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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 685: Strengthening and Way of Escape

Chapter 685: Strengthening and Way of Escape

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“Lord Leylin is extremely erudite,” Nonov said in praise, “Ever since the ruins appeared the seal has slowly been lifting. No matter what methods we think of, we haven’t been able to stop this process…”

“And you’ve come to me as a last resort.” Leylin’s snort had Nonov and Anye break out in cold sweat but he didn’t concern himself with them, instead stroking his chin as he fell into deep thought.

Although the subterranean world was rich in resources, with the violent invasion of the ancient Magi many of the tribes there didn’t have a favourable impression of humans. Although humans remained there, after so many years would they side with the humans or the subterranean world? The latter possibility was more likely.

The subterranean world was vast and boundless, and wasn’t lacking in powerful Morning Stars even in the first layer. There should even be rank 5 existences there.

Twilight Zone was only a very small part of this first layer, just like how the south coast was just a part of the surface world. Furthermore, even in spite of its long isolation, there were many terrifying tribes there.

Thus, it wasn’t hard to understand why Nonov and Anye grew extremely panicky seeing the seal wither away.

“A.I. Chip, based on the current rate, how much longer will the seal last?” A blue light shone from Leylin’s eyes before he had the answer.

With a series of calculations, the A.I. Chip gave an extremely precise answer. [Beep! Calculating with current rate of decay, estimated time to total disintegration is 28572h 34min and 12s.]

To the A.I. Chip which had already been renewed several times, this level of operation was only the simplest.

“You invited me here, what exactly is it for? If it is to strengthen the seal, I’m afraid I can only delay it for at most a hundred years’ time…”

After he finished calculating, Leylin stroked his chin and said to Nonov and Anye.

“How… How can this be? Sir is a Morning Star ranked Magus!”

Such an outcome caused Nonov and Anye to be a little in disbelief.

“Hmph! If it’s just to strengthen the seal. although it’s relatively harder, it’s not that I’m unable to do it, but now, the entire Eternal River pocket dimension has been completely developed for several hundred years, most the remains here have also been destroyed by you…”

Leylin snorted, watching Nonov and Anye, his tone was very hostile, “In fact, the entire Eternal River pocket dimension is a part of this seal. The Magus who set up this pocket dimension had long before installed the time when the pocket dimension would appear, he even used your greed and sped up this process artificially…”

“Until now, the breaking of the entire seal is already something that’s unavoidable!”

“We’re done for! We south coast, are we really going to be completely destroyed?” Nonov’s both eyes were slightly despondent. If it really linked to the underground, apart from his Ennea Ivory Ring Tower moving to a distant place and collectively migrating, there was no other better way.

On the other side, Anye’s expression was also very dark. Towards the viciousness of the underground tribes and their hatred towards humans, he who had the reference of historical books knew even more clearly.

Once they were attacked and occupied, probably not just Magi, even ordinary humans would face extinction.

Watching these two Magi who had sunk into a struggle, Leylin’s pupils were very calm.

In fact, with the Radiant Moon strength and the assistance of the A.I. Chip, if he made an all-out effort, not stinting on cultivating more precious materials, it was not impossible to entirely seal this pocket dimension. However, the crucial thing was, how would that benefit him?

Nonov and Anye were both rank 3 Magi, they were small and weak like ants before the underground tribes. Naturally, they would not wish to see them infiltrate the surface and threaten their positions.

But Leylin was different! He was already a rank 5 warlock! His military strength was outstanding and the underground world’s first layer was also the weakest underground world, he totally had the premise of associating equally with the underground powerhouses!

With the underground world’s rich mineral resources, their legacy that had been passed down from the ancient times and the entirely different spell system, they could definitely bring Leylin great benefits.

He believed, not just himself, even if it were other Morning Star existence in the central continent, once they knew about this passageway, they probably would not choose to seal it too.

“How? Have you thought about it? If you are willing, I can step out and strengthen the seal, gaining you a hundred years’ time…”

After a few minutes, Leylin spoke indifferently.

“Then… please, Sir!” Nonov and Anye took a glance at each other and in the end still gritted their teeth and requested.

No matter what, if there was another hundred years’ time, be it discussing a countermeasure or directly retreating, there was more allowance for them.

“Okay! Pass down my command, seal this area, I want to set up a strengthening spell…”

After hearing them say that, Leylin nodded but instead sent away the two Magi who wanted to stay and help.

A Morning Star light screen enveloped the entire central hall with a buzz. Blue radiance was emitted in all directions, isolating it from the outside world.

“Ancient combined sealing spell…” The blue radiance in Leylin’s pupils flickered, many materials were casually taken out from the space equipment.

According to his original intentions, it was naturally to open the seal as soon as possible and gain the benefits. However, his current condition was not good, the Allsnake Curse was like a sharp sword hanging above his head, causing him to have to end things here as quickly as he could and head towards the Purgatory World to resolve the bloodline’s shackles.

Hence, postponing the disintegration of the seal for a period of time was also something that was in accordance to Leylin’s interests.

“Perhaps, there might be a need to move the Ouroboros Clan here in the future, grasping trade with the underground world…”

Leylin had already drawn out a blueprint regarding the development of the Ouroboros Clan in his mind. The expansion of the entire Ouroboros Clan in the central continent had already reached its limits. Even without the appearance of the Flame Monarch, it would meet the resistance of other Magi sooner or later.

Although the elemental particles environment in the south coast was not much, towards warlocks that relied mainly on bloodline force, the influence in this aspect was much smaller than Magi.

Moreover, the entire central continent had not yet connected to the underground world’s passageway, what was discovered occasionally, were just a few totally sealed miniature underground space like that of the Twilight Zone.

Once a passageway that connects to the entire underground world was developed, even simply controlling trade between the two places would bring about huge benefits, enough to allow the Ouroboros Clan to make a rapid development.

”The top priority now, is still to confirm if this connects to that ancient completed underground layer of the underground world or the miniature sealed area like that of the Twilight Zone…”

Leylin stroked his chin, there was even a radiance constantly flickering in his pupils, “If the place this links to is really that ancient underground layer, as long as we occupy here, the profits gained by the Ouroboros Clan would definitely not a little bit less than the Monarch of the Skies that has control over the entire central continent’s airship network…”

“A.I. Chip! Export spell formation layout!”

[Beep! Mission established, beginning coordination with supplementary assignment…] The A.I. Chip’s sound was as mechanical as usual, without the slightest emotions in it.

A complicated yet detailed formation diagram was rapidly exported from the A.I. Chip’s database and was being projected by fluorescent light onto the hall’s floor.

The spell formation diagram illustrated by the fluorescent light combined with the original patterns on the floor harmoniously, forming a brand new formation.

[Beep! Separating black hole spell formation deduction setup completed, estimated rate of success 98.99%!] The A.I. Chip sounded again.

“Very good!” A piece of mithril with black spots was melted into juice before Leylin, spreading out evenly onto the ground at the position where the fluorescent light had originally shone.

With Leylin’s current alchemy grand master’s academic achievements and the A.I. Chip’s fine and detailed assistance, the entire setting up of the spell formation proceeded very smoothly and was thoroughly completed in almost half an hour.

Only, when setting up, Leylin would certainly not do it according to Nonov and Anye’s requests, he included many of his own smuggled goods in it instead.

The entire spell formation continuously rumbled with a buzz, streaks of silver radiance rippled on the ground.

[Beep! Spell formation energy operating normally! Compatibility of connection 91.673%!]

Large amounts of data floated across Leylin’s eyes, he could not help but nod secretly, “It is a linking technique that is acquired after all, to have 90% compatibility is already not bad!”

“Then…” Leylin took in a deep breath. “A.I. Chip!”

[Open up the connection assignment, attempting to establish a spatial link, searching coordinates!] Accompanying the A.I. Chip’s sound, the patterns on the ground suddenly changed, its circulating speed was continuously increasing. Faint silver light emerged, undulating in mid-air, even slowly forming into a state of a semicircular arched door.

Opposite the arched door, was a patch of thick darkness and a mirror-like radiance was constantly emitted.

This was the smuggled goods Leylin had added. At the same time while strengthening the seal, Leylin also left a way of escape for himself, and could even reach the other side of the space with the prerequisite of not damaging the original seal by directly going through the crack in the spell formation.

“You guys guard here, no matter who comes, kill them all!”

Leylin flicked his hands and four translucent void assassins emerged. He faintly ordered a few sentences and these four assassins immediately vanished into the void.

Possessing rank 3 limit strength and with the addition of this kind of ability to go through the void, void assassins were almost invincible existences in the south coast.

Four void assassins along with the spell formation outside that Leylin had set up, even if the dark and light Magi joined forces, they would definitely not be able to fight their way in.

Although Leylin was more reassured towards Nonov and Anye and he also knew that they did not have the guts, he would not entrust his hopes on their reverence towards him just like that.

Countless historical examples have all proven that this was something very foolish, Leylin would certainly not do that.

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