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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 737: Beast Spirit Seal

Chapter 737: Beast Spirit Seal

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“But before that, I should finish doing everything else.” A crystal ball emerged in Leylin’s hands, with a red-eyed little snake, with scales as pure white as jade, wriggling around within.

Bound within the ball was Belinda’s father, a rank 5 pure-blooded Alabaster Devil. This was the beast spirit of Kenta! If Belinda were to find out, things might get troublesome, but Leylin didn’t really care about her anymore.

Besides, Leylin was very confident in his concealing techniques.

Now, the hatred and obstinate look in the beast spirit’s eyes had disappeared, and all that was left was bewilderment.

Leylin was very satisfied upon seeing this.

[Beep! Scan of target completed. All hostility in its subconscious has been removed.] At this moment, the A.I. Chip prompted in a robotic tone.

“Good! My hard work for almost a whole month hasn’t been in vain! I’ve finally tamed him.”

Leylin pressed his fingers against the crystal, allowing the little white snake to break free of its bindings. It flit between his fingers, and even seemed to have a sense of dependence on him. A month ago, that would have been unthinkable.

“No matter how poor my spirit sealing spell formation is, it seems that there’s a chance of success over 50%!”

Leylin’s lips quirked in a smile, “Just as well. I’ll seal him completely tonight!”

Leylin was very attracted to the Purgatory World’s strength systems. In this period of time, he had almost completely figured out and understood the strength systems here.

In Purgatory World, besides the innate abilities of the various races, these two strength systems were the most widespread: The path of offerings and the path of beast spirits!

The path of offerings entirely depended on the dignitary. If you gained the dignitary’s favour, you would attain more power and reach a higher Sacrificer rank even if you weren’t as devout, or even if the offerings were lacking. However, the price was having your body completely branded by the power of the dignitary, or even breaking off all possibilities of entering rank 7, the realm of laws. Of course, for devout followers, this method of ‘existing together with one’s god’ might perhaps satisfy their thirst and desire even more.

The path of beast spirits was more primal. This path depended on hunting large beasts and refining them into beast spirits, and then sealing them to be ordered around in combat.

Though it sounded simple, every time they sealed a beast spirit there was a huge challenge to a beast spirit master’s own soul, in terms of its cultivation and strength. If the seal failed, there were far too many instances in Purgatory World of the beast spirit devouring the master instead.

The higher-ranked the beast spirit, the more terrifying their resistance was. Hatred that retained from the soul were extremely dangerous for all beast spirit masters.

Of course, once a beast spirit of a certain rank had been successfully sealed, the beast spirit master would naturally rise to that rank.

After sealing, the beast spirit master could not only order the beast spirit to fight, one could also enjoy the many benefits to the soul from the beast spirit.

For this reason, there were so many beast spirit masters who did not fear death and pursued high-ranked beast spirits and did their best to seal them, though failure was very common.

While Leylin had a deep understanding of the path of beast spirits, beast spirits were very difficult to obtain. He only had a Gudrick beast spirit that was rank 3 and yet to mature. Hence, his beast spirit master ranking was only 3!

That was fine though. At the White River Valley, Leylin had massacred Belinda’s family and extracted the soul of her father, refining him into a beast spirit.

A rank 5 Alabaster Devilsnake beast spirit was very rare even in the whole Purgatory World.

Even on the Serpentes Plains, there weren’t many rank 5 giant snakes. Leylin hadn’t seen any, and most of them travelled around in groups. If it were to move, the whole race would move along with it.

In Leylin’s eyes, these giant snakes were less outstanding compared to the Alabaster Devilsnakes.

“Whether as a bloodline imprint or as a cover, this beast spirit will be the most helpful to me!”

Leylin observed the little snake in his hands. The snake even flicked its scarlet tongue, constantly licking at his fingertips.

He had gathered much of the bloodline of the Alabaster Devilsnake and even attempted at creating bloodline imprints, giving him the key to entering the Dreamscape at will.

If he had the beast spirit of the Alabaster Devilsnake as well, whether a bloodline imprint was made, used, or if he were to explore Dreamscape, he would have great advantages. Leylin had always liked preparing things well, and if his plan were to fail, then dreamforce would be his trump card. Hence, Leylin’s research had been focused on exploring Dreamscape.

Besides this, for Leylin who had snuck into holy city, having an Alabaster Devilsnake beast spirit was another insurance for him.

While he had the bloodline traces on the Mask of the Dreamless, as well as the cover from the Nefarious Filthbird’s power of chaos, Leylin didn’t mind adding another layer of security.

“What comprises of a life form is both the bloodline and the soul.’

Leylin mumbled, “With replenishment from her family, the consumption to the Mask of the Dreamless’ bloodline has been made up for. With this beast spirit, I can use it in place of my soul at crucial moments. Even if the Snake Dowager were to scan over a large area, I’m sure I can hide from her…”

Using the aura of a beast spirit as a substitute for his own might be just a dream to the inhabitants of Purgatory World, but this was no issue for Leylin. What was more important was that the main material for the beast spirit was a soul. Hence, there was nothing that would not merge. With the A.I. Chip, Leylin was very confident.

“Hence, the beast spirit of the Alabaster Devilsnake is my best choice!”

Leylin’s eyes shone with determination, “Furthermore, after becoming a rank 5 beast spirit master, my truesoul will probably reach full-moon.”

The increase of strength in any amount was a chance hard to come by.

[Beep! Beginning seal of beast spirit. Setting up rank 5 soul sealing spell formation.] The A.I. Chip’s voice sounded. Meanwhile, an intricate soul spell formation diagram was shown.

Leylin was only a rank 3 beast spirit master now, and if inhabitants of Purgatory World were to hear that he wanted to seal a rank 5 beast spirit, they would say he was merely dreaming.

Even rank 4 beast spirit masters did not dare do this even after obtaining a rank 5 beast spirit. At the very least, they would have the confidence to attempt this after sealing more rank 4 beast spirits and nourishing their soul for centuries.

A rank 3 beast spirit master? The body would probably not be able to bear the powerful undulations of a rank 5 beast spirit and just crumble, with there being a chance of exploding into bloody mist!

But Leylin was no ordinary person. His truesoul was at half-moon, and his body, which had been strengthened by bloodline force and various techniques overtime gave him this confidence.

“Compared to rank 5 beast spirit masters of Purgatory World, rank 5 Magi souls have already condensed their truesoul. The density and quality is incomparable. The power of their soul, what the soul can withstand and precision in controlling it exceeds that of a rank 5 beast spirit master by several levels! Besides, my body and vitality has already gone through bloodline force and Multilimb Strength and received boosts from body tempering spell formations. A mere rank 5 beast spirit…”

Beast spirit masters of Purgatory World could seal beast spirits as long as they were lucky enough. Their bodies would then be nourished by the beast spirit, which meant just lying around would allow them to increase their strength. Once they hit the limits of the beast spirit, they could just seal a new spirit. This turned into a cycle.

Compared to Magi who had to be cautious at all times, study continuously and advance, their method might seem comfortable and easy, but it lacked the most important experience and knowledge!

At the soul level, Magi of the Magus World could definitely look down on these beast spirit masters. If they obtained suitable beast spirits, the speed at which Magi would adapt to and seal the beast spirit would be faster than beast spirit masters.

“The reason the path of beast spirits did not prosper in the Magus World is related to the different laws of the world, and might have something to do with the extinction of species in the central continent. After all, which world has as many beast spirit resources as in Purgatory World?”

Making sense of his thoughts, Leylin looked solemn.

The path of beast spirits was worthy of Magi looking into. At the very least, the soul sealing spell formation, the beast spirit turning on the owner, coordination between the soul and the flesh were all huge inspirations for Leylin to conduct experiments.

While he focused on the path of bloodline Warlocks, Leylin would not look down on other strength systems. No matter how insignificant it might seem, anything that was passed down was definitely worthy of looking into.

Only by constantly studying would the path of Magi be filled with fervour and life.

[Starting atomic microscope. Helping with carving of rank 5 soul sealing spell formation.] Along with the A.I. Chip’s voice, an intricate spell formation began to appear at the back of Leylin’s hand.

At the heart of the profound spell formation was a twisted pentagon diagram and many soul runes filled with mystery and savagery. These were key to subduing beast spirits, and even led to beast spirits turning on the beast spirit master.

Even the A.I. Chip was unable to analyse some of the runes and could only use them as much as possible.

The rays emitted from the spell formation enveloped the Alabaster Devilsnake beast spirit, and the little snake began to float.

“Hss…” While already tamed, the little white snake showed signs of resistance.

However, the familiar soul force from Leylin’s eyes felt very familiar to the little white snake, and it now had an internal conflict.

Gradually, the bundle of light around the little white snake came closer to the spell formation on the back of Leylin’s hand.

“Now’s the time. Seal!”

Along with Leylin’s cry, the soul sealing spell formation suddenly emitted rays of light that absorbed that bundle of light.

“Next up… is a contest between souls!”

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