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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 717: Captivity and Escape

Chapter 717: Captivity and Escape

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Watching the Governor of Elias and the other survivors scurrying to flee the waters, Leylin revealed a trace of an evil smile.

There was no doubt that Leylin was responsible for secretly constructing the massive field of dreamforce.

Originally, due to the restrictions of dreamforce, although Leylin was familiar with most of the Dreamscape spell formations below rank 5, he was ineffective in bringing out its full power.

However, with the appearance of Belinda, and the rank 5 Alabaster Devilsnake’s bloodline on the Mask of the Dreamless, Leylin met the necessary requirements to do this.

The Alabaster Devilsnake had the ability to connect to the Dreamscape, and through the analysis of Belinda’s energy pathways, Leylin was able to quickly familiarise himself with the details of doing this. Belinda was completely not wary of ‘Nick’ since he was one of them, it was relatively easy to gather intelligence or scan her system.

Taking the next few steps would now be simpler. Leylin, who had secretly escaped from the battle, had decided to draw on the Alabaster Devilsnake’s bloodline and summon a huge wave of dreamforce, saving Elias’ governor and the others in a single move.

After all, compared to the Snake Dowager and Trial’s Eye, the Nefarious Filthbird was still an ally and Leylin had to be more considerate when it came to the Filthbird’s power.

In addition, there was still a need for him to keep in contact with the Nefarious Filthbird, hence he could not risk performing poorly now.

To conceal his identity, the dreamforce was clearly the best choice and the blame could even be placed on the Alabaster Devilsnake’s clan, which killed two birds with one stone.

“Benevolence has been shown, and next, time for the greetings!”

Leylin stared coldly at the centre of the huge dark red fog.

Within it came a huge golden flash of lightning, which seemed to pierce the sky like a sword, carving out a terrifying channel.

“Who exactly are you? Why do you want to rescue the governor and the others?” Golden thunder filled with overwhelming Trialpower surrounded Bayclark completely.

The crimson wall of fog exploded in an instant, revealing an indistinct figure.

What appeared in front of them was a giant over five meters tall, whose body was enveloped in the crimson fog.

The overwhelming dreamforce formed into a malevolent-looking armour on the giant. There were dark red spirals on the surface of the armour which once again gathered shattered pieces of dreamforce.

“I’m obviously here to take your life!”

An oppressive voice came from the fog giant.

Bayclark’s face darkened upon hearing the rude answer, “I will kill this shady fellow!”

Although the fog giant possessed a powerful aura, it had failed to break through to the realm of rank 5. Bayclark was relieved at this discovery. Shortly after, Bayclark got more frustrated at this thing- it was unforgivable to disturb the great Bayclark when he was enjoying his games! Also, its behaviour was so secretive, which unexpectedly corresponded with what Bayclark had in mind.

He had always considered Leylin as a powerful member of the Alabaster Devilsnake’s clan, and his presence in the coastal area of Hail Continent as well as his rescue of the Nefarious Filthbird’s disciples put Bayclark in a tough position.

It was much simpler now that this fog giant did not reveal its identity, Bayclark could treat this thing as hostile and exterminate it!

Thereafter, Bayclark instantly used his greatest attack.

“True Eye of the Evil Monarch, Death ray!” A more terrifying death ray than before shot out from its eyes. The golden ray of lightning filled with overwhelming Trialpower faintly enhanced the death ray.

From afar, the death ray resembled a powerful rifle with a handle decorated with gold lines, with a sense of determined and courageous advancement, and it fired directly towards Leylin.

“A blitzkrieg strategy? [1 A strategy to resolve everything in the shortest period of time] Great!” Leylin looked at Bayclark’s performance, nodding in agreement as if this was also his plan. After all, Bayclark was a rank 5 Sacrificer. Leylin feared that this opponent would have a hidden ace up its sleeves. And it would be an even more incredible feat if Bayclark managed to summon a clone of the Trial’s Eye.

They had only used a portion of the dignitary’s power in the previous battles. If Bayclark had called out a clone with the main body’s intelligence, Leylin did not have the confidence to keep up his pretense.

“Its power is rather good, it’s comparable to a rank 5’s killing move!”

Watching the approaching death ray, Leylin evaluated the situation calmly, but the strange thing was that although there was only a small distance between him and the death ray, it never seemed to hit its target. This feeling of confusion sickened Bayclark to the point where it wanted to throw up blood.

Although Leylin had sealed his bloodline and had the Allsnake Curse absorbing his bloodline energy, he had now been restored to full strength. He possessed the power to usurp the Blazing Monarch! For Leylin, the fact was that Bayclark was just an ordinary rank 5 and therefore insufficiently strong.

“To capture Bayclark, I must hide my true identity. The only thing I can use is the Alabaster Devilsnake’s bloodline and dreamforce!”

Leylin glanced at Bayclark as though he was looking at an ant and said, “You have the privilege of having a taste of the power of a former peak-ranked Radiant Moon Magus…”

For a moment, Bayclark was rather puzzled, but his attention immediately turned to Leylin’s hand that emitted brightly coloured rays of light. It was fascinated by the countless streaks and fast-moving spell formations.

[Bleep! Alabaster Devilsnake bloodline depleting, drawing energy from the Dreamscape!]

With the A.I.Chip’s reminder, the golden red lines on the Mask of the Dreamless faded a little, and immediately Leylin’s true soul connected to an incredible world.

A violent wave of dreamforce surged and converged on Leylin, the power that formed was enough to shake the heavens.

“Rank 5 Dreamscape Spell Formation——Splendid Lunar Illusion!” Leylin’s currently strongest Dreamscape spell formation which could trap even Breaking Dawn Magi burst out violently.

Dreamlike undulations spread out suddenly, and Belinda and others were the first to space out, glassy-eyed. Bayclark bore the brunt of the attack and lost vision in its three giant vertical eyes, and even the energy shield on its body dissipated.

Splendid Lunar Illusion——utilised by Leylin, the A.I. Chip’s projected Dreamscape spell formation was able to penetrate through all defenses, directly transporting the opponent’s true soul into the Dreamscape with a 90% attack accuracy against a Radiant Moon Magus!

Bayclark was clearly not a strong rank 5, and after getting hit by the Splendid Lunar Illusion, had completely lost all its will to fight.

“Let’s go!” Leylin’s silhouette instantly appeared in front of the despondent Bayclark, and many seal charms entered into its body, the most important point being it’s now sealed three giant vertical eyes.

When the seal was complete, the place where Bayclark was standing initially was left with only a huge iron chain sphere.

[Beep! Hidden Triple Seal complete! True seal has been completely sealed! Dreamscape seal has completely penetrated! The target’s energy undulations: 0]

A.I. Chip returned the the updated information from the scan.

Leylin held onto one end of the iron chain, his whole body instantly changing into a long crimson streak, as he was dragged by the iron ball to leave this place at lightning speed.


Belinda and the other Morning Stars only recovered after the red streak disappeared from the horizon.

“This is too scary…Is this the power of a pure-blood? I have a premonition that if I were to face that power, my true soul would probably be forever stuck in the Dreamscape, never to return to my body…”

Belinda’s eyes blurred and she was shocked by a loud scream.

“Lord Bayclark!! Lord Bayclark!! Lord Bayclark was captured by the attacker!!!”

Another Morning Star shrieked with sorrow, reminding Belinda of their current predicament.

Although the operation had been very smooth in the beginning, their main target - the governor - had escaped, and even their commander had been taken away. This was the utmost insult to their dignitary, the Trial’s Eye!

It was highly likely that everyone involved would be punished, being frozen was considered the most lenient punishment.

Belinda felt bitter and bewildered about her future.

“Don’t worry, Belinda, no matter what happens, I’ll always help you!”

At this time, a familiar figure came over. ‘Nick’ gave a smile that warmed Belinda’s heart.

With Nick’s support and encouragement, Belinda regained her strength.

“Everyone!” She stepped forward with great strength, looking over her panicking comrades.

“Things have happened, whatever we do now will be useless. The most important thing we have do is to report this back to the headquarters and inform them of this incident. A loss of a rank 5 Sacrificer is enough to alert the Master of Order… Now, we can only wait… ”

The role of a leader was important in times of crisis.

Those Morning Star warriors left the ocean surface with the sea creatures and soldiers as if they were awakening from a dream. They did not seem too concerned about the ruined Port Elias.

From Nick’s point of view, they just wanted to find a scapegoat. Belinda being here was just what they needed, being able to pin all responsibilities and blames on her. Afterall, by the time the headquarters sent someone to here, Belinda would draw most suspicion. Her Alabaster Devilsnake bloodline would make her an easy target .

“It seems that even with the dignitary’s influence, corruption was unavoidable…”

The intellectual body of Nick looked coldly at this scene.

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