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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 778: Exploring the World of Gods

Chapter 778: Exploring the World of Gods

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The path of the gods, known as the path of faith, was the foundation of the laws of the World of Gods. Whether it was gods, demons or even devils, their desire for believers and souls was frightening.

The competition on the main material plane had been fierce from the very beginning. Compared to the gods who had resources and money to spare, a devil like Beelzebub was already on the losing end and had no choice but to wrack his brain for ideas. His reputation in the main world was awful as a result.

However, this all changed one day.

Beelzebub obtained a fantastic divine device— The Manderhawke plate! He had named it himself, since he had never seen any description of this device in history, although its effects were extremely powerful.

This Manderhawke plate had the miraculous effect of reducing the suppressive effects of a world boundary.

In other words, if Beelzebub wanted to transmit his godly power to the main material plane and would normally be taxed 90% of his power, the Manderhawke plate would reduce the amount he needed to pay to 10% or even fewer.

This consumption was much cheaper and convenient for him as compared to the gods of that realm.

Because of this advantage, Beelzebub had been able to develop and flourish in the main world, gathering large amounts of the power of faith and souls, establishing his status in hell in one fell swoop.

Of course, the gods were no fools. After a period of investigation, they had banded together and complete purged of the organisation that worshipped him.

Evidently, Beelzebub who resisted the many gods alone had no choice but to get lost. Not only did all the resources he had amassed in the main material plane disappear, with only a few followers slipping past the net and on their last legs, he wasn’t doing well in hell either, where he was suppressed by the other hell sovereign kings.

Thankfully, the secret of the Manderhawke Plate had not been leaked, or else there was no way he could settle this matter so easily.

Even after all this, Beelzebub was already paranoid and did not dare take any more action in the main material plane.

He, who had the Manderhawke Plate, set his sights on areas outside the World of Gods.

In the limitless astral plane, there were many intellectual beings. The power of faith they could generate was a huge temptation for him, and it was even better because no gods or other enemies could notice this!

After a period of experiments, Beelzebub succeeded.

Of course, after that, he had been unlucky enough to meet Leylin. His main body was probably grievously injured and now in a deep sleep, and he could even die if he was unlucky. After all, hell was not a peaceful place.

“The power to extinguish the barriers between worlds…” The glowing disc arrived at the periphery of the crystal wall, where numerous runes were flickering. It seemed to attract some existence within the wall, which made the area surrounding the wall soften. This made Leylin wonder if this situation would spread to the rest of the wall.

“No! This isn’t from a flaw in the laws. This was a way out left behind from the very beginning, set up during the design process…” With Leylin’s foresight, he immediately saw how extraordinary the Manderhawke plate was.

“Based on Beelzebub’s thoughts, the Manderhawke plate could very well be an imitation of the most powerful deity device in the World of Gods, the Clay Plate of Destiny. This is very possible. Perhaps this plate might even be a part of the Clay Plate of Destiny…” Leylin’s eyes burned with fervour.

What he had in his hands was obviously not the real Manderhawke plate, or else he would long have been able to enter the World of Gods. Why would he have needed to go through all this trouble?

The shining plate in Leylin’s hands was merely a specific device made by the A.I. Chip from Beelzebub’s memories, as well as the precise calculations down with knowledge on the equipment of the World of Gods.

With data from experiments on the real thing, as well as long periods of observing and doing research to imitate it, Leylin had great confidence in this imitation.

Things were as expected. Under the rays of the fake Manderhawke Plate, the region of the crystal wall here was already beginning to melt, revealing a large passageway.

“It was this easy?”

Leylin furrowed his brows, but still separated a thread of a soul seed, which disappeared into the pathway.

“Get lost!” The moment the soul seed touched the crystal wall, a terrifying voice sounded, bringing with it a powerful isolating conscient.

*Pu!* The seed was immediately annihilated, and even the Manderhawke Plate was floating unsteadily.

“Has the World Will of the World of Gods awoken? No, this is just its subconscious mind! This extent is just…”

Instantly, Leylin knew what had happened. This was an instinctive reaction of the crystal wall, which repelled souls like Leylin who tried to enter. His different type of soul force was immediately discovered, without leaving any room for doubt.

“You’re the one who should scram! You’re just a sleeping subconscious will. Scram!” Two streaks of black lightning shot out from Leylin’s eyes, his black hair flying while he looked to have turned into an ancient demon.

“Hss…” The tremendous body of a Targaryen emerged behind Leylin, its energy undulations and rank 7 will resisting the crystal wall.

*Buzz Buzz!* At this moment, the Manderhawke Plate in Leylin’s hands flashed and completely enveloped the entire area, not allowing any information to be transmitted.

Near rank 7 power was something that even the wills of small worlds could only somewhat resist. While the World of Gods was incomparably powerful, it was still slumbering, and there was only a small region resisting. It had not activated its full force and the Manderhawke Plate had even removed a portion of its sensing abilities, so therefore it was at its weakest.

*Pak!* In that moment, a surge of powerful emotions disappeared, revealing a small space.

“Now’s the time!” Leylin’s eyes flashed, and numerous soul seeds separated and disappeared into the crystal wall.

*Boom!* Practically the very moment the soul seeds disappeared into the pathway, the entire Manderhawke Plate crumbled into powder. Leylin was sent flying backwards, numerous terrifying wounds already appearing on his body as he turned pale.

Fresh blood spurted everywhere, but it returned to Leylin’s body at an even faster rate, as if his body had become a huge magnet. The terrifying injuries disappeared in an instant, though Leylin’s face was still obviously pale.

“Just the backlash from a small portion of the crystal wall reduced me to this state, despite the protection of the Manderhawke Plate…” Leylin’s eyes were filled with admiration. He had not attacked the wall forcefully before, or else he would have met the counterattack of the crystal wall and fury of the gods, which would have turned him into ashes in an instant.

This sort of powerful ability not only failed to make Leylin afraid, but it left him longing to best it.

However, Leylin’s sighs of admiration disappeared in an instant. He was now putting effort into maintaining the connection with his soul, and the terrifying consumption continued.

Unlike separated truesouls, one couldn’t sever the support to a soul seed if they wished to maintain it. Even for an existence like Leylin, the consumption from behind the barrier in the World of Gods was astonishing even though things had happened only for a short moment.

The A.I. Chip was now quickly recording. The process of traversing through the crystal wall was not smooth, and soon information on the soul seeds being annihilated was transmitted.

[Soul seed #1 extinguished.] [Soul seed #2 extinguished. Estimated time that host can maintain support: 31h 24min 12s.]

However, this lessened the consumption on his end, allowing Leylin to go on for longer.

*Swish!* An orange meteor streaked through the night skies, descending in a dark forest.

“This is… the World of Gods?” Leylin’s soul seed scanned the surroundings. It was a dark forest, and his blaming flames had already caused the area arounding him to be charred, creating an empty area there.

“An enormous malicious intent, as well as these laws!” Leylin’s soul seed did all it could to gather data, “The terrifying World Will of the World of Gods might only be suppressing me unconsciously, but that’s enough to suppress the range of the soul force’s scanning to within 10 metres… On top of that, these limitations on otherworldly power…”

Leylin could clearly sense that this was an exceptionally strict world, with extremely powerful limitations on otherworldly strength. Even if Morning Star Magi came here, they would not possess powerful strength, and it was impossible for them to do what they could in the Magus World.

‘The energy particles are very stable here and easy to manipulate… The exemplaries of this world must find it hard to break through individually. The norm should be to work in groups, ten adventurers in a group would be a good arrangement… Even if my main body comes, I’d probably be suppressed by one to two ranks and only be able to exhibit strength of Morning Star or Radiant Moon… Under such stringent conditions, how terrifying would the gods who have been able to break through be?’

At this point, Leylin suddenly found that he had underestimated the gods.

Their strength far exceeded his expectations, especially since he was being suppressed by such a large degree.

“Ovanna, look! Is that a meteor? It landed in the forest!”

In a little village by the forest, a little boy with some freckles on his nose glanced at the sky, suddenly speaking to the pig-tailed girl beside him, “I’ve made a decision. I’m going to look for it!”

“Tiff, have you gone mad? The priest has already said that a meteor is a bad omen!” Ovanna glanced her friend in worry.

“Priest…” Ovanna’s eyes showed her fear. “That’s true! Then I’m not going!”

The meteor from before had evidently brought a large change to the village. Many adults gathered, looking worried, and all began to pray nearby a little altar in the village.

Ovanna and Tiff quickly separated, but what the young girl did not notice was that after parting ways, Tiff ran outside the village, an excited look in his eyes.

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