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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 756: Completely Unleashed

Chapter 756: Completely Unleashed

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“Since the people involved have arrived, it’s about time for me to make my appearance!” Leylin watched the enormous sphere of snakes rise up, and as he saw the terrifying figure of Beelzebub flapping its large fleshy wings, he suddenly laughed.

Thomas, who was still on the ground, had already been scared out of his wits. The second elder and the disciplinary corps had rebelled! The holy city was under attack! The true bodies of the Snake Dowager and the Sovereign King of Gluttony had emerged!

Every single one of these events were terrifying changes for him. And when they had all happened at once, Thomas was simply at a loss as to what to do.

“Oh! Aren’t you responsible for public security in this area during wartime? I’m sorry to trouble you, this place will only descend further into chaos from now.” Leylin apologized to Thomas like a gentleman, yet this messed with Thomas’ mind even more.

“Greater chaos? What do you mean?” But Thomas didn’t have time to think. An enormous beam of grey light suddenly shot out from the walls and the floor of the loft, heading straight towards the sky.

This was the last scene that Thomas witnessed. Soon after, he was melted by the horrifying energy, left without even a corpse.

“We meet again, Snake Dowager, and the Sovereign King of Gluttony!” A smile was plastered on Leylin’s face as he saluted them smoothly, just like someone greeting good friends whom he had not met in a long time.

Compared to the tremendous figures of the Snake Dowager and Beelzebub, the pillar of light beside them was like a thin thread. Leylin, who was within the light beam, was even tinier than an ant.

Yet it was this insignificant being who had attracted the attention of both the Snake Dowager and Beelzebub!

Any average rank 4 Morning Star Magus would have melted straightaway under the powerful and malicious gaze of the two rank 8 beings. Even Leylin had a similarly strong reaction.

“Keke…” He suddenly coughed out a large amount of blood. Blood even started to overflow directly from the tips of his fingers.

“Emperor of the Kemoyin Serpents! You little fellow, I’ll admit that you have succeeded in infuriating me!” The Snake Dowager’s voice was very calm, but an enormous shadow of a serpent’s head had already spread its jaws wide open, as if it was about to completely devour Leylin whole in one bite.

“Beautiful lady! Please wait, he belongs to me!”

A large, invisible mouth seemed to appear in thin air, biting down and breaking the shadow of the serpent head.

Beelzebub flapped its dreadful wings, his numerous compound eyes all fixated on Leylin, “Thank you for letting me discover this world! But what a pity, Magus! An ordinary mortal like you cannot pry into the power of laws. Are you thinking of sowing discord between this lady and I, and benefit by being a third party? Such a strategy is destined to fail. With your mortal intelligence, how could you think of becoming a god?”

“According to the agreement between Mister Nefarious Filthbird and I, this Magus belongs to me!” Beelzebub proclaimed while facing the Snake Dowager, as though he was declaring his sovereignty.

“Indeed, you and Nefarious Filthbird are in cahoots, and you have shielded yourself with the support of his chaos power… Cough…” Numerous grey lights shot out from Leylin, weakening him further.

At this point, the chaos power from the Nefarious Filthbird that had previously been accepted began to rebel. It was as if it was going to imprison Leylin and send him as a present to Beelzebub.

“Heh heh… what a pity…” Leylin appeared even more fragile, as though he would die in the next moment. However, a stream of laughter came from his lowered head.

“What’s a pity?” Beelzebub clearly wanted to continue teasing its prey.

“Hehe… It’s such a pity that I’ve never once thought of depending on either you! And I didn’t place my hopes on the fact that you would fight each other! I set up all of this just so that both of your true forms would be attracted here!”

Leylin laughed maniacally, his gaze filled with intent, “You are all my prey!”

“What… this premonition… A new fork has appeared in our path of destiny, a variable has appeared! No matter what, stop him at all costs!” The sweet smile that had always been on the Snake Dowager’s face suddenly changed.

“Heh heh! It’s too late!” Leylin laughed wildly. Numerous sacrificial ritual runes emerged from his body.

“Initiate established program!” He suddenly commanded.

[Beep! Program #1 has been activated, initialising forceful expulsion of chaos power.] The robotic voice of the A.I. Chip sounded.

When he had made his first sacrifice to the Nefarious Filthbird a long time ago, Leylin was already on guard against it. Afterwards, he had even ordered the A.I. Chip to monitor it at all times.

During the few times he’d been baptised by chaos power, he hadn’t directly come into contact with it, only using it as a raw material. He had been saving it all just for this moment!

“Oh!” Leylin’s face instantaneously flushed red. A grey layer of filth suddenly emerged from the hair follicles beneath his skin. Even the chaos power that had dug its way into his cells had been forcefully removed. In just a moment, he was clean.

*Bang!* A sacrificial spell formation emerged. The rune of the Nefarious Filthbird in the centre suddenly shattered, and an enraged cry of a bird could be heard.

“I offer the power of the Nefarious Filthbird as sacrifice! Mighty Purgatory Will, please descend!” Leylin’s gaze was incomparably fervent, yet it was also filled with his extremely calm judgment. These completely contradictory emotions made his eyes look highly demonic.

*Buzz!* An incomparably vast sacrificial spell formation with complex patterns began to surface, with the room that Leylin previously resided in set as its centre.

This particular sacrificial spell formation was much bigger than those for the previous few dignitaries. The one receiving the sacrifice in the center was, impressively, a rune representing the Purgatory World’s World Will!

*Whoosh!* In a flash, the entire Purgatory World seemed to have come to life. A mighty conscient, which was like the projection of the whole Purgatory World, suddenly turned its attention to them. As the violent winds howled, an enormous funnel cloud appeared in the sky, taking on a chaotic formless mass.

A grey radiance instantly descended from the heart of the chaotic mass, and collided with the Snake Dowager’s attack. Although it turned darker, it still protected Leylin from harm.

In the Purgatory World, Sacrificers who practised the ways of sacrificial rituals only cast their sights on the seven dignitaries, yet forgot that there was one more alternative. While this being was exceptionally disordered, and often neglected, no one could deny that it was the origin of the entire Purgatory World!

“Heh heh… So this is what you’re counting on, Magus? A chaotic will?”

Beelzebub laughed maniacally, “Judging by the strength of such a defense, it can’t even resist any being of laws…”

“Indeed! The Purgatory World’s will is extraordinarily chaotic, and it doesn’t even possess the slightest ability to respond. Even if I use a portion of the Nefarious Filthbird’s energy to attract its attention, the protective powers that are cast on me will not be able to protect me, much less defeat all of you…” Leylin’s voice was gentle, almost serene. However, the Snake Dowager and Beelzebub didn’t seem to think of it as a good sign.

“However… What if it awakened?” A green glimmer of light gently rose from the light beam. It was the Seed of Wisdom that Leylin had been cultivating before!

A splendid green brilliance rippled from above the little dewy green tree. Even those gluttonous beasts who had lost all semblance of intelligence seemed to have an expression of intense desire for this tree.

“Is this… the ancient Wisdom Tree? Don’t tell me that he’s thinking of…? Stop him, quick!”

A humongous grey bird spread open its wings. Its voice was full of anxiety, as though it had flown over from an endlessly chaotic place.

“Almighty Purgatory will! I offer the Wisdom Tree to you as a sacrifice! Awaken!” Leylin’s eyes were glistening with resolution, and his hands moved strangely quick. Following his sacrificial song, the little green tree transformed into a ray of green light, becoming one with the chaotic sky.

*Whoosh! Whoosh!* A wild beast seemed to be hiding within the grey chaotic mass. The intensity of its undulations increased exponentially, and the area was slowly filled with a green radiance.

“Almighty Purgatory will! You are the master of the Purgatory World! The original power of the Purgatory World itself! You are the epitome of all that exists! Please open your eyes and take a good look at these thieves! They wilfully plundered your strength and polluted your world, causing the entire Purgatory World to continuously sink into ruin… I, Leylin Farlier, a lowly Magus, sincerely beseech for your strength to get rid of these filthy beings, and return the Purgatory World to how it used to be!”

With Leylin’s prayer, the numerous undulations from the chaotic mass stopped, revealing a pair of cyan pupils. Shortly after, the entire world seemed to have come to a standstill. The gluttonous beasts and the snakemen not far away had all been rendered immobile.

The gigantic cyan pupils represented the world’s will, and its gaze was fixated on the Snake Dowager, Beelzebub and the others who were still mobile.

Rage! Rage! Rage! The entire world seemed to have come to life, and was venting its anger, making the hearts of the Snake Dowager and other formidable beings palpitate.

“The world’s will has awakened!” The Snake Dowager’s face was deathly pale, as though she had seen the most frightening thing ever.

A hole ripped open in the sky. An unending stream of the original power of the world gushed forth and surged violently, much like the turbulent flow of a river. This amplified Leylin’s growth rate, even making him feel as if he was the world itself.

*Whoosh!* In a flash,Leylin’s figure sharply grew and he became a giant who was able to support both heaven and earth. The previously enormous holy city now looked like a miniature model to him.

“Success! Power that exceeds rank 6! Now I’m at least a rank 7 Sacrificer!” Large quantities of chaotic cyan runes appeared on Leylin’s body. When he clenched his fist suddenly, even the very air seemed to shudder.

“This… is what I truly relied on!” The joy of having his plan succeed almost made Leylin shriek wildly into the sky. From the beginning, his trump card and all that he was relying on was the Purgatory Will.

In order to break through the bloodline shackles, Leylin required a bloodline origin and the power to surpass it, both of which which he didn’t have. When he had still been bound by the Allsnake Curse, searching for enough strength to defeat the Snake Dowager was practically only a fantasy.

But through the Purgatory World’s path of sacrifices, Leylin discovered a glimmer of hope! The path of sacrifices was originally used to pray for the strength of highly ranked beings, and was a method that would allow the weak to defeat the strong. The passing down of the sacrificial strength system inspired an even more fearless idea in Leylin.

Instead of offering sacrifices to a few dignitaries, why not offer sacrifices to the entire Purgatory World’s World Will? After all, the World Will, which was just like a programmed intelligent being, was much more trustworthy as compared to the temperamental dignitaries.

And speaking of offerings, what else would be more suitable than the roots of the ancient Wisdom Tree that could bring about enlightenment?

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