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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 689: Meeting and Sneak Attack

Chapter 689: Meeting and Sneak Attack

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Since he was struck by an attack that was faster than the speed of sound, Leylin could only hear it after the fact. His expression showed his confusion as he glanced at his shoulder.

His black scholar robes had already been torn up, revealing fine snake scales. However, they were now charred, and a few pieces had even fallen off. Traces of dark red could be seen where he was wounded.

“Not bad, you could break through my defences!” Leylin looked slightly stunned. Following that, terrifying black streams of gas converged on the serpentine figure behind him. It swelled up, flicking its tail forth.

*Boom!* A pillar of lightning broke down, and as if some chain reaction had been triggered the seven other pillars of lightning fell in succession, causing the Berserk Lightning Prison to crumble.

The giant serpent bellowed with rage, the sound waves engulfing the entire area and causing the thunderclouds in the air to be torn apart to reveal a tremendous bird.

The giant bird was dark blue, with each spike of a feather lustrous like steel. Streaks of blue lightning twirled around the bird, and it seemed magnificent, its eyes glinting with wisdom.

“The ancient Thorned Thunderbird? No, it’s just an immature one that still isn’t at its final stage.” Warlocks with high-ranked bloodlines might have Morning Star Arcane Arts that allowed atavism, but they could only transform into a young version of their source creature. Bevis was the same. The Misty Fog Giant he’d transformed into was only an adolescent. Only after reaching the peak of their bloodline could a Warlock have the full might of the ancient creature.

The Thorned Thunderbird was a rank 6 being in ancient times, while the Warlock here was only at rank 4. The Thorned Thunderbird that he’d transformed into was naturally still young and immature.

However, it was a rank 6 being after all, and even if it was at its immature phase, it still surpassed many rank 4 beings.

*Chiu chiu!* The tremendous thunderbird called out as it soared in the air. Boundless lightning fell with each flap of its wings.

The electric arcs on his body grew increasingly dazzling till they enveloped his whole body and turned him into a large lightning bird. With ear-piercing rumbling, the lightning bird swooped down. Lightning flashed in the surrounding area constantly, creating a terrifying region of lightning.

“Interesting!” A smile adorned Leylin’s lips and the Kemoyin Emperor’s figure grew even more distinct, as if the ancient creature had truly come to this world.

“Hss…” The giant serpent snarled and collided with the lightning bird, giving rise to countless ripples.

*Rumble!* The earth tremored and energy undulations swept through the region. The smoke in the air formed a huge mushroom cloud, frightening power extending into the sky. The bedrock cracked, and large amounts of boulders that were tens of thousands of tonnes tumbled down to form giant pits upon collision.

Once all the smoke and dust settled, the area where Leylin had been now only had a large depression and pit. Much of the rock had just melted to form a unique crystal.

“Hah, hah…” One figure walked out from within the pit holding a black one.

“Damn it! If it weren’t for the Allsnake Curse, this mere Morning Star Warlock wouldn’t be able to harm me at all!” Fury was evident in Leylin’s expression. Most of his clothes had been damaged, revealing the muscles below. He cut a sorry figure.

The opposing Morning Star Warlock, on the other hand, had completely fainted and was now held in Leylin’s hands.

“Based on the intel from before, this Morning Star Warlock is only an elder in the Lyers family. There’s still a Warlock who’s surpassed Morning Star…” Leylin turned grim, “Kid, you’re in luck! You might not have to die here today, but…”

*Pak!* Leylin tossed him to the ground casually, and a large syringe appeared in his hands.

“Though your body is only at rank 4, the blood concentration isn’t half bad. It’s enough to be used for samples and as a guinea pig.”


A short distance away from these black ruins were dark hills. Lights were reflected from atop the hills, making it as dazzling as crystal. These hills had peaks made out of metal, and had at their heart a metallic castle that stood tall.

This was the Lyers Warlock Family’s main base and where their headquarters was.

“It’s rumoured that the Thorned Thunderbird likes places where high-grade metallic ores are in the surroundings. Looks like it’s true!” Leylin floated in the air, observing the large castle. The Warlock from before looked dispirited while being held in Leylin’s hand, eyes full of terror.

“Your humble servant, Leylin Farlier, is here to greet the Lyers family!” Leylin transmitted with a thick and low voice, not bothering with the Warlock in his hands. His voice resounded in the castle, making contact with endless spiritual force and soul force.

“Who is it?” “What a terrifying and sinister bloodline aura!” “Hm? Look who he has in his hands!” “He dares take an elder of our Lyers family captive. How bold!”

Various roars mixed with spiritual force charged out, but Leylin easily evaded them.

These people who were a dime a dozen obviously could not draw his interest. What Leylin focused on was the aura hidden deep inside the castle. This person had obviously passed through the threshold of Morning Star and entered rank 5.

Leylin floated in the air and waited for a long while. There were quite a few Warlocks with varying abilities that came out, but the owner of that aura wasn’t even alarmed.

Leylin thought about it for a while, and his rank 5 Kemoyin Emperor figure appeared behind him. A trace of his Half Moon soul force surged out like a huge dragon.

The power of someone at the same rank immediately got the other party’s attention. Violent lightning caused the earth to rumble and mountains to break as a powerful conscient came over.

“Who dares disturb my sleep?” Terrifying rank 5 aura was transmitted, wreaking havoc like a storm. Those Warlocks knelt down respectfully, “Grand Elder!”

A streak of lightning was like a godly sword that broke through the first floor and appeared in the air, revealing the figure of a middle-aged man.

His features were characteristic of the Lyers family— Dark blue long hair, silver pupils and slightly pale skin. However, his expression was ripe with arrogance, as if nothing in the world was worth troubling himself over.

After seeing Leylin, his expression grew less intense, “A rank 5 Warlock?! Why have you come to create trouble in our Lyers family? Hm, no, that aura…”

“My friend, how about we go to a remote area to discuss this further?” Leylin chuckled and flung the Warlock in his hands into the group of people, creating chaos amongst their ranks.

“Come with me!” The Warlock took a look at Leylin and disappeared like lightning, moving like a meteor.

Leylin followed behind him, large amounts of black gas surrounding his body. He did not move urgently, but while he didn’t seem fast he kept up with the Warlock with no signs of falling behind.

The Warlock ahead brought Leylin along to a large oceanic lake before stopping.

“Good day, Sir. I am Leylin Farlier, and I hope…” Leylin began to speak, but his expression suddenly changed.

Dark blue lightning crashed down once more, and an attack that surpassed the Morning Star realm struck down. Booming Thunderclap appeared once more.

However, this time the spell’s destructive ability was far more powerful than before. There were now five rays that attacked from different angles, sealing off Leylin’s path of retreat. Afterwards, a gigantic Thorned Thunderbird phantom appeared behind Eam, widening its sharp beak in Leylin’s direction.

Terrifying sound waves brought with them the power of thunder and lightning, “Rank 5 spell— Thorned Thundercry!”

The opponent had cast the spells quickly, and each one was hidden quite well. He practically didn’t have to think at all. If this was a regular rank 5 Warlock, not having enough time to defend would be a very dangerous problem. However, Leylin was different, and his thoughts moved faster than electricity.

Just at the moment the lightning was about to reach his body, the tremendous phantom of a Kemoyin Emperor burst forth and wound itself around Leylin. A gigantic black hole began to form in the snake’s mouth.

“Rank 5 Kemoin Emperor innate skill— Devour!” The five streaks of lightning were instantly sucked into the black hole, turning into an unending stream of life force.

Following that, piercing sound waves that were mixed with lightning and fire rushed forth and smashed into the large Kemoyin Emperor. Scales flew everywhere, but then regenerated at a rapid pace.

After these two waves of attacks passed, the Kemoyin Emperor figure dissipated to reveal Leylin who was not the least bit injured.

“Sir… What is the meaning of this?” Leylin asked in a cold voice, the iciness extending to his gaze.

‘A.I. Chip, if I completely undo the seal, how long can I fight?’ Leylin asked inside his head. His bloodline was still sealed, and dealing with a Morning Star Warlock was already quite tough on him. With a rank 5 bloodline Warlock with the bloodline of the ancient Thorned Thunderbird against him, things were even worse.

However, if the opponent wasn’t tactful, Leylin had no choice but to completely unseal himself and teach him an unforgettable lesson, perhaps by ensuring his fall.

[Beep! Allsnake Curse will increase absorption rate if Host undoes seal. Maximum resistance time: 7min 34s] the A.I. Chip loyally intoned.

‘In other words, after I undo my seal, I’ll need to eliminate the opponent in seven minutes and then reseal my bloodline? Even if I manage that, there should be terrible consequences. A.I. Chip!’

[Beep! Each unsealing will reduce the time left to the curse flaring up by 7 months, even if successfully resealed.] the A.I. Chip intoned.

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