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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 759: Aftermath

Chapter 759: Aftermath

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The challenging risks had paid off. Leylin had staked everything on a desperate gamble, and it came through. Not only had he broken through his bloodline shackles, he had even grasped the power of laws! He was now comparable to a rank 7 law wielding Magus, and there was only a small barrier to his advance.

He was now so powerful that the A.I. Chip’s original units of measurement couldn’t quantify his strength any more. He had to switch to another unit of measurement.

‘Near rank 7 in power… If I stay in the Magus World, I won’t even need to be afraid of the Snake Dowager.’ Leylin was now completely relaxed, and he even had the urge to yell out into the heavens. ‘It’s a pity that I couldn’t lure Beelzebub out completely, and the law isn’t complete. However, just the damage to his soul is enough to cause him to go into a deep sleep or even die. Worse comes to worst, I’ll attack his lair and then seize the last bit of the power of laws. Naturally, I’ll be able to enter rank 7 after that.’

‘As expected, the power of a Magus changes drastically in rank 6. Those who grasp laws can’t even be measured by the A.I. Chip…’

“A.I. Chip, show what can be displayed,” Leylin commanded., immediately discovering a drastic change in his stats.

[Leylin Farlier, rank 6 Warlock. Bloodline: Targaryen (rank 6). Estimated stats, Strength: 5750, Agility: 4690, Vitality: 8290, Spiritual Force: ???, Magic Power: ???, Soul Force: ???. Comprehension of laws, Devour: 99%]

‘Hah… What a change!’ Leylin’s eyes narrowed, ‘This boost is much greater than that of my previous advancements. It’s basically tens, or even hundreds of times! The boost from the power of laws is so terrifying…

‘Based on the calculations, I must have over 10000 spiritual force, causing an overflow…’ Leylin stroked his chin and commanded, “Alright. Recalculate with the stats of the Heavenly Astral Race as the model.] [Beep! Recalculating host’s data… change completed] the A.I. Chip loyally intoned and showed the stats to Leylin.

[Leylin Farlier, rank 6 Warlock. Bloodline: Targaryen (rank 6). Strength: 172.52, Agility : 125.07, Vitality: 253.77, Spiritual force: 449.42, State of soul: Peak Breaking Dawn. Comprehension of laws: Devouring, 99%.]

The units of the new data were based on the Heavenly Astral Race. Every unit was more than ten times its previous standard. The numbers in spiritual force had condensed a hundredfold, allowing it to be quantified. Because Leylin’s soul force and power of laws had been merged into one, it was not shown on the A.I. Chip.

‘Mm! The A.I. Chip’s method of calculation is rather direct. Doesn’t this mean even the slightest of my actions equate to hundreds of Heavenly Astral Morning Stars?’

Leylin stroked his chin, ‘Our strength might be similar, but the boost from laws hasn’t been calculated into it by the A.I. Chip…’

Things would’ve been different if he was an ordinary Breaking Dawn, but Leylin had already stepped into the realm of laws. The boost from the power of laws caused his strength to increase so violently that it was terrifying.

*Rumble…* Large spirals of chaotic energy dissipated gradually in the air, and that pair of green eyes also vanished without a trace.

The sacrificial rune on Leylin’s body disappeared quickly, crumbling in practically the blink of an eye.

“The will of the Purgatory World has left…” Leylin muttered to himself, looking slightly desolate. As he had already reached rank 6 and comprehended laws, the World Will had sensed that Leylin had already surpassed many Monarchs.

“While I helped the World Will to gain some wisdom, it has helped me defeat my opponents and allowed me to advance. We’re even now…” Leylin could tell that his status as a Sacrificer had dropped as quickly as it had risen. He was now back at square one.

“The Purgatory Will is merely a robotic intellectual body. The help before was merely a transaction. If I want to become a child of Purgatory, I’ll have to join its side and allow its intent to pervade my body, becoming half a puppet.” Leylin stroked his chin. World Wills were rational and unfeeling. Even if Leylin had helped it before, were he to reveal even the slightest intent to harm the Purgatory World it would still treat him as an enemy.

Wills worked like artificial intelligences, programs with procedures programmed into them. While he could not influence such a thing with emotions, he would be safe against backstabbing. Settling the transaction once and for all was quick and convenient.

This was unlike dignitaries like the Nefarious Filthbird. With it, no matter how devout one was in their prayer it would still think of ways to take control of them, turning them into a bargaining chip. Something like that would never happen with the Purgatory Will.

“But my path is still that of magic— the path of truth. Turning into a half-puppet doesn’t suit me,” Leylin shook his head, abandoning all thoughts of settling in the Purgatory World. It wasn’t just becoming a subordinate of the Purgatory Will; just the thought of the other dignitaries here left Leylin’s scalp numb.

Leylin may have grown close to rank 7, becoming an existence that was thousands of times stronger than before, but he was still no match for a rank 8. He might have seemed courageous and unstoppable, but that was because he had the cheat that was the Purgatory World Will.

With the World Will around, those rank 8s had to deal with its suppression. They would only have about 50% of their original strength, and on top of that they had to deal with Leylin who had reached rank 7 as a Sacrificer with it. That obviously made things dangerous.

However, Leylin had depended entirely on an offering of the genetic clone of the ancient Wisdom Tree, which had given him great support from the Purgatory Will. In the future, he would not have an offering of that grade. If he were to meet with the Snake Dowager and duel fairly, even escaping could be difficult.

“I’ve awakened the will of the Purgatory World. That’s akin to finding an owner above those rank 8 existences who’s constantly thinking about ways to expel them from the Purgatory World.” Leylin felt pins and needles on his scalp.

In order to break through the bloodline shackles, he had roused the Purgatory Will from its slumber. That had had a great effect, but also thoroughly offended all the foreign dignitaries of the Purgatory World. However, if the situation were to repeat itself, Leylin would still make the same choice.

Still, staying in the Purgatory World was now a very irrational thing.

With so many rank 8 existences hostile towards him, and with him being an arch enemy of the Snake Dowager, not even the tiny bit of him would be left behind if they joined hands.

“The only choice is to hide in the Magus World,” Leylin’s eyes were filled with resolution. He was a native of the Magus World, and the powerful Magus World Will would naturally not suppress him. If foreign beings like the Snake Dowager were to enter, the suppression would be more terrifying than in the Purgatory World.

After all, the Magus World was one of the two most powerful worlds!

Weighing his options, Leylin was confident the rank 8 existences could reach the Magus World, but they would not be able to leave. Of course, there was a higher possibility that they would just give up. After all, they were no fools and would not seek death.

“Alright! Since I have a bit of time left, I should wrap everything up and leave as soon as possible!” Leylin’s expression was rather urgent.

*Roar—* *Wooo—* At this moment, the restrictions from the World Will dissipated, and the world resumed its movement. Numerous gluttonous beasts roared at Leylin with an air of provocation.

There was no lack of rank 6s among the beasts Beelzebub had nurtured. They had astutely sensed that if they could kill Leylin and steal his comprehension of laws, there would be a drastic transformation to their bodies.

If they were alone, they might not have dared do this. Now, however, the many gluttonous beasts turned into a horde. Leylin could be a peak rank 6 on the surface, but with the horde and many rank 6s surrounding and attacking him, there was a slight possibility of him being killed.

“Kill him!” “Kill him!” The three-headed python that was the second elder of the Stewart Family provoked the gluttonous beasts around him to advance.

The earlier events had progressed too quickly, and on top of that there was a seal from the World Will. Many gluttonous beasts and even residents of the holy city were yet to react to it.

Only the rank 6s felt a sense of fear when it came to Leylin, but the hope to break through to the power of laws enticed them to take the risk.

*Roar—* The gluttonous snakes that were as enormous as mountains surrounded Leylin, accompanied by the terrifying zombified monsters.

“Is this clever?” Leylin watched the three-headed python hiding behind the berserk rank 6 beings, a slight smile on his face, “Even an ordinary peak rank 6 would find trouble when attacked like this, no? It’s a pity though… I’ve already passed through the realm of rank 6. The power of laws is something you cannot imagine…”

Having nearly grasped the law of devouring, Leylin had changed drastically. The immense increase in his stats reached the requirements of rank 7. At the very least, the Blazing Flame Monarch that Leylin had seen before definitely did not have such extreme numbers when it came to spiritual force, and perhaps had yet to even reach the ten thousands.

After all, she had merely comprehended a bit of the power of flames, and only understood the tip of the iceberg. How could that be comparable to Leylin, who now had a body of laws?

“Submit!” Leylin merely spat out this single word while he was encircled by the many rank 6 gluttonous beasts.

In that moment, the terrifying power of laws exploded from his body, causing the world to come to a standstill once again.

*Thud!* *Thud!* There were hints of struggle in the beasts’ eyes, but their bodies automatically knelt down.

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