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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 722: Bewitching and Black Conversion

Chapter 722: Bewitching and Black Conversion

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*Rattle!* At this moment, the steel fenced door was abruptly pulled open, and a circle of higher ups from the marine tribe walked in.

The leader’s face had a few blue scales on it. He looked towards Belinda coldly, and read from a sheepskin scroll, “Belinda, the headquarters has decided that you’ve turned your back on the Master of Order, profaning the glory of the dignitary. We judge you to have committed the crime of colluding with the enemy.”

“No, no! This is impossible!” Belinda completely crumbled down.

“Nothing is impossible!” The marine tribe leader tossed the document in front of her, the seal from the headquarters at the bottom right corner. It emitted dazzling lights, and wasn’t something that could be faked.

After seeing the scarlet words of judgment on it, Belinda had almost completely given up.

“Even… even if the headquarters is infected by chaos and filth, I still have the dignitary. I’m still a Sacrificer…” Belinda trembled, a sacrificial spell formation appearing at the tip of her finger. Compared to Leylin’s, there was only a rune of an eye at the heart of the formation.

*Pak!* The eye cracked and the spell formation dissipated, not giving a reply. This situation signified that the dignitary, the Trial’s Eye, did not accept Belinda’s offering. In other words, she had been abandoned.

Of course, the common people did not know that on the path of offerings, ‘equal exchange’ meant that even if the dignitary broke off the connection with the Sacrificer or did not accept their offering, what had been given would not be returned. This was a trade of equal exchange, and since the Sacrificer had offered something up it wouldn’t be returned.

It was similar with the governor of Elias. If he gave up his belief in the Nefarious Filthbird, or it did not accept his offerings, then he would at most not be able to obtain a boost from it. However, the results from previous ceremonies were permanent and remained.

This was unlike the priests of gods. Once gods abandoned them, they would lose all their status and magic power. That way had its own advantages and disadvantages.

“No! NO, why? Why did things turn out this way?” If the decision from the headquarters had pushed Belinda to the verge of collapse, this was a fatal blow.

“Why… not just the headquarters, but even the mighty dignitary did not believe that I’ve been slandered and treated unfairly…”

“Cheer up, Belinda! The mighty dignitary definitely knows the truth, but you need to make a sacrifice for its sake.” Leylin quietly stood beside Belinda, gently patting back of her hand that was on her shoulder.

In all organisations, the members would need to make sacrifices for the big picture. It was a normal thing, and if they didn’t do so they would be criticised by the public. In these days, it seemed like if a superior wanted a subordinate dead, the subordinate had no choice but to die.

Everything was for benefits. The benefits of a collective group took priority over personal gain. When met with this situation, complaining wasn’t even possible. One would have to take the initiative and rush to sacrifice oneself, else it would bring trouble to their family and friends.

Of course, if this person did not care for their lives, nor their friends and family, and had nothing to be concerned about, things would become difficult to handle.

However, these people were usually unstable, posing as a threat to their communities, and needed to be eliminated.

For the current situation, the Trial’s Eye had made this decision despite knowing that Belinda had been maligned. Belinda would thus be sacrificed.

Perhaps after pacifying the marine tribe, the headquarters would send people over to tidy up, removing any malignant tumours and people who could not be controlled. After decades or a whole century, there would be political change and Belinda might even be given the title of a ‘saint’, revered by the later generations and turning into a leader. However, if the person was dead, what was the point?

However, Leylin could not deny the point of the organisation’s actions.

In a physically weak world, joining forces to form organisations was the way of the powerful. When one member’s benefits were sacrificed, they could do nothing but exhibit enthusiasm for it.

However, this was different! When a person’s personal strength was immense, then they would have the right to go against the organisation. In a world where extraordinary strength existed, individuals who were powerful became important.

Especially in the Purgatory World, where a few dignitaries governed all the continents, murder and plunder was the best proof of this concept.

Hence, besides obediently dying, there was no other better option for her. Of course, she still had other options, like how Leylin was preparing to work some magic.

“There’s no slandering or conspiracy. This is the truth! Belinda, you colluded with the organisation of the Nefarious Filthbird and entrapped Lord Bayclark. We are going to punish you.” Seeing Leylin stand out, the marine tribeman’s pupils shone with dissatisfaction.

This was a natural feeling when a subordinate dared go against a superior’s authority.

“Alright! I’m not of your organisation and obviously can’t commit the crime of colluding with the enemy. I wonder when I can leave?” Leylin spread his arms and laughed.

“You must be a believer of the Nefarious Filthbird, and must be communicating with the enemy organisation with Belinda. You must be punished as well!”

The leader did not even blink as it spoke. Leylin almost wanted to give the leader applause, as he had guessed a truth that not even the Trial’s Eye knew about.

It had to be said that the leader had gotten it completely right by luck.

“What’s with all the bullsheet, just kill them!”

A Morning Star beside it already had shining undulations of a beast spirit summoner.

For them, leaving Belinda and Leylin around was just going to create more issues. They’d had to contact headquarters before, and now that they had the permission to there was nothing left to consider.

“In that case…” Leylin shrugged his shoulders. Suddenly, his aura changed, turning from a little rabbit to a large, fierce tiger.

*Hssss—* A tremendous Alabaster Devilsnake phantom suddenly squeezed out behind him, producing ear-splitting roars.

*Rumble!* *Bang!* Terrifying explosions reduced the room to fragments.

“Kill them! Don’t hold back!” The leader yelled out, and a large shark-shaped beast spirit appeared, roaming in the air.

Light flashed, energy undulations from sacrifices and beast spirits constantly appearing. It caused even this islet to begin shaking slightly.

“Wahaha… you’re all liars. Liars!” At this moment, Belinda, who had been under Leylin’s protection, suddenly seemed to go mad, and her face flushed unusually.

“I was treated that way and even by the Trial’s Eye! What value does my faith and persistence have?” Along with her complaints and questions, two rows of bloody tears flowed from her eyes.

“In that case, let filth destroy the world!” An evil aura emanated from her body, and large amounts of dreamforce filled the surroundings, even turning black.

‘Could this be… the rumoured black conversion?’ Leylin wanted to say something, but he stopped himself.

“It’s not the time to say such stupid things. Let’s go!” The dreamforce that was summoned by Belinda abruptly converged in Leylin’s hand. It seemed to be weaved subtly, transforming into an even more powerful force.

A large black net brought with it an oppressive force that gave rise to despair as it enveloped the islet. Deafening roars were heard everywhere, but whether it was the rank 4 sea shark beast spirit that belonged to the marine tribe leader, or the attacks from others, nobody could take on this large black net.

Hazy dreamforce even caused the guards to lose their sight and crumble to the ground.

“Sinphobic Flames!” With Leylin’s soul strength, countless black flames appeared on the large black net. Differing from his phoenix fire, the black flames held a large amount of hatred within.

The sea species that had been burnt by the flames grew despondent, their bodies losing life undulations while their carcasses were preserved.

“Those flames target the soul! Careful!” The leader roared, and the Aquatic Shark beast spirit he summoned feared the black flames immensely.

After all, when it came to this kind of spirit body, the Sinphobic Flames were like their natural enemy.

In the span of one attack, all of the marine folk below rank 4 near the islet had been annihilated by the black flames. The net then constantly shrunk, trapping the Morning Stars in a tiny space.

“This strength… this strength…” The leader now looked deathly pale. If he had known Belinda had this ability and Nick was so vicious, he would have employed more gentle tactics.

However, it was too late at this point. The leader still tried till the end though.

“Wait… Belinda, we’re willing to send out a joint declaration to free you of all injustice, and we’ll even repent to the Master of Order. Please don’t…”

“Haha… haha… do you think I’m the same as before?” Belinda laughed madly, body filling with some red patterns. The dark dreamforce was being extracted unceasingly.

‘Vampiric Berserker transformation? Or is it an attack that consumes the bloodline?’ Leylin shook his head, not hesitating as he made use of her dreamforce, increasing the black flames in the large net.

At this moment, a strange undulation was transmitted as a rank 4 Sacrificer tried to summon a clone of the Trial’s Eye.

“Dream on!” Leylin sneered, and with a flash of his Feather of Chaos, chaotic power spread out, disrupting their coordinates and causing the Sacrificer that was summoning the clone of the Trial’s Eye to cough up fresh blood.

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