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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 735: Gluttony’s Defilement

Chapter 735: Gluttony’s Defilement

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The journey through the Serpentes Plains was extremely smooth as the Giant Serpentes avoided Leylin whom had carried the Devilish Alabaster bloodline on him,

As for those snakes without intelligence that tried to harass Leylin or treat him as a prey, they were swiftly slain by Belinda, which gave Leylin the cold shudders.

Perhaps, amongst the snakes, only those with intelligence could be considered as the same family. Those without any ability to think or those that only acted on instincts were not considered as part of them.

Furthermore, between the different races under the Snake Dowager, cannibalism and wars were often executed.

These races were mostly hovering between ranks 1 and 2, even Sophia could deal with them easily without Belinda’s help.

Over time, Leylin’s party gradually entered the deeper regions of the plains.

Under the purple moonlight, the plains were extremely tranquil. Time to time, flickering red light from burning coals surfaced, bringing heat to the surroundings.

Suddenly, Leylin’s figure appeared above a tent with burning charcoal beside it, before flickering into concealment again.

”The distance is just right, it’ll be here!”

Leylin looked up at the moonlight high up in the sky as he muttered and left the camping grounds.

He left behind a puppet equipped with basic A.I. Chip capabilities, which would be enough to deal with most situations.

Not long later, a marsh appeared in front of Leylin, where puddles seemed to be strung together on the plains, like starry shining pearls in the sky.

In this vicinity, Leylin felt large amount of energy waves which were concealed, time to time hearing the hissing and roars of giant snakes nearby.

Oftentimes, battles between creatures would surface to vye for the water source.

Leylin had passed through this region with Belinda a few days ago. However, to avoid unnecessary battles, they avoided this area. However, Leylin had etched this place into his memory back then.


A giant snake with the circumference of a vat emerged from the marshes and opened its bloody jaws, wanting to swallow Leylin in just one bite.

”Scram!” Leylin’s brows furrowed. The snake roared and escaped right after it was flicked away.

”These useless things that don’t know their place are so troublesome!”

Not every low ranked snake would be subjugated to Leylin’s bloodline. Back then, the grey snake that Sophia had encountered had only been subjugated due to it being extremely weak.

However, the moment rank 2 and 3 giant snakes without intelligence appeared, Leylin would only be akin to a tasty prey to them.

“Because they share the bloodline from the snake dowager, a higher ranked snake would not strike fear in them?”

Leylin suddenly grinned, “This is the right specimen that I want!”

*Boom!* A gigantic white snake phantom the size of tens of thousands of meters surfaced from behind Leylin’s back, as two scarlet vertical pupils the size of stars let off a ferocious roar.

At the same time, the regal aura emanated from the huge snake.

Right now, those giant snakes without any intelligence had also slithered away quickly and left the vicinity.

Leylin was not a Warlock with mixed bloodline, hence just with the tiny trace of regalness emanated would stop the giant snakes with insatiable greed to devour him. Instead, these giant snakes with no intelligence were now extremely frightened.

”Slick…” Beds of snakes continuously left the marsh, forming a tide of giant snakes. Mixed bloodlined snakes and even those that Leylin could not identify were escaping.

”Huh! As expected, they’re all weak. There aren’t any traces of rank 4 species here, but it is also logical, since no matter how low their intelligence was before, they would undergo a transformation after they enter rank 4.

Leylin’s gaze swept through the horde of snakes, before his eyes brightened, “It’s you!”

A giant black snake was writhing and crying as it struggled in the grasp of Leylin.

This snake had black scales and its vertical pupils were filled with horror and plea. As for its strength, there were rank 3 energy waves emanating from it.

”Black Horrall Snake! The subspecies of Kemoyin! We meet again!”

A trace of remembrance shuttered past Leylin’s thoughts as he watched the snake in front of him, keeping its silence.

Back then, his Kemoyin bloodline was extracted and purified from the Black Horrall Snake. Thinking of it now, even though the great Magus Serholm left his inheritance behind, it was not as powerful as it seemed to be, as he did not have any intentions of passing down the Kemoyin bloodline.

Perhaps, in Serholm’s eyes, a rank 3 Warlock was strong enough to conquer the south coast and he did not want his inheritor to be swept up in the perilous dangers of the central continent.

However, it was all for naught. Even the great Magus Serholm did not expect that his inheritor would be this heaven-defying, purifying the Black Horrall Snake’s bloodline into the Giant Kemoyin Serpent, turning into a powerful presence.

”I have already done this much, now I will need your strength!”

A dark red test tube appeared in Leylin’s palms, where the contents within continuously frothed, filled with an ominous aura.

”The quintessence from the clone of the Monarch of Gluttony — Beelzebub! Leylin muttered. This was the huge risk he took to summon Beelzebub through the constraining spell formation before he entered the Purgatory World.

Although it had been purified many times, the quintessence still contained large amounts of Beelzebub’s branding. Once used, the target will definitely be affected by the sin of gluttony. The target’s intellect will disintegrate, turning into Beelzebub’s puppet or the preparatory body of a clone.

“Purgatory World is too quiet, I have to introduce chaos to this place!”

Leylin chuckled as he poured half of the contents of the test tube into the Black Horrall Snake’s jaws.

“Sssii!…Grrrroarrr.” The Black Horrall Snake struggled continuously within Leylin’s grasp as dark coloured runes appeared on its body, so much that the scales seemed to be breaking apart, as if a devil within its body was trying to break free.

“Go!” Leylin tossed the Black Horrall Snake back into the horde of snakes.

Immediately, the Black Horrall Snake attacked the other giant snakes beside it. Its pupils were filled with a type of overzealous rage, as the aura on its body exponentially increased.

*Ka-cha!* A giant boa had it’s head bitten off by the Black Horrall Snake, before it was devoured completely by it.

*Sssii!*! A crackline appeared on the head of the Black Horrall Snake and expanded continuously until it exploded.

Large amounts of skin were molted. Now, a larger, stronger Black Horrall Snake appeared, its strength nearing that of a rank 4 Magus.

The Black Horrall Snake with it increased strength continued to devour the other snake species. Eventually, another head appeared from its neck, accompanied by fiendish flames spewed from its mouth.

“The fiendish transformation is even more apparent now!” Looking at the scales on the Black Horrall Snake that looked even more malevolent now, Leylin shook his head.

“Sssii…” The double headed Black Horrall Snake in this Purgatory World had advanced into rank 4, yet it did not dare to provoke Leylin.

After looking at Leylin with fear in its eyes, the black coloured purgatory snake dashed into the distance, leaving behind a trail of corpses.

“Not so stupid huh. Although you won’t live happily ever after, claiming yourself as the king amongst all snakes on the plains for a short while should be a blazing glory as you were originally only rank 3 huh?

Leylin muttered, as he tossed the other half of the test-tube into the marsh behind him.

*Gulp! Gulp!* Dark red colour contents that were frothed expanded quickly in the marsh, leaving behind a peculiar smell lingering in the air.

Under the enticement of this scent, very soon a huge grey rat conquered its fear of snakes and scurried over, before lapping the water.

With each mouth, this rat only grew larger in size. Very soon, its eyes turned red, as if in an enraged mode.

Very soon, more grey rats scurried over. There were even white rabbits, accompanied by more snakes.

After these organisms had finished quenching their thirst, they began to attack other animals ferociously, at the same time transforming into unrecognisable creatures.

Looking at this scene, the corners of Leylin’s lips curled up maliciously.

“Heyo Beelzebub! Are you satisfied with this Purgatory World that I found?”

By just thinking about it, Leylin knew that Beelzebub hungered for this world. It was a huge world with abundant resources. Even with the chaotic World’s Will, it did not reject these new life forms on the world.

To Beelzebub, such a world held an incomparably huge enticement.

Even if Beelzebub knew what Leylin was scheming out in the open, he would still be attracted by the benefits and take a gamble. It was an irresistible trend.

“Of course, the power of gluttony is still weak in the beginning and has to be protected!”

Leylin smiled, as a pair of chaotic grey wings appeared, with the power of chaos, enveloping the marsh and its nearby region with a grey barrier.

“With this disguise, high ranked organisms would not be able to notice it until it’s too late!”

Leylin laughed blandly.

Although the Snake Dowager was considered a dignitary, she would not be able to understand the continent like the back of her palms, much less monitoring the happenings across the Hale Continent.

Furthermore, with Leylin using the power of chaos intentionally for disguise and concealment, nothing can be changed when the Snake Dowager has realised it.

Moreover, this was the marshes. Any organisms which were attracted were just expendables. Leylin would not feel the pinch in his heart even if all of these creatures were completed dead.

“Man-made environments are often the weakest type of ecosystems. After this has blown out of proportions, I’m sure it will cause the Snake Dowager and the Holy City enough headaches for a few years…”

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