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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 700: Continent and Dignitary

Chapter 700: Continent and Dignitary

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“What’s most important now is to figure out the general geography of Purgatory World!”

Leylin’s face was extremely solemn, hidden beneath the Mask of the Dreamless. He only had about two years left, and the Purgatory World had quite a few continents. He had to determine where the Snake Dowager was. If she’d gone to another continent, it would take years of journeying to find her, which was something he just would not accept.

“It’s a pity that those merfolk sailors aren’t that intelligent, and even the Beholder didn’t seem to be very knowledgeable. In order to gain more precise information, I’d have to rely on the concealed rank 3 Magus…”

*Knock knock!* At this moment, the door was lightly rapped.

“Come in!”

“My Lord!” The merperson from before reservedly bowed towards Leylin, “Esteemed guest, Lord Geiger Dole has invited you to dinner with him!”

‘Dinner?’ Leylin grew slightly confused by that. It seemed like the healing process he’d gone through had taken quite a bit of time.

“Of course, let us be off!” However, he reacted in time. This Geiger Dole should be the powerful being he’d sensed on the ship before. With his identity as one who gave the orders, he should have great understanding of the Purgatory World.

Leylin had now recovered about half of his original strength, which was enough for him to take control of the fleet of ships and even search the soul of the rank 3 Magus.

However, this was the Purgatory World. Leylin needed to keep a low profile, and the bloodline force he had as a Warlock was best not exhibited.

If not, the chances of the Snake Dowager finding him would be increased by a great extent, which would be very disadvantageous for him.

Besides, now that his safety was guaranteed, Leylin was willing to provide something of equal value to these people who had helped him, in exchange for what he wanted.

Whatever it was, using violence to solve problems might be simple at the beginning, but it was easy to get addicted to this method, resulting in the firm mindset of using violence for all situations. Leylin felt that he hadn’t gotten to that point yet, but it was necessary that he change.

“My lord, please come with me!” The merperson led the way respectfully, while Leylin followed behind at an average pace while speaking once in while.

Most of the time, Leylin was the one asking questions while the other party answered. It didn’t seem abrupt at all, as if he trusted Leylin and even bared his soul without reservations.

Occasionally using dreamforce and all sort of confusion techniques didn’t make Leylin feel the least bit ashamed.

It was a pity that the merfolk weren’t that intelligent and information about their world was less important than filling their stomachs.

Hence, Leylin heard things like “the meals of the basic sailor aren’t that tasty. That kelp should be fed to Beagle Beasts!”, “The caviar of the Liszt Fish is the best!” “The large Tamaha Spur Octopus during the flood season have the most tender flesh!” and similar information, which rendered Leylin speechless.

“These merfolk probably have gotten off their ship once or twice. They move about only on the ship!” Leylin clutched his forehead, giving up on conversing with him further to gain intel.

“Looks like if I want to do anything, I’ll need to deal with that Beholder…”

With this thought, Leylin followed the merperson to the top-most floor in the hold of the ship.

A scarlet carpet, white tablecloth, silver tableware and a candle holder had Leylin feeling like he’d returned to Earth and its aristocracy.

The four walls with decorations used by different races as well as this person of another race at the main seat reminded Leylin that this was Purgatory World.

“Hehe… welcome, Exemplary from afar! I am Geiger’s father, and my name is rather long, so just call me Geiger Dole…”

Sitting at the head of the table was a large Beholder. Compared to Geiger, the body of this Beholder was even larger. Some of the tendrils on the ground were snow-white, and seemed to be ageing.

However, the dense spiritual force undulations that it emitted showed that it had reached peak rank 3 if using the rating of the Magus World.

“Greetings, Geiger Dole. I am ‘Ley’. Thank you so much for your help!” Leylin introduced himself, and then sat at the other side of the table.

“A spiritual energy that isn’t half bad. Such purity means there’s a possibility of developing into soul force, which seems quite similar to the Spirit-Sucking Creature in the legends…”

Leylin sized it up, realising that the spiritual energy it emitted was different than that in the Magus World.

“The owner of our Eden trading company is a very benevolent and just sage. I imagine they would not mind us saving you. On the contrary, if they were to find out that we had met someone in need and ignored them, they would probably get mad!”

Geiger Dole, who was in the middle, chuckled and then transmitted a spiritual force undulation, “Serve the dishes!”

A few female merfolk from the kitchen carefully walked out holding earthen jars that emitted heat. One of them stood beside Leylin and placed the head of the jar towards Leylin’s silver bowl, beginning to pour.


Leylin was slightly disconcerted. Seeing this dish that he had no clue was soup or the main course, he began to hesitate slightly.

In front of him was clearly soup. Amidst the dense and creamy light green soup were reddish and white eyeballs floating.

These eyeballs’ shape and size were similar to humans, and Leylin frowned slightly.

“A.I. Chip, scan!”

A flicker of blue appeared in Leylin’s eyes and quickly scanned the soup in front of him.

[Beep! Scan completed. Derived composition: Protein, glutamic acid, high-energy albumin. Unknown trace element determined to be from the eyes of a physically large tribe. Great effects in regaining energy and can restore some spiritual force.]

“What? Dear guest of mine, do you not like it?” The Beholder Geiger Dole opposite him ate with gusto, its many tendrils agilely using the ladle and making slurping sounds.

“The Merfolk Eyeball Soup from the Deep Gem Coral Sea is quite famous…”

“Oh, I was just wondering about that!” Leylin laughed and scooped up some soup. No matter what the taste was like, it would at least give him nutrition and help him restore spiritual force, which was not bad.

“Could it be because it has such a large eyeball that it has a huge desire for the eyes of other creatures?”

Seeing how the other party was devouring the food, Leylin judged him silently.

With the dinner, time passed quickly. Leylin and Geiger Dole chatted.

While conversing, Leylin astutely found that Geiger Dole had secretly made inquires and spied on his history, and had even set up discreet spells that would detect lies.

Leylin could understand where it was coming from, since it was strange for there to suddenly be a strange being in the middle of the deep ocean.

However, what kind of wily old fox was Leylin? He not only did not reveal his past but spoke in a roundabout way, obtaining much information from it.

After the dinner, Leylin returned to his room and closed the cabin door.

“A.I. Chip, how is it?”

Immediately after, Leylin half-lay on the bed and closed his eyes, silently communicating with the A.I. Chip.

[Beep! Conversation from before has been recorded. Deleted 68.23% of useless portions and obtained definite intel. Beginning reorganisation.]

Soon enough, a 3D projection of the map was projected into Leylin’s mind.

As he had been able to see a rough outline from outside the barrier to the world, the map was now more intricate with information from Geiger Dole, and even the precise scale had been obtained.

There were seven gigantic continents in Purgatory World. Each had an area as large as the Magus World’s central continent. Between each continent, there was an enormous sea, and there large organisations within the sea that even rank 6 Magi did not dare intrude on.

Around the continents and sea were a series of small islands that were like gems and pearls on beaches, decoration for the ocean.

[Determined host’s location!]

Nearby the hail continent, a blue shipping route had been clearly marked out. The area where the route began was where Leylin was situated, marked with a red dot.

At the heart of the shipping route was a fragmented mark of an island, as well as a sign with Magus letters— Elias Port.

“The hail continent?” Leylin stroked his chin and sunk into deep thought.

“Based on what Geiger Dole said, the hail continent is land governed by another race filled with barrenness and primitivism. Many areas still have yet to develop and find joy in killing as well as giving up offerings.”

“On the Hail continent, there is one species with the most beings around, and that is the high-energy snakes! It’s rumoured that deep inside hail continent, there are temples for all snakes!”

“If I didn’t guess wrong, the Hail Continent should be the Snake Dowager’s territory!”

Leylin’s eyes suddenly sparkled with light.

While traversing through the world barrier, he intentionally moved based on his bloodline and landed near his bloodline source. It seemed that while he was slightly off, he wasn’t that off.

If not, if he were to land on some other continent, Leylin would just die of tears if he had to travel such a distance.

Meanwhile, Leylin was pondering other things that Geiger Dole had mentioned.

“Based on what it said, there is a ‘dignitary’ leader on each continent. They have the power to destroy the continent and are worshipped by all races and turned into a religion of sorts! The Beholder tribe evidently worship the ancient Trial’s Eye…”

Leylin thought to himself.

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