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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 697: Drifting and Analysis

Chapter 697: Drifting and Analysis

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A flaming star shot down from the skies, smashing into the waters with a huge splash.

“Ugh!” The icy cold water immediately left Leylin clear-minded, and a salty taste attacked his senses.

‘This is… an ocean…’ His mind was quickly reinvigorated, ‘Those existences above rank 6 saw me, but I was lucky enough to get through the barrier into the world. I even had to let my substitute clone leave… In that case…’

“This is the Purgatory World!” Seeing the dark lustre in the horizon as well as the chaotic will unique to Purgatory, Leylin’s lips quirked up in a broadening smile. “Haha… I’ve succeeded!”

Leylin had finally taken the first step on his path to breaking the bloodline shackles. The elation in his expression grew more and more pronounced.

As a foreign entity, Leylin would obviously affect the world barrier while traversing into the Purgatory World. Those existences above rank 6 had sensed this, hence Leylin wasn’t surprised that so many conscients were present there, even making some preparations.

However, the events had far exceeded his expectations. Not only were their more beings in the Purgatory World than he’d expected that comprehended laws, they weren’t all in the same camp. He’d even noticed a few familiar faces.

“It’s not just the Snake Dowager, but the Trial’s Eye and the Nefarious Filthbird are here too? I wonder if it’s their main body here, or just a clone…”

Leylin floated on the surface of the sea and was pushed along with the waves. With the checks by the A.I. Chip, his injuries were slowly recovering and he would soon regain his ability to move.

Floating on the ocean was very dangerous and could attract bloodthirsty sharks or other high-energy beings. However, Leylin had no aura undulations at all and was like a block of wood. He wasn’t bothered by anything at all.

While recovering, his thoughts were still moving quickly.

“Trial’s Eye and the Nefarious Filthbird. They’re a group of old mortal enemies, and I never thought I’d see their true bodies… Even if they’re clones, they probably possess about half the strength of their main bodies!”

The ancient Trial’s Eye was commonly used by Magi to make contracts. As an arbitrator and protector, it spread its might across multiple worlds.

This extended to even Breaking Dawn Monarchs and all the way down to acolytes. While making contracts, Trial’s Eye could be summoned to bear witness. Of course, the Trial’s Eye that different Magi summoned were fundamentally different.

However, in Leylin’s point of view, Trial’s Eye was not doing all of this for nothing. Through safeguarding these contracts and judging those who violated them, it did gain immense benefits too.

The laws it comprehended could very possibly be ‘Contract’ and ‘Trial’ or something to that effect. Hence, through these activities, it not only amassed more comprehension towards the rules but could even obtain the attention of the world origin force to increase its strength.

On the contrary, the Nefarious Filthbird likely comprehended something like ‘Betrayal’ and ‘Chaos’. Hence, the two of them became arch enemies and engaged in battles that spanned across several worlds.

Now, Leylin had found the projections of their conscients in Purgatory World!

This meant that a very capable clone or even real body of these two beings were now in Purgatory World!

“What kind of secrets were being kept in the ancient Purgatory World? It’s not just the Snake Dowager but also Trial’s Eye and the Nefarious Filthbird, amongst other beings, that have set their sights on this place…”

Leylin pondered silently over the effects the appearance of the Trial’s Eye and Nefarious Filthbird would bring to his plans, and whether they would be able to help him.

“Based on what I saw, the Trial’s Eye seems to be a protector of laws, which was why it helped me out and let me off leniently after seeing I was a descendant of the Snake Dowager. The Nefarious Filthbird was clearly opposed to the eye and, after seeing that the Snake Dowager had not protected me and even wanted to kill me quickly, changed its initial plans and sent me into Purgatory World…”

Leylin’s eyes flickered with wit as he analysed the scene multiple times.

“If I really had to divide them, Trial’s Eye is probably on the Snake Dowager’s side. Of course, I can’t rule out the fact that it was just following the contract. The Nefarious Filthbird obviously thinks nothing of the Snake Dowager. There’s hatred on both ends… As for that strange beast with destroyed wings that appeared at the beginning, it’s probably sitting on the fence…”

“Of course, this could be misleading. However, these beings are very arrogant. It’s too unlikely that they’d team up to cheat a mere rank 5 Warlock like me, and the possibility is almost negligible… but it’s not bad to be on my guard against it…”

Leylin felt himself getting a headache. Having to deduce so many secrets regarding these beings as a mortal human himself made him feel like his brain just wasn’t doing enough.

“A.I. Chip, how’s the analysis of the surroundings and world law?”

Leylin shut his eyes and let his body drift along the waves and communicated with the A.I. Chip inwardly.

[Beep! Scanning of surroundings completed. Constructing elemental diagram!] The A.I. Chip quickly projected the image of an elemental composition diagram.

“Mm! The water elemental particles are very dense, which is understandable since this is like an ocean. On top of that, there’s darkness and fire-type elemental particles. As expected of Purgatory!”

Leylin read through the analysis of the surroundings and couldn’t help but nod. The concentration of elements around was slightly lacking compared to the central continent, but they were almost on the same level. That really made it worthy of being called an ancient powerful world.

[Beep! Deduction of host’s location complete!] The A.I. Chip projected a map in front of Leylin. This was a scene of Purgatory World that he had seen from outside the barrier. Within was a hazy continent and gigantic ocean, and on the image, Leylin was situated near to a continent in the ocean. He was represented as a dazzling red dot!

“Though I know my approximate location in Purgatory World, I don’t know which continent to go to…”

Leylin laughed wryly. The map the A.I. Chip had used was everything he had seen before, and it was much too simple. Considering the startling area of Purgatory World, any mistakes here would reach a terrifying extent.

“A.I. Chip, check my stats!” Not bothering with these longer, Leylin commanded again.

[Beep! Mission established, beginning scan. Collecting host’s stats.] The A.I. Chip quickly intoned the results.

[Leylin Farlier. Rank 5 Warlock. Bloodline: Giant Kemoyin Serpent (Complete form). Strength: 32 (76), Agility: 35 (62), Vitality: 59 (176.9), Spiritual force: 875 (2003.5), Magic power: 875 (Magic power is in synchronisation with spiritual force). Soul force: 88 (200), Half Moon.]

Though it was just a confrontation between a few tremendous conscients, Leylin had been caught in the cross fire and almost died.

The terror of rank 7s and above were something he couldn’t stand up to as he was now.

“Due to the Curse Mark of Ten Thousand Snakes, my stats keep dropping! On top of that, I’m grievously injured. If I still had my vitality from before, I’d probably be able to recover in a few hours. It looks like I’ll need around two days…”

Leylin observed the beautiful starry sky and sighed slowly.

Meanwhile, he could feel that his body was like a sponge, with the darkness-type elemental particles in the air and even moonlight being absorbed into his cells, restoring his life force.

“This… Kemoyin Serpent’s devouring ability, or a natural occurrence in the Purgatory World?” Whatever it was, Leylin was rather stunned at this discovery. Purgatory World truly was most suitable for the Snake Dowager and her clansmen. If not for that damned Purgatory chaotic intent that resulted in a bloodline illness, it could even be comparable to the Shadow World before.

[Beep! World law analysis at 2.16%. Determined to be not letting foreign creatures and souls have too drastic reactions.]

At this moment, the A.I. Chip’s newly investigated conclusion was placed in front of him.

“In other words, the Purgatory World has nothing against the entrance of the powerful? It’s no wonder the Snake Dowager, Trial’s Eye and the rest chose to come here!”

Leylin suddenly understood.

Most worlds’ latent wills were very opposed to foreigners. All those who entered would feel a terrifying malicious intent. Even their bodies would be suppressed by the World Force and cause them to drop in rank.

A situation like that would be very obvious in the Magus World or World of Gods.

However, Purgatory World seemed rather exotic as well. It accepted all foreigners and its degree of openness was second only to the Dreamscape. When he had just entered, Leylin had not felt any pressure whatsoever from the World Will.

After he completely adjusted the frequency of his aura and soul undulations to the Purgatory World, he was more like a native. There was no longer the feeling of being pressured and spied on by some malicious intent.

“What a mystical world! However, the will of Purgatory World was initially already very chaotic. That’s normal!”

Leylin nodded. For World Wills, all from outside were locusts that would even take over their precious origin source. Hence, they were very against this. Some Worlds even had their natives in chains, and then expelled them after their strength went past a certain level.

Only Purgatory World with chaotic intent like this could tolerate the existence of foreigners like the Snake Dowager.

“Even then, perhaps the Snake Dowager wouldn’t brazenly absorb the world origin. If not, no matter how chaotic the will of the Purgatory World is, there would be a powerful opposing force. That might be my chance…”

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