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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 773: Path

Chapter 773: Path

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“Welcome, newly advanced comrade!” A streak of boiling hot light suddenly rose from the darkness, and Leylin seemed to see flames from the core of the earth.

“This is the Mother Core, the strongest amongst us!” Ignox introduced at the side. A few other powerful conscients descended as his voice sounded.

“This is the Death Sovereign King!” “This is the Abyss Master!” Many rank 8s, some who were said to only exist in ancient legends or myths and some Leylin had yet to even hear of began to show themselves.

“Hello, everyone!” Leylin greeted them. A huge phantom Targaryen appeared from behind him, and the power of devouring twined around it.

“What an interesting fellow! He actually grasps the power of devouring!”

“This path is very difficult. Do you still remember that bubbly teapot 320,000 years ago? He seemed to have walked the same path then…”

“You’re a descendant of the Snake Dowager yet broke through your shackles? Congratulations!”

The many existences began to discuss amongst themselves or expressed their goodwill. Just the transmissions from their minds was enough for those Breaking Dawns from before to explode and die.

“Silence!” With the voice of the Mother Core, the many conscients quietened down.

“First, let us welcome Leylin Farlier, our newest comrade!” It was evident that the Mother Core was the most powerful here, and many existences of law let her take the lead.

“The agreement has been prepared. You can take a look!” An ordinary board of soil flew out from the core and landed in front of Leylin, an agreement written out using the words of laws.

Leylin took a look. The conditions were broad, stating that as a member of the Magus World he had to take initiative to safeguard the Magus World and prevent foreigners from invading. In return, he would be able to comprehend a few years’ worth of the power of laws here every century, and even have the chance to absorb some of the world origin force.

“There’s a limit to the world’s origin force. Even existences of laws can’t absorb it from the world without any limits, or else everything would be ruined… Even if it’s us, we can’t draw the power of the world without reservations. There has to be a limit.” The Mother Core explained to Leylin.

“It’s fine by me!” Leylin naturally knew the reasoning behind this. He nodded, and a black Targaryen seal appeared at the end of the soil board. The soil board crumbled in an instant, and seemed to draw the attention of the World Will, sending threads of mysterious force pouring in.

“With the great Magus World Will as a witness, I hereby announce the signing of the contract!” The Mother Core’s voice was grim, and the rest of the other existences roared and yelled.

“Welcome, kid!” “Ever since the ancient battle, we haven’t had new blood in a long time!” It was obvious that after signing the agreement, these guys now truly treated him as one of their own.

After conversing with them, Leylin first comprehended some of the world laws that the Mother Core had exhibited, and also absorbed a portion of the origin force before leaving the area guided by Ignox.

“Please rest assured, my friend!” Right as they were leaving, Ignox seemed friendly and gentle, “I’ll find a way for you to solve the issue of controlling a split truesoul!”

“Thanks a ton, I’ll leave it to you!” Leylin nodded gratefully. This sort of high-ranked soul technique would require a lot of time even with research and help from the A.I. Chip. His only other choice was to employ the help of other existences of laws.

“Actually, regular clones should already be enough for us. Why are you trying to do something as dangerous as split your truesoul?” Ignox bit his lip and began to advise him.

“I know… Clones are very useful, but the connection with the host body cannot be broken off. There’s also a huge issue…” Leylin answered.

Leylin could naturally make clones like that of the Trial’s Eye or the Nefarious Filthbird right now. Perhaps those could not even be called clones, just a projection of his strength.

And as an existence of laws, Leylin knew very clearly the weakness of such projections. “Once the connection is broken, the projection is useless and can’t be controlled again…”

“Alright! I’ll take care of this. With the Wisdom Library passed down in the family through generations, I believe I should get a result in the next three centuries!” Ignox stared at Leylin meaningfully, his astute gaze almost piercing through Leylin’s mind and seeing through his plans.

“Well then, I’ll be off, my Lord!” Leylin bowed slightly, turning into a streak of black light and disappearing. He left Ignox standing in place, looking deep in thought.

‘Truesoul splitting? Perhaps even the Mother Core would not dare attempt something like this. Interesting…’ Ignox mumbled to himself, a mysterious smile quirking about his lips. He turned into a bundle of mist and, as if he had merged with the world, completely disappeared.

The speed of an existence of laws was unimaginable. With just a bit of time, Leylin was back in his laboratory. Half-reclining on his sofa, he halted his research, instead rubbing his temples.

“A.I. Chip, show me my current stats!”

[Leylin Farlier, rank 6 Warlock. Bloodline: Targaryen (rank 6). Strength: 173.21, Agility : 126.07, Vitality: 255.37, Spiritual force: 450.12. State of soul: Peak Breaking Dawn. Comprehension of laws, Devouring: 99%.] The A.I. Chip loyally intoned. It resulted in a look of satisfaction in Leylin’s eyes.

“Just taking in a bit of the world origin force allowed my vitality to grow so much!” Advancing a full unit was extremely troublesome at the level of an existence of laws. All the energy Leylin had devoured from his massacres couldn’t raise his vitality by such a degree, but all his stats had now grown.

“World origin force is truly the best supplement for existences of laws!” Leylin stroked his chin. He thought back to the Magus World before the ancient war. Numerous higher ups of the Magus World were enthusiastic about invading other worlds and seizing their world origins. This fact probably had something to do with those actions.

“It’s a pity… For the me as I am now, regular world origin force has little effect for me… Only enormous worlds like the Purgatory World or those of higher ranks would be useful for me…” Leylin’s eyes were glazed over. He knew a few powerful worlds like Purgatory: the most powerful Magus World, the World of Gods, Dreamscape, the Icy World, the Shadow World and a few others.

“It’s no wonder that those ancient Magi didn’t giving up on invading the World of Gods and that resulted in a tragedy. With the only origin force comparable to the Magus World for existences of laws, this is a deadly poison…” Having signed the agreement, he was now one of them. They might not have told him everything, but they still imparted a lot of general knowledge to Leylin.

Amongst this was the realm after rank 7 and paths to power. With his comprehension of laws and the simulations and analysis of the A.I. Chip, Leylin could confirm the truth of this information.

“Rank 6 to rank 7 is the refining of laws and the beginning of a qualitative change, as well as an evolution!” Leylin thought back to the information he had obtained.

“Rank 6 Magi have solidified souls and have already reached the limits of their paths, the peak. The only thing they can break through in is laws!”

“After completely grasping the power of laws, a Magus will enter the realm of rank 7, and there will be a qualitative change in all aspects. In primordial times, these existences are worshipped like gods or totems.”

“The path of rank 7 is completely grasping a certain law. Rank 8 involves grasping multiple laws and finding one’s own path, using a medium to smelt all of them together into one’s own…” Leylin immediately thought of the Snake Dowager.

“The Snake Dowager, for instance, definitely grasps more than one law, and the medium she used to smelt them should be the power of shadows, which is the origin of the Shadow World!” With shadeforce as the carrier, completely smelting the power of laws would probably allow the Snake Dowager to rise to peak rank 8 and even begin to look into the realm of rank 9! Hence, she had a huge desire to completely control the Shadow World and did not even mind causing a war to seize it. That was understandable.

Of course, to Leylin’s knowledge, her efforts had come to naught in disgrace, and had even forced her to run with her tail between her legs, bringing her whole community and hiding in the Purgatory World.

In the ancient Magus World, there were many who had smelted numerous laws and found their own paths! Leylin was even beginning to think that the Mother Core had been one of those existences.

And they could sense that the way to break through to rank 9 lay in the World of Gods!

“Based on the thoughts of these existences, seizing the gods’ laws and origin force of their world, as well as the origin force of the Magus World, and fusing the two powers would be enough for them to break through the threshold into rank 9, reaching eternity!”

Leylin’s eyes showed his admiration and fear, “What crazy logic! This…”

Lunatics were not scary, but powerful lunatics were enough to destroy the world. Whatever happened next turned into the ancient Final War.

Neither the Magus World nor the World of Gods received benefits, and both suffered devastating defeats. Many existences of laws died, resulting in the fall of both sides, only able to struggle on at death’s door now.

“In order to seize a world’s origin force, it’s necessary to eliminate the other side’s existences of laws, which refers to the gods, and then destroy the World Will…” Just the thought of it gave him chills.

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