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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 691: Alliance and The Return

Chapter 691: Alliance and The Return

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A magic robe made from an antique oddity was extremely fear-inducing, even though the effect of amplifying the spell fivefold was only unique to a certain type of spell.

Leylin, of course, wouldn’t be so silly as to ask Eam for the Primordial Magic Robe so that he could study it for a while. He would definitely be met with rejection. He didn’t even entertain such a thought, instead using a better method to study the spell formation.

‘A.I. Chip, how’s it going?’ Leylin asked secretly.

[Beep! Magic robe spell formation has been recorded. Determined to be an antique lightning rune, 89.7% of it usable!]

The A.I. Chip sent its feedback faithfully. At the same time, a humongous collection of lightning ring spell formation images was projected in front of Leylin’s eyes. Over a hundred thousand lightning runes were clustered together, densely packed and appearing incomparably exquisite.

‘Such a spell formation… It shouldn’t be limited to just Booming Thunderclap or even lightning spells; it should be able to be used at other levels as well…’ Leylin’s pupils shone brightly. ‘Eam can’t do it himself. Even though he has the spell formation he can’t perform a systematic break-down or derivations. After all, the brain of a Magus cannot be compared to a technologically-advanced brain. The operational load involved is sufficient to make him crumble in despair, but all of this isn’t a problem for me!’

At this thought, a smear of excitement spread across his face.

“Great! Let’s return, Leylin. In order to celebrate our alliance, I intend to hold a majestic banquet at my residence!”

Eam’s pupils contained a joyous look, and he seemed to think that Leylin was also in high-spirits because of their strong alliance.

“I would be honored!” Leylin smiled modestly, as his body floated up and he returned alongside Eam to the Lyers family’s headquarters, which was a castle in the Metal Mountains.


Night fell. Although the subterranean world didn’t have a concept of night and day, Leylin continued to artificially use spells or sun stones to adjust his biological clock to work and rest.

The lights went out in order, or rather became more dim. The castle, where the grand feast was just held, started to quiet down as though it had entered a deep sleep.

Leylin, who was cordially received by the Lyers family, was now in a luxurious bedroom. The bedroom was decorated exquisitely. All the objects in it showed indications of being maintained by spells, and they appeared to be very precious.

After sending away a beautiful maid, Leylin laid on the sofa by himself, his pupils twinkling with the radiance of the A.I. Chip.

[Beep! Antique amplification lightning rune has been recorded. Beginning analysis…] With the A.I. Chip’s horrifyingly fast operational capacity, the lightning spell formation that Leylin had scanned previously was now being broken down continuously at lightning speed. The many lightning runes distorted themselves and looked just like tadpoles. They were firmly recorded by the A.I. Chip, which analyzed their specific functions.

Although this spell formation contained over a hundred thousand runes, and could be said to be extremely complicated and refined, it was an easy task for Leylin, who had the A.I. Chip. It was only a matter of time.

Leylin, who was temporarily idle, recalled the scene during the banquet, and a smile couldn’t help but creep onto the corners of his lips.

The Lyers family was certainly not very well-adjusted to this unfamiliar Magus. Previously, he’d fought so hard with them, but after a trip out he had turned into a distinguished guest.

This was especially so for the Warlock that Leylin had held captive previously. Seeing Leylin was practically like meeting a ghost, and he almost made a run for it, which was a great blunder.

Regardless, Magi and Warlocks were all humans who turned superior and skillful with age. After Eam announced the news of his alliance with Leylin and the other affiliated powers, they had lost themselves initially but managed to adjust themselves to it soon after.

Even the Morning Star Warlocks who had committed a mistake earlier specially came over to apologize later on, and regained the graceful bearing unique to Morning Star Warlocks. This left Leylin secretly impressed.

Furthermore, although Eam had kept the information about Leylin hailing from the surface confidential, he didn’t cover up Leylin’s identity as a rank 5 Warlock. After all, not any random Magus was able to form an alliance with the Lyers family.

When Leylin’s status as a rank 5 Warlock was declared, the other elders from the Lyers family immediately cleared their doubts about Eam’s decision, who was their Grand Elder.

This was a rank 5 Warlock! Such a big shot was not a common sight in the Arthur Empire. For example, the only rank 5 in their entire family was their Grand Elder, Eam.

On average, the strength of a Warlock far exceeded that of a Magus of the same rank. There was simply no doubt about that. Therefore, Leylin alone was qualified enough to be an ally of the Lyers family. Even without elder Eam’s subtle revelations to back him up, Leylin the Warlock possessed a great amount of influence.

“However… They’re really being overly enthusiastic…” Leylin stroked his chin. Recalling the unmasked anticipation in the maids’ eyes, he sighed rather helplessly.

He was now busy analyzing the ancient lightning runes. Where would he find the time and effort to do such things?

Besides, although bloodline Warlocks could bear successors with bloodline energy when coupling with Magi or even some humans, for some unknown reason Warlocks with differing bloodlines could never produce descendants of mixed-blood.

According to Leylin’s conjectures, this was because the bloodline energies of both parties would fight too much, and thus mixed-blood descendants were not possible.

But if their bloodlines were from identical sources, such as if they were both Kemoyin Warlocks, for example, this wouldn’t pose a problem, and the purity and saturation of their descendants’ bloodline was guaranteed.

Leylin thought about something else. ‘If Eam doesn’t mind, I could probably intermarry an average Magus in the future, and obtain the bloodline of the Thorned Thunderbird. After all, this is the ancient bloodline of a rank 6 creature. Even if they want our Giant Kemoyin Serpent bloodline in exchange, it would be worth it…’

Although the Ouroboros Clan was made up of descendants of Kemoyin Warlocks and other bloodlines, there were no Warlocks within a few external organizations.

Leylin had only transformed Krupp’s bloodline in the south coast. There were others who had gathered by his side over these few days, people who were initially descendants of the Farlier Family. Most of them were average humans, but it was still feasible if they were to intermarry with this bloodline.

‘But why does it not seem very possible? Even if it’s a concubine’s child, it’s not very possible that they would allow them to marry out of their family. Many Warlocks are incomparably prejudiced when it comes to the orthodox practice of protecting their family’s bloodline and preventing it from leaking out…’ Leylin felt rather glad after tossing this thought out of this head in an instant.

Fortunately, he hadn’t been discovered when he was extracting bloodlines today. Even that Morning Star Warlock was in a disoriented state and had been confused by Leylin’s Dreamscape forcefield, leading him to believe that he was weak because of his grave injuries. If Eam knew about this, perhaps there would be more trouble.

‘No! He might already know about this, just that he’s restraining his emotions. If that’s the case, I’ll have to adopt some measures in preparation…’ Leylin stroked his chin, his pupils showing that he was in deep thought.

Even though they had already established an alliance, he didn’t trust Eam very much, and it was probably the same for Eam as well.

In actuality, if not for the fact that both of them happened to be situated at both ends of the passage, each controlling the other’s weak point, this alliance wouldn’t have been established so easily.

Both parties would put up the necessary preventive measures.


“Leylin, are you serious about not staying here longer?”

“No, it’s really fine!”

Leylin and Eam were now standing where the Thunderbird Holy Land used to be, outside the palace where the passage was.

After briefly inspecting the area, Leylin had gained some knowledge about this region. He wanted to return above ground on the pretext of the energy needed to sustain passage crack being on the verge of exhaustion, and was bidding Eam goodbye.

“The trade between the underground and the surface poses tremendous profits. I believe that both of us will have endless benefits from this exchange. With cooperation from both sides, we can maintain this mode of transport for our benefits!”

Before he departed, Leylin looked at Eam with a sincere expression in his eyes. “Of course, perhaps you might want to come with me and see what it’s like above ground. Although the Magus World above ground has declined for a long time, it has gradually begun to regain its glory from the ancient times, and there are beings who are not in the least inferior to King Arthur…”

King Arthur was the legendary founder of the Arthur Empire, and was also a Magus of at least rank 6, an equivalent of a Monarch in the central continent.

There was movement in Eam’s pupils. Upon hearing that there were Magi above ground who were not inferior to King Arthur, it seemed as though a different kind of radiance flashed in his shining eyes, a complex emotion that was an amalgamation of restraining fear, anticipation and traces of dread all mixed together.

Eam thought for a while, before shaking his head and refused. “Alright, but that will require a bit of time. There’s a lot of family affairs that I need to tend to due to my long sleep, as well as some preparations before we begin trade. It’s all complicated…

“Actually, I hope that the people above ground can cooperate with us to break through the seal together. In this manner, things will be a lot more effortless on my end, and we’ll be able to bring forward the time of the passage opening, bringing us much more profits…”

“Of course! I will start on the tasks in this aspect once I return.”

Leylin nodded and gave a slight salute. His actions were incomparably smooth, and his etiquette was so perfect that there was nothing to be picked on, just like an ancient nobleman who had put in hard work and numerous revisions. “Farewell then, Mister Eam!” As he spoke, a ray of light that formed an arched door had already formed behind Leylin.

“I look forward to meeting you again!” Eam nodded, his face expressionless as he resumed his previously proud and aloof image.

Leylin smiled and stepped into the arched door. The radiance vanished with a puff as the place reverted to its dark and tranquil state. Eam stood there, stupefied, his pupils occasionally flashing with all kinds of light. His thoughts were a mystery…

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