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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 741: Residence Permit

Chapter 741: Residence Permit

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“Hehe… we were only joking earlier, don’t mind us! Of course, I’ll take care of Nick’s situation as well!” Aegnis smiled along, and Belinda immediately looked at ease. After all, she had asked a favour of Aegnis.

“Alright, I’ll bring everyone in to go through the formalities,” Aegnis rested her arm around Belinda’s shoulders, and with her other hand pulling Sophia along, she did not forget to yell at Thomas, “Kid, why haven’t you apologised to Sire Nick yet?”

Seeing what she was doing, Belinda smiled once more, no longer resistant to her actions.

“My apologies, Sire Nick!” Watching the backs of the three females walking ahead, Thomas shouted loudly.

However, his lips mouthed something else, “You weakling who only knows to rely on women!”

Leylin merely shrugged in answer to his provocation and insult and continued to follow behind Belinda, which left Thomas flabbergasted; it was the first time he had seen someone so shameless.

Leaving the stunned Thomas far behind, Leylin followed behind the three ladies expressionlessly with an air of resignation. In reality, however, he was snickering in his mind. What glory or reputation did he care for when he was dying? Was that important?

The Curse Mark of Ten Thousand Snakes was now eating his life force away, and he did not have not have many years left. In this situation, would he abandon such a simple method of entering the city and look for something else?

Whether he would succeed or not eventually, wasting time on reputation would be treating his life too lightly. When comparing his life to being taken as a fellow who could only rely on women, what loss was there for him?

“You…” Thomas puffed his cheeks out and followed behind them, but could do nothing against Leylin’s shamelessness. Aegnis, in front, seemed to have noticed this, and her eyes glinted.

“Go away, you peasants! Don’t block the path of us noble Stuards!”

As if trying to vent all the anger he’d gained from Leylin, Thomas flicked a nine-segmented whip of a snake leader, unceasingly creating crisps ounds and threatening the group of half-blooded snake beings in front of them.

*Pila!* Seeing the half-blooded snake beings fearfully separating to two sides and giving way, Leylin couldn’t help but stroke his chin. It seemed that the siblings who were in the Stuard family had a rather terrifying reputation in the holy city.

“Are you guards blind? Why aren’t you here to welcome us?”

Immediately after, the guards who had been like fiends and slaughtering people as they wished instantly came over to help out with Thomas’ call, bringing Belinda and the rest to the main gate.

Thomas had his nose in the air as he peeked at Leylin, eyes full of arrogance.

Leylin merely rolled his eyes in answer.

In the Magus World, this sort of person would have died several times over already, but this was the Hail Continent! This was where the descendants of the Snake Dowager had high statuses, and there were few bloody contests for power over them. Such a state had continued for tens of thousands of years, and had even become an iron rule.

Hence, it was entirely understandable that Thomas who had grown up in a sheltered environment was acting this way. This was one who had been spoilt by superior living conditions.

Leylin obviously would not stoop to the level of weaklings like him. His focus was now on the sculpture at the main gate.

“Mm, bloodline appraisal! A test of the soul! Though I’m confident I can pass through with no problems, the identification proof is a problem. After all, I can’t invade the holy city’s core database and create a fake history. What I said before had too many loopholes…”

Leylin looked slightly gloomy, which Thomas took to be a accomplishment on his part.

“You’re very lucky! You should know that very few half bloods like you can stay in the holy city for a full year!”

Thomas jeered at him disdainfully, “Of course, you might not even be able to handle the living expenses here… But even if you stay here for a short period of time, it’s enough for you to shine in the Hail Continent, or… You can write this in your diary, and some low-ranked bloodlines might be attracted…”

“Thomas, that’s enough!” Evidently, even Aegnis could not watch on any longer.

Of course, Leylin had strong suspicions that Aegnis only felt that Thomas was bringing shame to the Stuard family with his words, which was why she got him to stop.

“Come, Belinda, and adorable little Sophia! This is the residence permit that I especially requested for you. As long as you bind it to your bloodline and soul, you will be recognised as free citizens of the holy city!”

Aegnis smiled slightly, producing two jade-green crystal cards. From the envious gazes from the half- or even pure-blooded snake beings, they should be amazing items.

“Thank you so much, Aegnis!” Belinda took the crystal card. With this identification, she could join organisations under the Snake Dowager’s command. Trial’s Eye would not be so brazen and might even automatically withdraw the order of her arrest.

“Then… how about Brother Nick?” Sophia bit at her fingers, finding that something was off.

“Sire Nick? When Belinda contacted me, she didn’t mention it, so I didn’t prepare it…”

Aegnis rubbed at her feelings as if embarrassed, “Permanent residence permits are hard to take care of in the holy city, so…”

Seeing that Belinda seemed to be on the verge of flaring up, Aegnis shook her hands, “ThoughI didn’t get a permanent residence permit, I still have a temporary certification! It’s for ten years, which should be enough for Sire Nick. In these ten years, I’m sure he can handle the procedures for his identification!”

“This… Nick…” Belinda peeked at Leylin slightly embarrassed. She had obviously noticed that Aegnis was purposely making things difficult for him.

“Sire Nick, a ten year certification is already very rare! For half-blooded snake beings who provide services for us residents of holy residents, their certification needs to be changed daily in order to prevent any tarnish to our noble holy city!”

Thomas, who was at the side, snorted.

“That’s enough! Thank you very much, Lady Aegnis!” Leylin smiled slightly, taking another residence permit from her.

Ten years was enough time.

In the holy city, where the Snake Dowager’s radiations were the most concentrated, with the the Curse Mark of Ten Thousand Snakes increasing in intensity, Leylin would probably be reduced to pile of bones if he could not solve the bloodline shackles within ten years.

Compared to Belinda and Sophis who had permanent residence permits, his own was duller, though there were intricate runes and concealing techniques on it.

“This pattern… Even with a sample, it’s not easy for the A.I. Chip to make another one. On top of that… what’s more troublesome is the soul and bloodline binding!”

Leylin’s eyes flashed.

“Alright! Since you three now have the pass, please bind it to you. If the permits are lost, things will get very troublesome, so please keep it well and love them as you love your eyes!”

Aegnis spoke with an accent.

“The binding ceremony is very simple. Drip a droplet of blood and then use your spiritual force to scan the detection runes!”

With Aegnis’ guidance, Belinda was the first and dripped her blood onto the crystal card. Once the dark red liquid touched the card, it was like water reaching sponge and was absorbed.

In the next instant, the whole green crystal card shone brilliantly and with flowing luster, Belinda’s image emerged.

“Boo hoo… Sister, Sophia’s afraid of pain!” Hearing that she had to bleed, Sophia’s eyes were full of fear.

Such a pitiful stance immediately had Aegnis on the verge of turning into a big bad wolf.

“Keke… don’t be afraid, little sister. Let your big sister help you!”

Aegnis, who was watching, only seemed to shock Sophia and bit at her finger to complete the binding process. Aegnis watched on with regret.

When Leylin was done with the procedure too, with Aegnis in the lead, they passed through a round arched door. Of course, there were sculptures ahead.

*Hss hss!*

The miniature sculptures were even more intricate. They were made of some crystals similar to rocks, and especially the faces were carved very vividly, their eyes seeming to be connected to some enigmatic soul

Belinda and Sophia passed by, and the sculpture produced green and tender rays.

[Currently concealing with bloodline of Alabaster Devilsnake. Beast spirit undulations covering. Preparation to activate Feather of Chaos at anytime.]

Along with the A.I. Chip’s voice, Leylin took a deep breath and passed through the formless boundary.

“Hss hss!” The eyes of the sculpture immediately produced green, tender rays, and caused Leylin to sigh in relief.

Immediately after, he was dazzled by lights.

Once Leylin got used to it, he began to size up the holy city of all descendants of the Snake Dowager.

On the ground, walls and even in the sky, a thin layer of light lined the area, causing everything to seem glorious.

The giant sculpture at the heart was filled with milky-white rays like a shining human being, giving off the feeling of holiness.

[Beep! Detected large amounts of radiation undulations. Curse Mark is being strengthened.]

The A.I. Chip intoned, while Belinda and Sophia beside him had a flush on their faces, looking intoxicated. Even their undulations were reinforced, and they obviously had obtained some benefits.

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