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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 715: Refusal to Budge and Absolute Defeat

Chapter 715: Refusal to Budge and Absolute Defeat

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‘Sealing a rank 3 beast spirit could perhaps bring forward the advancement of a rank 2 Magus to a rank 3 Magus by 20 years!’ Leylin stroked his chin and began to ponder the A.I. Chip’s precise analysis of the situation. ‘Of course, the strength of soul and body of an average rank 2 Magus could never endure a seal from a rank 3 beast spirit, unless they were a Warlock…

‘Besides, there is a limit to the soul’s capability and strength, which serves as a bottleneck to beast spirit techniques. As such, in the Purgatory World, rank 6 beast spirit masters have never been seen, let alone anyone above that, either Sacrificer or beast spirit master…’

At this time, the enemies were dumbfounded at the swift defeat of their rank 4 Azure Trench Serpent by the Godric. How could a rank 3 beast spirit contend with a rank 4? It shook their beliefs.

“Beast spirit summon——Four-winged Bird!” No matter how shocked and unwilling, they had to accept the reality. When the Azure Trench Serpent could no longer withstand the Godric’s attacks, a tattoo flashed once again on the body of the hawk-nosed man.

A giant four-winged bird emerged from him, wind elemental particles around its body circulating ferociously to form a violent energy— a wind blade!

A giant pale green light blade split the ocean apart, revealing the silhouettes of the Godric and the Azure Trench Serpent’s battling it out.

Upon seeing that the Godric could not be beaten, the enemy once again called upon their rank 3 four-winged bird. When it was coupled with the Azure Trench Serpent, Leylin’s Godric was caught in a tough battle. The wind blades sliced its body apart over and over, if not for having transformed into a beast spirit blood would have been gushing from its wounds.

Even as a beast spirit, the Godric’s voice gradually grew more muffled, and its soul dulled.

‘Indeed, when beast spirits are involved a rank 3 fighting head on against a rank 4 is kind of a stretch…’ Leylin vaguely swept his eyes across the field. At this moment, Belinda was already fighting her opponent in their own small battlefield.

Not entering the stage himself, Bayclark focused on the governor of Elias, occasionally turning with a hint of gloating in his eyes.

‘What a narrow-minded and prejudiced old fool!’ Leylin was filled with disgust, and he secretly afforded him the death penalty.

‘I can’t use my energy and magic as a Warlock, which extends to the Kemoyin Emperor magic. I can only hide myself by using Alabaster Devilsnake magic…’ A thought flashed across Leylin’s mind, and a layer of white scales emerged from his body.

With the Mask of the Dreamless and an Alabaster Devilsnake bloodline, it would be difficult for anyone, even Belinda, to discover that his abilities were just an imitation.

[Beep! Host is currently using Alabaster Devilsnake bloodline. Scale simulation accuracy at 99.99%. Vitality and defence have increased, dreamforce has strengthened] the A.I. Chip’s voice transmitted over. Having completed the transformation, Leylin’s body was covered in a layer of delicate white scales, and sharp fingernails burst forth from his hand. The scarlet tint in his eyes seemed to grow deeper and purer.

“Devilsnake bloodline!” The enemy shouted.

“Die!” Leylin shouted, a white phantom as he launched towards them. His sharp claws chilled the air. Though he was confident in his own disguise, fake was fake. He was bound to leave a clue with the passage of time, so it would be good to end the fight quickly.

“Damned hybrid!” The hawk-nosed man opposing Leylin glowed red with anger, and he started hitting himself in the chest. A faint blue circle sprouted blue flames that engulfed his body, and a hard mane grew on his face.

“Beast spirit union! Rank 3 Blueflame Phantomwolf!” At the lowest point, the opposing beast spirit master had already completed the union, turning into a half man half wolf monster. His energy grew tremendously.

‘Blueflame Phantomwolf? It seems to be some kind of advanced creature, powerful with fire and close combat. It’s strong physically too…’ Leylin managed to identify the beast spirit’s characteristics from an archive he’d found on the market. He also remembered its strengths and weaknesses.

A beast spirit master at rank 4 or above could fuse with his beast spirit, using some secret techniques to acquire the abilities of the beast spirit they’d sealed. With an increasing number of beast spirit, the beast spirit master became more terrifying as well. This technique solved the problem of a weak body, so much so that one could say that without it any beast spirit’s value would be halved.

*Awooo!* Blue flame covered the enemy’s palm, one that had already turned into a furry paw. It looked like a layer of glass. The giant wolf claw shot out, sharp and on fire. He charged violently towards the white phantom.

A huge explosion sounded in the air, and a flash blinded onlookers. Leylin and his opponent retreated, and a few white scales fell to the ground with blue fur.

‘Borrowed strength is still borrowed strength. Even if I were to use the rank 4 Giant Kemoyin Serpent power I could defeat him easily.’ Leylin’s eyes filled with pity, and his opponent grew furious.

This half-snake half-human wielded massive power, able to fight on par with and sometimes overpower a rank 4 beast spirit master. He hadn’t gained much of an advantage from the four-winged bird, and it was obvious that this battle would continue for some time.

However, that would prove fatal in this battle. Belinda would come upon ending her own fight, and even otherwise Bayclark’s presence shook his confidence in being able to defend Port Elias.

At this time, the battle at the port was already near its end. Engulfed in thick smoke, the port was left in tatters, with large paw prints all over the once bustling street. Walls everywhere were destroyed, and the road was steeped in blood.

Obviously, Bayclark had made meticulous plans so that the backup team at the port couldn’t fight back. In this instant, unless a rank 6 warrior joined the fight, their defeat was inevitable.

Unfortunately, they were near the Hail Continent’s coast. This was the territory of the Snake Dowager, and the Nefarious Filthbird sending a high-ranked warrior here would be a command of suicide.

As the battle on the ground drew to a close, the battle in the sky ended as well.

“The Alabaster Devilsnake Devours!” Belinda’s applause sounded as a giant Alabaster Devilsnake phantom emerged, its scarlet eyes focused on a broken-armed Filthbird phantom from a sacrifice.

A dark red mist filled the surroundings, bringing with is a psychic power that instilled fear into even the Morning Star fighters. They did everything they could to avoid it. This dreamforce posed a threat to those that hadn’t come in contact with or couldn’t comprehend Dreamscape.

In the meantime, this Nefarious Filthbird who Belinda was focused on melted like wax into a mixture of blood and fat.

“Nick! Hold on!” The giant Alabaster Devilsnake phantom suddenly turned and charged towards Leylin.

‘Finally. I just had to endure for a little while and Belinda’s come to help. She’s defeated her own opponent, and I won’t have to reveal anything else.’ With everything within control, Leylin let out a smile, expressing his relief.

The enemy’s eyes were filled with despair, and he gave up the fight with Leylin. The Azure Trench Serpent was forcefully ordered to retreat. Blocking Leylin’s path, he jumped onto the back of the giant four-winged bird, ready to escape.

“Trying to run away?” An icy voice came from under the Alabaster Devilsnake phantom, “Dream on!”

Under the enormous Alabaster Devilsnake, the Azure Trench Serpent looked negligible and weak. Even Leylin could not help but feel pity for him.


Leylin’s opponent escaping was a signal to the others. After seeing their comrade flee, the rest of the Morning Star guards were prompted to plan their escape too, and the governor of Elias was no exception.

A rank 4 beast spirit master on top of being a rank 4 Sacrificer, he could unleash the full power of Morning Star. If not for Bayclark, the fight would’ve been much easier for him. Unfortunately, this giant Elder Eye set his eyes upon him the moment they met.

“Let me handle him! You try to block the other Nefarious Filthbird followers!” The Elder Eye’s soul force radiated outwards, and he wrapped himself and the governor up completely.

;What a ruthless and vicious way to claim victory!; Leylin was left completely speechless, and he took the initiative to retreat backwards and gave up the battlefield to others.

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