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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 733: Two Conditions

Chapter 733: Two Conditions

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“The most important part of a beast spirit master is the training of his soul power. Any Magus will not face any issues in this aspect. After sealing the rank 5 beast spirit, and adding the other tricks that I prepared beforehand, it should be possible to push the truesoul to advance to the peak of rank 5 at Full Moon…”

Leylin stroked his chin, his eyes emitting large amounts of light.

“A.I. Chip! Based on my previous calculations, what is the rate of success of this method?”

[Beep! Task established. Inputting data, constructing main model, in the midst of simulation experiment… Beep! Success rate is 78.99%!] The A.I. Chip immediately intoned faithfully.

“A rather decent probability. If it’s the peak of a rank 5, there will be an additional guarantee to the feasibility of my final plan…” Leylin muttered to himself.

His fundamental purpose of coming to the Purgatory World was to break the bloodline shackles, the eternal curse that perplexed all Warlocks!

Due to the restrictions of the bloodline shackles, even if the Warlocks could have advanced by leaps and bounds in the earlier stages, so much that they could be stronger than Magi of the same rank, these chains still held them back. A mere look at the current central continent would reveal that there were many rank 6 Breaking Dawn Thrones among those Magi, yet not a single Warlock was of that status. If not for the support from the Morning Star fort and a few rank 5 Warlocks, the entire Warlock heritage would be broken off, and one would be able to imagine what would happen next!

According to Leylin’s own understanding of the bloodlines, and the guidance previously given by the Wisdom Tree in the Scarlet Ruins, Leylin had a obtained a greater knowledge of such bloodline shackles.

“Bloodline shackles! The root cause is still the bottleneck in bloodline strength, which has infiltrated every single cell, and even the genes, of Warlocks. It was much like the ‘gene locks’ hypothesis proposed in his previous world, but of course, even scarier, forming a shackle that restricts the soul…”because it had transformed one’s soul and turned into a spiritual chain…”

“And to break through the confinements of the bloodline strength, it requires an advanced force that is at least of a higher grade than bloodline strength! Also… the blood of the origin!” Leylin’s pupils twinkled with a fervent glow, which even contained a hidden trace of… fear!

Leylin previously did not know about a force that was of a higher grade than bloodline strength. But upon entering the rank 5 realm, his horizons had been broadened, and he had already found two types during his experiences in a great many other worlds. The first was Dreamscape energy at its peak value, not the kind at its lowest point. The second was the power of laws, and it had to be complete, or above 90% at the very least; not the kind of semi-finished goods like the Flame Monarch’s, which didn’t even have half of the comprehension of laws.

No matter which type, they were not easy to obtain.

Firstly, the Dreamscape energy. Although the Dreamscape energy that Leylin usually brought with him seemed incomparably tough, it was far from its peak value.

After all, at its peak value, it was possible for Dreamscape energy to bear demonic spirits!

Based on Leylin’s train of thought, perhaps… Only the real Dreamscape demonic spirits would be able to summon the Dreamscape energy at peak value! The deceptive uncertainty of the Dreamscape energy made implementing this plan especially inconvenient.

As for the power of laws, it was needless to say much. As of now, Leylin hadn’t even fully comprehended even one percent of the fire laws. To truly come into contact with the energy of the rules, one had to be at least a rank 6 Magus, and to completely gain control of it was something that only a rank 7 Magus could do.

This formed a paradox: in order to break through the bloodline shackles, one had to grasp either the Dreamscape energy of the energy of laws, or they would be unable to advance to realms that were above rank 6. Yet, these two types of energy required one to be at least a rank 6 before they could attempt to master them. But without breaking through the bloodline shackles, it was absolutely impossible for Leylin to promote to rank 6!

This mere vicious cycle was enough to dash the hopes of all Giant Kemoyin Serpent Warlocks who wished to break through their bloodline shackles, much less satisfy the other conditions after that.

Fortunately, the gift from the Wisdom Tree previously, as well as the information obtained in the Purgatory World allowed Leylin a method around this knowledge gap.

The second condition was the blood of the origin, which would be the blood that was the source of the Giant Kemoyin Serpent bloodline.

This origin was something that Leylin felt a trace of dread towards.

The origin of his bloodline was a rank 8 being, the Exemplary of the Hale Continent, master of all snake species: the Snake Dowager! Stabbing a rank 8 being? Heh… It was probably easier to think of how to die…

But no matter how challenging, Leylin would not give up. This was a stumbling block in his journey to become a rank 9 Warlock at his peak, and his pursuit of an eternal path.

Without removing it, it was simply impossible for Leylin to advance to a higher realm.

However, the difficulty of having to stab a rank 8 being was something that Leylin could only laugh bitterly about.

Anyway, in order to stab the Snake Dowager, the problem of whether he’d be able to defeat her aside, he would have to find her at the very least, no matter what.

Therefore, Leylin had no other choice but to head towards the holy city of the Hale Continent. Besides, this was the sacred place of the descendants of the Snake Dowager, and also a place rumoured to be favoured by the Snake Dowager herself.

According to the intelligence reports and the analysis of a few resource materials that Leylin had gathered, the possibility of the Snake Dowager being there was high.

After all, every once in while on the ‘Snake Dowager’s birthday’, the Dignitary Snake Dowager would appear, giving rise to the holy city’s rumour of it being her favoured place.

Other than waiting idly outside the holy city and leaving it to chance, Leylin didn’t have a better plan.

Of course, if she didn’t appear in the end, Leylin would have to take the initiative to show himself instead. He believed that she would definitely rush over by hook or crook upon discovering his tracks. But in doing so, Leylin would lose his chance to make the first move, and he thus dared dared not take action.

What he hoped for was to secretly stay low in the holy city, then find a suitable opportunity and strategy so that he could firmly seize the upper-hand and give himself the advantage of making the first move.

“Although I already have a defined draft and contingency plan in mind, why do I feel like I’m indulging in a wild fantasy?”

Leylin gave a bitter laugh. Taking into account his strength as a rank 5 Warlock, wanting to challenge the Snake Dowager and even seize control of the Dreamscape or energy of laws was a wild thought no matter how he thought about it.

However, he didn’t regret choosing the Warlock path then. After all, at that time, Leylin was an acolyte who did not even hope to obtain other high-ranking meditation techniques.

Moreover, with his average natural endowments, if he didn’t pick the bloodline path, perhaps he might still be a rank 2 or 3 Magus fooling around in the south coast.

Without the supplemented bloodline energy, even if he had other methods, he would be far from having the graceful bearing of someone practically without a rival of the same rank, which had allowed him to acquire more resources.

In both the Magus and Warlock paths, the greater one’s strength was, the more one gained. The weak would only be slowly tossed to the sidelines, and eventually lose all hope. Even if they lived longer than ordinary people, and grasped formidable strength, it would still be hard to escape the evil palm of death.

“When in pursuit of the path to eternity, naturally the faster one walks, the more one is at an advantage!”

Leylin reminded himself and ingrained it in him. As he had chosen the bloodline path, he was now a rank 5 Radiant Moon Magus, and would be considered a decent contender in ancient times.

Additionally, due to the amplification of the bloodline energy, his multiple advancements were strangely quick. As compared to his life, which would be thousands of years long, he was still in his infancy years. This was under the circumstances in which spells that contributed to his life expectancy were not considered.

Even if those rank 5 Magi possessed all sorts of spells that would increase their vitality, they would have spent a great amount of time climbing to the rank 5 realm, and it would be amazing if they could live for another millennium.

In comparison, Leylin virtually held a huge advantage.

Of course, everything evened out. Since Leylin had obtained extraordinary strength and a longer life span, he naturally had to carry the burden of the corresponding restriction: the bloodline shackles!

Once this restriction was broken through, it would be time for Leylin to shoot for the sky!

“Even if it’s a gamble, so what? If I can’t obtain eternity in this life, what’s the point of me travelling here? For my body to decay in another world, for my truesoul to be annihilated, and to turn into filthy soil?”

Large amounts of radiance glowed in Leylin’s pupils.

“On the other hand, even if I fall on my journey in pursuit of eternity, I would have accomplished my dream and achieved a marvelous life experience, second to none!”

“Now that I’ve laid my cards on the table, this would naturally increase the probability of success. Although a Half Moon and Full Moon would appear like ants to a rank 8 being, the main difference being their size, but at a critical moment which would determine life and death, an increase of the success rate by even a millionth would be useful!”

Leylin communicated with the A.I. Chip, “How’s the progress on the analysis of the rank 5 spirit seal spell formation?”

[Beep! 100% of the spell formation has been analyzed, ready for optimization.] The A.I. Chip projected a simple and unadorned spirit seal spell formation in front of Leylin. The runes on it reeked of the distinct style of the Purgatory World.

[Optimization will lower the beast spirit’s willpower to resist, raising the degree of a harmonious relationship by 15%.]

“This probability is slightly lower than the rank 4 spirit seal spell formation from before. But it’s understandable considering how the quality of the spirit seal spell formation gathered by Belinda’s family was already very high…”

A gloomy radiance unknowingly came into view all of a sudden, forming a barrier that isolated the inside of the tent from the rest of the outside world.

Shortly after, a crystal ball appeared with a flip of Leylin’s palm. Within the crystal ball was a small white snake, its pupils a deep red. Its forked tongue showed from time to time, as though trying to probe the seal on the crystal ball.

The aura of a rank 5 Alabaster Devilsnake kept radiating out. If not for the barrier that Leylin deployed, it would have definitely been sensed by Belinda, who was outside.

“A rank 5 Alabaster Devilsnake… Even though its a beast spirit, it’s very formidable, and a rare find amongst rank 5 creatures. Of course, unless I wish to become a fugitive wanted by everyone, I can’t use it often here because this is the Hale Continent. It’s even better if I silence those who come face to face with it…”

“We meet again, Chief Kenta!”

Leylin smiled weakly. A soul force of Half Moon rank probed into the crystal ball, and it immediately sensed the tremendous and brutal spiritual force engulfing it, complete with hostility.

Since he wanted to train it into a beast spirit, its memories had naturally been destroyed long ago. However, its enmity towards Leylin was instinctively left behind, and was still considered an inconvenience.

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