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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 732: Serpentes Plains

Chapter 732: Serpentes Plains

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After death, Kenta’s corpse swelled and regained its form of a giant snake that was tens of thousands of metres long.

A flicker of a truesoul abruptly emerged, as if about to accept guidance into the cosmic world and turn into a floating island for all eternity.

“Trying to leave?”

Leylin sneered, terrifying power sealing the surroundings. Dark red chains trapped the truesoul and was emptied into the black crystal ball in Leylin’s hands.

“The soul of a rank 5 is the main ingredient for a rank 5 beast spirit!” Leylin muttered to himself, keeping the crystal ball properly.

“The materials for the dream imprint have been gathered!”

Leylin came before the gigantic carcass of the Alabaster Devil. After having much of its blood extracted, the body looked like it had shrunken, but was still tremendous.

“Return!” With a flash of spatial undulations, the large snake carcass disappeared without a trace. This was the body of a rank 5 giant snake, and even without blood, it still had a very high value.

“Next is all of you!”

Leylin surveyed his surroundings. The nobility of the Alabaster Devils who saw that Leylin had killed their family leader without any trouble and they themselves affected by the Intoxicated Serpent Flowers, they were now completely in despair.

“Their bloodline force is too varied. What a disappointment.”

Leylin grabbed forward, and crimson blades of light appeared, decapitating the giant Alabaster Snakes that had been lying on the ground. Leylin gathered the materials and only left behind Belinda and the rest of the mixed bloods.

Leylin set up a humongous, grey offering spell formation where he placed the rest of the materials that he did not need.

*Chirp chirp!*

The figure of a giant grey bird appeared, large amounts of grey flames absorbing these offerings.

“You did well! Not only did you kill one of the clones of the Snake Dowager, you even sacrificed the descendants of the Snake Dowager. I am very satisfied!”

Large amounts of the power of chaos descended. If Leylin was willing, he could raise his offerer ranking up to rank 5, but Leylin did not want to do so.

After rank 4, he would need to place the dignitary’s markings on his own body, which was completely unacceptable for Leylin.

Hence, he chose to gather all this power and turn them into crystals to be stored.

Leylin then charged into the mansion, gathering all the treasures and documents before leaving in satisfaction.


“It’s over? So that powerful person is a follower of the Nefarious Filthbird! The offerer rank should be at or above rank 5…”

A long while after Leylin left, Belinda struggled to get up and gazed at the White River Valley that had turned into a pile of ruins.

Only a few mixed bloods survived. Due to her traps and the Intoxicated Serpent Flowers, many had lost most of their strength and could be killed easily.

Noticing Belinda looking over, these people immediately gazed at her imploringly.

“Hehe… family!”

Belinda shook her head. While she had already completed her revenge, it still felt like something was missing.

Elated, she was just about to leave when, at the entrance to the valley, she saw two people that left her in shock.

“Why did you come here? Are you trying to create trouble?”

“Sister!” Sophia yelled and threw herself into Belinda’s arms.

“Brother Nick and I were so worried for you! Sister… boohoo…” Sophia’s eyes went red, and while Belinda consoled Sophia, she glared at Leylin venomously.

“Hehe…” Seeing the sisters embracing each other, Leylin merely laughed and rubbed his nose.

He had already retrieved the shadow clone secretly. With his strength, he wouldn’t find any trouble hiding from a bunch of rank 4 or 5s, much less a little lass.

“So? Is everything settled?”

“Everything’s settled!” Belinda turned and gazed at the White River Valley that was now in a very sorry state, patting Sophia’s head, “Let’s go and never return…”

“Mm, alright!” Sophia answered, looking excited. It seemed that she did not have many happy memories here.


On the plains that were moving up and down occasionally, gigantic snake paths could be seen, as well as moulted skin and scales.

The round moon in the sky emanated a purple luster and looked especially evil.

An orange-yellow bonfire flickered on the plains with a warm luster, with several simple tents nearby.

“There are descendants of the Mistress on the Serpentes Plains, as well as many mixed bloods. We need to be careful and try our best to be as far as we can from these snake paths…”

Belinda gazed at Leylin meaningfully, “Also, try your best not to attack. These large snakes have parentages that can be traced back to various large families…”

Amongst the descendants of the Snake Dowager, even in the family of the Alabaster Devilsnakes, there were many branches. The top were of course the tens of pure-blood families, where practically every member was a pure blood.

Belinda’s family was a mere distant branch with a bloodline that was not very pure. In the whole family, only her father was a pure blood, and his lifelong wish was to refine the family’s bloodline till it was pure. He did not mind committing sins for this reason, which had resulted in much suffering during Belinda’s childhood years.

Of course, all of this was already over. Belinda was now just warning them.

“Alright!” Leylin smiled tenderly, passing over the grilled meat with sizzling oil that was emitting steam.

“Thank you…” Belinda extended her arm and took it, and then passed the food to Sophia. He watched her tear it into pieces carefully, smiling so much that his eyes were like crescents and traces of gentleness could be seen on his expression.

“Did you notice anything?”

Leylin had a varying opinion, “Yes! Even if I get Sophia to be an alibi, the timing at which I appeared both times is too coincidental. Anyone would suspect that. Of course, that’s merely a suspicion…”

Belinda was no fool. At most, she had guessed that Leylin had hidden his true strength as he was a follower of the Filthbird, but would definitely not connect him with the fugitive Magus.

“Besides, the few times I acted were all for her sake. Even if she discovers anything, she won’t leak news of it…”

Leylin was confident in this. He could tell Belinda’s nature, and her reliance on those of her own race was so much so that it was almost abnormal.

This time, especially, she had passed her sister to him. That already indicated that she regarded her as someone close to her.

In this situation, the possibility of her betraying Leylin was low. Furthermore, she didn’t know Leylin’s true identity.

“But I still need to guard myself against this situation!” Leylin rubbed his chin. He had yet to retrieve the stardust bugs he had left on her.

Whether it was on the Serpentes Plains or the holy city, he needed a guide. Take for instance the traversing. Without her providing the Dream Forest, Leylin would probably still be hastening along along the coast, and it would take about half a year to even reach the Serpentes Plains.

For Leylin, who was tight on time, this was very useful.

“You guys can eat first. I’ll go get some rest!” Gobbling up his food, Leylin elegantly bade the sisters farewell and entered his tent.

On the surface, he merely lay on the soft mat and closed his eyes to rest. Inside, however, he was conversing with the A.I. Chip.

“A.I. Chip, have you reorganised all the materials gathered yet?”

Leylin asked. These were naturally items gathered from Belinda’s family. After killing the leader, Leylin had charged into their mansion and plundered it, taking not just treasures and resources, but also all sorts of books.

This information was then passed on to the A.I. Chip to tidy up.

If Belinda were to find out that the thief who had robbed from her family was now flipping through her family’s collection unabashedly, he wondered what her expression would be like.

She had made some guesses in the past before, and was even subconsciously denying this thought.

[Beep! Reorganisation complete. Calculated to be 34 printed resources, 13 with beast skin, 142 with content stored with spiritual force. Conversion to stats completed.]

The A.I. Chip loyally intoned.

[Others have been categorized. Related to strength systems: 16. Related to geography: 24. Related to materials: 9. Others have been deemed to be general or miscallaneous information.]

With the A.I. Chip’s abilities, it could quickly scan and categorise the information and form a complete library for Leylin to browse through.

“Mm! Show me information regarding rank 5 beast spirit masters, especially the part about the spell formation to seal beast spirits!”

Leylin commanded.

[Preparation of related information has been completed. Transmitting to Host’s memories.]

Along with the A.I. Chip’s voice, Leylin felt there was another portion of content in his memory that was related to the training of higher-ranked beast spirit masters. It felt very familiar to him, as if he had recorded everything painstakingly himself.

“When it comes to training, rank 5 beast spirit masters need to have a good truesoul as a base. One must completely destroy the remaining conscience that remains in the rank 5 beast spirit and use a rank 5 soul sealing spell formation. The boosts and support from using beast spirits will also be on a higher level.”

Leylin carefully pondered over the differences between a rank 5 beast spirit master and one weaker. Power at rank 5 and above was academic knowledge that was tightly sealed. In the Elias port, Leylin had only gathered information up to a rank 4 beast spirit master. Anything above that was strictly against the rules.

However, Belinda’s family was Alabaster Devil family and had a long history and even a rank 5. The content on this was therefore very detailed and thorough.

“I have the theory and knowledge, and the beast spirit is also in my possession. What’s left is to do it…”

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