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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 684: Benefits and Entrance

Chapter 684: Benefits and Entrance

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The Eternal River pocket dimension had been discovered when Leylin was just a rank 1 Magus. The fact that it still hadn’t been divided into respectful affiliations was something that surprised Leylin.

Looking at the detailed patterns on the large metal gate that towered into the clouds, Leylin couldn’t help but recall the scene when he’d advanced.

That year, he’d used a large amount of this metal gate’s spiritual force as well as the souls of numerous Magi, to push himself forward and advance to rank 2 in one move.

Memories of all that had happened were still fresh in his mind, yet all of the people in them had disappeared. Leylin felt slightly regretful.

“Yes, Sir. Please wait a moment.” That guard immediately placed his hands on the surface of the large gate. The metal gate immediately rumbled, emitting a dazzling radiance.

“Eh.” Looking at the guard captain, Leylin let out a soft gasp.

“Did you discover something, Lord Leylin?” The head of the Lighthouse of the Night laughed from the side.

“Mm,” Leylin nodded, “This Magus is the reincarnation of the original core of the metal gate’s consciousness?” When he heard these words, the guard captain’s body suddenly trembled.

“Indeed. We put a lot of effort in then and managed to subdue the gate’s core of consciousness. We then nurtured it and had it reincarnate, finding it a suitable corporeal body required great effort…” Anye chuckled at the side.

“However, with this person, manipulating the gate of the pocket dimension has become much more convenient. Now, it is our Dark Night Lighthouse’s honoured professor— Jeans!”

“Jeans? Good name!” Leylin analysed him.

Until the other party was a little creeped out, he then chuckled and a spot of light flew into Jeans’ forehead.

The surface of his body made a futile attempt to emit a layer of metal defence but to no avail. He could only helplessly watch as the radiance entered his foreheadd.

“Sir Leylin, this is…” Anye grew anxious, but he did not step out and stop him.

One reason was that he knew Leylin’s strength, that he would only invite humiliation upon himself by doing so. Another was that recent interactions caused him to realise that Leylin was not a Magus that was easy to kill. His personality was also good, so he was doing this with some unique intention.

“Lad, just treat this thing as my gift…” Leylin chuckled, stepped into the large gate while Nyssa followed closely behind.

“You guys be careful!” Anye was confused, but still followed him in, only leaving behind Jeans who stood there in a trance.

He didn’t feel pain after the light invaded him. Instead, it transformed into a message that entered his sea of consciousness, instantly causing him to fall into a trance.

Many alphabets formed the beginning, “High-grade meditation technique: Dark Gold World — Suitable for metal innate skill!”

“My Lord?” Anye asked after he followed Leylin into the Eternal Plains pocket dimension, unable to endure it any more.

“Relax, I’m just giving him some benefits!” Leylin smiled. He owed his rank 2 advancement to the core consciousness of the metal gate to the Eternal River Plains pocket dimension. Now that he’d found a body with the same core origin, he naturally wanted to make up for what he’d done.

All of this followed his personality, but Leylin wouldn’t shackle himself: if he hadn’t seen Jeans today he probably wouldn’t have thought of this at all.

“Central continent, south coast, Twilight Zone, and Chernobyl Islands…”

Leylin’s gaze flickered continuously, “Once I’ve broken free from the threads of destiny, it’ll be time for me to let go of everything and break through my bloodline shackles!”

Although he didn’t know why he wanted to do this, Leylin had a feeling that this would bring him only benefits.

“Huff…” After listening to Leylin’s explanation, although Anye was still slightly curious as to why Leylin favoured Jeans, he still finally heaved a sigh.

Three rays of glaring light streaked across the sky, suddenly pushing their way through the Eternal Plains pocket dimension.

Light flickered continuously in Leylin’s eyes. Ever since he’d displayed strength at Morning Star to subdue the light and dark Magi, he’d essentially become the uncrowned king of the south coast. The Magi vied with each other to complete the tasks he wanted done. Whether they were a light Magus or dark, just a single command from him would make them work desperately for him.

Such an inconceivable thing had happened due to Leylin’s power. It caused many uninformed people from the lower classes to cry out in incredulity. There were even some busybodies who proclaimed that the south coast would soon welcome an era of peace. But in fact, they were all thinking too much.

With the power of the masses at his beck of call, Leylin quickly made progress on finding people and dealing with past grudges. Krupp and Darlie were also married in the meantime, Leylin having hosted the ceremony. With that done, they returned to the Chernobyl islands to establish a kingdom in the original lands of the Farlier Family.

After everything was resolved, Leylin wanted to leave everything behind. But, the dark and light Magi made a request of him. Although he wanted to leave, the Farlier Family would remain behind here, and furthermore Leylin was quite interested in what the dark and light Magi had mentioned. Hence, he still came to this place.

Leylin and the other two weren’t ordinary Magi. They moved at extremely high speeds, and it was but a short while before they arrived at the centre of the pocket dimension. A continuous building complex was present here, with the symbols of various Magus organisations in the surroundings. These were clearly large-scale ruins.

There was a momentary uproar in many of the camps present at their arrival, but soon after a white light transformed into an old white-browed Magus who welcomed them.

The moment he saw Leylin, he immediately bowed down in respect, “Nonov pays his respects to Your Highness Leylin Farlier, the great Morning Star Magus! I hope Your Highness will forgive our rude actions before, we are willing to pay any price…” This Magus was one of the impressive higher-ups of the light Magi that had originally attacked Leylin.

Ever since they’d been rebuffed by Leylin and had the Blade of Avarice destroyed, the three highest executives of the light Magi fell into silence.

Only, once news about Leylin advancing to Morning Star spread, Ennea Ivory Ring Tower which was Nonov’s organisation carried out Leylin’s orders the most thoroughly. They were at his beck and call, handling many issues with the obvious intent of atonement and to curry favour.

Hence, as Leylin looked at this old scoundrel, he only rolled his eyes, “Rise!”

“Thank you Lord Leylin! Your benevolence is like the torrential ocean, vast and boundless, as if it can contain the entire universe…” Nonov stood up smiling to please him and consciously stood behind Leylin, causing Nyssa and Anye who were at the side to be utterly speechless.

“I’m not here for that matter today, let’s go!” Leylin arrived in the sky above a patch of the ruins and looked over everything. The buildings were simple and unsophisticated yet solemn, carrying a unique appeal. They were arranged in a surprisingly logical manner, and seemed to surround a mysterious spell formation.

“This is…” Leylin’s pupils narrowed, and his face turned gloomy.

“My Lord?” Anye and Nonov closed up and surrounded him.

Leylin waved his hands at their inquiring gazes, “I can’t confirm anything for now, let’s talk after we enter the core hall.”

“Of course. Please come with us, My Lord,” Anye and Nonov hurried to the front to lead the way. With those two leading, Leylin would of course be unobstructed in the remains.

“This place is a base that emerged after the destruction of a large gate pocket dimension. At one time, we thought that the secret of the person who made the Eternal Plains pocket dimension was here, and fought many battles for it. In the end, we still wound up concluding on a joint expedition…” Nonov seemed to be a little regretful.

“We initially found many good things in these ruins, even remains of the ancient Wisdom Tree. We finished our exploration of the place 55 years ago, but who’d know we’d discovered even more incredible items than that…” Anye added from the other side. It wasn’t convincing.

As the two spoke, Leylin explored the buildings one after the other to arrive at the centre-most ground.

This was an unnamed temple. There were large white stone pillars on all sides, and with no door and no walls, it could be entered from any direction. The roof exposed a large circular gap where the sky could be seen through the dome.

The hall was absolutely empty, it was only the ground that retained even more complicated and detailed patterns.

“Lord Leylin, look…” Anye and Norov glanced at each, with looks of agony on their faces.

Leylin though wasn’t paying attention, mesmerised by the large patterns on the ground, “This is…”

‘A.I. Chip, conduct scan!’ he immediately commanded.

[Beep! Mission established, beginning scan!] The A.I. Chip’s mechanical voice echoed, and there was a response soon after.

[Ancient combined sealing spell formation! Already discovered technique: Annihilating runes, dimensional seal, powerful isolation…]

“Indeed, the building complex here is a part of the large sealing spell formation, and the core is right here!” Leylin looked at the ground. The complicated patterns began to move around, as if they had a life of their own.

“The special nature of the ruins’ core caused both parties to keep fighting around it. It wasn’t until the appearances of Gargamel and the Primordial Spirit Slaying Sect that both of us united together to explore the ruins. It caused a rapid increase in progress, then we found… we found…”

Leylin lifted his head, “You found that this place was an entrance to the subterranean world’s first layer, but it’s been sealed?”

Nonov and Anye both looked at Leylin with shocked expressions. Even with their age they’d had to flip through many antique books before they could know, but Leylin could actually recognise it at first glance. This ability…

Could it be that because he was a Morning Star Magus, he was really omnipotent?

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