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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 710: Sacrifice and Rescue

Chapter 710: Sacrifice and Rescue

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‘This bloodline force… Alabaster Devilsnake?’ Leylin’s pupils shrank. As a Warlock, it was impossible for him to make a mistake in recognising bloodline force, but what this represented shocked him.

‘A descendant of the Snake Dowager actually has such a high status in an organisation of the Trial’s Eye. Is it for personal reputation, or is it some kind of exchange of benefits between the Snake Dowager and Trial’s Eye?’

The large serpentine figure was covered in smooth white scales all over, its scarlet pupils emitting a chill that could almost suffocate a person. The tooth of the giant python merged with the palm of the attacker, bringing with it even more terrifying energy.

The white scales on Leylin’s face were now beginning to flicker uncontrollably.

[Beep! Discovered undulations of bloodline of Alabaster Devilsnake that host is using for concealment. Accept or deny?]

The A.I. Chip prompted at this moment.

“No!” Leylin’s eyes flickered and chose to deny it.

A trace of bloodline force emerged from his body, and in that instant, the attacker sensed it. Leylin could clearly see the moment where they looked over to investigate it.

At this moment, they definitely could not withdraw their attack. The terrifying palm that was reinforced by bloodline power grabbed the Elias governer’s chest with their sharp nails.

Besides the silver armour on his chest, the governor had no other defences. There was no question that his stomach would be ripped through,

*Bang!* However, the palm with sharp fingernails halted in mid-air, not able to descend further. What grasped this slender scaly hand was another large hand that was like steel.

“Did you think… I only had my beast spirit magic to rely on?” The Elias governor’s voice was low, and he exerted force from his hand. Like an iron hoop, it tightened around the attacker’s wrist until creaking sounds were produced.

“Hnn!” The attacker made a sound, and an orb of white flame extended from their hand. The flames crackled as they crashed into the body, their boiling temperature causing even the surrounding air to distort.

However, it was to no effect. The governor’s entire body was currently enveloped in a layer of dark grey light. In front of the flames, this powerful barrier wasn’t the slightest bit damaged.

In the meanwhile, the phantom of a huge grey bird appeared behind the governor. Its feathers closed around him as if wrapping around him.

The large grey bird seemed to be very vivid. While it was a clone, there was a world of difference between it and the one summoned by Geiger Dole.

“My master, the mighty Flapwing! You are the master of chaos and the very personification of freedom!” Upon seeing the large grey bird figure, many residents of the port who were watching them immediately knelt to the ground, looking pious. This was what happened when followers saw the real gods they prayed to and believed in.

‘Sacrificer! A rank 4 sacrificer!’ The attacker quickly retreated, at the same time exposing their identity.

A face with patterned white scales was topped by a head of snow-white hair. This slender person was evidently a demisnake that had descended from the Alabaster Devilsnake. With the sharp voice and distinctive traits, Leylin could confirm that this one was female.

However, her right wrist began to twist at this moment, falling down without strength. She’d obviously received serious injuries from the governor’s counterattack.

‘A hybrid snake-girl? Interesting…’ Leylin looked ‘worried’, as if concerned for her safety. Meanwhile, the A.I. Chip was constantly scanning the Elias governor. He was more interested in a rank 4 Sacrificer than the snake girl.

On top of that, the governor was at the fourth rank in both the paths of offerings and of beast spirits!

‘Rank 4, comparable to a Morning Star in the Magus World. A Sacrificer at this level is a treasure to any dignitary. It’s a devout follower who has complete faith in their path! The mighty dignitary even lets them borrow strength in advance, leaving the sacrificial offering for later…’ Leylin immediately recalled the information he had gathered before. ‘Furthermore… being a rank 4 Sacrificer is the base requirement for some ceremonies to strengthen one’s body permanently!’

The snake girl had inherited the bloodline of the primordial giant Alabaster Devilsnake and had a vitality and strength that was so high it was frightening. However, he had been able to block the snake girl’s attack, obviously having gone through multiple permanent power-ups. His strength and vitality was incomparably terrifying, and it even exceeded the power the snake girl got from her bloodline.

[Beep! Target is enveloped by an unknown force. Determined to be the law of chaos. Unable to scan.] At this moment, the A.I. Chip projected some information in front of Leylin, causing him to sink into deep thought.

‘A Sacrificer has regular contact with their dignitary… The power of a rank 7 is something the A.I. Chip still can’t analyse… Is that why it can’t scan him?

‘The snake girl is in danger!’ Leylin looked at the demisnake, who was now secretly giving him a stern look.

‘Hmm? She’s warning me not to do anything!’ Leylin was surprised.

‘The governor of Elias is a rank 4 beast spirit master and Sacrificer. If he’s from some special race his battle might could even be comparable to a Six Star Morning Star from the Magus World. The snake girl is no match for him, but she still worries about the life of someone from her race?’

In that moment, Leylin couldn’t figure out whether to laugh or cry. Of course, his thoughts went further, ‘Since she places so much importance on bloodline, I might be able to make use of that…’

The tables were quickly turning. With the advantages from being a rank 4 Sacrificer, the Elias governor had a terrifying physique and battle might. Added to his power of a rank 4 beast spirit master that allowed him to use all sorts of magic and long range attacks, he was practically at the peak of rank 4.

*SKREE! RRAAAAR!* At this moment, the Nighthawk and Berserk Boltbear had arrived behind the snake girl, sealing off her escape routes and teaming up with the governor to encircle her. Due to the soul connection between the beast spirit master and the beast spirits, they could be used like the governor’s clones.

“Admit defeat! You aren’t a match for me. In order to set this up, I’ve allocated a lot of elders here as well. Your subordinates and other organisations won’t be able to run!” The governor slowly closed in, and a black gale sprung forth from the Nighthawk.

“In your dreams, follower of chaos and evil!” The snake girl’s eyes went red, and a figure similar to that of the Alabaster Devilsnake appeared behind her. Profound dreamforce began to ripple slightly.

‘The Alabaster Devilsnake originally inherited a part of the Snake Dowager’s dreamforce. This is probably why this is her trump card…’

Dreamforce scattered out, forming a ring of dark red smoke. A few weaker commoners and guards had already fallen unconscious, evidently dragged into Dreamscape.

Things began to get chaotic, and taking advantage of this Leylin disappeared into a corner.

‘It’s a pity… if she really was a traditional Alabaster Devilsnake the sudden eruption of dreamforce would be enough to help her escape. Sadly her bloodline isn’t pure enough, and the dreamforce she can muster is far too weak…’ Leyln’s mind kept working, and his thoughts quickly turned to another direction as he gazed upon the battlefield.

The governor grew dazed amidst the dark red fog for a while before he regained his senses, “This… Dreamscape illusion!”

He immediately sobered up, and the Nighthawk that his soul was connected to let out bright chirps. Its two wings created gales as if trying to blow the dreamforce away.

“You can’t escape!” He stared at the snake girl, who now had scales all over her body and had completely entered battle mode.

“Lord Governor! Part of the enemies in the port have been eliminated. We’re here as support!” With several bright sounds, three streaks of light hastened over, each of them having rank 4 energy undulations.

After seeing this, glee shone in the governor’s eyes, and the snake girl was left in complete despair.

She secretly glanced in Leylin’s direction, but when she realised he’d already disappeared, a wry smile appeared about her lips, ‘Thankfully, that little guy escaped, or else he might have been involved…’

‘Looks like it’s time for me to take the stage!’ Meanwhile, Leylin was standing on the rooftop of a building and watching on, eyes flickering with intelligence.

In his opinion, it was even more valuable to save her now. As for the fact that he intentionally spread this secret and attracted the enemy… Leylin had selective memory when it came to this.

Anyway, benefits were his primary goal. As for other methods like taking advantage of someone and helping them the next moment, there was no pressure on him due to it.

‘Magic seems to require more effort in this world…’ Closing his eyes, Leylin felt the difference between the Purgatory World and the Magus World.

‘Just as well. I can recycle the dreamforce she left behind. Even if she’s a descendant of the Alabaster Devilsnake, her usage of dreamforce is really too crude.’ As he ridiculed her for a moment, Leylin’s finger twitched.

It was like he was the most brilliant of weavers. Foggy dreamforce suddenly rose under Leylin’s hands, rippling with a blood red glow. Great amounts of fog condensed to form a large spell formation.

“Crap, be careful!” The governor’s expression suddenly changed, evidently not expecting that the snake girl who should have been waiting to be captured had a companion!

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