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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 761: King Arthur

Chapter 761: King Arthur

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“Where… is this?” Belinda looked bewildered, the energy undulations on her body suppressed to below Morning Star. Sophia on the other hand was much weaker, and she did not change very much.

“This… is this your original world?” Aegnis was no better, having almost fallen to Morning Star herself.

The more powerful a world was, the more its residents would be suppressed in the Magus World. Since those like Sophia posed no threat, the suppression she faced was the weakest.

Upon seeing this, Leylin looked to be deep in thought before he clapped his hands. “Ladies, welcome to the Magus World. This is the first level of the underground world. I hope you like it!” Now that their attention was on him, Leylin rubbed his nose.

“Now that you’re here, you’re free to do as you please. Of course, if you follow me, I’ll take care of you. One more thing. I’ve already gotten married here. Still, although I have more than one wife already, I wouldn’t mind having a few more…”

“Oh, so Brother Leylin is already married! Can Sophia meet the other sisters?” Sophia spoke in a manner as if she knew Leylin well. While her disease had been healed, she was rather childlike in her everyday manners. Of course, while watching her crafty eyes, Leylin knew what she was thinking.

“You scoundrel!” Belinda cursed once at him, but did not leave. Aegnis watched her and followed expressionlessly.

“Alright! So you’re not planning to leave yet? Follow me for now. I’ll teach you some general things about the Magus World and the language. Next, we’ll visit the Arthur family and have you settled,” Leylin laughed and brought the three snake girls along. While they were leaving, his eyes slanted towards the east, a hint of a smile within them.

This was a place very far from Leylin’s laboratory, in a huge kingdom’s capital city. Many beastmen, dwarves, elves and subterranean humans coexisted in peace, and the place seemed to be very prosperous.

“Hm? The aura from another world?” A streak of black light burst out from a secret room in the capital of the Arthur Kingdom. Flickering in the air a few times, it howled towards the heavens.

The many defensive spell formations seemed not to notice the black ray of light, allowing it to enter without any resistance at all.

“King Arthur!” “King Arthur!” many powerful beings exclaimed.

WIthin the palace, a middle-aged man wearing a crown was completely shocked, “Has the ancestor been awoken from his slumber? Have there been any major changes?”


“An outsider from another world has invaded, and is even in our kingdom…” Said a fair, blond man within black light. His eyes were blue, and his features so sharp he seemed chiseled. He had an aura of hot-bloodedness and firmness.

“What is this faint feeling that makes my heart beat so quickly?” A trace of concern surfaced in the white man’s eyes, but he quickly drowned it out. As a peak Breaking Dawn Monarch, he was like a lightning flash. He was able to find Leylin’s previous laboratory in the shortest time possible, and though it had already been abandoned, he was still able to discover a great many things.

“It’s in the style of what is used in the central continent. There’s an astral gate as well. Is it an existence from another world brought back by some Magi? In that case, this person’s strength…” While he was bewildered, he heard a transmission. The information contained within immediately got the middle-aged man to get moving again, chasing after Leylin and the others.

“Brother Leylin, why are we suddenly stopping?” Sophia was extremely curious about everything around her, and her questions had no end.

“We’re waiting for someone.” Leylin indifferently twitched his lips in a slight sneer.

“Friend or foe?” Belinda got to the point.

“He isn’t qualified to be either,” Leylin waved his hand dismissively.

Immediately after, a streak of dark light burst through the skies, and while it was heading closer the soul strength it emanated caused Aegnis’ expression to change, “Rank 6, it’s a rank 6! No, peak rank 6!”

As one who had been a rank 5 and a guard of the holy city, Aegnis’ knowledge and perception was clearly ahead of the two sisters’.

But then her face changed, and Aegnis ridiculed herself with a wry laugh after taking a glance at the calm Leylin, “Then again, what is a rank 6 to you?”

Even though she hadn’t watched the terrifying battle between Leylin and the other dignitaries, she had seen Leylin devouring numerous rank 6 gluttonous beasts, and her mind had been completely blown.

“Revered Magus, my name is Arthur. I welcome you to the subterranean world!” At this moment, the black ray arrived before Leylin and the others, revealing the figure of a fair middle-aged man.

“Arthur?!” Leylin’s brows furrowed slightly, but they quickly smoothed out, “The king who established the Arthur Kingdom? Pardon me for my rudeness!”

“Your humble servant prefers to be called ‘Arthur’. What does the power of kings mean to us?” Arthur smiled gently and seemed affable, lacking any arrogance in his bearing. Of course, this could have to do with Leylin’s strength. If not for it, he wouldn’t be treating them with such a good attitude.

[Arthur, Rank 6 Magus. Estimated stats, Strength: 21, Agility: 11, Vitality: 19, Spiritual Force: 40 Soul State: Peak Breaking Dawn. Comprehension of laws: Darkness, Gravity, Earth…]

With just a short exchange, the A.I. Chip had silently gathered his stats. It had evolved with Leylin’s own advancement, and had begun to touch the power of laws itself. Nothing below rank 7 could hinder its scans and analyses.

‘These stats aren’t those of the past, but formed using the new measurements of the Heavenly Astral Race?’ Leylin rubbed his chin, ‘While we’re both peak Breaking Dawn, based on the previous standards his spiritual force hasn’t even reached 10,000. This shouldn’t happen… Is there a difference in the comprehension of laws?’

Leylin had a feeling that those horrifying stats he had were not comparable to regular peak Breaking Dawn Magi.

‘Based on the information given by the A.I. Chip, as well as my instincts, while his comprehension is above that of the Blazing Flame Monarch, it’s still only at 20 to 30%…’ Leylin stroked his chin.

Within Arthur’s eyes, this black haired Magus seemed young but his aura had an unfathomable depth to it. It had a force field like a giant beast who could devour everything, and a hint of sincere dread began to surface in Arthur’s mind.

‘How can that be? I’ve gone through countless bloody battles in the subterranean world, and I’m the person who set up the Arthur Kingdom! I’ve even seen those existences of laws before… existences…’ King Arthur’s eyes suddenly widened as if he had thought of something, and he unconsciously used a little bit of the power of the laws of earth.

The three girls fell to the ground. From their point of view, the entire subterranean world had begun to move. The suppression from the phantom figure of the continent made them feel that their souls would be extinguished in the next second.

“You’re probing me?” Leylin chuckled. No matter how terrifying that force was, everything around him was melted away by limitless devouring power. It finally even swallowed up Arthur’s phantom world in one bite.

“Hah…” Arthur panted roughly. After seeing this, he did not hesitate to kneel down on one knee, “Arthur hereby greets the mighty lord at rank 7! Please bestow upon me your name, and please forgive me for my previous actions!”

“Rank 7?” Leylin laughed involuntarily, “I’m at most half a rank 7. As for my name… just call me Leylin.”

“Yes, Lord Leylin!” Arthur felt like he was being raised up by some invisible gigantic force, involuntarily moving his body to into a standing position. The expression on his face became even more reverent.

“Why… what makes you think I’m a rank 7 Magus?” Leylin’s brows furrowed as he asked Arthur…

Through the King’s explanations, he managed to get a better understanding of the path forward for rank 6 Magi. Based on his words, even peak Breaking Dawn Magi would not possess strength like Leylin’s. All their stats, including spiritual force, were about the same as his own. Only their comprehension of laws was different.

“Once comprehension of a law crosses 50%, Breaking Dawn Magi will descend into a dormant state and undergo a terrifying qualitative change where all stats increase by a large amount. If comprehension of the law cannot be completed to reach rank 7, one will be unable to wake up for eternity?” Leylin touched his chin, thinking back to his own situation.

His situation was extremely unique. His law of devouring had completely captured Beelzebub’s law of gluttony, but because the true body still existed there was still a bit left before the law could be completed. He was now right at the boundary of rank 7.

‘But I’ve basically passed through the stage of the qualitative change that rank 6 Magi go through, and my body has already begun to be infused with the power of laws. The distance to rank 7 is paper-thin…’ Leylin instantly thought this through. He basically had one foot in the door to rank 7, and his stats were definitely comparable to regular beings of laws.

Those rank 6 Breaking Dawn Monarchs whose stats were similar to King Arthur would only undergo a huge increase in strength after the period of deep slumber. At that point, they would either die or successfully reach rank 7. Leylin was a special exception.

“Only Breaking Dawn Magi who comprehend above 50% can undergo a qualitative change due to the power of laws?” he asked indifferently.

“Yes, my lord!” Arthur glanced at Leylin bewilderedly. From his perspective, this person was definitely a rank 7 Magus of laws, but for some reason he couldn’t understand he denied it. Whatever it was, treating him as respectfully as possible would never be the wrong decision.

“Though I really wish to enter rank 7, the realm of laws, the path of the comprehension of laws is too challenging. Thousands of years have passed, and I still have yet to reach that threshold…”

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