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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 723: Plans and Setting Foot on the Continent

Chapter 723: Plans and Setting Foot on the Continent

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Their final struggles taken care of, the truesouls of the many kinsmen of the marine tribes were corroded by the black flames and they all died with a loud rumble.

“You did well, annihilating so many Sacrificers of the Trial’s Eye. Here’s a reward!” The chaotic force of the Nefarious Filthbird was projected into Leylin’s mind with a royal declaration, great amount of chaos power descending through subconscious communication.

[Beep! Discovered large amounts of the law of chaos. Absorb?]

“No! Store it all.” With Leylin’s command, the large amount of chaotic force turned into grey crystals that he secretly stored. The black flames gradually died out, revealing an islet that now had no other traces of life.

“Keke… so they all died just like that? I thought they’d be more fun…” Belinda laughed maniacally.

Leylin appeared behind in her in that instant, light shining in his hands.

“What are you doing?” Belinda shrieked. Immediately after, her eyes rolled back as she fell unconscious.

“Mm… The bloodline consumption was so huge that even her mind is exhausted.” Leylin shook his head. She had obviously gone half crazy. If not for that, no matter how discreet he was in gathering the chaotic power she would have noticed it.


“Ugh…” With a light hum, Belinda slowly opened her eyes.

What entered her sights was a scene where abundant stars filled the skies, as well as the flickering firelight from a bonfire that lit up the area.

Slight crackling sounds sounded from the fire, and a few grilled fish that were skewered on tree branches were stuck in the ground beside the fire. An aroma of greasy food spread out from the fish unendingly.

“You’re awake! Would you like some?” Leylin chuckled as he handed a branch with a few grilled fish on it to Belinda.

Belinda took it without thought, her eyes still filled with bewilderment. Immediately after, the betrayal of the marine tribe as well as the decision from headquarters, even the memories of the failed offering to the dignitary of trials emerged.

“Ah…” The snake girl exclaimed, the grilled fish falling to the ground.

“Was all of that real?” Belinda raised her arms, watching the little sacrificial array branded into her skin. Now, however, the rune for the Trial’s Eye had completely dimmed; there were even cracks on it. She went quiet.

The frailness of her body was proof of her crazed slaughter before, and it caused a wry smile about her lips, “I’d thought my faith was strong… I didn’t expect it to be so fragile.”

“I think you did very well already!” Leylin smiled, passing over another portion of grilled meat, “Whatever it is, you’re alive. That’s the greatest blessing!”

“…” Belinda sunk into silence for a long while before she took the meat from Leylin.

“Thank you.” The sound was as soft as the buzzing of a fly. If not for his exceptional senses, he wouldn’t have been able to hear it.

“Why did you save me? Did you hope I’d be your mate?” Belinda asked after a silent meal. The question left Leylin stunned.

‘Mate? Ah, she’s of another race and even a snake at that. Her ideas of this sort of thing are a little different.’ Leylin nodded without a change in expression even as such a thought coursed through his mind. “That’s the smallest part of it. It’s more because we are of the same species. Mixed-blood Alabaster Devilsnakes are dwindling in number, and I can’t just watch you die…”

“My life is very complicated, and I even betrayed the Trial’s Eye. I’d bring you many troubles if we work together!” Belinda seemed to have recovered from her previous shock, once more the strong, able woman she was.

The branch in her hands snapped as she huffed, her whole body relaxing as she seemed to have come to a decision.

“Since I’ve already offended the Master of Order, we can only hide in the depths of the Hail Continent…” Belinda calmly analysed, “Though the Matriarch and the Trial’s Eye are allies, they wouldn’t send out a bounty just for this. With our bloodline, going to other continents would only lead to discrimination. My own situation is a good example!”

“It’s not an issue for me. I’ve been travelling around the archipelago; I’ve been thinking about going to the Hail Continent…” Leylin was in favour of her decision.

In reality, that was his main goal. If not, why would he spend so much effort on saving her?

“We will enter through the borders of the nearest continent and then traverse through the Serpent Plains to reach the Holy City. I have connections there, so they might be able to help us…” Belinda stood up, “In return for your help, I will find you a mate with a bloodline purity that does not lose to mine. Of course, if you’re certain about your choice, that’s not a problem!”

“Alright,” Leylin touched his chin, appearing ‘embarrassed’. He was actually rendered speechless at her using such a simple method to thank him.

“Beast spirit summon— Godric!” A layer of blue patterns emerged from Leylin as he stood by the coast. Their rest was done, and the figure of the quick-witted Godric appeared. It was just that the injuries from the last battle left it dull.

Healing beast spirits was a very advanced technique. Only a few high-ranked beast spirit masters in the Purgatory World could do such a thing, so even if Leylin had methods to heal his beast spirit he couldn’t show them now,

The large Godric mooed as it turned into a streak of light. It spread its two large fleshy wings on the surface of the waters, its expansive back as flat as land.

“Let’s go!” Leylin said while jumping on.

Belinda soon followed as well. Her scarlet pupils scanned the Godric and she shook her head, eyes full of pity, “Godrics mature to rank 4 beasts, but they’re very difficult to control. Those merchants capture young creatures and then seal or even extract their souls. That’s jus…”

Following that, she glanced towards Leylin, “I see that the beast spirits you have on you is meagre… don’t you have a healthier beast spirit? Injuries to the soul will only grow more serious in such a state, and even healers won’t be of much help…”

“I’m merely a rank 3 beast spirit master,” Leylin touched his chin, slightly embarrassed. He had bought this Godric at the port, using it as a temporary substitute. He had no plans of healing it, and at most was prepared to make use of this trash once more. “I’m more proficient in innate spells and the manipulation of dreamforce.”

“Mm!” Belinda nodded, evidently recalling Leylin’s astounding skill at using dreamforce.

“Since we’re companions for now, we should be honest with each other. Let me reintroduce myself. My name is Belinda, and I’m a rank 4 beast spirit master and rank 3 Sacrificer. Of course, my identity as a Sacrificer is of no use…”

The Godric flew along the shipping route quickly, leaving long trails of white lines. Belinda gathered her disheveled hair and smiled at him.

“A rank 4 beast spirit master? I don’t think I’ve seen you use your beast spirit though?” In the crazed state before, she had even ignited her bloodline source and yet did not summon her own rank 4 beast spirit, which left Leylin surprised.

“My beast spirit is a little special. If possible, I won’t use it in my whole life…”

She forced out a smile, her facial muscles stiff. She clearly recalled some bad memories, and Leylin tactfully did not question her further.

“My name is Nick, and I’m a rank 3 beast spirit master! I’m more proficient in physical battles as well as using the Alabaster Devilsnake’s bloodline force.” Leylin replied with a very sincere expression on his face.

“Which port are we going ashore at?”

“Though the Hail Continent doesn’t get information from the outside that often, some ports might have long since announced for our arrest. We can probably only choose coasts with no beings around. Thankfully, we’re using a beast spirit, so there won’t be issues with anchoring and maintenance.”

Belinda naturally knew more about the Hail Continent than Leylin. After all, no matter how hard Leylin tried to gather information, it was all theoretical. Nobody would know the place better than its inhabitants.

The Gordric’s low moos continued to sound as the two gazed into the distant coastline, looking to be deep in thought.


Two days later, beside a wasteland.

The black rocks outside emitted a pungent smell. Leylin was bored to death, leaning on a rock while quietly in wait.

A large port showed itself in his line of sight, pure white marble carvings, lighthouses, and all sorts of noticeable buildings exuding an incomparable beauty.

The whole port was bustling with life, and large numbers of beings of other races could occasionally be seen walking the streets.

After sneaking into the Hail Continent, Leylin and Belinda had stealthily hidden themselves near a port so they could gather important information, maps, and supplies. Belinda had volunteered to make some inquiries for more information.

Knowing she was more experienced and familiar with this than he was, Leylin sensibly did not oppose her.

“Catch!” A linen pouch flew over as a loud shout sounded.

*Thud!* Leylin extended his hands and caught it, “What is it?”

“A map, and some other necessities.” Belinda currently wore a thick cloak, covering all her characteristics as a demisnake. She was obviously very cautious.

“How is it? What kind of information did you get?” Leylin asked impatiently.

“So, are you finally scared?” Belinda, on the other hand, teased him.

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