Scenes of the danger when he had advanced to rank 2 seemed to appear in his mind in that instant, every person extremely lively.

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