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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 695: Ready To Go

Chapter 695: Ready To Go

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The demonic wings on the back of Beelzebub spread out, and wings of bone wrapped by a black membranous film collided with the wall. It let out a piercing light of thunderous lightning followed by an immense amount of blood-red and white smoke. Leylin’s facial expression turned completely gloomy.

Soon after, Beelzebub’s many compound eyes let out a strange light: “How can a mortal know the thoughts of a God?”

“The Gods?!” Leylin was surprised, but assumed a sneering expression: “In my view, you are just prey! Just this and nothing more! And so, Sovereign King of Gluttony Beelzebub, until we meet again!”

Leylin placed his hand on his chest and executed a graceful aristocratic bow with irreproachable form. However with this motion, the entire room was quickly swallowed up by bloody lightning.

“Rank 5 Emperor Serpent Innate Skill- Devour!” His body shrunk by several times, but the shadow of a Kemoyin Serpent Emperor appeared solidly behind Leylin’s back. Although it was still constrained by thorny chains, it did not reveal any trace of fatigue and instead, a frightening black hole materialised in front of Leylin.

Ka-cha! Ka-cha! Piercing lightning struck without pause, tearing apart the flesh on Beelzebub’s body.

Gigantic chunks of flesh entered the black hole without stopping, and finally became a terrifying blood-red life energy.

Leylin’s face flushed a little, but he did not completely absorb the energy, instead using his innate skill Devour to continuously purify Beelzebub’s energy essence, until it finally became a small bottle’s worth of red liquid.

“Mortal! Vile magus! I will not let you go! I vow this in my name, in the name of Beelzebub!”

In the prison of bloody lightning, Beelzebub’s voice and struggling became smaller and smaller, and finally faded away.

When Beelzebub had completely disappeared, the entire pentagram star array and powerful runes on the surrounding walls had collapsed in an instant. There were even a lot of bite marks left, as if some terrifying creature had devastated the area.

The existence of this type of law, even though it was only a doppelganger, it was still not easy to handle.

However. Leylin resided in the Magus World and could borrow the entire word’s strength to suppress Beelzebub, so he firmly held the advantage. Through the array and binding runes, Beelzebub’s strength was continuously suppressed, and finally it had become an excessively weak clone.

In the original history of the central continent, Beelzebub had several clones wreaking havoc. Finally he was suppressed but his body had been splintered into fragments, leaving behind these Gluttony imprints.

And so Leylin’s current power was still on the strong side even in the ancient times. Consequently, handling a weakened clone was not an issue at all.

When Beelzebub’s voice had entirely disappeared from the secret cell, and even the laws of gluttony had completely vanished, only then did Leylin stroke his chin, with a trace of a smile on his lips, “A god?! This statement is quite interesting…”

Having vaguely guessed Beelzebub’s origin, Leylin did not take his warning and curses to heart, but instead looked at the dark red liquid in his hand.

The extremely dense dark red pus seemed to have the tendency to crystallize, and its evil aura continuously lingered around the area of the test tube, which seemed very terrifying.

[Beep! Unknown body of energy! High purity! Contains the intense power of laws. Rich in corrosive energy, not recommended for use by the host!] The A.I. Chip scanned the substance and immediately gave its feedback.

“As expected, even after purification and being stripped by the innate skill Devour, this type of energy from the clone contained the original Beelzebub’s genes and energy particles information?” Leylin stroked his chin in thought.

With the existence of the laws above, it was already possible to brand his own imprint on his soul, flesh and even his energy, as well as anything else.

Even this projected clone contained Beelzebub’s imprint, just like with the Icy World’s female bronze giant, even if there was only one drop of blood, after traversing worlds it was still possible to open the spirit, and rebirth into a new life.

If Leylin were to use this type of energy essence, although he would gain huge advantages in a short space of time, and even understand the laws of Gluttony, in the end he was certain that he would resemble history’s many Magi, such as Robin.

Leylin was fully aware of this corrupt practice, and of course would not be that reckless.

Layer upon layer of sealing techniques appeared, revolving around the sides of the test tube. It sealed the power of the original dark red energy and only after completing this was Leylin able to put the test tube away with relief.

“The final step of the preparations has been completed!”

After finishing everything, Leylin did not immediately attempt his last-ditch effort, but on the contrary, he returned to his bedroom and slept very well.

A sleep without meditation, without calculations and without any burdens, relaxed Leylin’s body and mind greatly.

Soon after, he found a quiet room and slowly began to recall his memories.

From the beginning of his birth in his previous world, growth and after his final anti-matter experiment failed and his passing, and from the Chernobyl Islands to his apprenticeship at the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy, Teljose City, Extreme Night City, and the Central Continent.

One by one, the fresh memories continuously emerged, along with the many people, friends and enemies. Through slowly combing through these memories, Leylin felt that the Half Moon ranked True Soul within his point mass had become even more pure and thorough, tending towards the change into the Full Moon rank.

This type of calm reflection continued for five or six days, Leylin’s aura became weaker and weaker, and finally he resembled an ordinary person, with only the radiance in his eyes becoming more bright like the stars, and finally slowly and softly lessened, becoming like an ancient well without a single ripple— his innermost heart was peaceful and quiet, impervious to desires.

Until the last moment, Leylin’s heart no longer had any nervousness or confusion, only the determination to dauntlessly move forwards.

He stood up suddenly, and went into the Star Realm laboratory.

The simple astral gate radiated a piercing light with a glittering blue flame forming a round arched door. Just like a silver-coloured spatial mirror, at its core was a complicated black vortex and opposite was a brilliant galaxy, leading to unknown places.

Beside the Astral Gate, there was a huge and complicated spell formation, and above it every rune was incomparably precise, minute and full of a sense of beauty. Over ten thousand of the runes seemed to swim like tadpoles, continuously sending out mysterious undulations.

At the core of this formation, there was a round groove, and what it was used for was unknown.

[Beep! The Lucky Spell Formation arrangement has been completed! Estimated amplification power: 107.6%! ] The A.I. Chip’s feedback was promptly transmitted.

Leylin had created this amplification spell formation, according to the amplification techniques from ancient runes and with the A.I. Chip’s terrifying deduction and simulation ability.

Due to discarding its universality and specially targeting a magical item’s effect, it was amplified to over 100%! As for as Leylin was concerned, this could be considered an unexpected joy.

“Let’s begin!” Leylin’s eyes had a resolute appearance. Once you fly, you soar. Success involved completely breaking free of his bloodline shackles, an unexpected and frightening result!

[Beep! Astral Gate has been opened, searching coordinate database!]

Along with the A.I. Chip’s voice, the brilliant river of light within the silver mirror drew constantly closer, until a star resembling a vortex appeared, and the screen’s depiction ended there.

This was the Calm Jade constellation, the location of the Purgatory World. With the predecessor’s data and adding the A.I. Chip’s continuous deduction, it could only progress to this step.

Within the Calm Jade constellation were tens of thousands of worlds, along with many half-planets, different dimensions and broken spaces, their numbers were as vast as the numbers of stars in the sky. To find the location of the Purgatory World from so many possible coordinates was tantamount to fishing a needle from the sea.

Although Leylin had the A.I. Chip, he still needed a lot of time to do this.

And what he lacked now, unfortunately, was time!

“At this step! The role of the A.I. Chip and information has already been exhausted, I can only slowly search and rely on luck!”

Leylin seemingly sighed, and with a flash of golden light, a simple gold coin appeared in his hand.

This shape of the gold coin was very simple, and it was surrounded by a circle of dark golden light. One side of the coin had a skull on it, the other side the pattern of a lucky bird. The gold coin currently had several cracks, and it almost split the coin apart.

This was the unique magic item- Lucky Coin! It was Leylin’s greatest gain from Extreme Night City, holding it was just like grasping a thread of the power of destiny!

Even in the field of Star Realm experimentation, the power of destiny could exert a terrifying might. Leylin was initially able to find the Black Rain World, obtaining Multilimb Strength, thanks to the power of destiny.

From that time onwards, Leylin had completely sealed the Lucky Coin and had not even used it despite several crises, preparing to get the most use out of it.

And now! It was time to use the coin!

“Go!” A golden arc flashed from Leylin’s hands, the Lucky Coin streaked across space in a shining trajectory, into the groove in the center of the Lucky Spell Formation seamlessly, as if they were originally one.

Bzz! A great deal of light twinkled, threads of golden power were released from the spell formation, following the ritual into the Lucky Coin, making the coin’s dark golden light become even more dazzling.

“Due to the material constraints of the Lucky Coin, it is only possible to make predictions up to the Morning Star level, but once it touches upon powers beyond Morning Stars, it will meet with a horrible backlash!

Leylin watched the dark golden light of the Lucky Coin intensify, a peculiar expression flashing in his eyes.

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