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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 757: 3 Strikes

Chapter 757: 3 Strikes

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The Purgatory World was a bizarre world. It was extremely vast, second only to the few strongest worlds such as the Magus World, World of Gods and Dreamscape. The world had originally been full of power.

Yet what was strange was that the Purgatory World Will had always been rather muddled. It was as though it was in deep sleep, or perhaps it was just foolish, allowing many formidable beings from other worlds to invade it, turning it into a paradise for a great many foreign beings.

However, the ancient Purgatory World was not like this. It also had its own powerful conscient!

Every world had its respective World Will, which would abide by its instinctive need to safeguard its own interests. After receiving such information from the Wisdom Tree, Leylin instantly saw hope in defeating the Snake Dowager and obtaining the bloodline origin!

Since the Purgatory Will was currently dormant or perhaps muddled, then Leylin would rouse it from its sleep! Judging by the Wisdom Tree’s powerful ability to bestow intelligence and wisdom, this would be a simple task. It went without saying as to how the World Will would treat the Snake Dowager and the rest after it was awakened.

To visualize it, the Purgatory World Will was like a swarthy man guarding his house. While he was asleep, a gang of bandits had broken into his house and were acting like tyrants to his people. What would he do to them once he woke up?

Furthermore, the Purgatory World was an exceptionally strong world, unlike the small worlds where rank 8 beings could not fit in. It was at least of the same rank as the Icy World, which had been enough to suppress beings such as the Snake Dowager and many others, causing their invasions to fail.

Now, the Purgatory World was awake and clear-headed. Sure enough, upon seeing these thieves wilfully stealing the origin power on its turf, it immediately boiled over with fury.

Since Leylin had taken the initiative to offer sacrifices in order to awaken it, it went without saying that he would receive credit. Additionally, he had requested to banish these robbers, and it was reasonable that the World Will would hold him in high regard. It was so much so that upon obtaining additional support from the World Will, Leylin could now be praised as the son of the world! Everything he had done was to carry out punishments in the name of the heavens!

“It’s the Purgatory World Will! It’s awake!”

“Hasn’t it always been muddled? Why did it come to its senses all of a sudden?”

“I sense a hint of wisdom. It’s because of the assistance of the ancient Wisdom Tree!”

When the pair of eyes opened to reveal its the cyan pupils, a terrifying and oppressive force instantly descended on the entire world. These beings of laws could now sense it even more strongly. This was a suppressive force that originated from within the world. No matter in which corner one hid in in the Purgatory World, they would be unable to escape. This exemplified the horrifying amount of authority that the Purgatory Will possessed!

The suppressive force from inside this formidable world could even make foreign beings such as the Snake Dowager and the Nefarious Filthbird fall, and it could be said that there was nothing more terrifying than this!

A few other conscients kept their distance, and were filled with restraining fear. Even if they were rank 8 beings, the gains of starting a war against the World Will definitely would not make up for their losses.

This was especially since this was the Purgatory World, which was the homeground of the Purgatory Will. The moment someone got its attention, he would be left in a miserable state.

The winds howled. Numerous powerful conscients and spies from the deep sea immediately disappeared without a trace, cowering in fear.

*Chirp chirp!* The Nefarious Filthbird, which seemed to have flown out of nowhere, hastily made an elegant turn upon seeing the situation, trying to escape.

“Get lost!” Leylin raised his hand as though he was about to swat a housefly. Each and every move that he made seemed to bear the strength of the entire world, making the Nefarious Filthbird fly far away in the opposite direction as it wailed. Numerous grey feathers floated to the ground.

‘Even though the strength is only temporarily borrowed, it’s relatively horrifying!’ Leylin could sense that every single cell in his body was filled with the tremendous energy. Furthermore, as compared to the other dignitaries who only allowed rank 6 Sacrificers at best, the Purgatory Will was clearly much more generous. The energy that Leylin had temporarily drawn support from had been amplified to the realm of a rank 7 Sacrificer. Even though it could not last for long, and had to be returned afterwards, at least it gave him enough external strength for the time being for him to be on par with the other contenders.

“The fellow who has been such a hindrance has left. Seal!”

Leylin spread open his arms and cast vast amounts of cyan chaos chains on the Purgatory World. It seemed that this region had been sealed shut, and a horrifying amount of lightning was attached directly to the chains.

This was an enclosure formed by the chaos chains and lightning laws. Beelzebub and the Snake Dowager were about to make a run for it, but their expressions turned gloomy.

With the aid of the A.I. Chip, as well his Full Moon truesoul, Leylin had a detailed estimate of his own strength. ‘Three times! With the assistance of the world origin force, I’m left with three times at most to exhibit this peak of power!’ he thought to himself.

He knew inwardly that rank 8 beings had the power to contend with the suppression of the World Will. After all, it too was an intelligent being, and its support for Leylin couldn’t possibly be inexhaustible. Even if Leylin was willing to work under it and defeat the others on its behalf, the World Will might be reluctant to expend so much energy.

If they declared war against so many rank 8 beings at once, they would be devastated even if they emerged victorious in the end. The entire Purgatory World could even crumble under the attack.

However, with Leylin’s current rank as a Sacrificer, it would still help him get rid of these few if Leylin cashed in all his contributions.

‘The sacrifice of the Wisdom Tree contributed to the World Will regaining its clear-headedness once more. With all of that, I only received these few chances to take action?’ Leylin was very clear about this sentiment.

‘As expected, rank 8 beings are extremely powerful indeed. But three chances will be enough!’ Currently, the Snake Dowager and Beelzebub were both suppressed by the World Will in this region that had been sealed shut. They had fallen by a rank, and were now about rank 7 or so.

On the other hand, Leylin had been amplified to rank 7, and even exceeded that slightly. The tables had turned instantly!

“Kemoyin Emperor, my descendant! Although you have the support of the World Will, you will not be able to deal with us! I can lift your curse, and even help you become the new progenitor of the Allsnakes. All I want is for you to vow your allegiance to me!”

As they both shared a common enemy, Beelzebub and the Snake Dowager had gotten a little closer. The Snake Dowager had also given a suggestion to bring about peace.

“Haha… Before I possessed such power, I wasn’t even eligible to talk to you. And now you’re actually appealing for peace? What’s the use of such a weak alliance?” Leylin laughed maniacally. The original power of the Purgatory World wouldn’t be entwined with him forever. Once this sacrificial ritual was over, he would still be that tiny rank 5 Warlock from before. Then, would he still entrust the security of his life to the Snake Dowager’s benevolence?

“All living things in the world will collapse eventually. Only strength is eternal!” It was now that Leylin had gained a profound understanding of how the law of the jungle worked. If he didn’t want to be assaulted and sacrificed, the only thing he could do was to make himself powerful. Everything else was bullsheet!

“First strike!” After laughing to his heart’s content, Leylin brazenly made his move. The entire Purgatory World seemed to boil. An abundance of the origin power of this world tethered to his hand, giving him the illusion that he could destroy the world.

“Allsnake Devour!” The Snake Dowager bit her lip. The demonic energy even made the entire world slow down. Numerous giant snake shadows suddenly appeared and attempted to bite off Leylin’s hands.

*Crash! Crash!* Terrifying lightning shot out from Leylin’s hand, annihilating the many shadows into ash and smoke. Leylin’s giant-like figure, stretching from the earth to the heavens, instantly came in front of the starlike sphere of snakes.

“Sever the Kemoyin bloodline!”

An attack that transcended time and space made the Snake Dowager’s face turn lifeless in an instant. Soon after, out of the many giant snakes that had extended under her body, the head of a Kemoyin snake with vertical slit-like amber pupils suddenly broke apart.

*Hss—* The many snake heads started to tremble at once, and anguish was apparent even on the Snake Dowager’s face. This was an injury suffered by her real body, something which even damaged her bloodline origin.

The head of the enormous Kemoyin serpent tumbled in mid-air, and continuously dissolved to form a large ball of purplish-red blood with hints of cyan.

“The bloodline origin!” Leylin’s eyes lit up. He could feel the longing in every single cell of his body. He suddenly went forth and swallowed the large amount of blood.

[Beep! Host body has consumed the origin blood from the Snake Dowager. Gene strands have been broken apart and recombined, recalculating data.]

In practically an instant, the genes of the Kemoyin Emperor broke apart from their limit. His bloodline accepted the fenes from the great amounts of origin blood. Under the A.I. Chip’s command, these recombined genes did not follow the conventional path of the Snake Dowager. The instead underwent greater evolutions under Leylin’s command.

These changes eventually extended to his soul. The barbed iron chain on Leylin’s forehead cracked apart instantly. The head of an enormous black giant serpent suddenly emerged from within, hissing excitedly behind Leylin as its body seemed to undergo even greater changes.

[Beep! Allsnake Curse has been lifted!] The sensation of removing the chains in one move made Leylin feel entirely free from worry.

“Beelzebub! Do you know why I released the Trial’s Eye and the Nefarious Filthbird, but insisted on keeping you behind?” Lightning flashed violently. The origin power of the world encircled Leylin from head to toe as he came in front of Beelzebub.

In comparison to the gigantic Leylin, the devilish body of Beelzebub was as insignificant as a rag doll.

Without waiting for Beelzebub to answer, Leylin continued, “Because I have my eye on the laws you hold! Your laws of gluttony are just too compatible with my own innate skills. I can’t help but wish to take action. Thus, I specially summoned you to come to the Purgatory World for this purpose. And I even gifted you a clone!”

“A clone? This Black Horrall Snake?!” Beelzebub kept retreating, and fear was apparent in its numerous compound eyes. To him, Leylin was the real devil.

“No! Impossible. I definitely inspected it very carefully!”

“I didn’t rig your clone, because to me, as long as its original form is a Black Horrall Snake, it would be sufficient!”

Leylin’s pupils were burning with fervor. He spread open his arms and ferociously grabbed Beelzebub’s devil wings.

“Second strike!”

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