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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 770: Beginning The Ceremony

Chapter 770: Beginning The Ceremony

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In the Phosphorescence Swamp.

Due to the withdrawal of numerous Warlocks of the Ouroboros Clan, the space had become empty. They were replenished with Warlocks that had been urgently dispatched from the Warlock Union, which was why everything seemed to be in order.

After long talks with Jeffrey, Offa and the rest were now completely subservient to Leylin.

A huge palace constructed to last for eternity, a building which could hold ten thousand people, was now urgently in construction. Large amounts of precious resources were used without fear of the expenses.

“You did well!”

Leylin’s arms were behind his back as he gazed at the high mountains in the distance while speaking to Offa and the rest behind him.

“It is our honour to be able to toil for Your Majesty!” Offa and the other answered respectfully, the gratitude in their eyes genuine.

Their true bodies had already arrived at the Phosphorescence Swamp, rather than staying in the Morning Star Area.

The Warlock Union in the past was far too weak, and could only protect itself by having the rank 5 Warlocks banding together, coupled with the battle might of the fort. For this reason, the true bodies of these rank 5 Warlocks could not leave, and they could only move about using clones. This was the greatest humiliation to the Warlock Union!

Now, with Leylin around, they had the confidence to exhibit their true bodies under the sun and not having to sneak around like mice in the Morning Star Area. The feelings of gratitude they now had were true.

“By the way, your highness, are you really going to develop here? There may be benefits of the underground trade here, but the central continent is so much more vast!”

Offa spoke slightly hesitantly, but with obvious hope in his expression.

“Though the resources on the central continent are exceptionally plentiful, they’ve long since been taken by the many other organisations.”

Leylin watched Offa with a half-smile on his face, as if he had completely seen through Offa’s thoughts.

“Of course, our organisation can eliminate all those in our way and even launch a Magi hunting campaign and burn them all at stake… And then?”

“And then?” Offa’s face flushed red, evidently being stirred up by Leylin’s words.

“After I disappear, what’s going to happen to you all?”

Leylin’s voice was icy cold, and left every Warlock’s first deathly pale as if they had fallen into a world of ice.

“Why? Your Highness, you’ve already entered the realm of laws. What is there on the continent that can be a threat to you?”

Jeffrey and the others could not comprehend.

In answer, Leylin merely chuckled, “In the Magus World itself, I’m not a match for those rank 8 existences who survived the ancient final war. The astral plane is so vast and there are countless worlds out there. Besides, I haven’t reached the realm of immortality yet, and who out there can say that they are everlasting or immortal?”

Watching Offa and the rest leave, Leylin’s eyes flashed with ridicule.

What he’d mentioned was only part of the reason. More importantly, the benefits in the south coast were already enough for the Ouroboros Clan to survive and develop. No matter how amazing the resources in the central continent were, they were useless to him.

In order to conquer the framework of profits in the central continent that had been formed over a long time, it would expend some time and effort on his part as well as make enemies with Monarchs just for something that was useless to him.

If this was for Freya, Celine, or Gilbert and Emma from the Ouroboros Clan, Leylin might perhaps make the effort.

However, who was Offa? An ally from a scattered Warlock Union. This status was not enough for Leylin to be moved.

Anyway, once he showed his strength and completely terrorized the Magi Monarchs, they would definitely yield some profits to win him over and express their goodwill.

After allocating all the resources to the Warlock Union, Leylin believed he had repaid them for all that they had done for him.

On top of that, with him as a deterrence, the Warlock Union’s future in the central continent would be shining.

At the very least, those so-called Anti-Warlock Campaigns would no longer appear out in the open.

With these, Leylin felt he’d done enough for the Warlock Union.

While Leylin had thoughts of things like conquering the central continent and constructing sa Warlock empire or something like that, he gave up later.

After all, for he as he was now, no matter how large an empire and organisation he could make, all there was for him was pursuing eternity after becoming a rank 7 Magus. That was the number one goal of the existences of laws.

The realm of laws, existing together with these laws was an eternal glory. Eternity was no longer but an excessive hope, but there was now a chance!

For this little chance, these existences of laws were willing to give up everything, and Leylin was no different!

“Once this ceremony’s over, I’ll meet those existences of laws in the Magus World, sign the agreement, and then settle down…”

Leylin’s eyes were profound. He had advanced be leaps and bounds and had even made contact with the wide-ranging and deep power of laws. The various mysteries held within as well as his long life span gave him the urge to seclude himself for thousands of years and concentrate on researching, regardless of everything.

With a higher status and more power, at a point where everything was easily obtained, all worldly things in the world did not seem as important to Leylin.

It must be the same for those other laws of existences…


“A giant airship has been discovered! The symbol says that it’s from Sky City, an organisation with a first class invitation!”

The sun shone brightly in the cloudless azure sky. All of a sudden, a large airship appeared in the air, the smooth surface of the warship as nimble and sharp as a swordfish, the metallic luster dazzling and flickering with light.

The people at the interim command centre on the ground were immediately flustered.

“Issue the guiding signal!” “Issue the guiding signal!” “

“This is the centre ground of the Ouroboros Clan. Airship that belongs to the esteemed Sky City, please follow our guide and park at lot 23!”

Important information was relayed thrice, before there came an answer, “Alright!”

*Rumble!* The giant airship landed on the ground. Compared to the surrounding airships, it appeared manifestly superior and majestic.

The cabin door opened. The first person to exit was a winged person with three pairs of wings, the pure white wings making him seem like an angel descending, full of a holy feeling.

“It’s the Monarch of the Skies’s true body!”

The surrounding stream of Magi all went silent, and many bowed to show their respect.

“Esteemed Monarch, please come with me! His Highness, Leylin, has come all the way to greet you!” At this moment, a female snake Warlock went forward and bowed reverently, showing the Monarch of the Skies the way as he descended from the exit.

From time to time, some conscients whispered privately.

“The true body of a Monarch! Even in the central continent, Breaking Dawn powers rarely show themselves!”

“Don’t you know what this is for? With the rise of a Monarch, there needs to be a true body with a similar status coming forward to congratulate him, which would otherwise be impolite. We might see the arrival of all the Monarchs in the central continent here. This is a ceremony of the Monarchs!”

Behind the Monarch of the Skies were many Magi from Sky City, all having scholarly auras.

As an organisation with the most ample intellectual resources, scholarly Magi existed in hordes in Sky City.

“Everything has changed!”

Weyers followed the crowd with a low profile, occasionally observing the surroundings,

Besides the organisation in Sky City, all the other high-ranked Magi in the central continent had practically gathered here, creating a huge stream of people.

With the Morning Star strength that Weyers was proud of, it wasn’t that common but also not that conspicuous.

It was only at the arrival of rank 5 Radiant Moon Magi that there were gasps from the crowd, and with the appearance of a Monarch, there was a large-scaled commotion.

“Leylin! Leylin Farlier! So you’ve already left me so far behind and reached the apex of the central continent?”

Weyers lamented inside. Everything, meaning the ceremony and all the glory, belonged to the young man, who he could not even begin to envy.

Though they were all geniuses of the same generation, they had practically snatched all the glory that belonged to this generation!”

“Even in ancient times, his talent must be that of a monster, right?”

Weyers laughed bitterly. He no longer had any thoughts in his head. When the disparity between them was so vast that it was incomparable, all resentment and insanity was pointless. Weyers knew this very well.

“Nice to meet you for the first time, or rather, we meet again, Sire Monarch of the Sky!”

The procession suddenly stopped, and Weyers lifted his head, seeing a young men wearing black Magus robes standing in front, a gentle smile on his face.

He was young! No, rather than that, he was extremely young. At this age, one would be lucky just to be at rank 2 or 3 at this age.

“We’re not on the same level anymore!”

Seeing his appearance, not one person in the procession dared move and bowed as they retreated, giving up the area to the two Monarchs. Weyers might be unwilling to do so, but he had no choice but to follow the card.

“It’s great to see you, Sire Leylin! I must say that you truly gave me a surprise!”

The Monarch of the Skies spoke up, voice gentle and full of a magnetic force, “My name is Zabofel. You can just call me Zabofel!”

“Alright, Zabofel! Please come with me! The Blazing Flame Monarch and others of the continent have all arrived!”

Leylin led the way.

“So fast!?” Shock was evident in his eyes. He’d thought he had come rather quickly, but to his surprise, there were others ahead of him.

It seemed like the shock and interest from everyone towards this newly advanced Monarch was terrifying.

While they were conversing, Leylin was observing Zabofel’s true body.

He’d seen Zabofel twice before, once in Sky City and during the besiege of the Blazing Flame Monarch. All he’d seen were clones.

In a sense, this was the first time they were truly meeting.

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