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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 772: Soul Splitting Experiment

Chapter 772: Soul Splitting Experiment

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[Beep! Database on soul splitting methods completed. Renamed as Truesoul Splitting Technique.]

Watching Melinda leave after giving him what he’d wanted, Leylin heard the A.I. Chip’s response and touched his chin. He had taken advantage of Melinda and obtained her soul splitting techniques. This time, with an in-depth discussion to fill up the gaps, he had made much progress.

This technique was extremely important for Leylin, to the point that it would affect with how he would grow in the future.

Having taken care of the issue of the technique, Leylin was in a great mood and took care of the hidden damage to Melinda’s soul, much to her gratitude.

‘The procedures to splitting the truesoul have been completely deduced. It has a very high success rate, so next is how to control the other half of the truesoul…’ Leylin touched his chin, sinking into deep thought.

While the soul splitting technique that Melinda had provided was very feasible, there was also a huge issue— the inability to control the clone’s truesoul! Even the Blazing Flame Monarch herself had ruined herself with this, and was later destroyed by Melinda, who was later formed and took over by force.

Leylin had no wish to be met with a situation like a soul betraying him, and hence had to nip this issue in the bud.

At this moment, Gilbert and the rest had walked in, accompanied by Offa and others who had complicated expressions on their faces. “Your Majesty, the preparations for the tidying up and moving of the Ouroboros Clan are complete!”

While Leylin had shown immense strength and supported them, the fact that they would leave the central continent and develop in the south coast was something they were uncomfortable with. However, Leylin’s fame was more than enough for the Warlock Union to take care of itself. Hence, it couldn’t be helped that they had complicated feelings regarding this.

“Alright then, let’s move as soon as we can!” Leylin was very calm, and he even seemed rather relieved. The reason he had taken the time to do something so senseless was because of the favours and debts he owed. Once everything was done, he would be able to focus entirely on the search for eternity.


Soon enough, another bomb was dropped on the central continent. The most powerful Monarch, the Monarch of Blood who had suppressed many other Monarchs single handedly, had moved the Ouroboros Clan far away from the central continent, to a desolate place lacking in Magi. Leylin Farlier had moved to the south coast.

While the Warlock Union had done all it could to conceal this fact at the beginning, in this situation where the entire organisation was moving it could not really be hidden. The bloodline Warlocks who were only just making themselves known could only howl in grief, and temporarily reign in their arrogance.

Meanwhile, with the development of the Warlock Union the safety of the many Bloodline Warlocks was not an issue. They even expanded their reach in the central continent. In the end, it would develop into the largest organisation in the central continent, one that would continue for a long time.

Of course, this had nothing to do with Leylin. Even if he found out about it, he would think nothing of it. After settling the Ouroboros Clan in the south coast and hosting an underground trade, Leylin completely released his hold over everything. Other than accompanying Freya and tending to Syre, most of his time was spent in the laboratories.

The Ouroboros Clan’s strength was more than enough to suppress the south coast. With the added development of the underground trade, they got back on track and expanded their power quickly. After going through with all this, Leylin could finally be at ease. He turned his attention back to his interests…

Deep underground, in a laboratory with an unknown location.

“Begin test number 2419!” Leylin’s voice sounded, and the A.I. Chip’s robotic prompt showed. [Beep! Beginning experiment. Recording data.]

From behind a huge glass wall, Leylin was now watching the two bodies he had nurtured. Both had the unique characteristics of the subterranean race, and what was more shocking was their illusory faces, which made them look like they were wearing translucent masks.

Electric current constantly surged through them under Leylin’s orders, and on the back of the guinea pigs were numerous transparent tubes that wiggled about, pouring a myriad of unknown fluids in different colours into them.

“Ugh…” “Keke…” The two experimental bodies both displayed different behaviour. Their flesh was twitching as if tiny rats were burrowing under their skin, and meaty tumours kept rolling and turning on their bodies. They looked disgusting and terrifying.

What attracted the most attention was their faces, where that layer of an illusory soul mask had become even more dazzling, and their expressions grew even more complex.

[Targets are operating well. No signs of rejection] the A.I. Chip loyally intoned, [Initiating attempt to remotely control targets.] Strands of translucent threads drooped down, attached to the phantom figure of a six-legged golden spider at the very end.

The translucent threads first spread over the face of an experimental body, the many legs probing its face and causing it to writhe in intense pain before it moved on to the next.

“Gulu!” “Gulu!” After the translucent threads connected with the other experimental body, its body suddenly began to twitch vigorously.

[Beginning soul resonance. Experimental body number 2 is convulsing. Soul waves are fluctuating violently.]

“Continue. Adjust the ratio of the second potion mixture and the third life strengthening essence such that they’re five units fewer than before,” Leylin looked grave.

[Initiating adjustment. Target’s waves are now trending towards stability.]

“Have I succeeded?” Watching the interior of the lab that had become quiet, a look of anticipation appeared in his eyes.

However, his expression soon changed.

Along with yells and an intense explosion, the two experimental bodies self-detonated, sending blood and filth spraying onto the glass walls.

[Targets have died. Souls have been extinguished. Experiment failed.] The cold voice caused Leylin to sigh.

“I failed again! Is it an issue with the Vitri Spider? Perhaps I should use a better adhesive next time.” After his experiment failed, Leylin readjusted his mood and began to record the results of his experiments.

“Hm?” Immediately after, with the raise of his eyebrow, he put down the pen in his hands.

“It’s been ten years?” He muttered to himself, suddenly disappearing from a laboratory and arriving at another space.

“Lord Ignox, long time no see! Has the agreement been prepared?” Leylin smiled as he greeted the Magus in front of him, a being of laws.

Ignox smiled and nodded. “Yes, Lord Leylin! As well, a lot of our comrades are extremely excited after learning about your existence, They couldn’t suppress their desire to meet you!”

“Then let’s go! I only hold deep admiration for those ancient and powerful beings!” A hint of intelligence shone in Leylin’s eyes, and the two of them turned into light and vanished.

While on the way, Leylin transmitted a message, “Also, Lord Ignox, about the trade with the underground world…” After all, he had to let the protector of the first few levels of the subterranean world know about it.

“That? It’s not an issue. If you like, I can even gift you the first level!” Surprisingly, Ignox did not seem to mind. For existences of laws like them, the benefits of trade that only affected the first level were pointless and such a thing would not offend them at all.

“Then I’m relieved. Also…” Making use of this opportunity, Leylin began to chat again. After all, since Ignox was his senior, he possessed a lot of knowledge that Leylin currently needed. The discussion went delightfully on the way. Ignox was rather amazed at how multi-talented and erudite he was. After all, as an existence of laws who had recently advanced, Leylin’s expansive and profound knowledge far surpassed his peers.

As they conversed, they kept going deeper and deeper into the subterranean world. They ended up breaking through the seventh level, and entered a dark and unknown space.

‘Based on what I know from my previous world, we should already have reached the core. This…’ Leylin sized up his surroundings. The void and darkness were like the unknown layers within the universe, holding the mysterious World Will within them.

The closer he got, the more Leylin could sense the existence of the World Will. While it was weak and slumbering, just the natural power it emitted startled him.

“Welcome to the deepest region of the underground, as well as where the higher-ups of the Magus World reside!” Ignox had completely lost his human form and transformed into an unknown existence.

“Laws…” Leylin shut his eyes. Here, he could clearly sense the existence of a multitude of laws, and some were even explicitly conspicuous. The environment here was much better than the surface of the Magus World.

[Beep! Traces of destroyed spacetime pathways discovered. World origin force is being dispersed.] The A.I. Chip prompted at this moment.

‘Is this shattered world core left behind from the ancient Final War?’ Leylin now knew why all the rank 8 existences stayed here. With laws being exposed and the origin power of the world emanating from it, the attraction it held for all these existences was incomparable to anything else.

If it were him, he would definitely stay here all the time as well…

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