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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 696: Breakthrough and Success

Chapter 696: Breakthrough and Success

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“I will first use the Destiny Spell Formation to amplify the power of Destiny’s Coin, and then draw out the power of fate from the coin all at once. I had previously narrowed down the location of the Purgatory World in the vast astral realm to the Calm Jade constellation already……”

“Staking everything on the destruction of Destiny’s Coin, the attempt this time- It has a 70% chance of success!”

A blazing light shone from Leylin’s eyes, and he held up his hands: “The power of destiny! Please guide my way and lead me to the Purgatory World!”


At the moment of Leylin’s chant, the radiance of Destiny’s Coin was at its highest point. The entire laboratory was wrapped up in the dazzling dark golden light.

The power of destiny reached its peak at this moment. At this moment, all of the astrologers in the entire Magus World raised their heads in amazement, sensing that the undulations of the river of destiny was shifting.

Threads of dark golden light continuously touched the door to the Star Realm, the image of the Calm Jade constellation grew ever smaller on the surface of the silver mirror, moving slowly towards the location of the Purgatory World.

Ka-cha! Ka-cha!

The Purgatory World, however, was the world where the laws of the Snake Dowager existed. Even though it had merely calculated the coordinates, fine cracks constantly appeared on the surface of Destiny’s Coin.

[Warning! Warning! Destiny’s Coin is rapidly destroying itself! Countdown: 1.1s! 1.0s! 0.9!]

The A.I Chip quickly produced a blood red countdown frame.

At this time, although he was continuously drawing closer to his goal, the Purgatory World had not yet appeared.

“Ah…… It’s not enough! It’s still not enough!” Leylin’s face flushed red and he suddenly commanded: “A.I. Chip! Commence the overload of the Destiny Spell Formation!”

[Beep! Further amplifying the Destiny Spell Formation, currently overloading at 200%! 300! 400!]

Along with the A.I. Chip’s voice, the energy stack around the Destiny Spell Formation immediately let out an ear-piercing explosion. The terrifying power of amplification emerged once again.

Crackle! A vast amount of energy unceasingly flowed about in all directions. Many runes even exploded, and the entire Destiny Spell Formation collapsed in a flash.

Just before the spell formation collapsed, the frightening power of amplification had appeared on the surface of Destiny’s Coin.

Bang! First, the skull which represented misfortune on one side of the coin exploded. Shortly after, the destiny bird seemed to come alive, unfolding its wings and letting out a resounding cry.

Destiny’s Coin suddenly exploded into fragments.

At this time, a ray of dark golden light slashed open the display of the Calm Jade constellation as if it was a sharp sword. This caused the Astral Gate to show the edge of a dull-colored star on its surface.

[Beep! The Destiny Spell Formation and Destiny’s Coin have been destroyed! Discovered the Purgatory World’s coordinates!]

The A.I. Chip’s voice sounded out and made a cheerful expression appear on Leylin’s face.

“Success! The wish of all Kemoyin Warlocks! There is even a method to resolve the bloodline shackles!” Leylin resolutely clenched his fist.

[Beep! The Purgatory World’s coordinates have been targeted. Initiating the opening of the space portal!] Accompanying the sound of the A.I. Chip, a blue gate of light opened up before Leylin with a loud rumble.

A frightening feeling was transmitted from the gate, giving Leylin a sense of formidable oppression.

The Purgatory World! It was a very formidable world in ancient times. Until now, it had never declined, and it even contained the violent existence of the Snake Dowager and other powerful laws.

“Taking this step, there is no possibility of turning back!” Leylin smiled softly, and stepped entirely into the radiant light.

Bang! The blue rays of light exploded with a flash, wrapping up the entire laboratory and bringing it along.


A blue ray of light, like a meteor, streaked across the vast Star Realm.

In this blue light was Leylin, looking at the dull star which was growing larger and larger in his field of view. It finally transformed into an enormous world.

This world was shrouded entirely in a dense grey fog, and he couldn’t see clearly. He could only see pieces of the continents and the ocean with great difficulty.

Any of these continents could be comparable to the size of the central continent of the Magus World. The faint atmosphere of great power was emanated, making Leylin shiver a little.

Rapidly, the power of the Astral Gate brought him to the border of the Purgatory World, which was outside of the world boundary.

However, when Leylin wanted to enter the Purgatory World, there was a sudden change!

“Who is it? Where has this outsider come from, who dares to offend my majesty!” A frightening amount of energy undulated outside the Purgatory World and took shape. An enormous shadow appeared, and even the storms and turbulences of space all avoided it.

There was a strong and overbearing atmosphere. The power of laws constantly undulated from the shadow’s body.

This shadow possessed very large and deformed wings, its entire body was as huge as a mountain. A giant skeletal hand reached out towards Leylin and grabbed him, as if it was a giant snatching a fly.

“There are Rank 7 and above laws here! Damn it! There are obviously many strong people, but they are unexpectedly vigilant against outsiders?”

Leylin’s expression changed, and soon after the golden-red patterns on the Dreamless Mask continuously flashed with light. The bloodline of the Alabaster Devilsnake from earlier was released.

“En! This is the bloodline of the Alabaster Devilsnake! Although it was once the master of the Shadow World, now it is part of our Purgatory World!”

Accompanied by the voice of another woman, an enormous eye with vertically slit pupils appeared.

A profound intent was issued from the giant eye above. Soon after, a great amount of black lightning engulfed the giant eye, and struck the enormous hand which had grabbed Leylin.

“Apologies! Complying with the contract is the foundation of order! In accordance with the contract we had previously signed together! The bloodline of the Snake Dowager has the right to enter the Purgatory World!”

Within the mass of black lightning, the enormous skeletal hand shattered to pieces, which made the shadow let out an infuriated roar in response, “Damn you, Trial’s Eye! I won’t let you off, one day…… One day……”

“Chirp chirp……”

Just when Leylin had let out a sigh of relief, accompanied by a cheerful chirp, an enormous grey bird flew emerged from the Purgatory World.

“All who belong to the Trial of the Contract, are the enemies of this bird!”

The giant wings of the bird seemed the shield the whole world from Leylin’s view.

“Sss……” At this moment, an even more violent thought was projected over, making Leylin feel that he was surrounded by a pack of wolves.

The phantom of a ball of snakes as large as a star was forced out from the void.

Many giant snakes roared directly towards Leylin. An indistinct figure appeared from within the coiled snakes. With one look, Leylin’s bloodline nearly rose in rebellion.

‘Snake Dowager! Although it is only a phantom…’ Leylin’s pupils constricted.

“Oh? It looks like this descendent appears to be quite interesting. Even the Snake Dowager is in a hurry to get her hands on him?” The bird bantered ridiculously, as if it was a person.

“In that case……” It fanned its huge grey wings and the obstacles in front of Leylin disappeared. A terrifyingly powerful space storm followed this, which rapidly increased its speed. In a moment, it had crashed through the world boundary.

“Bird! You dare! ! !” A rather angry voice came from behind Leylin’s back, along with the monstrous hissing of the gigantic snake.

It seemed as if many stars behind him had all exploded, and all of the terrifying energy contained within made the whole space begin to faintly tremble. The gigantic Purgatory World silently endured the aftermath, showing off the foundation of a truly powerful world.

“The beings that appeared earlier should only be merely conscients and clones, and unexpectedly they were this terrifying!”

There was a trace of bitterness in the corner of Leylin’s mouth, and also the sense of being very fortunate.

The process of crossing the world boundary was viewed by the unusually sensitive Rank 7 existences in the Purgatory World as if bandits had conspicuously trespassed into their own home. It was impossible to not be discovered.

Fortunately, although the Rank 7 laws overseeing the Purgatory World were not little, they seemed to be full of contradictions with each other, which finally gave Leylin a precious chance to take advantage of them.

“Descendent of my blood! Return to my embrace!”

At this moment an enormous will swept across Leylin, and made his mind tremble.

“Entering the Purgatory World and smoothly blending in, was instead easy to handle. The stone outside is very dazzling, but if I fell into the river above, to resolve it again, it would not be such an easy matter! And……”

Forcibly suppressing the rebellion of his bloodline, a puppet suddenly appeared from Leylin’s hands.

“Haha……” The puppet laughed sweetly, and it continuously undulated a Soul Force and bloodline power which was extremely similar to Leylin’s.

“Go!” With Leylin’s voice the puppet clone floated in midair, and moving to and fro like a meteor, took a different direction from Leylin.

“I hope that the puppet will win me enough time! And also!”

[Beep! The Dreamless Mask is activating, concealing the bloodline for the second time!]

Accompanying the A.I. Chip’s voice, was a layer of fine white snake scales, suddenly appearing from the surface of the Dreamless Mask. Mixing with the bloodline aura from earlier, the undulations exclusive to the Alabaster Devilsnake concealed Leylin’s Soul Force and bloodline power in a flash.

“In the Purgatory World, the clan of snakes that the Snake Dowager is in is also an enormous species. Even the other side surely cannot thoroughly distinguish between every Alabaster Devilsnake?”

[Beep! Collecting the laws of the Purgatory World! Initiating adjustment of host undulations!]

With the A.I. Chip’s voice, many laws of the Purgatory World were collected to be analyzed, and slowly altered the undulations coming from Leylin.

Very quickly, Leylin’s entire self resembled the natives of the Purgatory World, and no longer had the incompatible feeling of an outsider from another world.

“Everything has been completed!”

Leylin breathed a sigh of relief, his face shortly flushing red.

The confrontation of the different laws just a moment ago had left him with a not inconsiderable injury.

“All that could be done has been done, and next, it depends on luck!”

Leylin was just like a fallen meteorite, and now, the enormous wills following on his heels had completely lost his presence.

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