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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 739: Life Curse

Chapter 739: Life Curse

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The method to refine negative soul force into positive and obtain the essence of positive soul force was the key for a rank 5 Radiant Moon Magus becoming a rank 6 Breaking Dawn Monarch.

The phoenix egg was the treasure of the Lava World after all, and the positive power it possessed could save most Radiant Moon Magi centuries worth of hard work.

If this was seen by those Breaking Dawn Monarchs who had broken through with hard work or peak rank 5 Radiant Moon who were still training desperately, they might be so jealous of Leylin that they might go crazy with envy.

“But that means the phoenix egg has been completely used up…” Leylin found this result quite a pity. With the boost from the rank 5 beast spirit, that was enough to push him to full moon. The phoenix egg left behind could be used in training at rank 6.

With the abundance of positive soul force in the egg, which could even help a Breaking Dawn Monarch advance at lightning speed, using it recklessly now as a rank 5 made him feelextremely wasteful.

Due to the limitations of his bloodline, Leylin’s truesoul already had signs of transforming into an substantialised positive soul, and he would never be able to succeed unless he completely rid himself of his bloodline curse.

“It’s too early to talk about rank 6. I’ll need to focus on the benefits that I now have!” While he found it a pity, Leylin was optimistic about the use of the phoenix egg. Due to the interference of the Allsnake Curse, he would not have been able to reach full moon if not for the power of the phoenix egg.

If the same thing were to happen again, Leylin was sure that he would make the same choice.

Ridding himself of other thoughts, Leylin gazed at the A.I. Chip’s stats column. As he had forcefully broken through to full moon, much of his stats had undergone huge changes.

[Leylin Farlier. Rank 5 Warlock. Bloodline: Giant Kemoyin Serpent (Complete form). Strength: 70 (85), Agility: 53 (66), Vitality: 175 (200.7), Spiritual force: 2315 (3001.2), Magic power: 2315 (Magic power is in synchronisation with spiritual force). Soul force: 232 (300) State: Boost from full moon truesoul and status as rank 4 Sacrificer. Rank 5 beast spirit seal: Alabaster Devilsnake. Estimation of Allsnake Curse’s next flare-up : 19 years.]

“As expected, after advancing, all the limits have increased. Even with restrictions of the curse marks, I’ve basically returned to my most powerful state before, with some increases even!” Leylin’s eyes shone as he felt the power in all parts of his body and couldn’t help but clench his fists, “Only this power would be enough for my plans in the holy city!”

“But…” Leylin, who had regained his calm, watched the insides of the tents that now looked messy and could not help but laugh wryly, “Thankfully, I set up a seal. Otherwise, Belinda and Sophia would have been alarmed.”

“The flare up of the Allsnake Curse happened with the Snake Dowager so close…”

Leylin looked incomparably serious, “A.I. Chip, activate strongest preventative measures!”

[Beep! Mission established. Initiation underway.]

Numerous white scaly patterns formed the most intricate patterns on Leylin’s face. Meanwhile, the Alabaster Devilsnake beast spirit tattoo on Leylin’s body began to wander around, emitting a unique soul undulation.

After making all the preparations, a tremendous conscient was like a tsunami, spreading from the holy city.

“What is it, Mighty Mistress? Who dares go against you and caused you such ire?”

Such a terrifying conscient shocked many in that instant. Belinda and Sophia had walked out of their tents and knelt in the direction of the holy city, bodies trembling in the moonlight.

“She’s naturally looking for me!”

Leylin snickered inside, though on the surface, he looked to be kneeling in reverence and trepidation, praying that the Mistress would calm her anger. Of course, Leylin knew that before he was captured, this would be impossible.

Sensing this conscient roaring above him and passing him by, yet not doubting him at all, his lips quirked in a smile.

“As expected, the double cover of my soul and bloodline, as well as support of the feather of chaos, makes it impossible for the Snake Dowager to find me with this kind of scan with her conscient unless she sees me personally.”

This was definitely good news to Leylin.

Though the Nefarious Filthbird had guaranteed this, Leylin did not dare place too much hope on it.

When it came to life and death situations, he would not mind using all methods possible to increase his rate of success.

“Hss!” Realising that doing that would not help her find Leylin, the temporary wave of soul undulations passed and instead, a bright bundle of light rose like the sun from holy city.

Within the sun was a gigantic snake ball figure that was like a sun, and there were even sounds of sacrificial chanting from there.

These sounds were very ancient and had some strange pitches that caused one to be intoxicated in it.

“This…” Just after hearing a little, Leylin’s expression immediately changed.

[Warning! Warning! Host’s curse mark is acting up.] The A.I. Chip’s voice sounded in time, before a rune began to flicker on Leylin’s forehead.

Thankfully, Belinda and Sophia now had their heads down as they closed their eyes to pray, or else they’d definitely notice the change in Leylin.

“Feather of Chaos, ignite the crystals and get back!”

The blood vessels on Leylin’s face writhed, and immediately after, two forces began a dangerous confrontation inside.

*Chirp chirp!* At this moment, the flame imprints that were already on the curse mark began to flash with red lights, and Leylin seemed to hear the cry of a primordial fire phoenix.

With the joint work of the two, the flare up of the curse mark was suppressed.

Only after the illusion from the holy city disappeared did Leylin sigh deeply, and hastily reinforced his appearance-changing methods to hide any external changes, which was how Belinda did not notice anything different.

Even so, it was impossible to hide everything that had happened.

No matter what repercussions there were from the Snake Dowager’s sudden anger, Leylin and the others had to carry on their journey.

“Nick! I…” Belinda glanced at Leylin, who was the same as before, and seemed to have something to say.

“What’s wrong?” Leylin turned, a tender look and smile on his face as if nothing had happened.

“Oh, no, it’s nothing!” Belinda looked dazed, and also a little confused, “It just feels like something about you has changed, but I don’t know what it is for sure.”

“It’s the smell!” Sophia, who was ahead, turned back, eyes full of happiness as she sniffed at Leylin.

“The smell on Brother Nick’s body is even more aromatic, and Sophia feels more close to him!”

“Stop it!” Belinda grabbed at Sophia’s little face, causing her to frown.

Meanwhile, Leylin was stunned at her keen senses.

“I was discovered so quickly! Such a pure and sensitive soul is rather rare.”

Leylin naturally knew the reason why Belinda felt something was off, since a peak full moon truesoul was worlds apart from what things had been the previous day. Even if Leylin did all he could to conceal this, there would still be a subtle difference.

Besides, the rank 5 beast spirit that Leylin had chosen to seal was Belinda and her sister’s father! The bloodline aura from someone of the same kind and family had caused Sophia to realise what was off.

“However, from her experiences, I doubt she’s discovered this. If she found out the feeling of feeling closer to me came from her father, she might be fearful. After all, Kenta didn’t give the siblings a good impression…”

Pondering over this for a while, Leylin continued the journey with the sisters.

Though nothing had changed from the previous day, and Leylin was still chatting and joking with them cheerfully on the way, he was actually reading the contents of the prompt on the A.I. Chip, and his heart could not calm.

[Beep! Affected by Snake Dowager’s undulations. Variation to Curse Mark of Ten Thousand Snakes, increasing corroding ability.] [Curse of Corrosion- High grade variation of the curse mark. After entering region of Snake Dowager’s influence, Host’s life force will constantly be absorbed till death. The process is irreversible.]

“After realising she can’t find me, she’s used this method to force me to show myself?”

Feeling the life force in his body unceasingly being seized from his body, and his body heading towards death gradually, Leylin’s lips quirked in a smile instead, “But… for you, who can only do this much, does it mean you have no other ways of limiting me?”

“It’s not just my bloodline and soul force, but even my life force is being absorbed by the curse, subduing my strength.]

Leylin raised his arm, his pale skin and firm muscles full of life. However, he could feel a sense of losing something.

“Under the effects of the corrosion, my body’s life energy is quickly dissipating. Though there aren’t obvious changes on the outside, in just a few years time, my appearance will become that of an old person… Even with appearance changing techniques, it wouldn’t be able to conceal these changes…”

“Just from the bloodline curse, I have about 19 years left, but with the curse that corrodes my life force…”

He smiled wryly.

He had a feeling that this sort of complex curse would have even worse effects the closer he got to the Snake Dowager.

This would go on till the day the curse mark completely flared up and ruined his soul, causing him to die, or until he would be discovered by the Snake Dowager.

“So many restrictions and so much pressure! How… enjoyable! This is too enjoyable!”

Leylin brushed the back of his hand against his lips slowly, “Such power restrictions is so enjoyable! The greater the pressure, the worse the backlash! I can’t wait to see the day I destroy these restraints and soar!”

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