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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 767: The World And Beyond

Chapter 767: The World And Beyond

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“I’m sorry my beloved, I could not accompany you,” Freya’s eyes seemed to redden, covered in a layer of sparkling tears.

“No, you’ve raised Syre. For me, and our Farlier family, this is the greatest contribution,” Leylin stood up with the adorable little fellow.

As his son had inherited his Serpent Emperor bloodline, his appetite was enormous. Occasionally he was full of uncontrollable energy and emotional issues with his bloodline power arose. Naturally, for high-ranked Warlocks, these couldn’t be considered problems at all.

“…In that case, the bloodline shackles of Kemoyin Warlocks are all gone?”

Freya thought of the most crucial point.

“No, strictly speaking, only my bloodline shackles have disappeared. Your bloodline origins however, now originate from me instead,” Leylin spoke truthfully, “but with my help, it won’t be a problem for you to advance to rank 6. As for Syre, since he has my bloodline, there’s an even greater probability for him to advance.”

“What do you mean, an even greater probability?”

“Syre, come here!” Leylin smiled as he waved Syre over.

“Father!” The little boy ran to Leylin, with traces of fruit juice and grease still on his hands, “Hug!”

“Alright,” Leylin smiled as he hugged the boy to his chest.

“Syre, my blood, I give you my blessing. You will be blessed with incomparable glory, and the holy light will be at your side forever!” Leylin declared.

At that moment, the world seemed to come to a standstill. A tall phantom of a Targaryen winged snake appeared behind him.

Leylin assumed a solemn expression on his face, as if he was a God proclaiming an oracle.

It was a pity that all of the maidservants had long fallen into a dead faint, and only Freya was able to stubbornly remain clear-headed. However, the powerful phantom behind Leylin was also faintly trembling.

Syre was already fast asleep, but a small phantom of a Kemoyin Serpent Emperor appeared on his skin.

“Although I could do this after you’ve grown up, but it would be easier to advance the bloodline when you’re small…”

There was a tumultuous expression in Leylin’s eyes as he said, “My son, Syre, thou shalt inherit my endless and eternal strength, and become the Ouroboros Clan’s King!”

“From today onwards, thou art Ouroboros, the serpent of infinity, Ouroboros!”

With a hissing sound, the Targaryen winged snake behind Leylin opened its jaws widely and poured out a great deal of smoke, which engulfed the phantom of the Kemoyin Serpent Emperor completely.

The smoke finally transformed into a cocoon that had the phantom of the serpent emperor wrapped up within it. It seemed to be undergoing some mysterious metamorphosis.

Syre was still sound asleep, but his aura had clearly changed.

“This… This is…” As Freya saw this, she had completely lost her ability to speak.

“He must be very tired, do take him away and let him have a good rest. Take care to increase his milk by several times today and tomorrow,” Leylin smiled as he withdrew the phantom snake and his immense power, to the point where he appeared to be a normal Warlock. He had a gentle smile on his face, but the way he spoke made it clear that his orders were to be obeyed.

“Yes… Of course,” Freya absent-mindedly carried Syre away, and one could tell that she was mired in bewilderment and shock- the power that Leylin had shown was already beyond the mortal realm. Even the Blazing Flame Monarch was infinitely inferior compared to him.

After completing this, Leylin walked to the window alone. His gaze seemed to pass through the Eternal River pocket dimension to the starry sky outside.

“Daniel, my eldest son!” Leylin said in a low voice.

His soul force exploded with power that seemed to surpass the laws of the world, and penetrated directly into the Twilight Zone.

“This… What is this power?”

His young wife, Celine, had a look of horror on her face as she was awed by the powerful force.

With a loud crash, innumerable black particles began to converge into an enormous face. The intimidating aura flowed from its pupils gave off a suffocating feeling.

However Celine felt incomparably familiar with that face and said, “Ley…Leylin? You’re Leylin!”

“My son, Daniel!”

The enormous dark face continued to speak, and Daniel struggled violently out of Celine’s arms and ran towards the dark face.

“Thou will inherit my devouring and Dreamscape ability, and become the World Serpent, Jormungandr!”

Along with the face’s proclamation, laws of ‘Devour’ and dreamforce poured like a stream from it and engulfed Daniel completely, immediately changing him at the cellular level.

“I’ve returned, please take care of Daniel!”

At the end of the ceremony, Leylin’s voice came from the enormous dark face, and soon after disappeared without a trace.

However, the powerful feeling from earlier remained. Celine stroked her face, and was finally convinced that she wasn’t dreaming or was affected by some illusion.

“Daniel, my Daniel!” Celine flew to Daniel’s side, but after she realised he was only unconscious and not dead, she finally breathed a sigh of relief.

At this moment, she discovered that Daniel had slightly changed. The most noticeable change was the black rune that he was tightly grasping in his hand.

This black rune had a pure quality to it, as if it was the only one of its kind in this world. It had an inscription of a demonic Winged Devilsnake, which seemed to be connected to some unfathomably powerful being.

“This is Leylin’s aura, this is his rune!”

Celine stowed the black rune away with a look of astonishment on her face, and looking at the sleeping Daniel, she couldn’t help but to mutter to herself, “Leylin… What level has he reached now?”


“From today onwards, the infinite serpent Ouroboros and the World Serpent Jormungandr will be the two main bloodlines of my Farlier family,” Leylin leaned against the balcony, with a tumultuous expression within his eyes.

As Syre was the son of his first wife, Leylin envisaged him as inheriting his eternal and infinite power. However, this was only a seedling of a thought, and he would only be able to let Syre walk a future path to an even stronger bloodline if Leylin himself continued to constantly improve himself.

As for Daniel, his eldest son, his inherited abilities of Devour and dreamforce was already stabilised and mature, and would very quickly become his main strength in battle.

“Speaking of this, Syre’s bloodline still has far more potential for growth, and is full of unlimited possibilities. However, it is still far from perfect! And Daniel’s bloodline is the most violent, but the future has already been fixed for him,” Leylin stroked his chin, a smile blooming on his face.

“Their present and the future will be up to them!”

As an existence that was infinitely close to Rank 7, Leylin now had the ability to do what many high-ranking Magi thought was unimaginable, which was to make use of origin force.

To pass on his own bloodline, and even make a copy of his own abilities, for Leylin it wasn’t a particularly difficult thing.

Only, the paths these two bloodline branches would follow was just within Leylin’s imagination, and with the A.I. Chip’s assisted deductions, it still had some imperfect aspects.

In reality, the titles he had given earlier such as the the World Serpent and the Infinite Serpent were only given because they sounded nice, coupled with his momentary bad taste.

However, he had the confidence that after several hundred years had passed, these two mature bloodlines would absolutely dominate the entire central continent, and eclipse other bloodline warlocks.

Even when Leylin had arrived at the Rank 9 Eternal Realm, these two bloodlines of his would not be even a little bit inferior to those legends of old.

“Although I have already helped them to remodel and advance their bloodline, their bloodlines all originate from me, and for the time being their highest potential is only to rank 6. They can only continue to advance once I break through to a higher rank…”

Leylin carefully pondered this situation. He was thinking of establishing his clan, reproducing his bloodline, and investigating the probability of evolving his bloodline, and these were all tasks that the A.I. Chip was constantly researching as well.

Leylin very much looked forward to the surprise the bloodlines he had passed on would bring him, after going through nature’s survival of the fittest and natural selection.


The limitless azure sea, as far as the eye could see, with white waves sweeping across it.

Leylin and the others stood on the deck of an enormous sailboat, and their bodies moved up and down with the waves.

“So you’re saying that the work of transporting Kemoyin Warlocks to the south coast is still ongoing?”

Leylin supported himself on the railing and slightly furrowed his brows, “This speed is really far too slow. Within a month, the entire Ouroboros clan’s headquarters must be moved to this place, only then do we have enough people to develop the subterranean commerce!”

Although he had only complained a little, Emma and Gilbert broke out in a cold sweat behind him.

In the end, it was only due to Gilbert and Leylin’s earlier camaraderie as a master and disciple, that he could stand out and say, “The south coast has many dangerous areas, and some have even reached the extent of Rank 4 in danger. We can only use reinforced models of airships and ship holds, and dispatch a Morning Star force to escort them, and consequently the pace is slow…”

The dangers near the south coast weren’t considered much to Morning Star Magi, but for those Rank 3 Magi, it was as if it was a natural barrier to them.

“Mm, although your argument makes sense, you really have to increase the speed!”

“Of course we all want to seize the generous profits of subterranean commerce as quickly as possible, so it’s a pity…” Emma and Gilbert exchanged a glance, with a wry smile on their faces.

“On my map, this most dangerous area is the Dragon Whales territorial waters here?”

“Yes it is, my lord!” Emma involuntarily answered him.

“Very good, then perhaps I can help!” Leylin smiled lightly, but his expression suddenly turned icy, “Come out now!”

A ghastly sound with icy majesty could be heard along the surface of the sea, but it was the energy undulations that came from their periphery that made Gilbert and Emma’s expressions change drastically.

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