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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 706: Transaction and Temporary Residence

Chapter 706: Transaction and Temporary Residence

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‘Accept!’ With a thought the cow horn bugle in Leylin’s hand was enveloped in a layer of light that slowly turned it to ashes.

Many images and words appeared in Leylin’s mind, getting recorded and analysed by the A.I. Chip. Soon after, the same happened to the pink shell.

Two new documents were stored in the A.I. Chip after this process, making a look of satisfaction to appear on Leylin’s face.

The little person, however, looked heartbrokenly at the pile of ashes. Gathering the complete set of information, as well as finding an expert to record it into a storage system, had taken a large amount of effort and wealth.

[Beep! New folders recorded: ‘Path of Offerings’ and ‘Beast Spirit magic’ (incomplete)] The A.I. Chip’s prompt appeared. Leylin could understand the incompleteness, after all a tiny shop like this wouldn’t normally have such profound information.

When he saw that the techniques led all the way to the Morning Star level, Leylin was slightly shocked. In the Magus World it was extremely rare to own a high-grade meditation technique with four complete layers. This was certainly the greatest treasure you could find within a small scale shop like this.

On the surface, however, Leylin still furrowed his brows in dissatisfaction. “This information seems to be incomplete…” he said, causing the little person to quiver in fear.

“My lord, my lord! These two sets of information were sent over from the Hail Continent. Both have been inspected by the Holy Land, and are most certainly complete. With these, one can cultivate to the Morning Star level. There’s no doubt about it!” The little person exclaimed resolutely.

‘Morning Star? It seems as though the Purgatory World follows the Magus World’s ranking system.’ Leylin nodded and asked, “Then how would I be able to get techniques above the Morning Star level?”

This question seemed to put the little person in a difficult spot, “My lord, there are various races with techniques above the Morning Star level, but these are considered absolute secrets. Even getting this set of information was quite risky.”

The little person had spoken immediately upon seeing the grim look on Leylin’s face, and he continued, “Wait, my lord, I know! You can definitely find something within the Holy City of the Hail Continent, which is also the city of the Snake Dowager’s descendants. Furthermore, you belong to the Alabaster Devilsnake clan, so you’ll make it inside without any problems.”

‘The Snake Dowager’s Descendants? Holy City?’ These names surprised Leylin. This was probably the Snake Dowager’s base camp.

Though Leylin still needed more information, revealing his unfamiliarity with the Holy City would raise suspicions. Moreover, killing this little person to shut his mouth would attract guards and make things even more difficult.

“The Holy City is too far away. Are there no other methods?” Leylin’s eyes narrowed as he sized up this little person in front of him.

“I’m sorry my lord, but there really are no other ways!” The little person had a suffering expression, and Leylin confirmed that he was telling the truth and did not pressure him any further.

Immediately after, Leylin proceeded to wipe the store clean. The little person’s life was in Leylin’s hand, so he could do nothing about it.

‘Hm? A map of the continent? Though it doesn’t seem to be very detailed, it will still prove useful…

‘This should be the beast spirit of a Godric. So even souls of Morning Star beings can be collected? Though it’s only in its infancy, this spirit can still be used.’

“I’ll also take this, and this, and that,” Leylin’s insight allowed him to eliminate all the good things from the shop.

“My- My lord!” The little person called out in a sobbing tone. He felt desperate as he saw all his collection of treasures disappearing, and he secretly regretted letting Leylin even enter his shop.

Leylin found the little person’s manner hilarious, “Who do you think I am? Do you really think I’d rob you and have you call for the garrison or the guards? After all, I know the rules of Port Elias well!”

Leylin’s words frightened the little person even further, “Respected lord! This little one didn’t mean to…”

“Alright, alright! I already told you I’d pay, so just take this,” said Leylin as he threw a bag of pink pearls to the little person.

Neither magic crystals nor astral stones could be used as currency in the Purgatory World. Thus, Leylin wouldn’t take them out and risk revealing himself.

Since the Purgatory World was not unified, there were all sorts of currencies and measuring systems in the different dignitaries’ territories. Consequently, bartering was still the main strategy in long distance trading.

While on Geiger’s ship, Leylin had gathered many deep sea items using his own strength. Although it was just for fun, he had collected quite a few good ones with the A.I. Chip’s assistance and his soul force. Geiger was left stunned when he discovered this, and ended up purchasing most of Leylin’s items with a pile of pink pearls.

Leylin was also willing to sell them, and in exchange receive items of equivalent value that could be used in this world.

These pink crystals were very popular here and had very high value. One small bag was enough to buy everything in this shop.

“Many… Many thanks, my lord! Oh, my lord, you are like the stars in the sky, the darling of the many dignitaries! Your greatness, selflessness, impartiality and fairness will be immortalised in song and spread throughout the myriad of worlds…”

Seeing that Leylin was serious about a fair transaction and was not threatening him, the little person became emotional. A song of praise for Leylin sprang from his lips immediately, but that only made Leylin shudder with goosepimples.

“Alright, alright, now our deal is complete, I’ll be off!” Unable to tolerate the little person’s singing, Leylin took his items and left. After all, sound transmitted through soul energy was worse than harsh noise.

*Crash!* After he left, the two large shells outside the shop closed and abruptly began to move, falling into the ocean nearby and splashing water everywhere.

“Hm? Why is Old Cripple’s shop closing so early today?” A few passersby were astonished, “Doesn’t he find joy in prying into his customer’s secrets? There was even that saltwater octopus who was scared to the point of going mad…”

Soon after, they seemed to have thought of something, and they looked at Leylin, who had just walked out of the shop, with reverence. However, he quickly squeezed into the sea of people and disappeared without a trace.

“It seems like this shop has quite a reputation? Though it doesn’t seem to be a particularly good reputation,” Leylin shook his head speechlessly, and went further inside the port.

He could now confirm that the Snake Dowager was the dignitary that ruled over the Hail Continent. He had to thoroughly plan how to conceal himself from her and how to break his bloodline shackles.

The first thing he had to do, however, was to settle down in Port Elias. The night curfew here was very strict and if he did not get proof of his residence before night fell, he would probably be forced to leave. However, he was only a pink pearl away from resolving this issue.


When night fell, Leylin was standing on the balcony of a luxurious private room in a hotel. He was gazing at the specks of light in Port Elias, and the faraway lighthouse in the distance and the pitch-black sea.

Near the port, many bright and beautiful images of every kind appeared, filled with enchanting splendour.

“It really is a prosperous and beautiful port…” Leylin’s eyes seemed to be filled with a deep expression as he sighed lightly.

After closing the curtains, he laid half his body down on the soft sofa and sank into deep thought. The Snake Dowager was an unavoidable obstacle he had to overcome if he wanted to break the bloodline shackles. Fortunately, she resided in the Hail Continent.

‘With my concealment techniques as well as the cover provided by the Mask of the Dreamless, I should probably be able to hide from any large-scale soul sweeps she attempts. Even within the Hail continent’s Holy City of snakes, I might be able to hide myself as long as I don’t meet her personally…’ Leylin’s eyes glinted.

Not even beings who comprehended laws could quickly scan an entire continent, let alone detect the life of every creature within it. Only if she reached Rank 9 would the Snake Dowager be able to do so.

Right now Leylin was emanating the aura of an Alabaster Devilsnake. With this layer of concealment, he could travel through the Hail Continent as if it was his own back garden.

Due to his research into bloodlines, Leylin was confident enough that even an Alabaster Devilsnake itself would not be able to unveil his disguise. Unless, of course, he came across a Rank 7 Alabaster Devilsnake or an Emperor. Leylin knew, however, that the Snake Dowager would not allow the existence of such a creature.

“It looks like it’s necessary to risk entering the Hail Continent! I’ll need to change my appearance.” Leylin had not altered his appearance on Geiger’s ship, and afterwards he had just hid under his cloak in Port Elias.

To be safe, he decided to change his appearance to sneak into the Hail Continent.

“I’ll need to add another layer of concealment to the Mask of the Dreamless. In the Hail Continent, there will definitely be descendants of the Alabaster Devilsnake with mixed blood. I just need to keep resembling them completely…”

After thinking it through, Leylin looked gloomily at the large gray animal statue on the tall mountain through his window, “What does the existence of the Nefarious Filthbird here signify?”

This was a port that belonged to the Hail Continent, yet people still followed the Nefarious Filthbird. Leylin could not understand it, but the implications presented here were worth ruminating over.

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