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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 746: Descent of Clone

Chapter 746: Descent of Clone

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Rumours said that the Snake Dowager could take over the Shadow World, it was clear how great her comprehension of the power of shadows was. As expected, the moment the power of shadows appeared, it replaced the purifying holy light from earlier. Even the crimson lightning and spatial storm’s destructive power could not affect it, and it remained as steady as a rock.

“Allsnake Devour!” The dark power of shadows transformed to form numerous giant snakes, revealing their fangs to the huge monstrous palm opposing them.

“Hah! The doors to a new world shall be opened by me!” A multitude of terrifying grey snakes hissed at the owner of this voice. Alabaster Devilsnakes, Giant Kemoyin Serpents and practically all of the Dowager’s descendants could be found amongst the shadow snakes.

Terrifying and tremendous force, backed by the corrosive power of shadows, immediately left lacerations on the monstrous hand.

However, Beelzebub paid no mind at all. His skin and muscle was completely shredded, with dark red blood falling like raindrops, but he still resolutely endured the pain. The two huge hands abruptly spread out, using their strength to completely tear apart the spatial crack.

A streak of black light suddenly darted out from the crack, fusing with the crimson moon in mid air.

The ball of light squirmed and then formed an enormous phantom figure. A pair of enormous wings made of membranous meat, riddled with holes, were attached to arms with seven-fingered hands. Black muscle tied everything together; the many compound eyes on the face formed a soul spiral; the flames of the Devil King blazed around him, showing off his might and power.

Beelzebub, the powerful Devil King, child of the power of gluttony, had descended into the Purgatory World! In that moment, it seemed as if the whole world was suffocating. Numerous terrifying conscients focused on this place from afar.

‘A clone?’ Leylin carefully observed Beelzebub. From traversing worlds and the attack from the Snake Dowager, he seemed to be in a rather miserable state, especially with those two devilish arms that were now heavily injured. He also had numerous terrifying injuries from his travel through space.

However, this did not deter the spread of his power or the feeling of evil. Even the air seemed to be polluted as it spread.

‘The main body must be too powerful and he can’t bring it over, so he chose to separate his soul from his body and move over with his soul…’ Leylin’s eyes darted around.

‘Compared to moving physical materials over, the consumption of having just the soul travel over is much lower. Even so, he was gravely injured from moving between worlds… Of course, if this weren’t the Purgatory World, he would probably just die…’

The resistance that Beelzebub experienced in travelling to the Purgatory World was minimal. If he dared to enter the Magus World, the suppression from the World Will and the spatial storms combined would kill even his soul.

The more powerful one was, the easier it was to get suppressed by the World Will. Beelzebub could place clones at Morning Star or Radiant Moon in the Magus World, but separating his truesoul like this was far too powerful, and he would easily be suppressed.

And if he were to find some small world, where the World Will could do nothing against his descent, it could just self-destruct and make things backfire on him.

Hence, as he could not go to high-ranked worlds nor smaller ones, the discovery of the Purgatory World was like that of a precious treasure!

He didn’t hesitate to split his truesoul to reach this place.

‘But in his ‘half truesoul’ form without even a corporeal body, he’s definitely not a match for the Snake Dowager. They won’t be able to fight today…’ Even as the residents of the holy city were quivering in fear, Leylin’s thoughts moved further, ‘Of course, with his power as the Sovereign King of Gluttony, finding a body is very simple. As long as he has enough food, he can regain his strength. Also, with him around, it won’t be so easy for the Snake Dowager to purify the Serpent Plains…’

Though Beelzebub could not do much against the Snake Dowager now, she might not be able to defeat him. This was the truesoul of a rank 8, which meant they were at the same level!

“The power of Gluttony shall rule this place henceforth!” As he soared in the skies, Beelzebub’s numerous compound eyes surveyed the Snake Dowager without fear, though his body was gradually becoming more transparent.

Whether in terms of the grasp of laws and flawless wisdom for a rank 8 existence, Beelzebub immediately chose to leave after realising he would not be gaining benefits from the Snake Dowager today.

Similarly, she would not let go of a chance that was so difficult to come by.

“Shadow Cage!” A circle of shadows spread from her body, and instantly turned into a cage formed of numerous shadow snakes that enveloped the whole holy city. Terrifying shadow chains were like agile snakes, twining around Beelzebub’s truesoul.

“It’s no use! I am the personification of laws, and I cannot die in the presence of gluttony. I will not be destroyed…” Along with his voice, that was like an announcement, his body exploded.

A large amount of energy spread, but it did not harm the shadow cage around it. Once the explosion ended, there was nothing left in the chains.

“Damn it, he even found this world…” A few tremendous conscients that carried the will of the dignitaries conversed above the holy city. Immediately after, the Snake Dowager’s face turned extremely grim. Along with loud explosions, the shadow cage disappeared. Finally, a purple moonlight shone down, making the last battles feel like a mere illusion.

However, the slight spatial storms in the surroundings as well as the wrecked regions around the holy city were hard proof of what had happened.

‘In an area where his law exists, he will never die nor can he be destroyed?’ WIthin the holy city, Leylin’s eyes were on the ground as he pondered over Beelzebub’s words. ‘From his words and abilities, they might all be existences that deal with laws, but Beelzebub’s path is evidently different… Furthermore…’

Leylin brightened up, ‘The Snake Dowager seems to be rather fearful of him, or rather, his world…’

This provided some verification to Leylin’s previous conjectures.

‘But that’s all in the future! Now, with Beelzebub around, the Snake Dowager won’t place too much emphasis on a wretched mortal like me…’ Leylin immediately felt relieved. Compared to an arch enemy like Beelzebub who was rank 8, he was like a mere ant, where none of the two could be bothered with him.

It was only at this time that he would be able to pull chestnuts out of the fire!

‘Fight! Fight! Go on, fight!’ Leylin snickered inside, while looking incredibly calm.

“Just fight, while I quietly tend to my garden and wait…” He spoke light-heartedly as he picked up the watering can and took care of the little flowerbed, as if putting all his efforts in here.

*Bang!* However, his peace did not last for long. Practically the moment after the Snake Dowager’s figure dissipated, the sounds of the door being bashed on could be heard.

“What’s going on?” Leylin opened the door and watched two snake beings who were like guards. They had emblems on their uniforms and were obviously looking for Leylin. They were clearly the guards of the holy city.

“By order of the Holy Mother, all snake beings in the holy city are to be searched!”

The head of the guards had Morning Star strength. This would be impossible in other worlds. Only in the holy city where the bloodlines of the descendants were concentrated to the extreme would guards have such powerful military strength.

“Sure! But this is property of the Stewart family, and I am a guest of Young Master Thomas. I hope you won’t make things messy in my home!” Leylin smiled and leant towards the side.

From this position, he could see teams of guards in light armour already on the streets, perhaps conducting searches on the whole region.

“Sir, we have found nothing!” As if due to Leylin’s warnings, the guards had roughly looked here and there through the area vaguely and returned to report.

Due to Leylin’s arrangement and the concealment of the power of chaos, none of them had discovered everything, and the little flowerbed was nothing special.

“How about your residence permit? Can I take a look at it?” The team leader sized Leylin up and spoke in a low voice.

“What are you doing? Which squadron are you from?” At this moment, a voice full of haughtiness sounded. Leylin took a look and found it was Thomas, along with Belinda and Sophia. They had arrived at his door.

Thomas now wore a luxurious silk robe, looking obviously humiliated and angry. It was clear that this team leader had not respected his reputation at all, and he was feeling very annoyed about it.

“Which squad are you from? Do you know that this is property of our Stewart family, and Nick here is my guest?” Thomas narrowed his eyes, fingers about to poke at the team leader’s nose.

“But… the order from the higher-ups…”

“There are no buts! I’ll take responsibility for Nick,” Thomas waved his arms around, “Order from higher-ups? Is our Stewart family not important enough to be given special treatment?”

The Stewart family had control over the defences of the holy city. If it came down to it, Thomas could very well rank above his own superiors, which was why the pair didn’t even dare to squeak in answer.

“Everything’s fine now. Thank you very much, Young Master Thomas! He was merely doing his job, so don’t make things difficult for him!” Leylin mediated and then passed his residence permit to the team leader.

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