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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 749: Green Leaves

Chapter 749: Green Leaves

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The small courtyard that had been peaceful and quiet for over a year had recently received more and more visits from guards, and that was because of that Thomas’ secretly hostile behaviour.

‘Perhaps he will come and have a showdown with me soon?’ Leylin sighed, ‘This sort of situation is so troublesome, especially at this crucial moment…’

Shortly after, Leylin shut his eyes. ‘In this situation, even if I don’t fight back and make some vows instead, Thomas won’t ever believe me again. After all I’ve done that many times already, and having Sophia pretend is also not desirable. With her intelligence, she’d be found out.

‘Unless, I directly take over her consciousness, but that would demand too much from me… Or I could send her over to Thomas’ bed? No, Belinda would probably go crazy. It’s fine if she does, but if she mobilises Aegnis, that’ll be more troublesome than that moron Thomas…’

In just a moment, Leylin had completely thought over the outcomes from the situation, and discovered that it seemed as if he had no other option apart from running away.

But that would be impossible! After entering the holy city and planting this seed of Wisdom, Leylin had not taken one step out of the courtyard.

After all, the thing that held the power of life or death over him was here, how could he possibly divert his attention to something else? Besides, if he left his camp for too long, with all these hidden rats around, he wasn’t sure he would be able to continue hiding in the holy city.

‘I can’t show weakness… It looks like I can only demonstrate my strength!” Leylin stroked his chin. Sometimes a reasonable show of force could still be put to good use.

However, he would definitely face Thomas’ counter-attack afterwards, but from Leylin’s perspective he only needed a little bit of time for his plan to succeed.

“This period of hesitation, I think it can still be obtained!” Leylin’s eyes flashed.

“Keke…Sophia, wait a moment!” After thinking clearly about his plan, Leylin immediately called out for Sophia.

“Brother Nick, is there anything else?” Sophia jumped and hopped to Leylin, the fragrance of a young lady mixed with the vitality of youth lingering in Leylin’s nose.

Shortly after, the warning gazes from the guards from earlier could be seen.

“Oh! I have something that I need you to give to your sister!” Leylin acted as if he hadn’t seen the warning glares from the guards, and smiled at Sophia.

“What is it? Is it delicious food? The roasted meat that brother Nick made last time tasted good!” Sophia’s eyes lit up.

“It isn’t something to eat, you little glutton!” Leylin shook his head and smiled, he never thought that his cooking skills from his previous world would have fans in a different world, “It’s a protection amulet! Take it to your sister for me! Perhaps it will be of assistance to her in her mission.”

It needn’t be said that a mission where the holy light crystal could be obtained would have a frighteningly high difficulty. Just relying on Belinda, even if she was Rank 4, even if she had support from Aegnis and the Stewart family, it would still be extremely dangerous.

However, in his current situation, it was not suitable for him to go out by himself, so he could only entrust it to Sophia and believe that no matter how naive she was, she would be able to hold on in the face of her own sister being in danger.

“Alright! Sophia will definitely bring her this thing to her!” Sophia clenched her first and nodded her head.

“I believe in you!” Leylin immediately went to the side of the flowerbed and plucked a single leaf from the small emerald-green tree.

“It’s this, help me pass it to your sister!” The dark green leaf had a faint lustre, and Sophia’s eyes lost a little of their spirit.

“I know!” Sophia put away the leaf like it was something precious, and even her eyes seemed a little more quick-witted.

It appeared that coming into contact with the leaf for such a short time had already changed her a little. This was beyond Leylin’s expectations.

“Let’s go! Unless you want to be scolded by Brother Thomas?” Sophia shot a glance at those guards who watched her like a tiger guarding their prey, and immediately walked out aloofly, just like a refined princess.

And these guards looked at each other and hung their heads down in dejection, following behind Sophia like bodyguards protecting their princess.

‘The effect is this good? She merely touched it a little!’ Leylin’s pupils contracted as he looked at the little green tree in the flowerbed.

‘The Wisdom Tree’s branches are so inconceivably formidable. They can provide such great enlightenment and wisdom!’

‘No! Sophia was so diligent in coming here, so perhaps she had been influenced by it. Knowing that this place could bring her great benefits, she did not hesitate to disobey Belinda’s guidance as a result!’ Slowly, Leylin suddenly understood the reason behind Sophia’s determination to visit him, and it seems that her previous goodwill was only a small part of it. To break through her sister’s command, perhaps only the craving for wisdom could do that.

‘This is good, it gives me more confidence in my own plan!’ Leylin secretly clenched his fist.


At the same time, next to a street not too far away from the courtyard stood Thomas, with a gloomy expression on his face.

“That slut!” Seeing Sophia leaving Leylin’s courtyard with a brilliant smile, Thomas’ expression grew very dark.

“And that Nick, he actually dared to ignore my warning, and continue to meet Sophia!”

*Bang!* Thomas’ fingers directly left long marks on the nearby wall, and a lot of powder fell from it.

“Get ready to go down there! I want to properly teach that Nick a lesson! It looks like I have been far too lenient to him this year……”

“As you command, Young Master!” the other two appeared to be captains of the garrison, but they respectfully knelt before him.

“Also, carefully investigate his background and strength!” Thomas added.

As a descendent of an influential family, although he was infatuated with Sophia, he couldn’t lose his head over her. After all, he understood restraint before power. As a result, if he was prepared to fall out with Nick, he would first investigate him as much as possible.

However, his influence as the heir of the Stuart family, as long as Leylin wasn’t the top of a small family of descendants, he could easily be crushed like a little ant. Still he would first investigate, just in case.

“An Alabaster Devilsnake bloodline! Even if you are rumoured to be the purest White Devil nobility, I’ll still send you to hell!”

Thomas looked at Leylin’s courtyard, with a cold light flashing in his eyes.


“Sister! Sister!” Sophia threw herself into Belinda’s arms and began to act spoilt, but Belinda’s expression was like ice, “Did you go to Nick’s place again? Haven’t I told you many times not to do that, or you will bring him a lot of trouble? Why don’t you ever listen?”

Belinda rarely spoke so strictly.

“But… I wanted to go!” Sophia felt wronged. She twined her fingers as she said, “I feel comfortable and very happy in Brother Nick’s place.”

“Oh? What did he do to you?” Belinda’s expression suddenly grew alert, even her finger joints began to crack.

“It’s not like that! It’s the small tree, just smelling it makes me feel good!” Sophia’s face flushed red.

“Nick’s darling tree?” Belinda shook her head, and felt that she had thought too much.

Belinda could not understand why Nick treated that tree like a precious treasure, and because of it she had consulted many resources and almost considered the Seed of Wisdom as some demonic thing that could bewitch a person’s heart.

She felt somewhat dissatisfied by his continuous attention to the tree, without even a care for himself.

“Mm! Also, Brother Nick let me give this to you, and said it would be very useful to Sister’s mission!” Sophia’s expression seemed a little reluctant, but she still gave the leaf to Belinda.

“What is this? Is it a calming amulet?” When the leaf touched her palm, Belinda did not feel any powerful sensation, only a slight chill from the leaf helping her mood to calm down a lot.

“It’s just some calming amulet? It doesn’t seem to be of much use! Why did he give this to me?” Belinda’s eyes seemed puzzled.

“No! Sophia feels that this leaf will be very useful to Sister, so you must bring it!” Sophia nevertheless had an imposing expression on her face.

“Alright, alright! I really can’t deal with the both of you…” Belinda’s face was brimming with a warm smile, she put away the leaf safely and stroked Sophia’s head, then her expression changed: “This is wrong!”

She looked Sophia up and down and stared at her sister without pause, “Sophia, why do I feel like you’ve gotten smarter…”

Due to an accident in her childhood, Sophia’s intelligence was like a child’s, but today her speech was very orderly, which was a ceaseless surprise to Belinda.

“Have I? I’ve always been very smart, it must be that sister has gotten it wrong!” Sophia smiled sweetly, but a crafty light flashed in the depths of her eyes.

“What? Perhaps the stress of tomorrow’s mission is too much! Has it driven me insane?” Belinda touched her own forehead.

“Belinda!” At this moment, another figure charged towards her, with an expression of unconcealed rage.

“Why did you take that mission? Don’t you know that the Crescent Lake has already become a dangerous area of gluttonous beasts?” Aegnis asked. The armour on her body hadn’t even been removed, and was still stained with blood… As the leader in charge, Aegnis spent almost every day active on the battlefield with the gluttonous beasts.

“I’ll leave first!” Seeing this situation, Sophia stuck out her tongue and slipped out of the door at lightning speed.

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