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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 760: Back To The Magus World

Chapter 760: Back To The Magus World

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With one word, the numerous rank 6 beings bowed their heads to him. The power of laws shockingly had such an effect!

“It shouldn’t be difficult to control these beasts given some time with just the law of gluttony. Pity…” Leylin gazed at the eyes of the large gluttonous beasts and shook his head.

“I can’t bring them back to the Magus World. Besides, I’m relying on the law of devouring which isn’t compatible with these gluttonous beasts. Most importantly, their power originates from the gluttonous power of Beelzebub. Now that the root of their power has been warped, I can’t fix them even if I try.”

“Perish! Innate law— Devour!” A terrifying, monstrous winged serpent that extended across the horizon appeared behind Leylin, and a horrifying black hole was formed in an instant.

Numerous gluttonous beasts wailed in anguish, but seemed to be suppressed by some kind of invisible force that rendered them immobile as they watched themselves disappearing into that black hole.

“No! I’m the second elder of the Stewart family, destined to break through the bloodline shackles and bring my family to glory. Why… Why did things turn out this way?” The enormous three-headed python discovered something was amiss when the black hole appeared, and he began to flee for his life. However, that wasn’t enough to escape the fate of being devoured. Along with howls of indignation, his voice slowly disappeared into the black hole.

The invisible pull spread across the plains, and the many gluttonous beasts were thrown into the black hole while howling in anguish. Their rank didn’t matter. Minutes later, all of the gluttonous beasts surrounding the holy city were completely gone.

“I feel a little full now,” Leylin touched his belly, speechless. After devouring so many gluttonous beasts, the bit of heat that he felt surging through his body had disappeared in an instant.

At this moment, the A.I. Chip’s prompt was transmitted. [Beep! Host has taken in a small amount of essence, boosted by rank 6 innate skill Devour. Strength has risen by 0.001. Vitality has risen by 0.002.]

“After reaching semi rank 7, energy below that of laws is useless to me.” Leylin shook his head. He, who had now almost completely grasped the law of devouring, had a body of laws that was incomparable to what it had been before.

The essence of the gluttonous beasts of the Serpent Plains was just a tiny supplement for him.

“It’s time to leave.” Leylin’s eyes swept across the holy city. As he had intentionally spared the city before, the power of devouring had not taken in any resident of the holy city. Hence, all the snake beings within the holy city gazed at Leylin dumbly and took particular notice of that terrifying Targaryen serpent, practically losing all ability to speak.

“What’s going on? I only saw the holy mother appear, but after that, everything seemed to have gone stagnant. When did that thing appear?”

Belinda stared dumbly at the figure of the monstrous winged serpent, “Why… Why does this give me such a familiar feeling? Is this some hidden power of the holy mother?”

“Found you!” A gentle voice was heard by Belinda’s ear, and she then felt her body grow light, as if someone was lifting her, and her surroundings changed before her eyes in an instant.

When she regained her senses, she was already standing outside the holy city.

“Sister!” An elated voice could be heard. Sophia threw herself into Belinda’s arms, her tears falling without pause, and she evidently looked frightened.

“My precious Sophia!” Belinda patted Sophia’s back, and then glanced towards Aegnis, who looked despondent and down.

Of course, what attracted her attention the most was the the figure standing at the side and wearing black magic robes, who was just like some sort of god.

The black hair, pupils that were like the dark night and the face of this young stranger was like that of a god who had come down to this world… Everything about him was incomparably flawless, but Belinda felt a sense of familiarity with him.

“Belinda, Sophia and Aegnis, we meet again! Let me reintroduce myself. I am Leylin Farlier, and my name of Nick from before was just my alias,” Leylin gazed at the three uniquely different snake girls and laughed slightly, while saying things that caused their expressions to change drastically. Using the power of laws to search the city and bring the three of them here had taken just a second.

“You’re… Nick?” Belinda gaped, looking stunned. No matter how she tried, she was completely unable to match this man, who had gotten rid of countless gluttonous beasts with a wave of his hand, with the Nick she knew.

On top of that, Nick had had long silver hair, scarlet pupils and many wrinkles from aging. No matter how she looked at it, it was impossible for her to link the two of them.

No! If she were to disregard those features, his features were still rather similar! Belinda’s eyes narrowed, now finally knowing where that sense of familiarity was coming from.

“So should I call you brother Nick or brother Leylin from now on?” Sophia merely bit her fingernails, looking perplexed.

“That’s up to you, but I personally prefer being called Leylin!”

“Leylin Farlier, the wanted Magus! The person cursed by the holy mother!” Aegnis expressionlessly recited Leylin’s background. “Good job exploiting our Stewart Family. Where’s the holy mother?” While she still looked grim, her heart was sinking.

First was the betrayal of the second elder, which meant that the Stewart Family had not fulfilled its duties. It was because he had the protection of the Stewart Family that he had been able to cause so much damage to her.

After this disaster, would the Stewart Family have a chance of revitalising itself?

Not exterminating the whole Stewart Family should already be considered magnanimous on the Snake Dowager’s part.

“The Mighty Mother of All Snakes is obviously fine. She just left temporarily!” Leylin chuckled subtly. He then glanced towards Belinda, “So? Have you accepted this yet?”

“You’ve been… using me? You’ve already accomplished your aims, so why did you get me here?”

Belinda stood up, a dead look in her eyes.

“I can’t deny that.”

Leylin nodded, and then noticed Belinda’s body swaying.

“Then why?” Belinda’s eyes were full of complicated feelings.

“It’s obviously so that I can take you away!” Leylin laughed.

“Take us away?” Belinda never imagined there would be this sort of answer.

”Where are we going? Will it be fun?” Sophia’s eyes twinkled, her focus evidently quite different from the others’.

“That’s not happening. I need to stay here. My family needs me.” This was Aegnis’ reply.

“I’m afraid that’s not up to you,” Leylin said calmly. Belinda and Aegnis suddenly realised that they had lost all their strength. Whether their elemental affinity or bloodline force or even power as a Sacrificer, everything descended into stillness and could not be used at all.

“You can hate me, Belinda, but you must obey me and leave this world with me,” Leylin sounded serene, but there was an intent there that could not be resisted.

“My actions here, hm… how do I put it? I’ve completely offended the Snake Dowager. I’m obviously not afraid of her, but she might take her anger out on you guys. Hence, you’ll need to leave the Purgatory World…

“This reason is very applicable to Aegnis’ situation.”

Leylin stared at Aegnis, who now looked dull. If not for the fact that she had taken care of Belinda and her sister, Leylin wouldn’t even have cared whether she lived or died.

However, the Snake Dowager would absolutely take out her anger on the Stewart Family and they would be destroyed. This was a matter already set in stone, and if she were to stay behind, she was most likely doomed.

“Offending the Snake Dowager and having her anger taken out on us? O mighty dignitary! What have you done?!” Belinda was immediately stunned by these affairs, which were like that had only happened in legends.

“It’s nothing! I just made her bleed a little and also tore her godly status apart,” Leylin shrugged his shoulders, “Alright, enough idle talk. It’s time to go.”

“Hss…” The enormous monstrous winged snake hissed and struck at the air, opening up a huge black hole. Leylin flew into the air and, bringing the other three along, abruptly entered the spatial pathway.

*Whoosh!* Many fresh flowers bloomed to full flower on the grassland, turning the area into a sea of flowers. The wind whistled and brushed past, sending petals flying as beautiful music was heard, as if the Purgatory Will was sending Leylin off.

The snake beings in the holy city could only watch on cluelessly. The faith of some of them wavered, beginning to worship Leylin. This began the legend of a winged serpent dignitary, spreading in Purgatory World…


A terrifying spatial storm was formed, and much lightning formed an arched door. Four figures traversed the lightning gate and descended to another place.

The sky was dark and gloomy and gave a repressed feeling. The air was full of negative energy and earth-type elemental particles.

“The localisation was rather successful! Though the astral plane coordinates long since stopped working, I’m not the same person I was before!” Leylin surveyed his surroundings, finding that this was close to the laboratory from which he had traversed to the Purgatory World, and he could not help but nod in satisfaction.

An existence of laws could wander around in the astral plane, and he’d long since known of the Magus World’s coordinates. There was no trouble in getting back. Powerful solidified soul force and the power of laws allowed Leylin to get a deeper understanding of the Magus World.

Like a mother whose child who had been traveling had returned, the Magus World received Leylin with open arms without the least bit of suppression.

“The Magus World’s Will…” Leylin closed his eyes, the figure of a Targaryen serpent emerging at his back, “So it’s already sunk into a slumber?”

“However…” Leylin glanced at the three whose auras had obviously become weaker, “Even deep asleep, it still subconsciously rejects existences from other worlds and even causes fear amongst rank 8 existences. How powerful could the World Will be at its peak condition?”

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