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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 771: Fame

Chapter 771: Fame

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The magnificent ceremony held in Phosphorescence Swamp was a very successful and influential meeting. Leylin had not done much in preparation, and instead left everything to Offa and the others, at most just showing his face when greeting guests and accepting gifts. He also displayed his Breaking Dawn abilities.

This whole process meant that the time that Leylin had showed himself was meagre, causing many high-ranked Magi to grit their teeth in frustration. However, Offa and the rest were very experienced and made sure the ceremony was very lively, and even held several auctions and private trade meetings amongst many others.

It had to be said that due to the vastness of the central continent, it was inconvenient for Magi from various regions to make connections. They could interact and exchange services through this ceremony, which was definitely a nice surprise for them. Even centuries later, there were still Magi who still constantly recalled this ceremony.

Of course, the higher-ups in large organisations were focused on something else. While Leylin had not shown himself often, the rank 6 Breaking Dawn strength that he showed, the soldified soul flames, were definitely not fake.

This meant that the prophecy that had been circulating for a long time regarding the most powerful bloodline Monarch amongst Warlocks had been realised! Many Magi had complicated feelings towards the rise of Warlock organisations, and there were plenty who were dissatisfied.

However, before they could join forces or plot something, Leylin did something unthinkable, Under the fervent stares of the audience, Leylin requested a battle with the Breaking Dawn Monarchs!

This wasn’t just a one-on-one match. He was going to go up against all the Monarchs by himself!

When Leylin first suggested this, practically everyone thought that he had gone insane.

Even as a Warlock with a boost from his bloodline, how could a rank 6 Warlock who had recently advanced be a match for the many Breaking Dawn Monarchs?

There were even many Magi who believed that the Monarchs wouldn’t accept Leylin’s proposal and felt that this was an insult.

However, the way things progressed shocked them. For some reason, the Breaking Dawn Magi actually agreed.

Due to the site and the destructive force, they did not choose to have the battle in the main world but in a spatial crack.

This prevented many low-ranked Magi from looking in, and the bare minimum to enter was raised to rank 4, Morning Star Magi.

The battle ended quickly, and practically the moment the rank 2 and 3 Magi began to get anxious in their wait, numerous high-ranked Magi returned from the spatial crack.

However, they all looked extremely pale, and some even began to mutter under their breaths, as if they were under shock.

The few Radiant Moon and even Monarchs had the same expression, followed by Leylin, who looked carefree. The results were obvious.

The shock this gave to all the Magi was terrifying beyond relief.

Leylin had confronted all of the Monarchs alone and actually achieved victory, and in such a short time at that, and with such ease! Numerous Magi exchanged gazes, having a feeling that there would soon be a drastic change to the central continent.

After this, while many Morning Star Magi did not dare breathe even a word of this, there were quite a number who had watched the battle and had close friends or family they shared this with. The details of the battle gradually leaked.

From what they had said, Lord Leylin had displayed extraordinary strength from the very beginning. Whether Morning Star, Radiant Moon or even Breaking Dawn Monarchs could only quiver before his energy undulations.

The moment they fought, the Monarchs all lost at one go and even received injuries of varying degrees.

No! Perhaps before they had even fought, they had already been defeated.

Such an unimaginable and outrageous matter immediately caused much suspicion, but when rumours spread but nobody going against the rumours, the central continent descended into a deathly silence.

The only change was that even in private discussions, those Magi did not dare even mention Leylin’s name and instead replaced it with the ‘Bloodline Monarch’.

Leylin’s fame thus spread at a startling speed, and the Bloodline Warlock Union took advantage of this, thus developing largely. Of course, that is what happened in the future.


For Leylin, the ceremony was extremely boring.

The precious gifts the organisations offered to him to show their goodwill were nothing to him. For the battle against the Monarchs, he had merely emitted less than 1% of the aura of his main body, but these Monarchs could not even withstand it.

All of this caused Leylin’s interest to wane.

After the hasty ending, he surprisingly got enough time to do as he pleased.

Within the extravagant palace, Leylin was now making some coffee. Whether it was the grinding of the coffee beans or the later procedures, everything happened smoothly and there was a certain beauty to his actions. There was even a unique charm and order to everything that lingered in one’s memories.

“Hehe… Weyers seems to be rather shocked.”

Melinda was clad in a fox-skin coat, a fox tail around her neck while she sized Leylin up and down with interest.

“That little guy?” Leylin chuckled, and then shook his head.

Now, any talents or the like were nothing to him.

Melinda sipped at the coffee and then put the cup down, looking serious. Though she had already overestimated Leylin, the terrifying strength he exhibited still exceeded her expectations. Even what he had shown could very well be the tip of the iceberg!

Melinda straightened her back slightly, looking glum, “Lord Leylin, you… have you already touched upon the realm of laws?”

“Yes!” Leylin nodded, hearing Melinda’s sharp intake shortly after.

As an old freak that had lived for a long time, Melinda was definitely aware of the terror of laws. Leylin was definitely not one of those who liked to brag, yet were inexperienced and narrow-minded. Instead, he had probably entered a deeper realm, which had resulted in such a terrifying change.

“No wonder…” Melinda forced out a laugh, “No wonder it was effortless for you to deal with us…”

Leylin glanced at her.

In his opinion, Melinda was also a crafty person with origins even more mysterious than the other Monarchs, and seemed to know many ancient secrets. She had not expended much effort this time either, and even any backlashes or injuries might be all for show.

“Well then, what are you future plans? Are you going to unify the central continent?” She asked nervously.

She had already made her mind up anyway. If Leylin had a wish, she would be the first to show her sincerity.

The terror that were the existences of laws were impossible to be stopped by a rank 6 Magus like her who had only made slight progress on the flame law. With his will, the whole central continent could only tremble in fear and obey. Melinda was sure of that.

“No, I’ve never considered that.”

Leylin first stared at Melinda, and only when she began to squirm in unease that he chuckled in answer.

“I’ve no interest in the central continent. Just as you’ve seen, the Ouroboros Clan is now moving to the south coast. Only one branch of the clan will be left as a link to the central continent.”

After hearing Leylin’s guarantee, Melinda heaved a sigh of relief inside. She knew that there was no need for him to fool her.

“Then I’ll thank you on behalf of the Magi of the central continent! Thank you for exempting them from the fate of a bloodbath!”

Melinda spoke and bowed to Leylin solemnly, and Leylin accepted this all apathetically.

“Oh, I’ve also prepared a small present for you. I hope you like it!”

Belinda smirked like a little fox and clapped her hands.

“Lord Leylin!” A female Magus dressed in black walked out from the corner, kneeling to the ground.

“It’s Tanasha!” Leylin nodded. He no longer paid any mind to a rank 3 like her. After she had accepted his present, she had walked the path of revenge.

“This girl relied on the power you gifted her, and had already gotten her revenge against Harper. Somehow, she managed to mysteriously offend a few organisations and became stranded in my territory…”

Melinda giggled, “Of course, I’ve already helped to take care of those tiny issues!”

“Mm,” Leylin answered, “Tanasha, you’re right in time. We’re planning to move. Look for Mistress Freya. She’ll settle you in…”

Surprisingly, Leylin felt nothing as he watched Tanasha leave deferentially.

With just a thought, there were large numbers of rank 4, 5 or even 6 who would hastily come over to run errands for him. This rank 3 subordinate was now hardly enough.

Of course, she was one of his people, and he would naturally give her a way out.

“Thank you for the matter with Tanasha. I’m rather interested in the soul splitting technique you mentioned before, and I’ve had some other thoughts regarding it. I hope to discuss it with you…”

After chatting for a while longer, Leylin shifted the conversation to more proper matters.

This was the real reason he was meeting Melinda.

“Methods to split the soul into two? If my lord is interested in such a dangerous technique, I will naturally present everything I know!”

While Melinda was astonished, she still agreed easily.

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