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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 784: One-eyed Dragon

Chapter 784: One-eyed Dragon

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“My descendant, the Targaryen Emperor! You may put forward another request!” The Snake Dowager’s voice had a hint of helplessness. Her eyebrows, which were slightly knitted, were especially heart-breaking to see.

“The power of this charm she uses incessantly is really…” Leylin smiled wryly to himself. Her seductive powers were produced naturally, just like the aura of Warlocks, and had extremely high potential.

However, the Snake Dowager’s position also made him fall into a state of contemplation. She seemed really sincere right now, but if his own safety couldn’t be guaranteed Leylin definitely wouldn’t partake in this plan.

If he could actually form an alliance with the Snake Dowager and form friend from foe, it would be of great help. After all, he had only truly offended very few beings of laws, and they were Beelzebub, the Snake Dowager, and the Nefarious Filthbird.

Amongst them, Beelzebub was already thoroughly done for, and he could only wait for Leylin to wrap up the loose ends. If the Snake Dowager turned from foe to friend, then the Trial’s Eye would definitely do the same as an ally. The number of the people in his opposing camp would immediately be reduced by more than half, which would in turn significantly lower the pressure Leylin was facing.

Maybe by then, he wouldn’t have to continuing holing himself up in the Magus World, and could instead travel with a peace of mind.

Leylin pondered for a moment, before speaking, “Well, your conditions piqued my interest, but I do have a request.”

“Please speak your mind.” It seemed that the Snake Dowager really did view Leylin as someone of equal rank.

“Firstly, I must truly advance to rank 7 before I will agree to embark on this project. Furthermore, I also want…”

Leylin listed the requirements that he had already thought of.

“Wait for you to advance to rank 7?” The Snake Dowager’s gaze swept across Leylin, “The laws of Gluttony that you are in control of is considered an exceptionally outstanding ability even among other rank 7 beings. I’m afraid that it would require a lengthy amount of time to fill in its gaps completely. As for your other request…”

The Snake Dowager also started to mutter to herself.

“You will not have to worry about my advancement. I’ll definitely be able to fully comprehend the laws of Gluttony within at least a thousand years. The other request is my bottom line. If you are unable to agree to it, then I can only express my regret.”

Leylin wasn’t willing to give in by even an inch.

“Will do!” It was a long time before the Snake Dowager spoke, “In addition, we will have to agree to and sign a bloodline contract, with the Dreamscape as our witness.”


After a short while, the gigantic ball of snakes gradually vanished from the starry sky, and the surrounding environment had been restored to its deathly still state.

Leylin stood in the middle of the wilderness, seemingly having a penny for his thoughts.

“The Snake Dowager agreed to such a condition, and even signed a contract. Seems like she really is sincere about it. Moreover, my strength at that time must have undergone an earth-shattering change. I wasn’t even afraid that she would fall out with me…”

Leylin wasn’t a battle maniac, of course. If he could reduce his enemies as much as possible on the premise of protecting his own interests, it was certainly a good thing.

Besides, this contract also allowed Leylin to win over at least a thousand years of peace for his development, which was essential.

“Is this the way the beings of law communicate? Compromises are necessary because it’s highly challenging to exterminate one another. Also, the ones who have greater strength frequently have the upper hand, yet the interests of the weaker ones are also protected.”

After today’s incident, Leylin had once again gained an even deeper understanding of the way law beings behaved.

However, assisting the Snake Dowager in fighting for control over the Shadow World was not an easy task. Fortunately, the contract did not stipulate that they had to begin right away, and instead gave Leylin a long period of time to prepare.

After all, a thousand years hadn’t even passed since his birth. Yet, he had already attained what other Magi could only dream of achieving all their life, which was to master the laws.

If given another millennium, to what extent would he grow to by then?

Even Leylin himself couldn’t help but anticipate it.

“Since I’m in Dreamscape, I might as well visit Gillian and the others.” After being carried away by a whim, Leylin suddenly had an idea.

Highly-ranked Magi frequently had the mysterious ability to make prophecies. They could even sense future episodes that would be detrimental to them, and in addition, evade them.

More often than not, the result would be that the more one didn’t want something to happen, the more likely things would spiral down a worse track.

Leylin’s sudden thought about Gillian and the others was also classified as the same kind of prediction.

“This would also imply that… perhaps Gillian and the rest were not completely wiped out, but are still living in some corner of Dreamscape. And does this even mean… That they would be of some help to me in future?”

Leylin stroked his chin as his lips curved into a smile.

Soon after, he transformed into a long blood-red streak that disappeared into the horizon.

Time and space were distorted in Dreamscape, thus it was very inconvenient to travel. The same applied even to beings of law like Leylin.

However, there were also advantages of Dreamscape sinking into stillness.

At the very least, the other evil spirits in the Dreamscape had also fallen into a slumber, and a majority of those bizarre scenes seemed to have disappeared, which allowed Leylin to avoid a lot of trouble.

Those evil spirits were beings of law as well, and they could have been a huge inconvenience to Leylin otherwise. Once he was drawn into the strangest kind of space-time settings of Dreamscape, he might even die in his current state.

If not for the degeneration of dreamforce, Leylin might not dare to swagger along as he explored the place, not even if he was braver by ten thousand-fold.

“The place where Gillian and the rest have gathered is not far away from my previous laboratory.”

Due to the previous failure of his space-time experiment and the spatial alignment, Leylin’s laboratory had strangely become a place which was linked to Dreamscape.

Leylin seized the opportunity of course. Not only did he gather vast amounts of precious data and Dreamscape materials, he had also made some arrangements near his laboratory.

Now, he was attempting to find the place that he had travelled to from his previous laboratory by tracking the signal that he had deployed beforehand.

A red radiance twinkled in Leylin’s eyes while he hovered in mid-air. He seemed to have transformed into an afterimage as he chased the faintly discernible traces of connection, constantly changing the direction he headed towards.

As he made his way there, there were multiple times when Leylin could sense beings of the same rank as him.

Here, the whole sky turned pale in an area that was being destroyed by endless snowfall. There was bound to be a demonic being that was fast asleep in the heart of the area.

Leylin certainly did not dare venture to infringe on its territory, and could only decide to make a detour, which was a longer route.

The limitations of the A.I. Chip’s scan, coupled with his abilities, allowed Leylin to only see a vast stretch of sparkling and translucent crystals in the middle of the snow. It seemed like an extremely powerful seal.

“Did the evil spirit choose to seal itself up, or was it arranged by the Dreamscape? If it’s the latter, then these evil spirits are in such a miserable plight…”

Leylin shook his head. After passing a few territories that belonged to the evil spirits, he could sense that he was drawing near to the signal that he had deployed at that time.

“Huh?!” Leylin’s facial expression changed in an instant.

The solidified soul force allowed him to sense a tremendous aura ahead of him. What astonished him even more was that the owner of this aura actually had the strength of a rank 7 Magus as well!

Moreover, it didn’t seem to have the slightest intention of sealing itself up or entering a deep slumber.

*Rumble!* The earth split open, revealing an enormous yellow eyeball, and followed by a thorny back that resembled a hill. A pair of gigantic fleshy wings spread open across the land, and even blocked the entire sky from view.

“Hoho…” An enormous one-eyed dragon suddenly burrowed its way out from the ground. Its body was like a diamond, sparkling with brilliant lights and vibrant colours.

Its huge eyes were fixated on Leylin, and it emitted an immensely powerful draconic aura, making the surrounding air come to a standstill.

“Welcome, young Magus!” It spoke in the ancient Byronic language, which pleasantly surprised Leylin.

“May I ask if you’re from Dreamscape? Also, have you seen other Magi here before?”

“Oh hoho… I once witnessed the ancient glory of Magi with my own eyes, and have experienced the destruction from the ancient battle. I exist in the past, the present, and will inevitably extend to the future…”

There was evidently an issue with this dragon’s brain, or perhaps its line of thought was far too complicated, which gave Leylin the urge to roll his eyes.

Fortunately, the one-eyed dragon finally regained its senses after a round of self-praise, “An aboriginal of Dreamscape? No! I’m certainly not! The almighty Gigakell Dragon race only comes from the Ultron World. In fact, during the period of Dreamscape’s deterioration, many beings were fond of coming here to travel and try to pick up scraps. Just 200 years ago, I met a master on his travels. He had found a damaged destiny tarot card, but unfortunately he was immediately hunted down and killed by an evil spirit whose seal had been lifted.”

Although this one-eyed dragon was very narcissistic, Leylin managed to obtain some useful information.

According to its statement, majority of the strange scenes in Dreamscape had vanished as numerous evil spirits had fallen into a deep slumber during the deterioration of dreamforce. Thus, it had become a paradise for explorers. This place was not lacking in beings of law as well.

Presently, the Dreamscape certainly no longer had anything good to offer. Even if it had, it would be on territories where the most evil spirits lived.

In order to get their hands on them, one would have to run the risk of getting hunted down and killed by those evil spirits. If they were fatally attacked, no matter how much they dreaded consuming their power, these enraged spirits would still jump out of their sleep to kill.

“Heh heh… Those fools. The stagnation of dreamforce has immersed the most precious of treasures into the world’s core. What other profitable items would still be left on the surface? Oops! This is terrible! I let it slip by accident!” The humongous one-eyed dragon covered its mouth with its claw.

“Goodbye, Magus!”

The enormous one-eyed dragon once again made its way underground like a groundhog. Leylin almost burst out laughing at its nimble and practised movements.

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