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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 762: Subjugation

Chapter 762: Subjugation

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Arthur forced a smile as he spoke, a hint of fear in his voice, “Even after reaching the threshold of 50%, I wouldn’t dare enter the slumber of qualitative change and go through with such a huge gamble!”

“Why? Because of the rate of failure?” Leylin suddenly understood.

“Yes, my lord!” Terror was evident in Arthur’s eyes, “The Magi who sink into that stage of slumber will gradually reach their death in their sleep if they cannot completely comprehend the law… Ever since the ancient final war, I’ve never heard of anyone who has succeeded…”

“In other words, no Magi have advanced to rank 7 since the ancient war?” Leylin stroked his chin, suddenly feeling like he had been extremely lucky. Though his method of advancing had been different from regular Magi, and it had also happened in another world, he had escaped some trouble.

“Yes!” Arthur nodded grimly, “Until today, the only existences of laws that I know are the Mother Core, Death Sovereign King and all those Monarchs who existed during the ancient era. They stay below the seventh level of the subterranean world and rarely show themselves…”

‘As expected, it’s not that there aren’t powerful existences protecting the Magus World. They’re just staying in the subterranean world!’ Leylin nodded, eyes glinting.

He’d already suspected this. With the Magus World’s status, even after going through the ancient final war there should have been some rank 8 existences that still remained. Just a dormant World Will would not be enough to hinder those from other worlds who comprehended laws from spying on it.

‘In that case, the underground of the Magus World is more valuable to those existences than the surface? It seems that they see the central continent like it sees the south coast. That’s why they treat it with disdain…’ Leylin suddenly understood how their thought process.

This was the only reason that made sense. If not, with their strength the central continent would be quivering at their feet all the time.

“Are there ample resources in the subterranean world?” Leylin suddenly looked towards Arthur. This question evidently stunned Arthur for a moment. From the astral laboratory, he could tell that this Lord Leylin had come from the surface. Was he perhaps coveting the subterranean world?

While he was agonised about doing so, Arthur did not dare conceal anything, “The seventh level that’s already been opened up has more ample resources than the central continent. The lower the level, the more this proportion will increase. Many great items have appeared that even Breaking Dawns would go crazy over as well… Though I’m not sure about the levels below the seventh. There are rumours that the world there is monstrous and grotesque, holding huge benefits for those who’ve comprehended laws…”

“Huge benefits?” Leylin touched his chin, ‘The resources on the surface of the world are meagre for beings of laws. The only thing they need is further comprehension, and guidance on their path ahead…

‘Could it be that there are places in the subterranean world that make comprehending laws easier?’ At this thought, Leylin’s eyes brightened. ‘Perhaps I should find an opportunity and explore the depths of the underground… After all, I can be considered one of the upper class in the Magus World. It’s easier to improve if I can interact with similar beings,’ Leylin made some plans, but obviously would not state them.

“Arthur, did you come here for them?” Leylin pointed towards Belinda and the other two.

“Yes.” Only then did Arthur glance at the girls, but he no longer seemed to mind, “It is my responsibility to take care of the security of this administrative region. However, with Lord Leylin around, there’s no need for me to do so…” It had to be said that this Arthur could easily adapt to changing circumstances. Of course, that might be because he had understood and experienced Leylin’s strength, which was why he no longer had any thoughts of rebellion.

“Good! I’m going to meet an old friend, come with me!” Leylin nodded and headed towards the Lyas family. Arthur laughed wryly, and like a servant ducked his head while following at the back.


This was the territory of Eam’s family. Numerous steep hills emitted a metallic luster, and at its heart was the Lyas Family’s residence. Huge blue thunderbirds descended every once in a while, bringing with them the booming of thunder. This was a perilous area for all outsiders, but for Leylin there was absolutely no danger.

“Eam, your old friend’s here!” His tangible soul force scanned the area, and Leylin immediately broke through the heavy defences of the Lyas family, finding Eam in a secret room.

“This voice? And this sort of…” Eam Lyas’ hand shook in the midst of his experiment, and a test tube exploded. However, he paid no mind to this and turned into a blue thunderbird that soared into the sky.

“Leylin, my friend! So it’s you!” The body of the blue thunderbird immediately shrank. The hill-like creature turned into a blue-haired Magus with silver pupils and fixed his attention on Leylin.

“I’ve already made the necessary preparations here, but you made me wait for so long. On top of that, why have all my attempts to reach you been blocked?”

Evidently, the contract Leylin had signed in order to placate the Lyas family was not of much importance to Leylin, and he lacked sincerity in going through with this. After all, he’d been under the Allsnake Curse then. Who would put more effort in this area?

This was only because it had only been a short time of a few years. A few years meant nothing to high-ranked Magi, which was why despite Eam’s unhappiness, he did not seem too aggressive about this. Otherwise if he were to see Leylin now, he might even have tried to attack him.

“My apologies! I got caught up with some work. My reason in coming here is to restart the plans and agreements. Of course… some conditions must be amended,” Eam was a rank 5 Warlock that had inherited an ancient bloodline, but that was nothing in Leylin’s eyes. If not for his family’s usefulness, Leylin would just have devoured the whole place.

“Restart? Amend? And also… your aura…” Eam’s expression showed his obvious doubt. He sized Leylin up and down, suddenly feeling that Leylin’s aura was somehow different from before.

However, he couldn’t quite say what had changed, which made him want to vomit blood in his frustration. With Leylin’s current strength, concealing his energy undulations was very easy, though he wouldn’t need to do that usually.

Just the slight change to his appearance, combined with the power of laws pervading his every move, had caused eam to feel like his vision had been blurred.

“I’ve found a very suitable partner in this trade! Arthur, continue talks with him,” Leylin waved his hand.

At this point, he didn’t care much for the trade and profits between the first level of the subterranean world and the central continent. He even felt that it was unimportant. However, this business would be a huge help for the Ouroboros Clan, so he finished it.

Here in the subterranean area, Leylin had even found genuine overseers and partners. Belinda and Aegnis both had experience in managing large organisations, and were pretty strong themselves. They would probably just take some time to get used to the workings of this business and completely master it.

The profits from managing this area were enough for them to survive luxuriously in the Magus World without needing to rely on Leylin.

“Long time no see, Eam!” Having been mentioned by Leylin, Arthur rubbed his nose and stood out.

“You are… Your Majesty!” It was only at this point that Eam noticed Arthur standing behind Leylin. Leylin did not emit much of an aura, but a body of laws naturally had a very powerful attractive force that caused Eam to completely disregard the people beside him.

“Your Majesty, why have you come here?” Eam’s mouth went wide open in his shock. As the person who had established the Arthur Kingdom, King Arthur’s name had spread throughout the first level of the subterranean world. He was a peak rank 6 Breaking Dawn Magus whose battle prowess surpassed all others. It was his exceeding his peers that had allowed him to build the foundations of the kingdom.

The glorious reputation of the name ‘King Arthur’ was not gifted by anyone. Arthur had built it himself through trials of blood and fire. There was enough blood from high-ranked Magi on his hands to dye his entire palace red.

As the leader of the Lyas Family, Eam was King Arthur’s vassal. After all, the Lyas Family was on the Arthur Kingdom’s land, and even if he wanted to save his family from anything, Eam would still have to lower his noble head to the man.

“I obey Lord Leylin’s instructions and am here to assist, as well as be a witness,” Arthur bowed very deeply. He had long since treated Leylin as a rank 7, and just a mere thought from this existence could consign him to eternal damnation. He obviously would not dare to slight him by appearing even a little arrogant.

After hearing these words, Eam’s eyes were filled by shock. “Lord… Lord Leylin?!”

‘For even the peak Breaking Dawn King Arthur to call him a ‘lord’?!’ Eam looked frozen, but he already had an inkling of what was going on. Leylin, whom he had seen years before, probably had an earth-shattering transformation in strength, or perhaps… Had he hidden his true strength right from the start?

Meanwhile, with the support of the Arthur Kingdom and with King Arthur as the witness, it was necessary that they proceed with the trade with no reservations. However, perhaps the entire Lyas Family would now sink to a subordinate position under Leylin’s strength.

Eam smiled wryly and knelt before Leylin, “Eam Lyas greets Lord Leylin!”

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