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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 736: Eve of the Arrival

Chapter 736: Eve of the Arrival

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Manmade environments were often the weakest and the most susceptible to external influences.

Through the Snake Dowager’s power that boosted reproduction rates, coupled with the defilement of gluttony running rampant through the plains, the combined results of both of these would not just be a simple addition, but a powerful immeasurable change in the rate itself. Even Leylin himself highly anticipated the changes that were bound to happen.

The most important thing was that those effects were all due to the power of laws. Leylin had barely done anything at all to make that happen, which fully removed him from the situation.

Even the Snake Dowager herself would only suspect that it was the Monarch of Gluttony invading from another world, and thus her attention would be diverted away from Leylin.

With these two law wielding existences vying to control this world, what sparks would it bring about?

Just thinking of it amused Leylin.

Finally, Leylin gave one last lingering look at this marsh that was riddled with chaos and gluttony, before leaving and not giving one more glance at it.

Now that the seed has been planted, how it would develop and grow would no longer be under his control.

The next morning, Leylin brought Belinda and Sophia away from this area.

“What’s wrong? Nick? Did you sense any danger?”

Belinda felt that Leylin’s actions were somewhat suspicious.

“I have a premonition that something hugely unfavourable to us is happening behind our backs!” Leylin put on a solemn face, his eyes filled with worry.

“Mm, Sofia also felt it, that evil sensation, full of chaos and gluttony…” Belinda was still half-suspicious, but what surprised Leylin was Sofia, who stood to the side and nodded in agreement, her eyes filled with fear.

“That frightening evil feeling has become a vortex just behind our backs, and its range is still expanding, sister! Let’s leave this place right now, please!”

Sofia’s eyes widened and her shoulders began to tremble slightly.

“Alright, we’ll leave at once,” Belinda put her arm around Sofia’s shoulders and began to gently console her, no longer having any thoughts on Leylin’s proposal to leave. However, Leylin looked at Sofia and took measure of her with great interest.

“I really couldn’t tell, although her bloodline power isn’t particularly concentrated, she has this innately sharp perception… Does it originate from the sensitivity of her soul?

Although Sofia had sharp perceptive powers, it was a pity that she was facing Leylin, who was an old hand at this and was already in the middle of his long life. He was long able to bury his own emotions at the bottom of his heart, and put an end to anyone sensing or peeping on his feelings.

Consequently, Sofia thought that brother Nick smiled gently and had a comforting expression, and never discovered even the slightest trace of his investigations, hidden deep within.

“This sort of innate soul sensitivity, although there is still room for it to develop, for now it is far too weak,” Seeing this, Leylin could only shake his head and urge on the giant earth lizard once again to continue its journey.


With Leylin’s secret calculations, and with his true body faintly emitting a powerful aura, the beasts afflicted with the desire for gluttony didn’t dare to come and offend him as he gradually left the area behind. Sofia had also slowly calmed down, and had recovered to her original childish appearance.

Leylin had left a wake of terrifying desire for gluttony behind, and its influence continued to spread. Afflicted rank 4 and rank 5 continuously emerged and began to fight those intelligent Morning Star serpent clans.

By the time the Snake Dowager took it seriously, it was already too late.

The abundant resources of the Allsnake Plains, as well as the superior snake species living in it were nurtured by the Snake Dowager with utmost care. However, it had become a paradise for gluttony to grow.

Naturally, as this area was too vast, gluttony was limited to wreaking havoc in the tiniest part of it. With Leylin’s arrangement and interference from chaotic power, even though it spread quickly, it did not attract much attention.

Only with the passing of time did this situation become more and more complex, and became even more frightening.

As the originator of this disaster, Leylin didn’t particularly manage the matter further. After ten days had passed, after they passed through yet another long journey, the Holy City of all snake descendents and the heart of the Hale Continent had appeared before their very eyes.

“At our current speed, we will arrive at the Holy City tomorrow at noon, at the very latest!”

Belinda looked at the map in her hand and spoke confidently.

Leylin only lightly nodded. In reality, he had already seen some changes on their journey today.

A few small snake hybrids began to appear, and there were even established ranches and botanical gardens. Everything he had seen told him he had entered an area of superior intelligent species.

“My friend, Aegnis, holds the post of the highest ranked guard in the Holy City, I believe she will definitely help us!”

Belinda looked rather excited, and Leylin knew what she was thinking about.

As a wanted criminal of the Trial’s Eye, Belinda definitely felt that it was a horrible situation to be in. If she could not resolve this affair, perhaps she would have to go into hiding with Sofia for the rest of their lives.

However, this place was the Hale Continent, and Belinda hadn’t really betrayed the Trial’s Eye, but had only rebelled against one of its forces, even if she had gone a little overboard.

If she gained the protection of a powerful person in the Holy City, although it couldn’t undo the Trial’s Eye influence and repeal the arrest warrant, it would be possible to keep the affair under wraps. Belinda certainly would be able to live with Sofia freely in the sunlight.

“To do this, one would need to be rather powerful. Belinda’s previous status wouldn’t let her do it, unless her friend is a direct descendent from a major clan…”

Leylin stroked his chin and had already guessed everything.

“That Aegnis, is she from a great clan in the Holy City or an influential direct descendant?” He directly asked.

“You really guessed it,” Belinda froze, apparently surprised at Leylin’s perceptive abilities, but she did not deny it. “Yes, Aegnis is from the Steward family, one of the top 10 most influential families in the Holy City. They possess the Matriarch’s most noble bloodline as direct descendants, and for generations they have served as the Holy City’s fundamental defenders.”

“As long as I rely on the Steward Family, the earlier ‘Eye of Sacrifice’ organisation I was in wouldn’t dare to offend them. So after some time, there is some hope for me to renegotiate with them about the arrest warrant!”

Belinda had evidently planned everything out, “And so, with her help, we will definitely be able to secure a settlement certificate. Nick, are you…”

Belinda was clearly rather worried that Leylin wouldn’t be able to save face in this situation, but this was something she was needlessly worrying about.

“Don’t worry, I have no issues with this,” Leylin smiled.

What was the point of saving face? Leylin didn’t care about it at all. Additionally, he had helped Belinda from the very beginning, and had even secretly taken her feelings into account, wasn’t it all for this purpose?

Leylin had previously heard of the stringent rules of the Holy City. If one didn’t have a powerful guarantor vouching for them, then with his status as an unidentified foreigner, it would be incredibly difficult for him to settle there, to the point where it would be easier for him to fly than to become a citizen.

Especially after he had secretly set things into motion, one could gather that the Holy City would become more and more lively. Without any real basis for entering, perhaps he would suffer a lot of harassment.

Compared to that, saving face in this situation was definitely not an issue.

Leylin had always focused solely on benefits, and with his current identity as a mixed-blood Alabaster Devilsnake and as Nick the wanderer, no matter how humiliating it was, how could it bother him?

It had to be said that in some respects, Leylin’s moral integrity was rather heinous.

“That’s good,” Belinda’s eyes grew warmer, with a satisfied look.

In reality, she was confident about settling down herself in the Holy City, but if Leylin didn’t agree to bow his head and give in, then his unknown origin would definitely pose a huge problem.

Seeing that he had now agreed to yield made her immediately feel more relieved.

“I still have some savings, and with our strength we can accept missions in the Holy City. The pay will be sufficient for us to live on! As for Sofia, I must hire a governess or a nanny to prepare her for marriage in the future…”

Belinda seemed to be immersed in her plans for the future, until the last part where she secretly stole a glance at Leylin. She secretly blushed, but then immediately forced that expression away.

“I-It’s already getting late, we should rest…”

Belinda seemed to become unconsciously shy, and pulled Sofia, who was still playing, into her tent. Sofia’s dissatisfied cries of “No, no!” could be heard.

Leylin looked in the direction where Belinda had left and stroked his chin, with a strange smile appearing on his face.


“Then… Goodnight, girls!”

Leylin came to their tent and softly spoke to them.

“Goodnight, Nick,” Belinda’s voice was rather shaky, and finally he heard Sofia’s voice, “Brother Nick, I want to tell you…”

“Ah!” Sofia’s voice was interrupted, and immediately Belinda’s humiliated and angry scolding could be heard.

Seeing the noisy and unstable tent, Leylin only smiled a little and returned to his own tent.

If it wasn’t for the Allsnake Curse on his body, and how close he was to the Holy City and the Snake Dowager, he wouldn’t have minded playing more games with Belinda.

However, Leylin wasn’t in the mood due to the huge pressure of the curse.

In fact, if his willpower and acting skills weren’t so good, perhaps Belinda would have seen through him already.

After his everyday routine had been arranged, Leylin’s expression became solemn and imposing.

“Tomorrow, we’ll arrive at the Holy City, the headquarters of the Snake Dowager.”

There was a dark expression in Leylin’s eyes, “Everything I have, as well as my hopes of breaking the bloodline shackles- whether I fail or succeed all depends on my next move!”

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