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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 730: Revenge and Taking Action

Chapter 730: Revenge and Taking Action

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“I swear that your death will be incomparably miserable…” The middle-aged man’s face was contorted. The plans that he had meticulously thought up had been completely destroyed, causing him to sink into exasperation and fury.

Thin scales appeared on his hands in an instant and shot out like a giant cannon, striking Belinda’s abdomen. Pure-blooded rank 5 Alabaster Devilsnake strength caused Belinda to fly backwards like she had been hit by a train, and the sounds of fracturing bones rang out.

Some of her internal organs were even ripped apart, mixing with blood as they spurted out of her mouth.

“Did you think you would die? No, no no. Let me heal you, and we’ll repeat this process unendingly!” A large white snake figure emerged from the smoke, with a furious middle-aged figure at the bottom.

He came before Belinda, eyes sparkling a bloody red. Belinda’s body floated in the air, and as if she was being crushed by tens of thousands of tons, her bones were crushed inch by inch, but for some reason, she remained clear headed. Her expression was that of one suffering incomparable pain.

“Now, tell me. What kind of pain would you like to feel?”

The man approached Belinda, a palm with a few tiny white snakes writhing their bodies appearing and flicking their tongues at her.


At this moment, light flashed on her body, and a beast spirit tattoo flickered.

A translucent beast spirit figure appeared, obstructing him.

This was a humanoid beast spirit that had characteristics of a snake woman. It had rank 4 undulations, and some rationality still remained in its eyes.

For beast spirits, this was practically unthinkable.

When Belinda was in the face of danger, the beast spirit had automatically appeared and protected her, and even retained some memories of when it had been alive.

“It’s you!” The man now had a demonic charming grin as he watched Belinda, “So you’re still protecting that trash? How about I annihilate you first? I believe our precious Belinda will be very agitated…”

“Don’t… you… dare…”

An intermittent an unclear voice sounded from Belinda’s lips.

“No wonder she hadn’t been using her beast spirit. So this was the reason…” Leylin nodded in understanding. As a rank 4 beast spirit master, Belinda had not summoned a beast spirit with Morning Star strength, and Leylin had long since found it strange.

At this point, Leylin found that the beast spirit and Belinda had very similar faces.

“With this show of automatically protecting her, it seems that this rank 4 beast spirit on Belinda’s body should be her mother, and seeing what’s happening, this should be the work of her father…”

When it came to matters like this, it was no wonder that Belinda’s nature had changed and she’d prepared for a bloodbath to take revenge.

This had first been repressed by the teachings of Trial’s Eye, but she now had no reservations.

“You dare…” Belinda almost broke her teeth from how hard she was gritting them, eyes wide as she glared at her father.

“Keke… And what would I not dare do? This low-life woman was only a mixed-blood maid. I gave her glory and a good life, and in return, this is what she should do… don’t you think so?”

The man stared at the beast spirit like a sick pervert. It was a pity that after being refined into a beast spirit, the woman had now lost most of her memories and emotions, and only protected Belinda subconsciously and answered the gaze of the man emotionlessly.

“Sigh… This work isn’t that perfect.”

He shook his head with regret and suddenly snapped his fingers, “Belinda! How about I seal your sister? What do you think? The process must be just as beautiful?”

Watching Belinda begin to struggle violently, he smiled, now having the upper hand, “And now… let me…”

Large amounts of dark red fog turned into a cage, binding the snake woman beast spirit within.

“Hss…” The snake woman’s eyes were wary as she hissed, but she, who only possessed rank 4 strength, could not really resist.

“Pfft! And that’s the end of this drama. Is it time for me to make my move?”

A terrifying black chain appeared in the air and was like a sharp sword, appearing and splitting up the man and Belinda.

“Who is it?”

The man abruptly raised his head, looking fearful.

He was a rank 5 after all, and yet someone had stealthily entered without anyone noticing. Just this ability alone had him in fear.

Following which, he found a figure in a black cloak standing, a pair of eyes full of malice watching him.

“No, not malice, but apathy! It’s like a regular person stomping and killing an ant. That’s how he feels about killing me!”

In that instant, the man, who had understood the meaning of the indifference in Leylin’s eyes, became violent.

“Who is it? Who dares belittle I, Kenta! Mighty Alabaster Devil nobility, descendants of the Mistress…”

A large Alabaster Devilsnake figure abruptly emerged and snarled at Leylin, dark red dreamforce floating in its surroundings.

“This is…” Belinda’s vision went red, the figure in black seeming familiar.

“Right! He’s… it’s the same person who took Lord Bayclark away… or perhaps it’s just his temperament that’s similar. But why did he appear here?”

“Keke…” At this moment, the black-cloaked man in the sky laughed coldly, the malice causing everyone around to tremble in fear.

“If a rank 5 Alabaster Devilsnake is turned into a beast spirit, I imagine it’d be very powerful even amongst rank 5 beast spirit masters, right?”

“Beast spirit? You dare have such thoughts and dare use the descendants of the mighty Mistress as a beast spirit?”

The man’s eyes widened like saucers, evidently astonished by Leylin’s gutsy behaviour. In the Hail Continent, the descendants of the Snake Dowager were naturally the mainstream, and because of their statuses as large beasts, they were repulsed by practices of capturing snakes and refining them into beast spirits.

This was especially so for descendants of the Snake Dowager. That was a huge taboo, and all beast spirit masters who were found making use of the descendants would be chased till their deaths regardless of how they were obtained.

Hence, on the Hail Continent, beast spirit masters never dared use the descendants as beast spirits, and that extended to snake species disappearing as beast spirits.

Even on the other continents, in order to avoid being viewed as hostile by the great Hail Continent, the beast spirit masters who controlled snake beast spirits were few and far between, and even had to live their lives secretively.

In these circumstances, Leylin’s words were offensive and shocking.

“You’re dead meat! You’re dead meat! The Mistress and all of her descendants on the continent will be your enemies…”

The man roared, “For you, who dare offend our revered bloodlines, I, Kenta, will give you the appropriate punishment!”

“Hmph, what nonsense!”

Leylin snickered, and a demonic pressure released from his body, giving him a feeling of being in the presence of an emperor.

“Dreamforce is useless to me! Don’t bother!”

Leylin waved his arms, and the great amounts of dark red fog congealed in his hands, forming a black bundle of light.

“Rank 4 dream spell— Chains of Dreams!”

Dark red chains shot out and, like a spiderweb, sealed off the whole space and left behind what was similar to a poisonous snake, biting towards Kenta.

“He makes use of dreamscape and can even do this?”

Kenta’s expression immediately changed, “Who exactly are you? Are you from the Devil Scorpion Race or the Dreamscape Elves?” This person’s abilities at manipulating dreamforce was clearly above his, and Kenta could already feel that the two of them were now wrestling over authority over the dreamforce, and the winner could appear at any moment.

These two races were the most capable at manipulating dreamforce of all that he knew. Amongst the descendants of the Snake Dowager, besides the Alabaster Devilsnake, there were no others that had contact with dreamforce.

“You don’t need to know this. Just die obediently and let your soul be extracted!”

Dark red chains of dreamforce formed a spider web that wrapped him inside.

“Is that so? We, who have inherited the bloodline of the Mistress, could never lose to someone like you who only knows to act slyly in the shadows!”

*Crackle!* Kenta’s body exploded, and a large white shadow appeared in the air, squeezing and breaking the dreamforce chains.

“Hss…” The white figure soared into the skies and, with a terrifying pressure, presented itself as a terrifying giant snake that was tens of thousands of metres long.

The large snake had white, jade-like scales filled with the luster of dreamforce. Scarlet pupils were filled with madness and ruthlessness, staring straight at Leylin.

In comparison, Leylin’s body was as tiny as an ant.

“This isn’t a Morning Star Arcane Art but a natural transformation of the body!” Leylin muttered to himself, eyes shooting out blue rays, “This sort of boost to the body is terrifying! As expected, the power from one’s original form will be able to show the best strength!”

Meanwhile, Leylin was in more awe towards these ancient Magi.

To be able to create combinations and make up the Morning Star Arcane Art to somehow simulate their true bodies and even gain a boost, they must have sacrificed much time and effort!

A rank 5 Alabaster Devilsnake had a terrifying pressure that caused the onlooking members of the family to bow down.

“Too weak! Too weak! This Alabaster Devilsnake family is too weak!”

Leylin surveyed the area.

Though his truesoul had probed and found that there were tens of life undulations, many had clearly lost their ability to battle. It was obvious that Belinda’s Intoxicated Serpent Flowers were the cause.

Even without this, Leylin did not pay mind to the rank 4s who were weak, dying, or youths.

“But that’s good. This Alabaster Devilsnake somewhat meets my requirements!

Leylin stared at the giant white snake in front of him and grinned.

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