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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 782: A Call From Dreamscape

Chapter 782: A Call From Dreamscape

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“The goddess… will not let you off!” The bishop said as he put up his final struggle. His face was filled with the fanatic expression of someone who had died for a good cause.

Leylin simply did not give a hoot about all of this. “Well! The transformation efficiency of his flesh is not bad. His divine force is also rather decent. Next up… the soul, the most important part!”

However, when the broken sword came into contact with the bishop’s soul, the situation changed drastically!

“You… You actually have the cheek to profane my soul?” The excruciating pain from somewhere deep within his soul made the bishop come to his senses. A mix of despair and resolution surfaced on his face, “Almighty goddess! Your devotee sincerely offers his own life, and longs for your arrival! Divine art— Deity’s Descent!”

The powerful counter-attack made Tiff take many steps back in succession. The summoning ceremony that had been interrupted resumed, now moving very quickly. After all, the bishop had been working himself before but now the goddess only needed to take the initiative to descend.

“Indeed… The soul of a devotee is a forbidden zone.” Leylin gave a forced laugh, and immediately sent a command to Tiff’s brain, telling him to go far away and leave the iron sword with the soul seed behind.

‘My power has almost been used up. Leaving now is useless, so I might as well contribute whatever strength I have left!’ The broken sword suddenly turned scarlet. Molten iron started to dissolve and finally formed the outline of a humongous devil.

The badly damaged demonic wings, gigantic compound eyes, the devilish hand which had six fingers on it, and even the law of gluttony it grasped was all identical to the Sovereign King of Gluttony.

“After all, I also control Beelzebub’s power of gluttony. Passing off as him will be far too easy…”

Leylin took control over the body of devil and looked over at the bishop in front of him — just that he was now lifeless. Yet, his body floated eerily in midair.

A powerful conscient was being implanted in the bishop’s body, filling him with some sort of divine sensation.

Soon after, Leylin saw a pair of golden pupils.


Leylin did not dare to actually meet the other party face-to-face, or his flaws would definitely be seen. At the very moment when the Spring Water Goddess descended, he suddenly manipulated the body of the devil to explode spontaneously!

*Boom boom!!* The scorching flames, along with the power of laws, completely wiped this tiny village from existence.

Even the residents in the neighbouring towns could see the orange sky in the distance.

In the entire Kahn Village, not a single soul survived except for Tiff.

This incident was determined to be caused by the invasion of a devil. Through facilitation by the Spring Water Goddess Church, a new round of exercises took place across the entire central continent to root out heresies.

Of course, all of this didn’t have any relation to Leylin.

*Crash!* The huge door of the astral gate disintegrated inch by inch. Leylin sat on the ground, his face as white as a sheet.

Weakness spread across every part of his body. Ever since he had transformed into a laws being, such a feeling was already very rare.

“The World of Gods is indeed incomparably powerful. A mere force that wouldn’t even be able to support the soul for a day almost led to excessive depletion, and endangered my origin!” Leylin smiled bitterly.

“Moreover, this experiment has proven that any other force is extremely conspicuous in the World of Gods. It simply cannot be concealed, and the consumption is way too high, which is disproportionate to the benefits…”

There was a profound look in Leylin’s eyes.

‘The suppression and hostility in the World of Gods is something that even I am incapable of resisting against in my current state. In that case, it seems that the best method at present would be to walk the old path.’

After this experiment, Leylin had already made up his mind.

In the World of Gods, it was necessary to adopt a brand new format, which would be different from his former expeditions in the other worlds.

“I’ll make my moves through an independently acting body, and he cannot receive any kind of power from the host body. Also, it’s necessary for him to grow entirely based on the laws of the World of Gods.”

Leylin stroked his chin.

“When he matures to a certain level, at least rank 7, then we can coordinate and work together to break through the crystal wall shackles.”

“If we’re going to do this, the Truesoul Splitting Technique that Melinda provided previously still needs to be improved on. Additionally, the method to maintain control over the body must be experimented as soon as possible.”

A multitude of ideas emerged from Leylin’s mind, and was arranged according to the level of importance.

Only when all of this was complete and the experimental data fully recorded did Leylin then step into the outside world.

“Yes!” Leylin shut his eyes and immediately knew of Syre’s breakthrough using the sensing abilities of his bloodline origin.

“He’s already advanced to rank 6? The limitless and everlasting power of Ouroboros seems to be highly compatible with Syre!”

Although his pace was slower than the eldest son Daniel, Leylin was extremely satisfied.

Both of his children that branched out from his bloodline had grown healthily, and even had a strong grip on the other Warlock families in the Magus World.

It was a pity that such lightning-speed advancements were only possible before these two bloodlines reached rank 6. When they attain the comprehension of laws, they would definitely meet with a bottleneck of greater difficulty.

Leylin knew this as clear as day.

“However, Daniel and Syre haven’t made any achievements in the comprehension of laws, and are currently only equivalent to newly promoted rank 6 Magi. But with the additive effect of the bloodlines, their true combat abilities shouldn’t be inferior to Magi like the Flame Monarch. I’ll be able to execute my plan with ease.”

Under the protection of the two rank 6 Warlocks Daniel and Syre, the Ouroboros Clan no longer feared clashing against others in most ordinary situations.

The remaining beings of laws naturally wouldn’t provoke them as well, out of respect for Leylin.

After all, even the current Ouroboros Clan was just like a child’s plaything in their eyes.

With such assurances, Leylin could finally let go of the Ouroboros Clan completely and concentrate on his own matters.

“A.I. Chip, show my current statistics.” Leylin commanded.

[Leylin Farlier, rank 6 bloodline Warlock: Targaryen (rank 6). Strength: 185.64. Agility: 133.21. Vitality: 263.11. Spirit: 469.77. State of soul: peak of Breaking Dawn. Comprehension of laws: 99% engulfed. Host body has already been saturated with the original power of the Magus World, and is unable to be raised further.]

The A.I. Chip gathered and displayed Leylin’s latest data.

“Indeed! The original power of the Magus World is now ineffective to me. Unless… I advance once more?”

Leylin’s gaze seemed to shine brightly.

Within the past 300 years or so, he had three opportunities to enter the underground world to absorb the original power of the world and the comprehension of laws. It was a pity that no matter how astonishing his combat abilities were, which were even level to average law beings, he had no way of changing the fact that he was still at rank 6.

In comparison to the real laws beings, his current capacity was like a small cup, which had already been filled to the brim with the original power of the world.

If he wanted to continue absorbing the original power of the world, the only path he could take would be to advance to rank 7.

“In fact, the rank 7 realm has already been completely laid out in front of me. I just need to get rid of Beelzebub and wrest control of the last bit of his power of laws!”

Leylin’s eyes seemed to be ablaze with excitement.

The repeated absorptions of origin power and comprehension of laws made him gain a greater understanding of the Magus path. It even allowed him to plan which direction to take in the future to a certain extent.

All of this had to be realised in the World of the Gods.

“Hmm?! Syre is requesting to communicate with me. Is it about the secret snake den? Forget it! I’ll let him take full responsibility for it, he doesn’t have to report to me.”

Leylin then spent the next few moments casually dealing with the work that he had accumulated.

The secret snake den was in actual fact a pocket dimension that Leylin had constructed himself. It mimicked the same method that the Snake Dowager had used for the Serpentes Plains, and many different highly-skilled snake species were bred there.

Among them, it was only natural that the Kemoyin Serpent descendants were the most common. The bloodlines of the Alabaster Devilsnake and the Three-Headed Python, as well as a small amount of the Targaryen bloodlines also circulated among the snakes.

Through gradually reproducing over a long period of time, the secret snake den had turned into a paradise for highly-skilled snake species. A few variations had also appeared in some specimens.

Of course, this was still a far cry from the standard that Leylin expected.

However, that didn’t matter. With his current life expectancy, he absolutely had the patience to continue waiting.

“Although the probability of success of such experiments in variation is almost insignificant, it’s still a glimmer of hope! My financial ability and physical resources are also sufficient for this experiment to carry on without taking the cost of production into account.”

Leylin supported his chin with his left hand, and suddenly lifted his eyebrows.

“Is this feeling a calling from the Dreamscape?”

The familiar sense of a bloodline caused a strange smile to creep onto the corners of Leylin’s lips.

After receiving the bloodline of the Alabaster Devilsnake, his understanding of Dreamscape was already so deep that he had even obtained the ability to travel there directly.

His advancement to the halfway point of rank 7 as well as his comprehension of laws strengthened this ability significantly.

It could be said that the current Dreamscape was no longer some kind of backyard garden to Leylin, but a homeground that he was extremely familiar with.

Just moments ago, Leylin had sensed a call from Dreamscape, and the source was actually the Snake Dowager!

Ever since suffering a major loss at Leylin’s hands when he had been promoted, the Snake Dowager hadn’t appeared, making Leylin feel rather regretful.

He had looked forward to fighting her in the Magus World. Judging by the powerful and oppressing strength there, the Snake Dowager definitely wouldn’t be able return home. Evidently, she wasn’t a fool and didn’t let Leylin fulfill his wish.

Leylin had also been tactful enough to hole himself up inside the Magus World and didn’t give any Purgatory Exemplaries a chance, thus they could only fume with rage between gritted teeth.

“The Dreamscape? How interesting!”

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