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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 720: Feather of Chaos

Chapter 720: Feather of Chaos

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The Allsnake Curse caused all of Leylin’s stats to fall and sentenced him to die in 2 years. These problems felt like a rope constantly tightening around Leylin’s neck, stifling him. But now, with the Nefarious Filthbird’s help, Leylin finally felt less pressed for time, allowing him to relax a little.

“My Laws of Confusion Seal can delay the Allsnake Curse from flaring-up for up to 18 years. After 20 years, even if you contact a rank 8 being again you won’t be able to strengthen the seal and postpone it any further. Unless, you are able to find a Rank 9 Everlasting One…”

The Nefarious Filthbird’s voice was heard again. However, the small grey bird in front of Leylin seemed to have become slightly illusory, as if it had consumed too much energy.

“Thank you, almighty dignitary.” Even if the curse wasn’t completely resolved, Leylin still thanked the Filthbird sincerely. After all, if it wasn’t for it, he wouldn’t have 20 years to solve his problems.

“There is still half of the power of sacrifice left. Tell me your other requests.” The bird spoke within Leylin’s consciousness again.

Leylin pondered for a while and spoke of his plans, “Almighty Flapwing, I hope to obtain something to conceal myself. After all, I am bound to go deeper into the Hail Continent if I want to completely remove the Allsnake Curse.”

He had already discovered long ago that, in the Purgatory World where the path of offering was prevalent, there was still a fatal weakness in any disguise he could come up with.

The weakness was the existence of a dignitary’s clone when one sacrificed. As long as the Sacrificers reached rank 4, they would be able to summon the clone of a dignitary. And, if those clones were intelligent, they would definitely be able to expose Leylin’s disguise.

During the previous skirmish, both the Elias Governor and Bayclark were only able to summon a phantom of their dignitary and not a complete clone. Hence, Leylin was able to conceal himself. However, he knew it was impossible to avoid them forever, especially in the Hail Continent. Therefore, suitable methods for concealment were necessary, and they had to be able to deceive the dignitary’s clones.

Furthermore, these existences may have some special detection methods. In particular, the Snake Dowager, who was the source of Kemoyin bloodline descendants, would have such methods. There might be some kind of special reaction towards her own descendants.

Although Leylin had already prepared all sorts of countermeasures, it still did not stop him from adding another insurance.

“You are very intelligent,” the Nefarious Filthbird nodded in approval, “Once you appear within a range of 5 kilometers from one of our clones, you will definitely be unable to escape our detection.”

“I bestow upon you the Feather of Chaos. The one who holds this item receives the protection of chaotic power. As long as you don’t come into contact with the dignitary’s real body, you won’t be discovered. “

The small bird’s silhouette became even more faint. In the end, it transformed into a grey illusory feather that floated in front of Leylin.

“Snake Dowager’s descendant, Kemoyin Serpent Emperor. Travel the Hail Continent as you wish, and tear the Dowager’s godly status apart.”

The grey Nefarious Filthbird’s clone vanished. Only a residue of its conscient reverberated in the secret chamber. In a flash, the Sacrificial Array exploded with a bang and turned into flying dust.

“I gained more than what I expected.” Leylin let out a long breath, feeling rather glad.

Doing business with the Nefarious Filthbird was like dancing on a tightrope. Leylin had no choice but to consider all worst case scenarios.

Luckily, due to the arch-enemy relationship between the Nefarious Filthbird and the Trial’s Eye, it was very willing to see the Trial’s Eye’s ally, the Snake Dowager, be defeated. This was the foundation of the deal between both sides

Leylin’s own power and his meticulous arrangements were the most crucial part of his plan. Even had the Filthbird’s clone suddenly turned hostile, he had the confidence to break the Sacrificial Array and escape from it instantly.

With a common enemy, and since Leylin himself could escape, the Nefarious Filthbird was willing to see him as a pseudo-ally.

Furthermore, Leylin still wasn’t able to completely trust the Nefarious Filthbird, since there was only a mutual relationship of wanting to use each other between them. Of course, the Nefarious Filthbird still had the greater advantage and their interests did not clash. Therefore, it was possible to maintain their agreement.

For instance, for Leylin who was an insincere sacrificer, being promoted directly to rank 4 level by the Nefarious Filthbird was a very good testimony that they could work together.

There would never be a lucky person who became an Everlasting One in the world. Only through careful, meticulous considerations and anticipating worst case scenarios would one be able to guarantee success.

‘Rank 4 Sacrificers can already begin to amplify their body’s attributes through attracting the dignitary’s energy into their own body, and solidifying it permanently.’

Leylin muttered to himself, “This kind of promotion often comes with a price. The whole body might be branded by the Nefarious Filthbird’s energy which creates a tissue and cellular transformation that cannot be opposed. Ultimately, one might even be controlled by them. A.I. Chip, conduct an all-round inspection of my body’s energy structure.”

[Beep! Mission established, beginning to scan!] The mechanical sound of the A.I. Chip echoed. Soon after, fine blue light continuously swept across every part of Leylin’s body.

[Discovered unknown energy structure! Determined to be the Nefarious Filthbird’s energy branding! Eliminate?] Without spending much time, the A.I. Chip responded.

Leylin had long prepared for this outcome. Hence, he did not look surprised at all, and he commanded very calmly instead, “Show me the image.”

Soon after, Leylin was looking at the image of a cell that was magnified several times on the A.I. Chip’s screen. At the center of the cell was something that looked like a sea urchin, with peculiar energy waves of confusion.

[Beep! This energy is the crucial element to suppress the Allsnake Curse. If eliminated, it would trigger irreversible changes. Probability of Allsnake Curse showing advance in effect: 99.99%. Eliminate?]

The A.I. Chip’s sound caused Leylin’s expression to become slightly gloomy, “It seems this would be the kill switch that the Nefarious Filthbird imposed on me. Although currently it’s only used to threaten others and maintain its own position, I still need its strength. I need chaotic power to suppress the Allsnake Curse.

Numerous rays of light continuously flashed across Leylin’s pupils. However, he commanded, “Focus on monitoring. For the time being, maintain the original shape.”

[Beep! Mission established, activating real time monitoring procedure within the body!] The A.I. Chip loyally carried out Leylin’s orders.

“No matter what, I still profited this time. Not only was the Allsnake Curse’s effect delayed, I even obtained something to rely on when I infiltrate the Hail Continent.” Leylin murmured, stroking the walls with his palm.

A layer of black liquid flame emerged from his palm, spreading rapidly as if it had life of its own, consuming the entire place almost instantly.

Soon, the binding runes and Sacrificial Array vanished without a trace under the black demonic flames, and even its aura was burnt away. After the place was thoroughly cleaned up, a yellowish radiance emerged from Leylin’s body and blent into the surrounding walls.

A circular light floated above the coral island with a whoosh and, shortly after Leylin’s figure quickly flew out, “Thanks a lot, big fellow.”

Leylin looked at the large turtle and waved his hand while smiling. Afterwards, a slight green ray of light flew out of his fingers in a flash and merged into the turtle’s forehead.

Although that fine green beam was like dust when compared to the turtle’s huge head, Leylin still heard a hint of pleasant surprise from the creature’s whistles, especially after the ray merged. Its turbid eyes seemed to become somewhat quicker, and there was a hint of kindness in its expression while looking at Leylin.

“This is a gift from a wise man of ancient times. Although it only has a faint external aura, it still has exceptional effect in raising creatures’ wisdom. I know you want more but, unfortunately, I still have a need for these. I cannot give you anymore.” Leylin smiled. His body transformed into a long black streak that vanished into the distant horizon, leaving the turtle with a regretful expression.

The turtle howled in Leylin’s direction as if it was seeing Leylin off. The loud howl sounded continuously, even causing huge waves to form on the surface of the sea, which continued for half an hour.

Ultimately, the turtle’s body gradually sank to the bottom of the ocean, leaving behind a huge white whirlpool.


The strong wind whistled into Leylin’s ears hauntingly.

Leylin’s expression turned solemn. Although he had already thought about how to sneak into the Hail Continent, even when the plan had yet to be implemented, he had some slight concerns.

“Partial AI #1, report your position!” Leylin pressed his temples and a faint blue radiance was revealed from his pupils.

[Beep! Current coordinates: Taking the main body as the origin, southeast; 786.67 nautical miles!]

An unusual message was directly sent by the A.I. Chip.

[The people around the area are all agitated. Possibility of a conflict between military forces. It is advised that the main body arrive immediately, otherwise the puppet’s identity will be exposed.]

At this moment, a warning sign was transmitted from the A. I. Chip again, making Leylin’s speed rapidly increase.

Although using the A.I. Chip to control the shadow puppet allowed it to imitate all of Leylin’s actions and even his aura to the point of being impossible to check its authenticity, it would still be exposed once it made a move.

By that time, even if Leylin managed to rush there and kill them all, he would probably still be unable to stop the news from being transmitted. Consequently, he would have to abandon the identity he had created, Nick.

The most important point, however, was that the plans he had previously set up would have to undergo modifications. The risks would be greater and this was something Leylin could not accept.

“What exactly happened that caused things to escalate to this degree?” Leylin carefully observed the report sent by Partial AI #1, and everything that happened after Port Elias’ military campaign appeared immediately before his eyes.

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