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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 765: The Power to Move Mountains

Chapter 765: The Power to Move Mountains

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“Just looking at beautiful scenery is also a way of enjoying yourself!” Leylin’s eyes had a different look to them.

He had previously been afflicted with the Allsnake Curse, and had no choice but to struggle against the heavens. He had taken the risk to enter the Purgatory World, dancing on the edge of a blade with no extra time to do something as mundane as enjoying the scenery.

Now, however, after completely ridding himself of the curse on his bloodline,his body of laws, near rank 7, would last him over 100,000 years.

With this much more time, he finally had time to breathe, released from his tight schedule. This was why he had spent so much effort on dealing with this bilateral trade.

He had previously been someone who could not even take care of himself, so why would he bother with others? Now, with a lot more time and freedom, Leylin finally had the chance to consider the development of Ouroboros Clan, the Farlier Family and so on.

“Taking care of this land and its profits should be able to keep the Warlocks of the Ouroboros Clan living well for thousands of years if managed well… and then there’s the tiny issue in the central continent…” Leylin stroked his chin.

He was planning to use around a decade to take care of matters in the central continent and perhaps the whole surface of the Magus World. Besides getting his own people to succeed in life, he wanted to build up his own power.

Whatever it was, based on the oral agreement with Ignox, he was going to have to take care of this land anyway. The subterranean existences would pay no heed to his actions.

‘In their eyes, the surface of the Magus World is not only incredibly small, but also produces few resources. It possesses no resources beneficial for those existences of laws. Amongst the Magi, there are only a few rank 6s, and it’s a remote and desolate place. They’re not losing out by tossing it to me. After all, Ignox was tasked with the first to fourth levels underground, and each level is comparable to the surface world…’

Of course, the reason Ignox had done so was because Leylin had yet to properly advance, and he wanted to ease his work.

‘That’s better for me anyway. I’ll definitely go to the depths of the core, but not yet. Furthermore, I can do a lot with the surface world when it’s completely under my control…’


Three days later, in front of the Thunderbird Holyland.

Numerous members of the Lyas family, under Eam and Arthur’s lead, gazed at the figure before them with respect.

Leylin had long since gotten used to this and continued to discuss matters with Aegnis. “How has the progress for building the organisation been?”

“It’s going alright,” Aegnis tucked her long hair behind her ear. She had changed into feminine attire which made the lines of her body more gentle, as if she was trying to show off her feminine charm.

“In terms of manpower, the Lyas family and Arthur Empire have already provided me with a lot authority and help. Of course, I hope to use my own people.”

Aegnis seemed very capable and experienced as she said,“ Tryxis, for instance, is the second-in-command of the subterranean organisation Shadow Toro. He recently eliminated the head and brought the whole organisation to us. His earth elemental spells aren’t half bad and he has some experience commanding organisations. He’s been a great help!”

“Oh?” Leylin’s truesoul force swept forth in an instant, and all the details of this Tryxis that Aegnis had pointed out appeared before his eyes.

“He recognized the power of our side so quickly, and his acts were so brazen… He has pretty good foresight…” It was a pity that this was all. No matter how smart he was, he barely entered Leylin and Aegnis’ sights. In the face of absolute crushing strength, scheming lost all effect.

“You can decide on that with Belinda. I’m giving you free reign. Now, let me completely remodel the ruins. The current place just isn’t suitable as a trading base.” Leylin floated into the air like a god. An awe-inspiring might like that of a divinity descended in that instant, causing many low-ranked Magi to faint.

A howling Targaryen appeared, with a pair of monstrous wings, single malevolent horn and pair of sharp claws growing from its belly. A unique spiritual force wave was transmitted to every Magus in the surroundings. “Hss… I am the king of devouring, the ruler of chaos and the void!”

“Devouring… the king of devouring? Is this the power that the lord wields?” King Arthur murmured to himself, taking the initiative to kneel. This was his aspiration, the end he desired on his path. With his lead, the Magi behind him all sank to their knees one by one.

Immediately after, they heard Leylin speak softly in mid-air, “Innate skill: Devour!”

*Crash!* It was as if a terrifying invisible mouth swept through the sky, large enough that once it passed the entirety of the ruins had disappeared. Whether it was the defensive spell patterns of the ruins or the seals and reinforcements added by the Lyas family over the years, they could not affect it at all.

There was no lightning, no flames. Nor was there a backlash from any of the mechanisms in the ruins. It was as if the place had never existed. A wide expanse had opened up in the ground. An aerial view would show that the ruins had gone missing, replaced by a terrifyingly deep pit that looked like something had eaten into it.

Many of the Magi were dazed, but some of the younger ones grew zealous as they cried out, “The master of devouring!” “The devouring ruler!”

“All the unnecessary facilities have been destroyed, only the sealed pathway remains.” A dark door brimming with light appeared slowly deep within the pit, seeming desolate.

“Let there be soil!” Leylin spoke faintly, and the earth howled. The ground trembled violently, and large amounts of earth squirmed upwards to fill the deep pit. The power of an existence that comprehended laws was divine, terrifying beyond belief.

“Moving mountains and suppressing seas with just a single thought! Is this the ability of a rank 7 Magus of laws?”

Leylin was very satisfied with his current control over laws. Through his comprehension and usage of laws, he even had the misconception that he was the world.

“Everything in the world is composed of and affected by laws. With my control and influence using my law of Devour, even if I have less than 0.01% control over of other laws, it is enough to unite the laws to form a fundamental change in everything…”

Leylin looked intoxicated by this.

Rank 1 to 3 Magi might be more powerful than regular humans. Those at and above rank 4, the Morning Stars, Radiant Moons and Breaking Dawns had all grasped the power to massacre and destroy countries. Those at rank 7 and above at the realm of laws lived and breathed with worlds, like the gods that overlooked all life from high ground.

The radiance of eternity was already beginning to appear before Leylin.

“Let everything that exists in this world continue to exist for all eternity!”

Leylni’s voice seemed to hold within holy light, scattering all over the beautiful surface of the earth.

*Rumble! A brand new construction with multiple buildings rose, encircling the spatial passage at the heart of it and creating a gigantic triumphal arch.

Numerous green stones flickered with dazzling lights on the construction.

“This is… Everlasting solidification spells, reinforcement runes, conscient runes… The effect from this combination is enough for all the buildings to last without corrosion for above ten thousand years. That’s the effect of only one sentence from my lord…”

A white-haired Magus with thick presbyopic glasses twitched as if he had epilepsy, eyes even glimmering with tears of happiness, “This is the pinnacle of magic— to be able to directly leverage the power of the original laws?”

“All seals shall corrode, and only the passage between the two areas shall remain eternal!”

*Hualala!* The arched door of light immediately emitted elegant and beautiful luster. The layers on the seal crumbled one after the other, and the door of light unceasingly expanded until it merged with the whole triumphal arch, emitting shining rays of light.

“The spatial passage that has been reinforced with my laws should be able to be maintained for thousands of years even if it works in overdrive everyday.”

Blue rays flashed in Leylin’s eyes, giving him this information in an instant.

After grasping the power of laws, his thoughts were not lacking at all to the ultimate brain of his previous life, and perhaps even exceeded it.

Only the A.I. Chip, which had been with Leylin all this while and merged with his body had gained immense benefits, and could therefore surpass Leylin’s mind when it came to calculations.

The tremors of the ground continued, and numerous buildings kept rising from the ground. In the blink of an eye, a whole Magus City had been established.

“This area shall be the base of your organisation, and the name… Let’s call it ‘Alabaster City!’!”

Leylin smiled at Belinda as he spoke, and saw the glint in her eyes.

With Aegnis’ command, the many Magi before surged into the city, beginning more meticulous work and alterations, as well as any moving required.

Leylin was accompanied by Belinda and Aegnis and came to the heart of the spatial door.

“You’re not going back with me?”

Leylin glanced at Belinda. This pair had already accepted him long ago, and even Aegnis seemed to have an inclination to do so too. It was just a matter of time.

“No, I won’t go! Don’t you have a wife there?”

Belinda bit her lips stubbornly, “I want to stay here in the city you made for me to guard all that is yours!”

Leylin had already guessed Belinda’s thoughts. That matched with his wish anyway.

“As you wish! This place will belong to you. Even the organisation on the surface will have to heed your words after coming here.”

Leylin nodded while he stepped into the spatial door.

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