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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 726: Reentering the Dreamscape

Chapter 726: Reentering the Dreamscape

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”These vile Dreamscape Creatures, we clearly had an agreement before for the protection of our bloodline!” Belinda snarled rudely, flushing red with anger.

“Dreamscape’s changes are too strange, we can’t judge it by normal standards…” Leylin had already faintly guessed the reason for the creatures chasing him, but naturally he wouldn’t say tell her, “Perhaps these Dreamscape Creatures are not the same as those you signed the agreement with…”

Hearing his words, Belinda became silent.

“Indeed. The strength of Dreamscape Creatures is not governed by any laws. Perhaps the Nightmare Creatures we had previously signed an agreement with have all died. These new Nightmare Creatures could even have evolved from earthworms yesterday.” A wry smile appeared on Belinda’s face, as if she had figured it out.

“Even with our bloodline, our use of dreamforce cannot match that of these natives, we’re in trouble.” She looked at Leylin with a twinge of regret in her eyes, she clearly felt very apologetic about involving him in this.

“Nevermind, I agreed to this path myself.” Leylin spurred on the earth lizard he was riding, making it increase its speed without stopping. However, the rays of light in his hand did not fade in the slightest.

‘A.I. Chip, attempt to detect the position of these Nightmare Creatures.’ While silent, he was conversing with the A.I. Chip in his mind.

[Beep! Scanning… Unknown interference experienced, unable to determine positions.] The A.I. Chip’s answer filled Leylin with regret.

*Crash!* At this moment, waves seemed to be traversing the earth itself, causing it to violently rise and fall. A great number of the giant black trees roared, unrooting themselves from the earth. Their vines were so thick that they obscured the sky completely, sheltering the trees from the light.

*Whoosh!* A black bat shot across the sky like a hurricane, extinguishing the light in Leylin’s hands.

“We cannot lose our way! I can only be sure of our safety on this route!” Belinda’s expression became rather urgent.

“Roar…” A great number of the one-eyed Ents combined to form a wall of wood, covering the original path. Leylin and Belinda were blocked off firmly.

‘Damn!’ Leylin cursed in secret. The A.I. Chip’s prompt came over as well, [Violent dreamforce undulations discovered from underneath the host, it is recommended to move away.]

“Go!” Leylin grabbed Belinda and began to leap quickly away.

*Whoosh!* Just as Leylin had risen into the air, a dark red spot suddenly appeared on the ground, transforming the void into innumerable streaks. The streaks twisted and warped, revolving to form an irregular sphere.

This sphere suddenly shrank and began to emit terrifying undulations.

A massive explosion rumbled out, and Leylin’s mount was immediately reduced to a skeleton before even its bones vanished completely. Leylin and Belinda were immediately caught up in a frightening shockwave halfway into the sky, sent flying violently. It was as if they struck a wall of solid steel.

*Bang!* Leylin fell to the ground, and even the clothes on his back were shredded open, exposing a layer of fine scales beneath. It was because of this layer of protection that he hadn’t suffered a massive injury from the earlier explosion.

“Belinda! Belinda!” Leylin flicked away the soil on his body and loudly shouted, but did not receive any response.

He looked around him. He was in a neat garden, with clear spring water splashing out of a white marble fountain. Belinda and the forest from earlier had completely vanished without a trace.

[Beep! Scanning complete, dreamforce intensity increased, host determined to be in Dreamscape.] The A.I. Chip’s prompt appeared before Leylin’s eyes.

‘As expected, that explosion earlier took me directly from the crack between Dreamscape and the Purgatory World to Dreamscape itself. This…’ Leylin had a premonition. If he could completely analyse this process, it would be of great benefit to the A.I. Chip’s mission of analysing Dreamscape transport.

After completely comprehending the law behind this sort of transport, he would no longer need the bloodline of the Alabaster Devilsnake to enter Dreamscape. Transporting himself to other worlds would bring about great benefits.

‘Dreamscape…’ Leylin looked upon the realistic scene of the garden and fountain with a contemplative expression.

This time, he had entered Dreamscape with his real body. Without his main body serving as the coordinate, and without the astral laboratory linked with it, perhaps he would be trapped here for the rest of his life.

‘However, the Alabaster Devilsnake blood that I possess is the key to entering and leaving Dreamscape.’ Leylin stroked his chin in thought. His mind drifted to another topic.

“Almighty Ruler of Chaos, the resolution of free will, I call for your arrival…” The chaos crystal Leylin had collected earlier exploded in his hand, converging quickly into a Sacrificial Array.

The rune of the array depicted a giant bird with wings spread open, and it emitted a brilliant radiance.

‘It was very difficult to link up. Because I’m only a rank 4 Sacrificer, I used up a chaos power crystal…’ Leylin shut his eyes, his truesoul experiencing the power of the link.

The path of sacrifices was only common to the Purgatory World, and it naturally had its limits. The main one was that, once one left the Purgatory World, their connection would experience enormous interference.

On the whole, it was not beneficial for experts from other worlds to train in the path of offerings. It was like the distribution of goods: It didn’t have many problems in the Purgatory World, but once one left it was like the trade route had become longer and on top of that various obstacles were added. It was terrible, and on a whole Sacrificers would make a loss every time some power was bestowed. Naturally, this path wouldn’t be used in that case.

Consequently, those in the Magus World would at most use the Trial’s Eye to sign a contract or the Nefarious Filthbird to renege on it. These two had few real Sacrificers there due to the frightful weakening effect of the world itself.

It was the same in Dreamscape. However, with Leylin’s unwavering perseverance and lack of regard for the consumption of chaos power crystals, his truesoul finally linked up to a certain will.

Compared to the Purgatory World where the Nefarious Filthbird’s will could descend anytime and anywhere, it was extremely troublesome here. It was just like receiving a bad signal from a transmitting station, even the information that got there was disjointed.

“You are… in Dream…scape…” The Nefarious Filthbird’s voice seemed to be a little intermittent, but Leylin could still understand its meaning.

“The forces separating us are too powerful, even I am unable to transmit too much power. Perhaps only my Feather of Chaos can give you some hope…”

“Feather of Chaos?” Leylin still had some doubts, but the Sacrificial Array did not have any other response. The communications had quickly broken down, and even receiving these few short sentences had consumed nearly half his chaos crystal reserves.

It was necessary to understand that this chaos power was a part of his reward for getting rid of a portion of the Trial’s Eye forces in the Hail Continent’s coastal waters. He’d even dispatched many rank 4s to acquire it.

In actual fact, these crystals with the Nefarious Filthbird’s power were enough for a rank 4 Sacrificer to amplify his attributes by more than tenfold, and at the very least they would reach the level of the governor of Elias.

“Dreamforce, chaos power… these two share some similarities…” Leylin reached into his bag and took out a grey feather.

‘The power of the Feather of Chaos lies in chaos, concealment. Dreamforce itself is full of uncertainties. There seem to be some similarities, but there is a greater number of differences. How will chaos power affect Dreamscape?’

“A.I. Chip, record the following scenes and store all data!” Leylin commanded.

[Beep! Establishing mission, opening omni-directional mode!] The A.I. Chip’s voice was transmitted.

‘Chaos power!’ Leylin took out yet another grey chaos crystal, putting it next to the feather.

*Buzz!* Bright, coloured light burst forth from the crystals, and soon after the chaos power turned into a stream of light that entered the Feather of Chaos.

A layer of grey mist radiated in all directions. The areas illuminated by the feather’s radiance began to experience strange transformations, and a great number of flowerbeds began to warp and deform. Some directly cracked, and the others grew irregular. Other areas turned into places filled with human faces.

The white marble of the fountain turned pitch black in a flash, and began to fall off layer by layer. In the blink of an eye, the clear spring water within had also turned blood red, and the entire pool seemed to be filled with blood, a demonic stench emanating from it.

Even the space in this area disintegrated under the grey radiance, the entire place appearing to come to a standstill. It drained of its colour, becoming like a black and white photograph.

“Coo! Good afternoon, mister! We meet again!” A grey owl fluttered its wings and landed on the side of the fountain. Leylin felt incomparably familiar with it.

“Indeed, we meet again,” Leylin bowed slightly, “Your Majesty gave me my key before, and it was of great help to me. But I’m afraid I’ll have to trouble you again, does Your Majesty know of a way to leave Dreamscape?”

“What key? Are you talking about my future self?” The owl nipped at its wings, “That doesn’t concern me at all, that was my future self acting on its own initiative… As for the issue of leaving… perhaps Madam Minaz could help you…”

“Madam Minaz? Where is she?” Leylin eagerly made his inquiry, but at this moment the owl that had appeared so suddenly earlier had completely vanished with a trace.

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