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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 694: The Call of Another World

Chapter 694: The Call of Another World

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‘I can still get past the common origin of our bloodline force to hide myself from the Snake Dowager like this…’ Leylin stroked his chin in thought.

This was the solution the A.I. Chip had suggested previously. Using the original bloodline’s power, he could interfere with the Snake Dowager’s probes. The rank 5 bloodline of the Alabaster Devilsnake was clearly Leylin’s best choice at present.

‘The method to conceal myself has been resolved, next is the issue of the coordinates!’ Leylin asked the A.I. Chip, ‘How is the analysis of the ancient lightning runes going?’

These were the runes that he had secretly scanned from the Primordial Magic Robe worn by Eam, which had the frightening ability of amplification. Leylin was keenly aware that this kind of amplification ability could be applied to other things, and as a result had ordered the A.I. Chip to continue analysing it.

[Beep! Primordial Magic Robe analysis progress: 100%. 127651 lightning runes have been recorded, 112319 runes fully analyzed. Lightning Amplification spell formation has been completed. Possible to effectively increase the power of Lightning magic by 80-230%!] The A.I. Chip faithfully gave its analysis.

‘So this is the result of the amplifying magic? After completely analysing it?’ A tinge of regret coloured Leylin’s eyes, ‘Such a pity… I’m not a Magus who specialised in lightning. Even if I demand such Magi to give everything they own in exchange for this, they’ll be willing…’

After analysing and reconstructing it, the A.I. Chip concluded that this Lightning Amplification spell formation wasn’t just limited to Eam Lyers’ Booming Thunderclap. Rather, it could be used to amplify all lightning magic!

Having adapted it for that purpose, the value of these runes increased a millionfold.

As for attracting those Magi who specialised in lightning, it was a given. Even Leylin, who wasn’t attuned to the lightning element, could exceed many lightning Magi with the use of this formation.

”The result weren’t bad… Allocate this information to the primary database,” Leylin commanded. “Also. how’s the progress on improving it?”

[Beep! Data has been recorded at the highest grade of confidentiality. New spell formation setup is at 87.99%, has been constructed using data from Ancient Amplification Runes, Aufker Techniques, High-grade Spell Formation Theory…] The A.I. Chip projected the progress report directly into Leylin’s consciousness.

Already half done, the A.I. Chip had used a multitude of resources, the information on ancient runes occupying first place.

This was the task that Leylin had laid down from the beginning, even though the ancient runes could only be used to amplify the strength of lightning-type Magi, but with further understanding by comparison, and adding the A.I. Chip’s huge database and deduction abilities, creating another type of speical amplification rune was a very achievable matter.

Leylin’s brows relaxed somewhat, and he shortly asked, “Name the new model of spell formation the Destiny Spell Formation’. A.I. Chip, simulate the extent of the Destiny Spell Formation’s amplification ability.”

[Beep! Mission established, Investigating data… Not enough information on Destiny Spell Formation. Beginning simulation, experiment has started……]

A strange spell formation immediately appeared in front of Leylin, the upper part of the runes looking like delicate and twisting tadpoles full of the characteristics of ancient runes. It looked completely different from normal formations.

[Beep! Simulation test complete! Estimate: Destiny Spell Formation can amplify normal spells by around 50%, and for the effects of unique magical items, the amplification can increase to above 80%.]

“Very good! Discarding the other amplifications, if it is focused only on unique magic items, is it possible for its power to increase further?”

[If discarding all other amplification runes, the power of unique magical items will be amplified by over 100%.] The complex operation was completed in a flash, and the A.I. Chip immediately gave a reply.

“Very good, do it! As for unique magic items, just use this as a template!” A great amount of soul force was sent out from Leylin’s body, entering all the data from a magic item into the A.I. Chip.

Before the Destiny Spell Formation was thoroughly completed, such a modification was still very feasible.

The reason why Leylin did not hesitate to face certain danger from stealing the ancient runes from Eam was largely for this purpose. It could be said that, after obtaining this amplification spell formation, the final weak point in Leylin’s plans had been mended.

[Beep! Data has been imported, starting to modify the structure. Estimated completion time: 58 hours 32 minutes 41 seconds.] The A.I. Chip immediately reported.

“Very good! Two of the most important preparations are almost done. Next will be some other experiments and planning…”

Leylin touched the substantially modified Mask of the Dreamless on his face, caught in the middle of a more intense experiment…


Time unwittingly passed by. In the middle of the experiment room, the radiance of the gate to the astral plane became increasingly dazzling. The rays of light above the star gems seemed connected by invisible threads, emitting even more dazzling brilliant rays.

Bang! A doll-like puppet was caught by Leylin’s hand, letting out a human like giggle.

“The puppet clone has been completed!”

After the puppets had been put away, Leylin let out a relieved sigh, to make the trip to the Purgatory World, he had done an extraordinary amount of preparations. However there was not a lot of certainty.

According to A.I. Chip’s most optimistic calculations, even if there was this much preparation, his probability of succeeding of around 5% was already not bad.

However, if he did not try and struggle, then it would absolutely fail, and as a result of this great probability, it was worth Leylin gambling on it.

However, in light of Leylin’s cautious personality, it was certain that before taking risks, all of the preparatory work would be done to the highest standard.

“Lucky spell formation and Mask of the Dreamless are both completed, as well as my clone puppet and so on. As for the remainder, finally there is only this!”

From within another instantaneously opened summoning chamber, the surrounding walls were covered with a huge amount of binding runes, it was a technique with the power to isolate dimensions, every single rune was incomparably complex and precise, to the point where it could make a rank 1 Magus or rank 2 Magus immediately faint.

In the very center of the summoning room, was a black pentagram breathing out the terrifying power of evil which was continuously lingering, and from time to time it generated a flow of black air above the matrix.

*Crash!* After a flash of light, Leylin received two white eggs of light.

*Ka-cha!* *Ka-cha!* Numerous cracks appeared on the eggs of light, and they finally broke open, exposing two stony imprints.

One by one, the evil runes above twisted, full of strange feelings, so much that even the center of the pentagram was attracted, the black stream of air above intensified, and even let out a terrible whining sound.

“Gluttony imprint!”

Leylin’s eyes flashed a glimmer of light, these two runes were impressively from when he first gathered the leftover fragments of the Gluttony Monarch Beelzebub’s doppelganger.

From his senior Robin and from the Quicksand tomb, Leylin had in total obtained two pieces of these imprints, every piece contained a mysterious will and evil power, although it could help a Magus breakthrough the Morning Star boundary, yet it could cause the Magus himself to be contaminated by the Gluttony King, and finally become Beelzebub’s doppelganger.

[Beep! Binding the entire open matrix, starting isolation of dimension energy technique!] The A.I. Chip’s voice sounded at this moment, and even though it was a matchless machine, it made Leylin feel nervous.

“Go! Two pieces of the stony imprints suddenly flew, without entering the pentagram array.

*Bang!* Dark black light suddenly skyrocketed, finally taking shape as an enormous portal.

The keen soul power of the Half Moon made Leylin tense up, he could clearly feel a deeply terrifying will. Attracted by the array and runes, it descended!

Lord Beelzebub! You are the ruler of Gluttony! And the god of all demons! The original power of gluttony will forever linger on in your domain, becoming the most shining star on your crown……”

Like a ballad, and like the sound of a funeral march, suddenly the entire summoning room was full of sound. Although it was in an unknown language, Leylin could still completely understand the meaning.

“This is some sort of language of ancient laws, and similar to the ancient Byron language, it is the language of laws! As long as the soul power reaches a certain level, it is possible to naturally understand!”

Leylin’s expression was solemn and respectful, commanding the A.I. Chip to record this unknown language of laws.

“Mortal! We meet again! Thou dare to take the initiative to call me! It makes me respect your boldness!”

Illusory black flames suddenly formed into a tall shadow, it was naturally a growing twelve pairs of wings, with horns on its head and multiple pairs of eyes demon, otherwise known as- the devil!

The power of evil dispelled continuously from Beelzebub’s every pore, and from somewhere suddenly came the power of a law.

“Gluttony…… the law of gluttony?” Leylin’s eyes radiated light.

Beelzebub was clearly an existence from an unknown dimension or world’s rank 7 laws, and had already completely understood one type of law, even though it was only a doppelganger arriving, this type of level was able to be clearly expressed.

Yes! You are the sovereign king of Gluttony! The ruler of existence, but what of it? This is the Magus World! The most powerful world, so how much have you been suppressed? And besides, in this summoning room I have arranged binding runes, at the very least it can block 50% of your power from passing through… This is only your doppelganger, how much strength do you have left?”

“In fact, I admire you as well. Fully aware that this was a trap, you still dared to come.” Following Leylin’s words, blood-red light burst forth from the summoning room’s four walls.

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