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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 768: Dragonwhale Successor

Chapter 768: Dragonwhale Successor

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A heavy noise sounded from the bottom of the ocean and that was followed by a terrifying shadow, constantly emitting strong life force undulations.

The pressure from its gigantuan body alone created a tsunami of magnitude 10, causing the ship that Leylin was on to waver violently.

“Float!” Gilbert commanded with a sharp voice.

*Phew! Phew!* Thick streams of air sounded with unbounded energy and propped the entire ship, resulting in it being suspended mid-air.

However, things were not so fortunate for the other marine tribes present. A mass of sharks, turtles and a mishmash of sea creatures were carried away in the waves of this catastrophe, many were even crushed to pulps of flesh, dyeing the surrounding waters red with blood.

The shadow grew exponentially, its size comparable to that of a continent. And in the blink of an eye, a huge mountain blade tore through the surface of the sea like a knife blade, revealing an enormous black back.

“T-This…is the Dragonwhale?!” Emma’s jaw dropped.

“The leader amongst them, more accurately. And it could be the totem of the marine tribe!” Leylin’s smile faded quickly. “Keep the noise down!”

The boundless sea calmed in tandem to Leylin’s order. Two eyes the size of planets roamed in the deep sea, with beams of light projecting out of them.

A phantom appeared, and it showed a middle-aged marine tribe man.

“Ulaz is here to meet my lord!”

“A rank 6 king of the Dragonwhales! His physical size is already equivalent to that of a small continent! Thank god only rank 4 Dragonwhale appeared instead of this one when we were previously moving…” Gilbert’s eyes narrowed and he immediately thought that he was hallucinating.

“What? He called Leylin ‘My lord’? Aren’t they of the same rank? Moreover, a Dragon-whale with such an impressive size

“Are you the one in charge of the Dragonwhale territorial waters, Ulaz?” Leylin readily asked.

“Yes my lord, as well as the neighbouring few islets and the continent’s marine tribe!” This soul phantom called Ulaz replied in a cute manner.

Even the lowest ranked Dragonwhale could create great storms and waves in the south coast before, which led to great losses, and even Leylin had heard of it back when he was a Rank 1 or Rank 2 Magi.

Now however, not even the strongest Dragonwhale King was trash worth mentioning in his eyes.

‘This form is abundant in bloodline force and if I devour it, the most it will increase my constitution by is 0.003!’ Leylin’s blue eyes flashed as he instantly got the answer, and the Dragonwhale King suddenly shivered underwater.

‘It’s too little, and I also still have other uses for it!’ Leylin inwardly shook his head and gave up on devouring the Dragonwhale.

“Ulaz, I have something for you to do,” a powerful force from Leylin, who possessed power over the creature’s life or death, naturally began to speak to it.

“My lord, please command me, your humble servant will not refuse under any circumstances!” For the same reason, after sensing Leylin’s unfathomable power and knowing its life was in Leylin’s hands, the Dragonwhale King answered with the utmost respect.

“Very good, I am the Ouroboros Clan’s elder, and should you see the flag of the Ouroboros Clan hung on any transportation, you are not allowed to attack them, and must even protect them, do you understand?”

“I will follow your command, almighty expert! I will also send my children as escorts for your ships!” Ulaz delightedly agreed.

“Very good,” Leylin nodded. After he showed his intent to try to catch him, the enormous Dragonwhale disappeared from the ocean surface, as if it was being chased away by some powerful magic.

‘For the south coast, the rank 6 Dragonwhale King is an undefeatable existence…” Leylin stroked his chin and said, “Fortunately, it didn’t pay much attention to the south coast in the past, or perhaps it had been dormant, otherwise the entire south coast could not endure its fury…”

Just the gathering of the Dragonwhale’s children could isolate the south coast from the outside world, and if the Dragonwhale King itself personally attacked them, looking at its form, it could have easily devastated the entire continent.

After all, although the south coast liked to toot its own horn as a continent, from the view of those Magi from the central continent, it was only a slightly larger island.

“Did you hear that? Move everyone as soon as possible! I trust that there won’t be any dangers from now on,” Leylin said to the two Kemoyin warlocks after following the Dragonwhale King’s departure with his eyes.

“U-Understood!” Gilbert wiped the cold sweat from his brow. Just seeing Ulnaz from earlier made him feel fearful in his heart.

And the person who could send the powerful Dragonwhale bending its knee, what rank had Leylin reached?

“Lord L-Leylin! Would it be possible for you to tell us your current rank?”

Jeffrey, who had been equally terrified, stood at the side. He was more powerful than Gilbert and the others, and was already a rank 5 Radiant Moon warlock. However, because of this, he could understand the Dragonwhale’s power even more.

At the same time, he began to perceive Leylin’s change.

In any case, even if it was the entire central continent’s strongest monarch, could not be on the same level as the rank 6 Dragonwhale King, and this gave Jeffrey an enormous shock.

“Me? I’m still a rank 6 warlock!”

Leylin smiled and hid nothing.

“How could this be?”

“However, I am only half a step away from rank 7,” the latter half of Leylin’s sentence sent the warlocks on the deck into a sluggish state.

“Seven… Rank 7! The rumoured god, with the existence of laws?” Jeffrey’s eyes widened and his mouth gaped wide open, as if he was an enormous toad. He foolishly looked at Leylin as he entered the hold of the ship.

“Duke Gilbert! Duchess Emma! Please could you confirm if I imagined that?”

After a moment of great bafflement, only then did Jeffrey try his best to readjust his expression back into place, and involuntarily ask.

“I’m afraid that you didn’t mishear, your royal highness Prince Jeffrey!”

Gilbert and Emma exchanged a glance with a wry smile on their faces and said, “However, we’re already quickly getting used to it. Lord Leylin has always been good at creating hopes and miracles!”

Now even Gilbert would not dare to consider himself as Leylin’s mentor anymore.

After all, he was an existence that was reaching rank 7!

Rank 7! What could it mean? In the ancient times, it would still be considered the position of a celebrated expert. The conqueror of many worlds, many native tribes could only tremble and weep…

And now, the Ouroboros clan had the strength of this rank?

Gilbert realised that he could only giggle at this thought, and Emma was also leaning towards it.

“Rank 7? Rank 7, ah… Bevis, Offa, your plans will all come to nothing!”

Jeffrey could only react to that after a long time, and suddenly sighed with a lonely expression on his face.

No matter who it was, once they had dealt with Leylin for some time they would feel as if they had been struck a blow. Jeffrey had previously felt this several times, but this time it was an even more powerful blow.

“However, with Leylin, the springtime of our bloodline warlocks has arrived!” After he had sighed, Jeffrey’s eyes were filled with hope.

Even if the central continent was currently filled with many Monarch ranked Magi, to a semi-rank 7 they were as insignificant as ants. With just one slap, swathes of them would die. Jeffrey could already see the scene where bloodline warlocks would dominate the central continent.

The enormous benefits that conquering the central continent would represent rendered their earlier schemes and all those things they had previously worked hard to defend seem ridiculous.

“Perhaps this was exactly what that lord wanted?”

Jeffrey looked in the direction of the ship’s hold and secrelty clenched his fist, an abnormal red flush appearing on his face.


Under Leylin’s operation, they had completed the long journey from the south coast to the central continent in the space of the few days.

When Gilbert and the others had made this journey before, they had needed a few months. If it wasn’t considered to have been too wasteful, Emma had even wanted to set up an astral gate in the south coast.

Passing through the astral gate and Morning Star realm’s hub and establishing a transportation spell formation that could cover the entire central continent was an important trump card to the bloodline warlocks.

However for the relocation of the entire organisation, operating the astral gate might use up a little of their resources, but the numerous times used would all add up to an enormous figure that would make even Gilbert and the others faint. Even their entire family fortune wouldn’t be able to afford it, and they could only use this long distance travel to carry out their move.

The astral gate’s transportation could only be used to transport several people or several important goods, and wasn’t suitable for the work of large-scale relocation.

However, after everything was settled, Leylin was already prepared to construct an astral gate on the south coast. Not just the south coast, even in the Twilight Zone and the subterranean world, he wouldn’t leave them out.

Although large-scale transportation wasn’t possible, but it would be very convenient for him to transport himself.

Within the Morning Star realm.

Alpha looked even more old and clumsy compared to before, as if his body had decayed. His eyes, however, still had an energy that was difficult to hide.

“Wade, do you think Jeffrey’s previous summon was real?” Offa rubbed his hands somewhat excitedly. He and Wade were both waiting at the transfer point, and even Bevis was also there, although his face was already incomparably gloomy.

“Jeffrey, as you both and I know, would not deceive us on this sort of thing! In addition, if that person has really risen to rank 6, we can confirm it once we meet face-to-face!”

Wayde said with a smile. Jeffrey’s messages were lagging behind a little, and once these two could truly acknowledge Leylin’s strength, perhaps they would be in for a great surprise.

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