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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 777: Manderhawke Plate

Chapter 777: Manderhawke Plate

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“How is that possible? How could the City of Alabaster have a rank 6 Magus?” A voice of denial sounded from within the dark crowd. The owner of the voice clearly did not expect this, as he thought he had already performed a detailed background check on the City of Alabaster before he dramatically knocked down their door.

However, reality slapped him in the face.

“Nothing is impossible! Watch out you old bastard, the one and only consequence for those who offend the interests of the bloodline Warlocks is death!” The monstrous Ouroboros roared with an outburst of terrifying energy. It seemed still as eternity, yet was filled with infinite kinetic energy.

*Rumble!* The earth’s crust shook violently, roaring. Even space itself was warped and the elements were pushed away. The only thing that came out unscathed was the City of Alabaster, which was under the protection of the Ouroboros.

*Pss!* The dark cloud split open, exposing an elderly man in black robes.

“Impossible! How could a rank 6 acquire this power?” The elderly’s heart was full of regret. If he was given another chance, he would never choose to be Ouroboros Clan’s enemy. Sadly, he would not have the chance to do so.

“Go and repent in the astral plane!” The monstrous serpent swallowed the elder mercilessly, and a terrifying quake shot out. It took over ten minutes for the earth to settle completely.

The phantom of a mountainous infinite serpent shrank, and with a flash of light merged into the body of a teenager with black hair and eyes. These features were proof that he was a pureblood of the Ouroboros Clan.

“Master!” Lucca and Lukard greeted him respectively.

“Mm” He nodded and disappeared into the air.

“Captain, could that be…” Lukard asked Lucca with disbelief.

“If I’m not wrong, that master should be be the the son of the Monarch of Blood’s first wife— Master Syre! He’s actually achieved rank 6 at a few hundred years of age! The bloodline of the Master… Sigh…” Lucca looked at Lukard worriedly, and he could seen a tinge of loneliness from Lukard’s eyes.

“Legend says the pure bloodline of Master Leylin comes with two forms——the first is infinity, and the second is the world! So, that Master had inherited the bloodline power of infinity?” Lukard felt a sense of desolation. Both he and Syre were about the same age, but Leylin’s son’s achievements seemed out of his league.

Lucca had no choice but to shout for his attention. “Let’s stop thinking about that, hurry up and escort all the captives in.”

“No worries, Cap. No matter what bloodline they’ve inherited it’s good for the clan!” Lukard bowed to him with full respect, and soon started to manage the crowd.

Many of the captives were chased inside, while the arrogant teenage captive was totally dumbfounded, stuck in place. Needless to say, the fight caused a sensation. However, Syre just flew straight back into the heart of the city.

“Aunt Aegnis!” A noblewoman with elegant hair stood in the living room, the perfect image of a nobility.

“Congratulations, little Syre!” Aegnis’ eyes were full of surprise as she exclaimed, “You even entered the realm of Breaking Dawn directly. Leylin’s bloodline really is extraordinary… ”

“This is nothing to be proud of. After all, my brothers and sisters are just as powerful.” Syre smiled humbly.

“Yes, your siblings…” Aegnis had a benevolent smile on her face.

“I’ve still got lots of things to work on. Daniel advanced far before I did!”

“His path is already fixed, all he needs to do is to stick with the path and keep on upgrading himself. If I were to compare, your effort definitely deserves much more appreciation… ” Aegnis knew very well the differences between Leylin’s two bloodlines, but either once was terrifying beyond her imagination.

“Anyway, Belinda and Sophia are rather caught up in something, would you like to see them?”

Syre rejected her suggestion. “No need. Nobody will dare to take any action for at least some time now that that Magus’ plot is ruined. I want to return to the surface and visit Father.”

“Hmm… It’s being a long time since I last met that fellow!” Aegnis sounded dissatisfied as she talked about Leylin, and Syre could only smile wryly in response to the past affairs between his elders.


Within a laboratory in some unknown dimensional void, Leylin opened his eyes. They seemed to flash with black lightning.

*Buzz! Buzz!* Leylin’s body shook, and a layer of stone came loose and fell from the surface of his clothes.

[Beep! The analysis of the World of Gods’ apparatus has been completed! Time spent: 67 years and 13 months. ] The A.I.Chip’s voice faithfully reminded him.

‘It’s been over 60 years… Together with removing memories and the preparations for the experiments, nearly 300 years have passed…’ Leylin’ s handsome face remained just the same as before, as though the power of time was completely lost on his body, ‘However, the wait was extremely worthwhile. I managed to gather the required data.’

Leylin was deep in thought. When he swallowed Beelzebub the power of laws he’d gained had caused great agitation and chaos to his own memories. This was especially true because Beelzebub was an old freak who’d lived for an unknown length of time. His memories contained all sorts of information, including many secrets about Gods. Leylin did not want to put it to waste, hence he’d had the A.I. Chip record every single thing. It was why it took so long for him to wake up.

“However, all my efforts were worth it, I can finally start something practical!” Leylin came to a astral gate with an excited expression on his face.

This specific astral gate was incomparably enormous. On top of that, there were many strange runes on it that included Leylin’s personal comprehensions of the power of laws.

“Gods!” An ancient yet dazzling light shot from Leylin’s hand, merging into the huge stone gate.

*Buzz! Buzz!* The entire gat shook violently, and there were even some strange energy undulations in the laboratory. With his powerful soul force, Leylin connected to the entire astral plane in a moment.

The vast sea of stars which were as old as history washed over Leylin’s own soul force. This feeling was rather different than his previous experiences, if not for his near rank 7 soul force the destructive power of the astral plane would have completely erased him.

The splendid nebulae seemed to ebb and flow continuously, distorting numerous rings of stars. It was like Leylin’s body was a huge black hole, engulfing everything around him.

“This kind of extreme long-distance projection serves to be a great challenge for the soul force of a Magus!” Leylin remained calm, his soul force seemingly indestructible. He sat and watched the galaxies flow away before him. Finally, after what felt like a century, his expression changed as he almost saw the end of the astral river.

“Such a special feeling…” A simple premonition had Leylin sighing with exclamation, “The Magus World and World of Gods are like oceans at opposite ends of a galaxy. No wonder those ancient Magi were still attached to this universe.”

In spite of his vast database, Leylin was still awed by the marvelous scenery in front of him after the indescribable sensation faded. There was a dense crystalline wall in front of him, shimmering like a well-constructed beehive. In the astral river, it looked magnificent and infinite.

Within the crystal wall was a radiant light, the light of the Gods!

“Ugh…” Leylin’s body trembled, and a phantom Targaryen appeared immediately, its slit eyes filled with desire and familiarity.

“The World of Gods! The world origin force of such a powerful foreign world would be so great… Not to mention the law of devouring originates from here…” Leylin appeared to be rather calm despite every single cell in his body longing for it. Deep in his heart, he maintained his cold determination.

“This crystal wall system… “ Leylin’s soul force encircled around the huge crystal wall, feeling the immeasurable depths of its power. “The culmination of the worlds origin force, and there’s also the conscients of Gods there…”

Leylin’s expression turned more solemn the more he sensed, “It stubbornly rejects everything from outside, and has blocked all connections from the outside world. It’s as solid as steel, and just as unyielding…”

With a simple probe Leylin understood clearly that even the creator of this system couldn’t destroy it, of that he was pretty sure. “It’s impossible to break through such a system, the only way is to use Beelzebub’s method to smuggle myself in…”

“Beelzebub only needed to leave the World of Gods, and he was a native himself. It’ll be much more difficult for me. It’s only expected that I had to spend 300 years of simulation to find a safe method of passing through…

“Manderhawke plate!” Layers of virtual light gathered in Leylin’s palm, forming a circular disc.

On the disc were peculiar patterns, especially the huge chipped edge, and it looked like it was bitten off by some unknown creature.

In the memories of Beelzebub, this was the key to secretly pass through the crystal wall system!

“The main material plane in the World of Gods also had strong isolating power, it’s hard even for the Gods to transfer their powers. It was the same for Beelzebub who was located at the ninth of hell…”

Leylin recalled this bit of information that the A.I. Chip had organised.

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