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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 774: Secrets of the Gods

Chapter 774: Secrets of the Gods

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“Lunatics! They’re all lunatics!” Leylin was fearful, “Such insane methods definitely resulted in a frantic counter-attack from the entire World of Gods, which finally developed into a hatred between the two that could not be resolved… Perhaps even the World Will of the Magus World would not agree to this…”

Those crazed rank 8s must have fought to their limits and fallen in the ancient Final War. Of course, there was a possibility of them surviving, hiding in the darkness and silently licking their wounds, perhaps even waiting for the next opportunity to fight again.

After all, once one reached rank 7, their life force and adaptability would be boosted to an incredible degree.

Things like creating tens of thousands of clones, rebirth using a droplet of blood was no issue for these beings who had reached the limits of power.

“Perhaps… Out of all the existences I’ve seen, there might be some people who are still ambitious and wish to invade it…”

Leylin stroked his chin, his lips quirking in a smile, “but I like it!”

“The advancement after reaching rank 7 is much too slow. It can’t be compared to the speed of plundering to achieve more power.”

The Mother Core had even told Leylin an important piece of information that had to do with the gods of the World of Gods.

Though they were also rank 7 Magi who had comprehended rules, their paths differed from Magi like these, with theirs being called the path of faith!

By gathering the emotions and even dissipated soul force from intellectual lifeforms, they would then be fused with their own laws and then burn with divine flames, thus beginning to tread down the path of a god.

As each world was different, their strength systems differed. Some worlds did not even have this, this was something that Leylin had a deep understanding of already.

Though the path of faith was similar to the path of offerings, it was essentially different.

Of course, Leylin didn’t focus on this, but on another piece of important information that Mother Core had divulged. The power of laws that the gods possessed were easily seized by Magi!

During the ancient war, many Magi had killed gods and seized the power of laws, thus advancing quickly!

On top of that, there were rumours that the gods could do the same, but had to pay a huge price.

“Power to seize laws?”

Leylin chuckled. He’d known this long ago and even put this into practice!

Yes. The Sovereign King of Gluttony, Beelzebub, was a god from the World of Gods!

Of course, it was more suitable to call him a demon. Anyway, there seemed to be camps split up into good and evil, and the beings that maintained order were called gods, while the opposite were called demons, devils or the like.

No matter how the names changed, it was undeniable that they possessed immense strength that other intellectual life forms could only worship them in fear.

“As existences who have both grasped laws, it’s impossible for me to seize Ignox’s laws. Perhaps I’d gain that ability once I reach rank 8, but I’d have to pay a huge price and put in much effort, and that’s even after I completely grasp the law of Devour. But Beelzebub’s different. In my previous advancement, the process seemed much too easy even with the aid of the Purgatory World Will and my previous plans…”

He came from the World of Gods, and the fact that his power of laws was so easily seized was one of the reasons why Leylin had targeted him.

If not, Leylin could focus on just the Snake Dowager, but striping her of her laws would be an impossible task. It would undoubtedly have give rise to enormous variables that could have affected his previous advancement.

“Based on what Mother Core said, the existences of laws in the World of Gods have a certain characteristic. Their strength comes from the combination of a theocracy, divine fire and the power of faith. If a correct method is found, it’s much easier to seize the power of laws from them as compared to other worlds. This is the reason why many Magi of the ancient Magus World agreed to declare war on them. Powerful beings could then seize the World of Gods’ origin source, while the other existences of laws would hunt down gods and obtain all sorts of laws, thus advancing quickly…”

“Of course, there were other variables.”

Leylin pondered over this. If things were just that simple, the World of Gods would have been destroyed long ago.

“These gods might typically be weaker when battling outside the crystal walls, but if they fought on the land of the World of Gods, they would gain huge boosts and even surpass the strength of similarly ranked Magi!”

“Perhaps, from the demi-plane domains that they create, these boosts might reach an unimaginable realm that would allow them to fight those above their rank…”

The allied forces of the Magus World were not just limited to the Magus World. It was an era where the ancient Magi were at their most brilliant and splendid. From the worlds they had conquered, a surge of powerful Magi arrived and joined the war.

The final results, however, was that the World of Gods had been able to resist against the many powerful worlds. The fight had ended with both sides defeated and grievously wounded.

Such a terrifying result caused many Magi to turn pale after hearing about the gods.

“It is the strength system of the most powerful world after all. The path of faith definitely has its merits!”

Leylin’s eyes glinted.

The more powerful a god was, the more terrifying the path of faith was, which only served to increase his curiosity.

“Perhaps the ancient existences did not get it wrong. Only by fusing gods and Magi can one achieve strength that surpasses eternity…”

Leylin’s eyes burned with fervour within, “Ancient existences, I shall take over your unfinished work!”

In order to transcend the material world and achieve eternity, Leylin did not mind conquering the World of Gods.

All obstacles that were in his way would be crushed without hesitation!

“Also… when it comes to conquering the World of Gods, I have an incomparable advantage!”

Leylin’s mouth quirked in a smile, rays that were like the stars flickering into existence in his hands.

This was the coordinates of a world, giving off a unique aura and held within the feeling of a great history.

“The coordinates of the World of Gods exists in Beelzebub’s memories! That saves me the effort of exchanging for it from other existences of laws…”

Leylin preferred hiding his motives. While those who had participated in the ancient Final War definitely knew the location of the World of Gods, Leylin did not wish to trade for it from them.

Announcing his plans to the public was not a wise choice.

Furthermore, from the failure of the Magus World the last time, it was evident that breaking in forcefully would not work. A more covert method must be used instead.

“The coordinates is merely the entrance. There’s still a huge issue to truly enter the World of Gods…”

Leylin couldn’t help but recall the introduction to the World of Gods.

Compared to other large worlds, the structure of the World of Gods was extremely unique. On the material dimension, there were many other dimensions that were as packed as a beehive.

Outside the many dimensions was a crystal wall layer that was so sturdy that it was terrifying. Leylin was used to calling it the barrier of the world.

This crystal wall had once prevented existences of other worlds from peeping in.

After the ancient war, the World of Gods had even consciously reinforced the crystal wall, the resulting isolating power making it such that even if the ancient Magi were to reappear, they would still be unable to penetrate it.

Of course, once the crystal wall was attacked, there would be a backlash and hostility from the World of Gods.

Leylin did not think that it would be difficult for those remaining or newly advanced gods to take care of him. No matter how powerful he might be, he was still incomparable to those gods who had survived the ancient war.

Of course, this referred to his current situation. Things might change in the future.

“In short, the coordinates of the World of Gods is not an issue. The problem is how to break through the defensive crystal wall… And when it comes to this, I have a great teacher!”

Leylin chuckled.

A way to cleverly break through the crystal wall must be something the other existences of laws were working on fervently. However, until now, nothing had borne fruit or else the ancient war would have erupted once again.

The crystal wall was like a city under siege. People might want to enter from the outside, while the people within wanted to leave.

Evidently, the Sovereign King of Gluttony, Mister Beelzebub, had succeeded.

He had obviously grasped the loopholes of the crystal wall and bypassed the power of isolation, arriving outside. He’d gone through a series of activities, including some investments and disseminating faith.

He had been in hiding and, while he had been extinguished a few times while entering other worlds, no Magi had realised his true identity and only took him for an existence from another world.

However, no matter how carefully Beelzebub had hidden his identity, Leylin had him on the palm of his hand and turned his plans into a tragedy.

Not only did he turn into a stepping stone for Leylin to advance, most of the power of his laws had been seized, causing his main body to be either grievously wounded or in a deep sleep. Even the way in and out of the World of Gods was now known by Leylin, becoming an accomplice to his own fall. Evidently, if Leylin could successfully enter the World of Gods, the first thing he would do was kill Beelzebub and seize all his strength, allowing himself to completely enter the realm of rank 7.

“Next up is to perform many astral experiments. While solidifying my strength, I’ll find ways to get behind the crystal wall…”

Leylin had clear plans on what he wanted to do in the future.

What Beelzebub possessed was the way out from inside, and because he was a native of the World of Gods, it was easier for him than it would be for Leylin.

What Leylin needed to do now was to do more in-depth research on the path Beelzebub had used, until he was able to completely assume a false identity and enter that world.

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