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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 707: Discovered and Scheme

Chapter 707: Discovered and Scheme

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Based on the information that Leylin had obtained, various dignitaries ruled over the different continents in the Purgatory World.

Although the Hail Continent was the territory ruled by the Snake Dowager, there was a port that worshipped the Nefarious Filthbird in close proximity to it. This could only be some sort of test and provocation.

‘The Snake Dowager and the Nefarious Filthbird must definitely be on bad terms!’ Leylin nodded as he recalled the scene where he’d gone through the barrier of the Purgatory World.

‘But I have the feeling that things aren’t quite so simple…’ Leylin stroked his chin as he thought of something, ‘That father and son pair, Geiger and Geiger Dole are rather suspicious!’

As they were Beholders, they worshipped the ancient Trial’s Eye. This port, however, was under the protection of the Nefarious Filthbird. Even if entry into the port was freely allowed, it was still rather strange for them to come here.

Of course, in an era of pirates navigating the open seas, there were bound to be stolen goods; prosperous and free ports were areas where they could dispose of them safely. If Port Elias could shelter even the most evil and fierce pirates, allowing the Beholders to trade here would be fine.

However, Leylin still felt that something was slightly amiss.

Previously during the Thornback Ironwhale’s attack, Geiger Dole had only used the bloodline abilities unique to his race, and did not reveal any skills related to the path of offerings or spirit beast magic. It was as if he did not know anything about them, and he was obviously hiding something.

‘In that case, I can finally put that plan into action! It was something I originally came up with while I was bored, but…’ Leylin touched his chin. Even if they had not come to his aid, Leylin could still have reached the port alone. Geiger Dole had only provided information, service and a ride to Port Elias. By helping them fight against the Thornback Ironwhale and gifting them its resources, they were now even.

“A.I. Chip, begin!” Leylin commanded.

[Beep! Mission established, beginning connection with stardust bugs. Collecting information!] the A.I. Chip’s robotic voice loyally intoned. A multitude of glowing lights flickered in front of Leylin, turning into a screen. A variety of sounds were transmitted as well.

After bidding farewell to Geiger and Geiger Dole, Leylin had secretly left behind a few stardust bugs on their bodies, to ensure his secrecy would be maintained. With neither of the two having reached the Elder phase, the Morning Star realm, they couldn’t even discover the stardust bugs let alone get rid of them.

At this moment, the screen zoomed in on a scene. In a cellar-like area, orange-yellow candle light flickered, showing Geiger and Geiger Dole’s large pupils.

‘Hm? This…’ Leylin immediately focused on the scene with interest.

The A.I. Chip analysed the spiritual force communication, translating it into words that were displayed on the screen.

At the back of the cellar was a third figure. They were clad in a large cloak that did not reveal their race or gender.

This person seemed to hold a very high status. Geiger could only kneel in a corner while Geiger Dole reported respectfully, “My lord, this time there were no issues with the transportation of our goods. Although we met a Thornback Ironwhale, the casualties were minimal!”

“Also, along the trade route we met with a humanoid Exemplary who called himself ‘Ley’. Not only does he have powerful magic abilities, which allowed him to face the Thornback Ironwhale head on, he’s also proficient in metal alteration spells…”

Geiger Dole did not hesitate to betray Leylin, and no thoughts of protecting him seemed to cross his mind.

“Ley? What an unfamiliar name! A powerful humanoid? There doesn’t seem to be any information about him in the nearby seas!” A robotic voice came from the cloaked figure.

“Nevertheless…” Its tone changed, causing Geiger Dole’s tendrils to quiver.

“Are you not aware that, based on the rules of our organisation, should you find anyone at or above rank 3, you are to rope them in or even make them accept the ‘Holy Eye Baptism’, so they too can feel the greatness of the mighty ancient Trial’s Eye?”

Seeing this lord on the verge of flaring up, Geiger, who was kneeling on the ground nearby suddenly exclaimed, “My Lord! The truth is, we already did all we could to keep that Mister Ley around, he, however, seemed to be very resolute in going on his own way. As we were afraid that he would notice anything, we did not press him further to stay…”

“Geiger!” Immediately after, Geiger Dole turned back and shouted, a whip of spiritual force had already formed.

Alas, it was too late.

“You seem to be… dissatisfied with my reprimand?” The dark figure shot Geiger a cold glance; along with its words, the temperature in the cellar lowered.

*Hss… Hss* With a terrifying hiss, the faint image of a giant snake appeared from under the cloak, and abruptly bit Geiger.

*Pak!* Geiger’s large, only eye enclosed in many bloody veins. Numerous tendrils shrunk back, leaving only a ball of meat, unceasingly rolling on the ground.

“My Lord, I beg of you, please forgive Geiger’s rashness!” Geiger Dole’s giant eye quickly touched the ground.

“Make sure this never happens again.” The black figure looked completely calm as it watched Geiger screaming and rolling on the ground. Ten or so minutes later, the giant snake finally withdrew its teeth and dissipated into a white light.

“Geiger, quick, apologise and thank our lord for his benevolence!” Countless tendrils extended from Geiger Dole’s body and helped Geiger up. Geiger’s eyes were now filled with fear, and the aura on his body had decreased in strength; his soul had evidently received some damage.

“Many- Many thanks, my lord!” Geiger struggled as he spoke, even his spiritual undulations were intermittent.

“Mm!” The black figure moved its head, and its tone immediately changed, “The transport of the goods this time is very important. It’s an important material that my master needs to resist the power of chaos, thus it cannot be lost. Although you only sent the spare portions, it’s not bad…”

“We are grateful for the blessing of our dignitary, the Trial’s Eye…” Geiger and Geiger Dole answered solemnly.

“After resting here, send these supplies to the Hail Continent. This port is protected by evil and chaotic power, and although most wouldn’t expect us to come here and make use of it, we still shouldn’t delay…”

The black figure looked grim as it spoke, and the Beholder pair agreed. At the end, as if in passing, it suddenly asked, “Did you check the origins of that Ley?”

Hearing the topic that had caused him to be punished again, Geiger shrunk back while Geiger Dole laughed wryly, “He seemed quite mysterious to me. While he wasn’t clueless about the Purgatory world, there was something off…”

”I have received intel from the Holy City. The dignitary of the Hail Continent, the mighty Ruler of All Snakes, has secretly set up a bounty, offering a large reward for a Magus from another world…” The black shadow suddenly brought up something else, and only Geiger Dole’s gigantic eye blinked.

“Does my lord think that Ley could be that Magus from another world?”

“I can only say that it’s a possibility. No matter how small the chances are, it’s still worth investigating. After all, the ruler’s rewards are very generous and our organisation is on rather good terms with the Holy City. As their allies, it is our duty to help them, right?

The black figure then looked at Geiger Dole, “Since he’ll be staying at Port Elias for a while, lead me to his location so we can pay him a visit and proceed with the final verification.”

“Understood, my lord!” Geiger Dole bowed respectfully.


The screen flickered off, and Leylin was left silent.

After a long while, a wry smile appeared on his face, “As expected, it seems that no matter how cautious I am, it’s easy to be seen through. I can’t use this appearance anymore…”

This current identity was what Leylin intended to use while learning the customs of the Purgatory World. Once he perfected his speech and could blend in with the natives, this appearance would then be abandoned. Now, however, he had to do this earlier than planned.

‘What I never expected was that something I had set up just as a precaution would become useful to me!‘ Leylin looked grim, ‘Also, evil and chaotic power? Weren’t those the characteristics of the Nefarious Filthbird? Based on the battles with the Trial’s Eye in various worlds, I’m not surprised that organisations that belong to the Trial’s Eye have malicious intent towards this port. What’s more, it looks like they even have support from the organisations in the Hail Continent…’ He did his best to connect the dots.

‘It appears like Geiger Dole is a small part of a large plan set in motion by a subordinate organisation of the Trial’s Eye. The timing was just right for me to get involved in it…

‘Although I was prepared to change my identity, I think it’s better to make this organisation disappear…’ Leylin had no conflict of interest with Geiger Dole before, so he naturally didn’t mind being kind to them. Now, however, since it’d been revealed that they would threaten his core, he would take no pity on them. He had decided to eliminate them.

‘I can’t do it by myself though, the target is simply too large., there should be a better way…

Perhaps this is an opportunity! An opportunity to infiltrate their organisation, and enter the core of the Hail Continent!’ Leylin’s eyes brightened.

This was a territory protected by the Nefarious Filthbird. The moment the protectors of the port found out there were a bunch of believers of the Trial’s Eye sneakily plotting against them, what would the consequences be like?

There was no need for precise information. Just spreading some misleading rumours would be enough for the two sides to become hostile, and even attack each other.

No matter what the result of the battle would be, they would definitely not have any time to think about Leylin’s whereabouts.

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