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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 714: Beast Spirit Amplification

Chapter 714: Beast Spirit Amplification

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“Hm?! That’s…” At this moment, the opposing enemies had already drawn closer. Hundreds of large marine tribe beasts came to a standstill, just their enormous size enough to put immense pressure on others.

The governor of Elias also noticed there were a few acquaintances in their midst!

“We meet again, governor!” Belinda stood up, sounding light-hearted and cheerful, “You never expected we would meet again so soon, did you?”

“I just hate the fact that I didn’t catch you back then. If not, I’d definitely have skinned you and turned you into a rug!” The governor exclaimed hatefully. He then shot Leylin who was beside her a glance. He evidently recognised this person who had rescued Belinda, causing a failure at the gates of victory. It was a pity that looks couldn’t kill, else Leylin would’ve died countless times over. Leylin himself appeared aloof, the lord here had yet to speak.

The Beholder elder Bayclark cackled, “Keke… so you’re the governor of Port Elias? I don’t like the colour of your pupils. Eyes like these are far too common amongst my collection…”

“An Elder Eye, and rank 5 Sacrificer… Eye-Gouging Butcher Bayclark!” The governor quivered in fear as he called Bayclark’s name. Upon hearing this nickname, even the Morning Star elders beside him took several steps back, evidently having heard of the notorious butcher.

“You actually dare appear here! Could the new cycle of continental wars have begun already?” Evidently, Bayclark’s appearance was a huge shock to him.

“Keke, you seem too lenient. This is the territory of the Matriarch and not of the powers of chaos. Even if I killed you, what could they do?” Bayclark waved his white tendrils, “Attack!”

“Roar!” “Raarrr!” “Awooooo!”

The large marine beasts roared clamorously, setting off tremendous waves that gushed towards the port. The guards could only watch, frozen as the sea rose tens of metres. They were then drowned by the furious waves.

The marine legion that Bayclark had brought was evidently very powerful, and with the large marine beasts around to boost their morale, it was as if they had gained an absolute advantage in a flash.

Port Elias immediately descended into chaos. Many sea merchants turned to pirating to take advantage of the situation, waiting for their chance to gain some profit. They only worsened the situation.

“Keke! Henceforth, Port Elias shall become history!”

At this moment, the Elias governor and the rest did not have time to worry about the port any longer, because even they were in immense danger. With a rank 5 Sacrificer like Bayclark taking the lead, they were surrounded by a group of rank 4 beings.

“Nick, it’s time for you to prove yourself! Choose your opponent and kill them!” Bayclark exclaimed, obviously harboring evil intentions.

“…” Leylin inwardly rolled his eyes. The governor and the others were still rather powerful for Morning Stars, but they were the underdogs. With his current fake strength, even the weakest of that group could overpower him. Perhaps after he had been soundly beaten to death, he would even be easy pickings for Bayclark’s subordinates.

“Beast spirit magic— Summoning Godric!” While cursing inside, Leylin still went forward, summoning a figure that looked like a large manta ray, a Godric.

The Godric would be boosted greatly in the sea. While this beast spirit was only at rank 3, its mature form would have Morning Star strength so it had a good foundation. With Leylin’s secrets modifications, it was halfway at the threshold of rank 4.

“Moooo!” Blue waves splashed out from the Godric, enveloping the opponent with the hawk beak.

“Kill them!” “Go!” As if this was a signal, light flashed fiercely on both sides, and many pounced forward for the kill. Bayclark leisurely ordered the large golden octopus to roam around the battlefield, as if searching for the opponent’s weak point. This gave them immense pressure.

“Soldier on! Once I’ve dealt with my opponents, I’ll help you!” Belinda’s transmission sounded near Leylin’s ear, and he couldn’t help but laugh from on the back of the beast spirit.

‘However, the role I’m playing now is a mixed blood Alabaster Devilsnake who has just entered rank 4. Some things must stay secret! Just as well, let me test this beast spirit magic!’

Due to the lack of appropriate sacrifices and not having made his decision yet, Leylin had yet to make any progress in the path of offerings. Beast spirit magic, on the other hand, was not as troublesome.

The largest issue with training in the path of beast spirits was the strength of a beast spirit master’s own soul and its capacity. There was also the resilience of the body among other things, but all this wasn’t an issue for Leylin. Magi were the most proficient at anything that had to do with spiritual force and the soul.

“Moo, moo!” The large Godric beast spirit disappeared under the sea, becoming a large shadow. Immense water pillars would gush out occasionally, and with Leylin’s direction the Godric exhibited strength even more terrifying than when it had been alive. It was even able to make things difficult for his Morning Star enemy.

The one with an eagle beak was evidently a beast spirit master, and upon seeing Leylin’s summoned Godric his pupils shrank. The tattoo of a blue snake appeared on the back of his hand, “Beast Spirit Summon— Azure Trench Serpent!”

Dazzling rays of light exploded, and the azure tattoo disappeared into the sea, instantly turning into an enormous figure of a blue sea snake.

“Hss…” The figure hissed, and engaged the Godric in a battle.

In battle, while the Azure Trench Serpent had the upper hand, the Godric could still persevere on. The summoner could not help but exclaim in his disbelief. “How is that possible? My Azure Trench Serpent is a rank 4 beast spirit, while this Godric is obviously only rank 3!”

“There are no weak beast spirits, only weak beast spirit masters! You’re out of date, old man!” Leylin exclaimed, acting like some hot-headed fellow while snickering inside.

The process of sealing a beast spirit was very precise and painstaking, requiring the support of many diagrams. The higher the rank of the beast spirit, the more intricate the diagram for the seal would be required. Even if a grandmaster of spell formations were to do this, their chances of success would not exceed 50% and they might not complete the seal perfectly, and could perhaps damage it.

However, Leylin was different. Not only was he a grandmaster at spell formations himself, but he was also aided by the A.I. Chip. He could perfectly seal a beast spirit every single time, with a 100% success rate… This meant that his beast spirits could utilise their full power when he summoned them.

That was not all. With modifications by the A.I. Chip, the Godric that had died immaturely as a rank 3 adolescent had gotten a great boost, basically making it on par with Morning Stars.

With all these factors and Leylin’s extremely meticulous work, the Godric could defend itself against the Azure Trench Serpent, albeit with some difficulties. It performed the impressive feat of resisting a rank 4 beast spirit as a rank 3.

However, that was the limit to what it could do. After all, there was a huge disparity between rank 3 and 4 that was difficult to surpass. No matter how close the Godric was to rank 4, it was not a true rank 4. No matter how battered the Azure Trench Serpent became, it was a still a rank 4 beast spirit, which was why Godric being able to stay on equal grounds while obviously at a disadvantage was a startling achievement. As for trying to kill the rank 4 spirit? That was something that couldn’t even be considered.

Leylin watched the scene and smiled wryly inside, ‘This Godric’s rank is far too low, and there are no cases of beast spirits advancing either. Its strength is limited to rank 3, which just isn’t enough. I’ll need to replace it immediately!’

Without taking cost into account, beast spirits at rank 4 or above above needed the soul of a beast at Morning Star. This was enough for many large organisations to treat them as important strategic resources/

Rank 1 to 3 beast spirits were common on the market, but rank 4s were very rare. Unless one entered some large organisation and poured in blood, sweat, and tears to gain enough merit points and contributions, a rank 4 beast spirit was unattainable.

Of course, beast spirit masters could opt to hunt large beasts on their own and extract the beast spirit. However, before even considering if they could complete such a technical task, how could one kill a large rank 4 beast using a group of rank 1 to 3 beast spirits, even if one was a master at extracting beast spirits?

Hence, it was understandable why rank 4 beast spirits were so valued.

Even the governor of the port, with his elevated and important status, only had one rank 4 beast spirit.

‘However, not only do I have the strength of a rank 3 beast spirit master, I’m also a rank 5 Warlock. Killing these rank 4 giant beasts and extracting their souls is just too easy…’ Leylin’s eyes flashed.

When it came to calculating strength in the Purgatory World, one always looked at the highest rank. Bayclark, for example, might only be a rank 4 Beholder, but he was also a rank 5 Sacrificer under the Trial’s Eye, which made him rank 5. He was comparable to a rank 5 Radiant Moon Magus in the Magus World.

Leylin’s highest rank was a rank 5 Warlock, and despite being weakened by the Allsnake Curse it was no problem for him to kill rank 4 Morning Star beasts. With some prudent setup and some luck, he was confident he could kill even a rank 5 beast.

If he could successfully seal a rank 5 beast spirit, then he would immediately become a rank 5 beast spirit master, catching up to his power as a Warlock.

‘Sealing beast spirits, augmenting the original soul and then managing the beast spirits, then killing giant beasts to obtain more powerful beast spirits… This turns into a positive feedback cycle. As long as one’s body is strong enough, advancing in the system of beast spirits in the Purgatory World can be achieved fairly quickly…’

In reality, after sealing the Godric’s beast spirit, Leylin could already feel the boost to his soul.

Though his truesoul had already reached half-moon and this tiny boost couldn’t be considered much, it was a huge event for those rank 1, 2, and 3 Magi.

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