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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 719: Seals and Restoration

Chapter 719: Seals and Restoration

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[Sacrificial Array completed! Please choose the target of the sacrifice!]

Several strange symbols emerged on the A.I. Chip’s screen. These symbols seemed to transcend the three-dimensional screen, possessing a strangely ancient feeling, with an aura of the power of laws.

Leylin looked silently at these runes. The A.I. Chip illustrated 7 runes in total, one for each continent’s dignitaries. Among the 7, there were a few that Leylin was naturally familiar with. A vertical eye rune, a twisting snake rune and a rune of a giant bird spreading its wings.

“Trial’s Eye. Snake Dowager. And the Nefarious Filthbird.” Leylin murmured the names of the three dignitaries represented by the runes. These three had left the deepest impression on Leylin, albeit not the most pleasant ones.

“Sacrifice target selection: Nefarious Filthbird!” Leylin held out his hand and lightly touched the rune of the giant bird spreading its wings. The rune was, almost instantly, copied into the previously empty core of the Sacrificial Array.

A foul and chaotic power seemed to have penetrated the barrier through deep and unknown channels, reaching this place. Threads of grey mist lingered above the array, and it was possible to hear faint crowing sounds coming from within.

Seeing this scene, even though he was firmly sealed, Bayclark’s body reacted slightly in anticipation of a fight. After all, being sacrificed to the Order of the Eye’s greatest enemy was unacceptable to this pious believer.

Unfortunately, no one would listen to the barking of a loser, be it in Leylin’s previous life or in the Magus World.

“Almighty Ruler of Chaos, the Flapwing, the free will that soars in countless dimensions! I, Leylin Farlier, call you reverently…”

Leylin chanted in the complex and obscure ritualistic language, which created faint undulations of soul force.

From the movements of the soul force, the ritual language acted like a mysterious key which opened a giant door somewhere. The entire Sacrificial Array rumbled, and the giant bird rune seemingly came to life and let out an elated chirp.

A large amount of grey light condensed and the space seemed to faintly warp. When it finally reached the limit, it loudly exploded.

*Crash* A grey flame suddenly emerged from the core of the Sacrificial Array.

“Almighty dignitary, Your Excellency the Nefarious Filthbird. Please accept my offering.” Leylin’s eyes held a trace of indifference, and the Beholder on the ground was pulled into the core of the array by an invisible string.

*Rumble!* The little flames suddenly grew to engulf the entire Beholder.

“Ah…… I curse you…… Curse you……”

In the grey flame, the huge Beholder began to melt like a wax sculpture. Even his truesoul was corroded. Leylin could still hear Bayclark’s dying curses ringing in his ears.

Just this sort of thing could not change his expression even slightly. Leylin’s eyes, however, were fully absorbed in the sacrificial process, and he occasionally still made adjustments.

It was very clear that for a beginner Sacrificer, it was nearly impossible to get a strong rank 5 being as an offering, let alone a Beholder who was a rank 5 Sacrificer of the Trial’s Eye.

The original Sacrificial Array that Leylin had bought in Port Elias wasn’t anything special. Although it was enough to get someone to rank 4, it was inadequate for the current situation.

When the Beholder Elder was completely melted, a horrifying energy overflowed from the wax, while an unbearable lamenting cry sounded from the Sacrificial Array.

‘Really…’ Leylin speechlessly shook his head, and proceeded to further strengthen the array with his soul force.

Since this was a high-level sacrifice, the laws of the world had finally been attracted when the Beholder was almost completely melted.

The high-spirited chirps of a bird followed. Then, the runes set in place by Leylin began to flash explosively. Some of them even started to fall apart. In the end, the Sacrificial Array produced a piercing light.

The grey flame became scarlet red in a flash, and the blood-curling screeches of the Beholder Elder increased in pitch.

*Bang* The blood-red flames completely swallowed up Bayclark, a rank 5 Sacrificer and Elder Eye. A huge amount of wax concentrated into a ball, constantly twisting and changing shape while it broiled within the scarlet red flames. Finally, it became a clever-looking little grey bird.

“We meet again, almighty Flapwing! Your Excellency, the Nefarious Filthbird!” This was obviously the Nefarious Filthbird’s clone, and Leylin bowed in greeting without delay.

The little grey bird’s eyes were rather glassy, but soon it was occupied by an intelligent personality. It looked at Leylin, its eyes expressing an obvious smile.

“We meet again. Snake Dowager’s blood descendant, Kemoyin Serpent Emperor.” A greatly changed and mechanical voice rang directly in the bottom of Leylin’s heart.

The little grey bird fluttered its wings, while seemingly very interested, “I am very satisfied with your offering, but your heart still seems to harbour some distrust.” The bird obviously pointed towards the strong binding and isolation runes on the walls.

Leylin just smiled slightly, “Please forgive your humble subject’s precautions. However, I believe that for a mighty dignitary like yourself, these are just like fine rain and cannot harm you at all.”

“Sly little fellow, you act as though this isn’t the first time you summon me. Nonetheless, I sense leftover marks of the Trial’s Eye’s contracts.” The little grey bird said this with certainty, after sniffing Leylin’s body.

Leylin’s eyes flashed with an expression of sudden understanding. This must have been back when he was a rank 1 Magus and he used the Nefarious Filthbird Feather Solution to clear the Trial’s Eye’s contract.

But, after improving his knowledge, Leylin was sure that the Nefarious Filthbird Feather Solution was merely some kind of medicine’s name. The main material was definitely not the feather of this entity, otherwise no one would let Leylin use it.

Certainly, the Trial’s Eye’s contracts used by rank 1 and rank 2 Magi were not high-level due to limits of these Magi’s strengths. Thus, they could still be erased by Leylin’s accidental use of the Nefarious Filthbird Feather Solution.

Although he had only borrowed a millionth of the bird’s power, the bird still keenly perceived it.

“Yes. At the time, I was able to break the bonds of the Trial’s Eyes. I need to thank the dignitary for your power,” Leylin respectfully expressed his thanks.

“You don’t need to thank me, young man. Breaking the bonds of the Trial’s Eye is my mission and duty.” As a result of this introduction, the Nefarious Filthbird regarded Leylin with much gentler eyes, “You did the right thing. If you had not immediately offered this Sacrificer, the Trial’s Eye would have found you within 10 hourglasses’ time.”

At this point, the Nefarious Filthbird sent another message, “Now, it can no longer find you. Furthermore, everything that pertains to you will be concealed by chaos and filth, thanks to my power of chaos here.

After hearing this, Leylin’s expression relaxed considerably.

As expected, to fight against a dignitary, Leylin could only borrow the power of another one. The Nefarious Filthbird’s concealment made his earlier risks worth the trouble.

“So, Magus, tell me your request.” The Nefarious Filthbird spread its wings, looking incomparably solemn.

“Almighty Ruler of Chaos, please, may I ask if it is possible for you to remove the Allsnake Curse from my body?” Leylin restrained the excitement in his heart, and asked in a dignified voice.

“The Allsnake Curse comes from the Snake Dowager. We are of the same rank, so I am unable to completely remove it.” The little grey bird shook its head but, just when Leylin became disappointed, it continued, “However, the Power of Chaos is enough to postpone the flare-up from the curse. Do you want to suppress it?”

“Please, go ahead.” Leylin gnashed his teeth. It went without saying that entering the Purgatory World was already a risk, so he would not reject this offer.

“This seal will consume half of the sacrifice’s power.” The little grey bird looked deeply into Leylin’s eyes, and shortly after the terrifying grey power of chaos began to pour into Leylin’s body.

The immense power of chaos spread through his skin and flesh, then extending to his sea of consciousness and soul.

[Beep! Invading energy detected, eliminate?] A red warning box popped up from the A.I. Chip.

‘No,’ Leylin gnashed his teeth, ‘But continue monitoring.’

[Removing resistance! Initiating monitoring mode!] The A.I. Chip dutifully sent back.

A great quantity of chaotic power spread through Leylin’s body. In the end, it converged in his forehead, forming a silver seal around it.

The Allsnake Curse seemingly squirmed, but very soon it was suppressed by the vast amount of chaotic power.

[Beep! The Allsnake Curse’s seal has been reinforced! Estimated time to outbreak: 20 years!] Leylin’s status box was very quickly refreshed with new information.

[The host’s Sacrificer Rank has risen! Current Sacrificer target: the Nefarious Filthbird! Rank: 4] [Detecting that the host’s bloodline power has been released, the sacrifice strength has increased as well. Host’s stats have fluctuated greatly, re-collecting data!]

Soon, the A.I. Chip showed the new stats.

[Leylin Farlier, Rank 5 Magus, Bloodline: Kemoyin Serpent Emperor (Complete Form). Strength: 51 (76), Agility: 46 (62), Vitality: 135 (176.9), Spiritual Force: 1575.8 (2003.5), Magic Power: 1575 (Magic Power is in synchronisation with Spiritual Force), Soul Force: 158, Status: Rank 4 Sacrificer strength is increasing in force! Estimated time to the Allsnake Curse outbreak: 20 years!]

“Freeing part of my bloodline force, and the growth in rank as a Sacrificer, has actually restored so much of my strength.”

After seeing his stats changing greatly, an ecstatic expression immediately appeared on Leylin’s face.

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