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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 738: Fullmoon Truesoul

Chapter 738: Fullmoon Truesoul

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Leylin closed his eyes.

Now, in his gloomy soul space, his half-moon truesoul showed itself. Opposite it was the little white snake from before.


This contest had already happened many times in the past month. Hence, after sensing the familiar soul aura that belonged to Leylin’s truesoul, the Alabaster Devilsnake beast spirit immediately became fearful.

“Obey or die!”

Leylin did not give the beast spirit much time and immediately warned, boundless half-moon truesoul strength descending and pressing the little white snake to the ground.

“Hss…” The snake flicked its tongue and chose to obey. A flash of cold, clear moonlight entered through its eyes, controlling it completely.

Gradually, the eyes became dazed, and a half moon appeared…

[Beep! Host has successfully sealed rank 5 Alabaster Devilsnake beast spirit. Promoted to rank 5 beast spirit master!]

The A.I. Chip’s voice sounded. Everything had gone extremely smoothly with how everything had been set up.

A beast spirit above rank 4 usually had some malicious intent or memory fragments from the body. For a soul like this that had lost all its will and was defiant, beast spirit masters found this very troublesome.

Even if the beast spirit was successfully tamed eventually, a part of the beast spirit’s soul source would be consumed from battle and cause it to weaken.

However, Leylin had long since tamed it, which allowed the sealing process to go smoothly.

The soul sealing spell formation had already been optimised by the A.I. Chip, which raised the compatibility between the beast spirit master and the beast spirit to the highest. Hence, not only had Leylin successfully become a rank 5 beast spirit master, but he also could display the full strength of the original Alabaster Devilsnake beast spirit!

“But the process of sealing a beast spirit has already been deduced by the A.I. Chip to have a success rate of 90%. The process of the boost is the most important…”

At this thought, Leylin looked more grim than before, and placed his focus deep in his sea of consciousness amongst the point mass nebulae.

[Beep! Boost of rank 5 beast spirit beginning.]

Along with the A.I. Chip’s voice, a fantastic change happened in his sea of consciousness.

On the back of Leylin’s hand, a vivid tattoo of a little white snake appeared and roved around. A stream of pure soul force spiralled as it was absorbed and devoured into the point mass vortex in his sea of consciousness. The refining process was repeated and then abruptly poured into the point mass.

The point mass of a Radiant Moon Magus had already formed, the two innate runes on it were extremely dazzling.

Within the point mass, Leylin’s half-moon truesoul was cheering excitedly. The point mass, that was like a full moon that was already half filled with light, suddenly expanded, charging towards filling the other half.

After entering the realm of a rank 5 Radiant Moon, a Magus’ truesoul was like a full moon, signifying fullness.

The strength of soul force would show on the surface of the round moon. From the crescent to the half-moon, and then to the most powerful full moon; these would show the various phases of rank 5 Magi as they trained.

Leylin’s truesoul had only been at half moon, but with the help of the Alabaster Devilsnake beast spirit, he began to make a burst for the full moon!

[Beep! Rank 5 beast spirit boost has begun. Host’s soul force is being enhanced. All stats are changing…]

The A.I. Chip’s voice sounded at this moment.

[Beep! Detected that Host’s soul force has reached threshold. Beginning upgrade. Now at 210.] [Beep! Host has absorbed a large amount of purified soul origin. Soul force upgrading. Now at 220.]

The A.I. Chip’s prompts kept refreshing, and accompanied by its robotic intones, Leylin’s half-moon truesoul within his point mass filled up, beginning to transform into a full moon rank.

230! 240! 250! With the boost from the rank 5 beast spirit, the rate of progress of his truesoul could be said to be terrifying.

His truesoul that was already full began to expand in size, the luster from a full moon practically filling the whole truesoul.

At this very moment, something strange happened!

“Hss!” At Leylin’s forehead, a black snake rune that was bound by thorny chains appeared, with a seal from the concentrated power of chaos circling it.

[Beep! Detected disorder from the Curse Mark of Ten Thousand Snakes. Determined to be triggered by sudden increase of soul force. Now flaring up.]

With the A.I. Chip’s voice, Leylin felt that there seemed to be a terrifying black hole in his body that began to absorb much of his bloodline and soul force.

“No!” Leylin’s eyes were filled with wisps of blood immediately.

Though he’d already known that with the seal of the curse, it would be difficult to increase his strength, Leylin did not expect it to be this serious.

Based on his plans, after raising his truesoul to full moon, he would then reach peak rank 5. Even with the suppression of the curse mark, he could still regain his strength and even surpass it.

After all, if Leylin’s previous strength was 10 and the seal decreased it by 2, the strength he had left would only be 8.

But once Leylin reached peak rank 5, the limits of his strength would rise to 15, and even with the weakening of the seal by 2, he would still have 13 which far exceeded what he currently had.

However, the terror of the curse mark and the Snake Dowager’s adeptness at curses exceeded his expectations.

“Power of chaos!” A grey illusory feather appeared in Leylin’s hand. Large amounts of crystallisation of chaos combusted, beginning to support the seal on his forehead.

“The curse mark even has the function of automatically increasing strength along with the increase of strength in the host body!”

Leylin looked terrible at this point, and his expression turned into one of determination. He’d already had a contingency plan for this, but it wasn’t a crucial time yet and he didn’t want to waste this.

“Fine! Don’t you want to absorb me? I’ll give you everything!”

With his eyes red, Leylin ordered. A fiery-red jade-like crystal suddenly appeared from his spatial item, with flaming red luster and the indistinct phoenix cry!

The Soul Unique Item— The essence of the fragments of the phoenix egg, also the gem of Lava World! It could enhance soul force as long as the host’s vitality could withstand it.

Though Leylin had already reached the limits before, after sealing a beast spirit, his own vitality had been enhanced. On top of what he had been amassing all this time, it was enough for him to use this essence again.

*Chirp Chirp!*

A black demonic fire phoenix suddenly emerged from Leylin’s back, devouring the phoenix egg.

*Rumble!* Golden, brilliant flames burnt around him, and turned a demonic black.

Terrifying soul force that brought with it boiling fiery rays appeared around Leylin’s body, and filled the black hole of the curse mark.

*Chirp chirp!* Compared to bloodline force, the soul force that had the burning powers of the ancient phoenix caused the black hole to ripple, fiery-red rays flashing from deep within the black hole.

“Get lost!”

With Leylin’s roar, the curse mark on his forehead abruptly pulled back and even had a red scratch on it. Great amounts of the power of chaos formed a seal around the mark, suppressing it.

[Beep! Host has absorbed essence of phoenix egg. Obtained much soul origin. Soul force numbers increasing.]

With its voice, Leylin’s soul force numbers shot forward like a rocket, and in almost that instant, broke through the 250 bottleneck. After a few jumps, it broke through the critical point of 300!

[Beep! Host body’s soul force has broken through 300, reached full moon. Host’s stats have all changed. Recalculating.]

The A.I. Chip’s voice was still transmitting, but Leylin had no energy to investigate. His attention was now on the truesoul in the point mass.

The truesoul that was like a full moon had not only swollen up to the extreme, its whole body was filled with clear luster that gave off a feeling of perfectness.

“This is… the truesoul of peak rank 5 at full moon?”

Leylin mumbled as he gazed upon the gigantic full moon truesoul, looking drunk. The full moon not only had a clear luster, there was also a golden line that shimmered in and out of existence at the heart of it. However, it was covered by the brightness surrounding it. Unless he stared at it, he wouldn’t notice it.

“This is… when soul force has a qualitative change…”

Leylin’s eyes momentarily showed confusion, but was then filled with elation.

“I know, this is rank 6 truesoul force! Once Radiant Moon Magi reach full moon, their truesouls have already reached the limit. The next thing to do is to change the soul force from negative to positive energy, turning into the truesoul like a scorching sun of rank 6 Breaking Dawn Magi!”

“This golden line signifies my truesoul has already reached the limits of rank 5 and is beginning to transform into rank 6!”

Leylin sighed. For regular rank 5 Magi, getting their truesoul to full moon was already exceptionally difficult. They would have to work unceasingly to get their truesoul to fill completely and then automatically upgrade. That would take centuries, but Leylin had reached full moon in an instant.

“With negative soul force, I need to produce positive energy from this dark negative energy in order to gain solidified positive force. It’s not something a rank 5 beast spirit can achieve. The only explanation would be the essence of the phoenix egg!”

Leylin’s pupils brightened, “The phoenix egg contains not just a large amount of soul origin force that can strengthen a Magus’ soul, but also possesses anode soul force, and its the guide for full moon Magi to promote. That’s saved me hundreds of years of hard work!”

In that moment, Leylin thought of the reason.

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